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Chapter 5

Dodging a stream of what was surely scorching hot fire, Genesis easily weaved in between the towers surrounding the stadium to provide cover. His black wing flapped rapidly to keep up his current speed. He looked behind him and cursed when he saw that the enraged dragon was getting closer, bowling through the stadium without care for the obstacles that blocked it from its meal. Towers fell and chairs were scorched in this battle of winged man versus winged beast.

Turning to face the beast in mid-air, Genesis began to channel his magic into his palm. Extending his hand outwards a few seconds later, he smirked as three rather large shards of ice appeared from out of nowhere and smashed into the dragon, causing it to roar in rage as one of the shards had pierced one of its wings, trapping it to the ground as it struggled in vain to remove it. Quickly growing impatient, the dragon finally managed to dislodge the ice shard through sheer power and took to the skies after it's now frowning adversary.

Genesis was sure that the beast would have been trapped under that shard but apparently he had underestimated its tenacity. Watching now as it began to fly alongside him, he braced himself for the coming attack. The dragon inhaled deeply…

"ROOOAAAAAR!" Genesis felt his eyes widen at the strange green mist that came pouring out of the monster's mouth, heading straight for him. Holding his breath, he waited as the attack simply brushed through him. Exhaling deeply, he glared up at the smirking dragon…well, he thought it was smirking at least. The dragon descended upon him with a mighty roar, forcing Genesis to duck in between the remaining towers to keep cover.

"Annoying pest…" Genesis muttered before looking down at his rapier in contemplation. Sighing, Genesis ran a hand over it fondly. "To think that I would have to use this against someone like you…" Here, the sword began to glow with red runic patterns, making the sword seem that much more glorious. The dragon was unfazed by this as it swooped down to attack him with its viciously spiked tail…


Tail met blade halfway as both Genesis and the dragon continued to press forward, each trying to overpower the other to determine who was stronger. Sweat slowly began building on Genesis' forehead as he jumped back, watching as the dragon stumbled in surprise at the loss of its challenger. Swirling its large spiked head, it eyed Genesis with a glare.

"Human who was once ours, why do you play these childish games?" The dragon spoke out, causing Genesis to frown in confusion. "No matter, I shall deal with you soon enough!" With that, it began to inhale…

…And Genesis found himself being bombarded by what appeared to be flame-coated rocks that were seemingly fixated on trying to crush him. Swerving in and out of the stadium tower structure, smirking when he heard one of the flaming ball things smash directly into it, Genesis landed on the top of the highest and last tower, gazing at the dragon as it landed a few feet away from him.

"No more hiding!" The dragon seemed quite enraged at the little goose chase it had just been subjected to and was growling in a menacing manner. Genesis however, regarded the dragon with a smile.

"Hiding? Me?" He made hand gestures to himself, content in the anger he was causing the great beast. "I do not hide! I stall!" With that, he flew off again and the beast roared before chasing after him, sending stray fireballs in his direction.

Avoiding the fireballs with the grace and skill that had gotten him into SOLDIER, Genesis decided then and there that he was getting tired. His use of the black wing was usually quite straining on his well-being if used for a certain amount of time. The mako in his system would go into overdrive and could mutate his body beyond repair if he kept this up.

"Dancing Sword!" He cried as he begun an intricate sword dance, stabbing the dragon in its hind legs and causing it to roar and swipe, catching Genesis and sending him flying back slightly. Skidding along the ground, Genesis gritted his teeth in frustration before his face morphed into something akin to realisation. He closed his eyes as a peaceful expression crossed his face.

"That's it…" He muttered before circling the dragon, who was watching him warily. "Keep looking confused…" Genesis' eyes snapped open as he held his hand out in front of him, aimed straight at the dragon, who became tense at the sight.

"FLASH!" With that, a glorious white light surrounded the area and the dragon's cries echoed through the stadium as it attempted to shield its eyes.

"Twister strike!" Genesis held out his sword as he began to spin wildly in a circle, causing the wind to gather in the form of a tornado. The makeshift whirlwind then launched towards the dragon, sending it crashing into the stadium wall with a vicious thump.

"Why do you continue to fight, Guardian of the Planet? You cannot win…" Genesis spoke out and the dragon roared in anger, trying to swipe at the enemy that it could not see thanks to the blindness that the flash had caused. "A truly repugnant beast…" With that, Genesis reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a small glowing gold sphere.

"With this…" He began as he held the orb up into the air, watching in satisfaction as the clouds began to darken and swirl around him. The sphere in his hand began to glow brighter, vibrating softly in his hand. "…it ends."

Thunder roared from within the heavens and struck the sphere with deadly force…

Smoke was everywhere. Grime and ash covered the battlefield and the dragon's wheezing coughs, which sounded more like roars, echoed the area as it attempted to get away from the choking smoke.

As the dense smoke cleared, Genesis was now standing upon the highest tower once again, but he wasn't exactly alone…

Behind him, hovering majestically was some sort of gigantic metallic lizard-like beast. It was pure gold in colour, and was accompanied by equally golden mechanical wing-like objects that hovered behind it. A large horn jutted out from its forehead as well as two other horns atop its head. The creature's equally gold tail curled around the beast as it gave off a deafening roar.

"Bahamut Fury…" Genesis whispered to himself as he smiled. "Exterminate that pest…" With that, the metallic dragon flew into action, smashing into the injured horntail's stomach and sending the two careening into the air, where they began to clash in a battle of beasts.

Flames of red and gold clashed as the two tried to overpower each other, pumping more and more energy into their fire reserves. In the end, a stalemate was reached and the two dragons once again began to duel in the sky, with Genesis watching in contemplation.

He watched as Bahamut Fury detached the three spike-like objects from its 'wings' and launched them at the enemy dragon, who took down a few of them and taking only a few hits from the others. Bahamut was understandably angry at the loss of one of its weapons and settled for tackling the other dragon, causing them to barrel through the stadium and taking the scuffle towards the dark forest at the edge of the school grounds.

"So…you are his pet." The horntail spoke as Bahamut roared. "Cannot speak? Hmph…lowly creature!" With that, the horntail grabbed Bahamut and tossed him away with a surprising show of strength in spite of its previous injuries.

"NO UPSTART WILL GET THE BETTER OF ME!" It roared as Bahamut crashed into some of the trees, scaring some of the local wildlife away in order to escape potential injury. In all of its gloating, the dragon never noticed the red blur heading for it…


A bright sickly green light smashed into the dragon's head. Roaring in fury at the sheer pain it was experiencing, it swirled around to see Genesis holding a smoking pistol. The dragon narrowed its eyes as it leapt at him, making a critical mistake of forgetting its previous opponent…

"ROAR!" The golden metallic Bahamut made its presence known to the other two as they began to all speed towards each other in what would be a three way clash.

The explosion of energy involved in the clash caused the stadium to nearly implode on itself as the three fought each other for dominance over the others.

"Tch…" Genesis muttered as he pushed more power into his attack, as did the dragons who too began to up their ante.

"Cursed whelp, I shall not be silenced!" The dragon spat out as it began to inhale, as did the raging Bahamut. Seeing the impending danger, Genesis broke from the deadlock and flew far away from the two beasts, who then began to exhale…


Twin streams of red and gold intertwined with each other as they headed straight for Genesis, who used his wing to shield from most of the damage. Unfolding his wing, he glared a little at Bahamut, who was rampaging around the area.

"How foolish of me…" He remarked idly before holding out the now dull sphere that once held Bahamut. "No person alive can control the King of Dragons, even in such a watered down form as this." With that, he began to channel magic. Smiling to himself, he began to recite.

"My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess…"

The orb began to glow and Bahamut's attention shifted from the destruction it was currently causing to look at Genesis before flying towards him. Genesis smiled as the creature hovered above him.

"My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber…"

The metallic dragon god began to wail loudly as it spread its wings, with the audience of two others watching as it began to disintegrate into small golden particles before returning to its home in the golden sphere. The skies, once cloudy and thunderous, calmed down once more to the gentle blowing wind that it once was, with the sun shining brighter than it had before. Looking back down, Genesis watched as the horntail fell to the ground panting in exhaustion. It looked up at him with piercing yellow eyes.

"Child who was once ours, beware that I am only the first obstacle in your path." The dragon said in a calm manner. "The first trial is over…accept your prize." With that, the dragon opened its mouth and held out what appeared to be a slightly burnt golden egg using its tongue. Confused, Genesis picked it up, watching the dragon in case it tried anything.

"Be wary boy, the machinations of fate have been altered."It remarked. "The time for you and him to face each other is fast approaching…I wonder how that will turn out? You were an interesting opponent…and I hope that you live long enough so that we may do battle again…" Genesis continued to watch as the dragon fully collapsed on the ground, already lost to the world of the unconscious. In silence, Genesis turned to walk away from the fallen beast and leapt into the air with his wing unfolded, ready to get him to safety. Before he left the stadium, he looked down upon the dragon one more time, then at the civilians who were coming to investigate the battlefield now that the commotion had died down.

"Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world's end
The wind sails over the water's surface
Quietly, but surely..."

"Loveless, Act IV." With one last look at the assembled crowd, he closed his book and took off into the distance to find rest.

With Dumbledore…

Albus had been quite mortified at the sight that his stadium had been reduced to. Metal bars that supported the huge towers were now sticking out sharply, as if waiting to impale some unlucky fool on vicious edges. The towers themselves were no better, with only the judge tower being the only one left standing whereas the others were burnt to the ground. It was lucky then that he and the others had managed to evacuate everyone off the premises.

Still, he could not help but be worried. Genesis was nowhere to be seen and the only thing that was left was an unconscious Hungarian horntail. Searching through the area didn't turn up anything of value and he was starting to think, with great dread, that he had killed the man. He had killed their savior!


Albus watched in fascination as what appeared to be black feathers raining from the sky. Slowly but surely he plucked one out of the air and examined it.

"So…he lives still…" He remarked as he began to chuckle in relief, happy that the man had survived after all. Of course, this brought up other complications.

Genesis would no doubt be suspicious with how the dragon was so easily able to break out of its restraints and go on a rampage. Also, he would most likely question him on why the dragon seemed to target only him throughout the competition. He would have to play his hand very carefully from now on…speaking of which, what was he going to say to the man in regards to his real identity? Was he even aware that his real name is Harry Potter? That he was destined to be the wizarding world's savior? He would have to be subtle about questioning the man in the future when he had the time…perhaps after Christmas where people were generally in a festive mood.

With Genesis…

He sat upon the braches of a particularly large cherry blossom tree in what appeared to be a void of darkness. He sighed in content, which actually came out slightly echoed as his voice reverberated through the seemingly endless void.

He had fathomed a guess in that this was the lifestream of Earth. With the incapacitation of one of its guardians, the planet's natural shields had weakened, allowing him to enter the planet and apparently being the first to do so judging by the surprised grunting noises that were made when he arrived. It didn't seem to be hostile towards him though; more wary than anything for Genesis doubted that the planet had ever had a visitor before so it probably made a surprising experience.

While it was quite beautiful, with plentiful trees of different breeds, the familiar green glow of the lifestream as it flowed in intricate patterns and the general beauty of the dark landscape, he could sense something…repulsive within its system.

'Must be the one I am meant to kill.' He thought to himself as he looked at what he presumed was the 'black spot' on the otherwise perfect world.

Tendrils of dark red were trying to spread out of the lifestream, trying to return to the land of the living from its temporary death state. This action made Genesis frown, for one should embrace the lifestream and not try to fight it…it was comparable to fighting fate, it just wasn't done for to do so would mean utter annihilation of the soul, sent to the deepest depths of the planet where life flowed differently...disgustingly so.

Indeed, he had never tried to visit Gaia's inner sanctuary for vile souls before, for he had no desire to interact with the savages that lie within. If what he had seen in this planet, Earth, then he had no doubt that the similarities didn't end here. Still, he would resolve this issue…


The tendrils fell to pieces courtesy of a sword strike from Genesis, who then noted that the leaves on the cherry blossom tree began to glow brighter, as if a burden had somehow been lifted from its shoulders.

"I shall come again…" He called out into the void, where a rumbling noise greeted him back. "…?" Genesis looked at nothing in particular as he made a questioning grunt.

"What is the matter?" He called out.

"…" Was the reply from Earth yet somehow Genesis could understand it slightly, most likely thanks to the mako energy within him.

"It must get terribly lonely here…" Genesis sounded quite sad as another series of grunts followed, causing him to sigh.

"Perhaps in time I will be able to better understand you but for now, I must bid you farewell…" With that, Genesis felt the signature pain of the wing erupting out of his left shoulder.

"Farewell…" A bright light encompassed the area and Genesis vanished.

Meanwhile, at that same moment of time…

The shade of a certain dark lord Voldemort frowned in confusion and anger from its hiding place in the dusty and dirty manor it had taken refuge in. Something had yet again prevented him from trying to enter the world in physical form once more. The only difference was that this time, the repulsion was more violent, something that he had never experienced previously in his battles to return to life. It had caught him off guard at the display of aggression…

"Who dares stop my resurrection?" The male voice was hissed, practically snake-like as it recalled the last few moments before its connection was severed.

He couldn't see him very well, but he could tell that whatever attacked him was male and very red. The damage that was done to him felt as though he was on fire despite the fact that the man had used a sword on him. A filthy muggle weapon had harmed him of all people…he would be seeking intense retribution for this.

"Wormtail!" He suddenly cried, and watched with a sneer as a particularly rat-like man grovelled over to him.

"Y-yes master! What can this lowly servant do for you?" Submissive to a fault, that was Wormtail. The voice hissed again and Wormtail cowered in fear.

"Why do you cower, Wormtail? Are you afraid of me?" The voice sounded gleeful as Wormtail paled. "You are! So therefore, in order to avoid my wrath, you shall do exactly as I say!"

"Yes master! A-anything for you master!" The voice repressed a grimace at the pathetic sound of fear-empowered devotion. Still, Wormtail was his last and loyal follower (for now, he would punish those who left him to the dogs to save themselves) and he supposed that the little rat deserved some form of glory…

"You insignificant worm, something has halted my attempted resurrection!" He roared in fury and Wormtail squeaked in fright at his anger. "Now, while I cannot send you to investigate the cause since you are not dead, I have a more important job for you…regarding this 'Tri-Wizard Tournament'.

The master and the servant then began to plot and plan, all in the hope of the master reclaiming the throne he had once owned…

Maniacal laughter rang out through the area, causing nearby birds nesting in trees to flee in panic and dogs to bark madly.

Later that day…

Genesis frowned as he looked at the charred golden egg that the dragon had given him. What exactly was he supposed to do with the thing anyway? The dragon wasn't exactly forward when giving details. He tried numerous methods to find out its functions, which included tossing it into the wall, trying and failing to slice it with his sword, and even throwing it out of the window.

Nothing had frustrated him this much yet he actually found himself enjoying it somewhat. He did enjoy the thrill of puzzles and intellectual challenges so this was, to him, the ultimate test. He would liken it to one of those frustrating coloured cubes in terms of difficulty, but he had at least managed to get somewhat better at it. This egg was not giving anything away and he was now seriously beginning to consider that it was just some ornament that could be worth a lot of money.

He was almost about to unleash Apocalypse on the egg when a call from down the corridor caught his attention.

"Oh? Having difficulties with the egg are you?" A slightly accented female voice rang through the air, causing Genesis to look in the direction from which it came.

"I was under the impression that you were not competing in the tournament." It was the girl champion, Fleur if he remembered correctly. Still, despite the girl's rather arrogant tone, Genesis smiled.

"Indeed I am not…however, my employer has deemed it fit for me to know exactly what to expect…in the case of emergencies of course…" He lied smoothly. After all, who would believe that a talking dragon gave it to him? Only people with questionable sanity.

"Ah yes, you are the bodyguard, no? Quite the job you did fighting that beast I must admit." Genesis raised his eyebrow slightly.

"I was under the impression that civilians were to be escorted away from the danger zone." He said, mimicking the girl's earlier tone, causing her to huff.

"You would be foolish to think that my pride would allow me to simply run." She said. "I simply found a small hiding place to watch from." Genesis smirked at her.

"I see…how admirable, to stare danger in the face from a distance." He remarked and the girl huffed at him again.

"Not all of us have the bravery to take down a dragon of all things." She said. "I much prefer to use more intelligent means, not brute force." Genesis chuckled.

"Indeed…you are the very paragon of smarts and wit." He said with concealed sarcasm. Fleur twitched at the remark but the small smile didn't show any real hostility.

"Yes, a brutish person like you should bow in my presence." She said with a straight face while Genesis laughed, shaking his head. It had been quite some time since he could truly enjoy himself in another's presence. Sure, the time he spent with his fan club was a nice memory for him but he could never truly be himself what with all of the expectations that SOLDIER enforced. Of course, his desire to remake the world to fit the story of Loveless was a large part of his life outside of his work and he would do anything to fulfil it but that was all that people saw in him.

Truthfully, he wanted to be the hero so that he could no longer be called a failure, a mistake. All of his life spent in either Hollander's lab or in Banora, he had been referred to as Shinra's failure, something that slowly gave rise to his resentment of the company and eventually forced him to run away. Now, in this world, he could make his dreams a reality, to be noticed and recognised for who he was. Shaking his head, he decided to stop his trail of thoughts, not wanting to get into those memories again.

Looking at the girl in front of him more closely, Genesis came to a particularly startling conclusion. Fleur Delacour idly reminded him very faintly of Sephiroth with her rather bizarre sense of humour and arrogance…a female Sephiroth? The thought actually made him feel a little queasy, for that image would now never be erased from his mind. What he had envisioned was the girl wearing a long black leather coat, longer and brighter hair, a permanent smirk (Or perma-smirk) and a very long sword.

Why was he thinking about female Sephiroths anyway? The original was already snarky and cool headed as he was, he didn't need female copies…that would be catastrophic.

"Brutish and daydreaming while talking to a beautiful woman such as I? You are such a fiend!" Fleur said with mock swooning, causing him to blink before smiling in amusement.

"You are a strange girl." He said bluntly and the girl gave him a look of haughtiness.

"One must set themselves apart from the pack to become more noticeable." She explained more to herself than anything. "I am quite different than those tarts…" She remarked while glowering at a group of girls that had been following Genesis around, forcing them to glare at her and walk away in disappointment. Genesis raised an eyebrow at her behaviour but said nothing.

"FLEUR!" A cry from down the hall startled the two out of their conversation as a small blur of light blue tackled the older girl, causing her to topple onto the floor laughing.

"Stupid big sister!" The little girl chided as she repeatedly banged her little fists onto her sisters chest. "Mother and father were so worried! Where did you go? Why did you-" She was cut off when the older girl placed a hand over her mouth.

"Gabby~" She said sweetly. "What have I told you about interrupting other people's conversations?" Gabrielle gulped a little.

"Not to…" She answered dully before sparking back to life. "But sister, you should be getting ready! The ball is only a few weeks away!" Here, Genesis raised his eyebrow, wondering exactly what this 'ball' was. Seeing his look, Fleur elaborated.

"It is some kind of dance event that they have near Christmas." She said. "This little hellion has been pestering me non-stop about dresses and the like." Gabrielle looked sheepish as her sister bonked her on the head.

"I…see." He hadn't heard anything about a ball, for his duty was to focus on the tasks and nothing more. Perhaps he should have a word with Albus in order to get some more details on the happenings here in the castle. It would not do for him to be unprepared after all.

As if seeing the man for the first time, Gabrielle took one look at him and promptly turned beet red in the face.

"H-hello…" She said quietly while ducking her head, while Fleur looked at her in amusement, petting her hair.

"Oh? What is the matter with you, acting so shy? You were so loud only a few seconds ago…" She teased while the little girl whined at the mess her hair was in thanks to her older sister. "Someone has a crush~" She said and the little girl began to stammer, fumbling words.

"S-shut up, annoying sister! I-I don't have a- awawawawawa!" The poor girl seemed a little too flustered to form any coherent sentences, her face taking a shade of a ripe tomato when the man kneeled down in front of her and smiled a dazzling smile at her.

"Eh?" A little drool escaped the side of her mouth as she began shaking her head before running off down the corridor at a very fast speed. Her older sister Fleur shook with laughter as she watched her little sister run off.

"Oh she is so much fun to play with!" She said between laughs. "I must thank you, that was the most entertaining thing I have seen so far during this trip."

"Hn…your laughter is like music to the ears." He admitted while the girl's face went slightly pink and a smirk formed on her lips.

"Oh? Trying to flirt with me, are you?" She sounded amused. "You will have to do much better than that I'm afraid." So, she wanted to play that game, eh? Well-

"Ah, Mr. Rhapsodos?" An aged voice called out to him, forcing him to turn his head to see who it was. "Could you please follow me?"

"Very well then." Genesis turned to Fleur with a smile. "Mayhap the next time we meet, we can continue our little game…" With that, he walked over to the older man, watching out of the corner of his eye as Fleur left to go and find her sister, trying to use some kind of candy sweet to lure her out.

"It is good to see that you are unharmed." Albus began. "We were all quite worried when you failed to show up after the dragon incident."

"Ah yes, forgive me for I had to treat my wounds." He said, after all the lifestream did possess the qualities necessary to heal any magical wounds such as fire damage so it didn't take too long. "I hope that my disappearance didn't spark too much of an uproar."

"Well, no harm done if you are safe and sound." He said jovially. "Now, after the Yule Ball, I would like to have a chance to engage in a more detailed discussion with you." Genesis raised an eyebrow but nodded nonetheless.

"Excellent! Now, from what I have noticed earlier, the dragon presented you with a golden egg, correct?" He asked, gaining a surprised nod from Genesis, who was wondering how he knew. Albus walked over to him.

"Now, seeing as you are not a competitor in the competition, I should take this off your hands." He said. "But the dragon obviously presented it to you for a reason and for that, I am compelled to offer you the clue in figuring out the purpose of the egg." He handed a small envelope to Genesis, who took it quickly.

"Good day…" Albus said as he slowly walked away, pondering exactly what he was going to do in preparations for the later tasks.

As Genesis stared between the letter, the egg, and the old man, he had a feeling that things were going to get quite interesting…

Looking outside the window, he idly watched in amusement as Gabrielle continued to flee from her sister, who was ruthlessly teasing her.

"I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM!" The little girl roared back with a surprisingly loud voice as her sister continued to laugh at her expense.

"Don't be so modest, Gabby!" She said in between laughs. "Be true to your feelings!"

"NOOOOOOO!" She whined as she continued to stampede across the grounds.

Shaking his head with a smile, Genesis decided to head back to his temporary room in the staff quarters to study the golden egg in finer detail…

A few minutes later…


The noise was vulgar, an insult to his ears that had almost deafened him when he had first opened the egg. He had tried almost everything to stop the noise such as beating it with his sword, using high level magic on it…but the thing seemed almost impervious to damage. Due to severe annoyance, Genesis lobbed the egg into his bath tub, which was filled with water as he was planning on having said bath.

Deciding that he didn't care that the egg was still in the tub, Genesis slipped into the water, sighing in content as the warmth of said water relieved him of his stress.


He could hear something…voices. Strange sounding voices seemed to echo around the room, causing him to swirl his head around in paranoia, wondering if someone was spying on him. Shrugging his shoulders, he sank underneath the water…

Come and seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you're searching ponder this;

We've taken what you'll sorely miss,

An hour long you'll have to look,

And to recover what we took,

But past an hour, the prospect's black,

Too late it's gone, it won't come back.

The voices were much clearer underwater and Genesis found himself staring at the egg, which had opened up more to reveal a strange crystalline substance that must have been giving off said voices.

'A riddle?' He thought to himself as he resurfaced, a ponderous expression on his face.

It hadn't taken him too long to figure it out, for he had been spending years trying to decipher Loveless so he had experience when dealing with puzzles. From what he could gather, the champions of the tournament were to locate and rescue something that is of great importance to them.

'Quite vague.' He hummed. Indeed, nothing was specified as to what these 'sorely missed' things were. Were they people? Rare objects? The possibilities were endless.

He was thankful then, that he didn't have to worry about losing anything important since he wasn't a champion…


Fleur Delacour sighed in annoyance as she sat at her desk in the carriage. This whole tournament was proving to be nothing but trouble.

First, the trip to this foreign country was dreadful as they had to cramp together in one carriage. The food that was served as a 'welcoming feast' was much too fatty and greasy for her liking, and many of the other men kept shooting not-so-secret glances at her, with some openly gaping with slacked jaws. At one point in time, she found that expression very amusing but it soon got very boring after a while.

Her mother had told her that, as a part veela, she would get some unwanted attention from the male population but she never thought that it would be that bad. Of course, this constant attention had at first delighted her but it soon became tiresome, to the point of where she coldly dismissed any and all advances from her peers. She wasn't worried though, for she was not a pampered princess and could actually hold her own if the circumstances needed it.

The second issue was the first task, to collect an egg from the nest of a dragon. She didn't have too much trouble with this task, and the only trouble she encountered was her skirt lightly catching fire and prompting a quick water spell to remove it. No, it was after that when the problems started.

Apparently, one of the 'spare' dragons had gotten free from its holdings, and had been heading straight towards the stadium. Shouldn't there have been security to handle this? What kind of people did they hire here in this country? Fat slobs with no brains apparently…

It was fortunate for all of them then that the man in red, Genesis Rhapsodos, had been there to save the day. The man had showed tremendous strength and eventually overpowered the dragon with one of his own, albeit uncontrollable, dragon. It had felt as though the planet was collapsing at the time, as if trying to expand to contain the current threats to its well-being. The way the thunder roared in the sky…only something truly powerful could have provoked such a reaction. Luckily the fight ended before anyone was severely injured.

Now though, she felt as though it would have been better if she hadn't come to participate in this tournament. The stupid people here kept prattling on about 'Yule Ball's' and dresses of all things. She didn't understand why all of the champions had to go to this event, for she would have rather stayed in the carriage and study than deal with nervous and idiotic men.

"Sister, are you-!" Gabrielle called through the door and Fleur sighed in agitation.

"Don't worry Gabby, I have the dress, now go and play with your friends." She spoke out as if she were talking to a child…which she was, for the younger girl huffed and walked off down the hall, the small taps of her feet being the indication.

Deciding to research the egg another time, Fleur decided that a nap was what she needed. As she curled up in her bed, her eyes barely caught a look at the book sitting on her work desk, with intricate writing on the front. Sighing, she decided that something else was to be added to her growing workload.

Her desire to win the game against find the end of that poem before he did.


Neville Longbottom liked plants, that was pretty much said by all who knew him. While not very brave or courageous, he had somehow managed to make it into the Hogwarts house of said attributes Gryffindor. His gran had been quite proud of him.

Now, as he stared at the…thing in front of him, he felt all of his confidence and bravery, which wasn't much, fade away and gave birth to a terrified individual.

He didn't know what it was and quite frankly he didn't want to find out. It was some kind of dark green tentacle-covered shrub. Said tentacles were waving lazily in the wind as the creature appeared to be snoozing.

How did it get here? He didn't remember there being a plant like this in the green house though it did resemble the venoumous tentacula somewhat…oh god, it was awake!

"Grr…" The thing growled at him! Shaken, Neville moved to the back of the green house, with fear in his eyes as the creature followed him.

The last thing he saw was the gaping maw of razor sharp teeth that had seemingly spawned on the creature's 'face' as it prepared to devour him…


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Now, before some of you complain about the fight, please realise that it wasn't as epic as I would have liked and I was forced to try and make it longer. I mean, let's face it, I don't think that Bahamut would enjoy being summoned into such a foreign plane, so his anger would be spiked a little at the unknown area. The lack of 'magic' that Gaia had could also be a catalyst. I decided to have him go all berserker simply because I truly believe that the king of dragons could turn on anyone at any time.

I mean, Genesis and Bahamut Fury vs. Hungarian Horntail would be kind of one sided, don't you think? Plus, the rebellion shows that Genesis isn't going to breeze through everything and cannot control every little thing (I find God-characters ridiculous most of the time).

For those who find my description of Bahamut lacking in detail, I ask that you search for 'Bahamut Fury' in Google or on the Final Fantasy wiki for a picture (He is a little difficult to describe in this form.

Also, to people wondering whether Genesis is overpowered…yeah, he is a little overly strong. Come on, he's a former S-class SOLDIER for crying out loud, just below Sephiroth in terms of skill so of course he's going to be strong (Although he won't be pulling meteors out of his ass like Sephiroth does).

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