"Why am I here?", Alice thought to herself, looking around the circus. "Because Boris and the twins dragged you here and dumped you to go see a contortionist act", her subconscious reminded her. She looked back to the tent where the trio had gone and was afraid to even look into the flap. Even worse the three had dumped her when the Joker was supposed to make his rounds. She had to keep moving if she wanted to evade him. She gave one last weary look to the tent.

"Who would want to see people bending themselves into pretzels?", she started walking away from the tent and to the other displays. There were carvings of different flowers, each carving was made out of a different gem. Sapphire violas, ruby roses, topaz sunflowers, crystal lilies, and emerald tulips surrounded the inside of table.

She moved on to the baking display, only to be hit with the aroma of sugar, cinnamon, and other spices. The fudge, cakes, brownies, and candies were mouth-watering to see and smell. The kind face-less owner saw her looking and offered her a sample of the vanilla fudge, which she gratefully took, happy to be able to taste the smells she had been breathing in.

She went through the other stalls equally slow, marveling at all of the wares. There were appliances where a self stirring bowl was mixing a thing of cement. Animals, were she petted the rabbits and cats, feeling a sense of familiarity while stroking their fur. Finally she came to the last stall. It was a small tent with a sign that read PALM READINGS AND OTHER MAGICS.

"It's probably just a hoax", she muttered to herself, "But a fun hoax if there was one". She went into the tent, only to be greeted by a old face-less woman. She was dressed in the usual physic wardrobe, mystical clothing dotted with silver stars, her dark hair surrounded her face, bands were worn up and down her arms, heavy rings decorated her fingers, and though she had no eyes or nose, there was a wise look to her face.

"Hello my dear, what are you here for?", the old woman inquired kindly. Alice looked at her stunned, she was starting to feel a sense of forbidding around the woman.

"J-just looking", she stammered nervously. The old-woman's face twisted a bit, almost like she was looking at a puzzle, trying to solve it. Then she smiled.

"Well, if your just looking, perhaps I could interest you in a palm reading, and maybe a spell or potion", she offered. She gestured to a chair that was at her side. Alice nodded politely and sat down. The woman sat down in the chair on the other side of the table. A glass orb stood on a stand in the middle, around it was a clutter of tarot cards, a strange set of bones, and different bottles of weirdly colored liquids. The walls of the tent were a dark scarlet and the top a deep blue with stars that were made in the constellations of the real sky.

"Hmmm", the old woman cleared her throat and held out her hands, clearly wanting Alice's. Alice put her smaller delicate hands into the much older wrinkled set. Almost at once Alice felt calm and peaceful, noncaring at anything, the world could end and she wouldn't have noticed.

The woman on the other hand, was in deep concentration and mumbling strange words. Suddenly she looked up and pulled her hands out of the younger girl's grasp. Alice, pulled out of her trance, looked around in alarm. After a quick assessment of her surroundings, her gaze landed on the old crone, who was holding out a small bottle to her.

"This is something that will help you find yourself", the old woman pressed the bottle into her hands. Alice looked at her confused, feeling like she had been slapped by reality.

"I read your palm, and I was saddened to find that you seem to want to make everyone you met happy. That in turn is making you very confused, and very unhappy. Lucky for you this here will solve that", she smiled, and gently took the flabbergasted girl outside of the tent. Alice turned around and the old woman was going back inside.

"Make sure you drink that dear, especially before you get yourself hurt by your intentions", she advised before disappearing into the cloth walls. Alice went back and tried to enter the tent again, but was surprised to find that the walls had become solid and unable to enter.

She walked away and tried to get back to the tent with the contortionist act. She had to ask Boris or someone what potion this was. The small bottle was shaped with two different pieces of glass, a dark side and a clear side, and it was made into a what looked like a ying yang sign. The contents were a swirling mixture of the colors of the glass, black and white. It was clearly something she should ask about before ingesting.

As she passed a opening between two tents that were filled with shadows, a figure stepped out of them. A figure with a cruel smile on and a whip in it's hand.

The Joker snapped the whip and the tip of it curled around Alice's ankle and pulled her to the dirty ground. He gave it another yank, and it dragged her to his feet. She still had the bottle in her hands, which she tried to pull the stopper off as she looked up at her attacker.

"Well well, if it isn't our favorite outsider?", both of the Jokers voices sneered at her. She gazed at them terrified. "Drink that before you get yourself hurt", the old woman's voice rang in her ears, along with the sharp pang of pain from hitting her head.

The Joker pulled her up and stared into her turquoise eyes, with their ruby red ones.

"Why didn't you tell us you were here, we could have shown you some of the more dangerous acts", they purred, a threatening vibe to their voice. The stopper finally came free from the bottle. She had no clue what the potion would do, but hopefully it would get her out of this situation. Her hand shot up between her face and the Jokers. She gulped down the mixture, which tasted like oreos and waited for it to kick in. The Joker snatched the bottle out of her hands, and gave her a stupefied look. He let go of her and sprung back as a black light surrounded her. He put a hand up to his face as he was blinded by the growing gothic orb.

When it cleared, Alice was smirking at him with electric green eyes.

"Why hello there my dear Joker", she said, in a tone that wasn't unlike what the Jokers had used a moment ago.

Okay, that was the first chapter, she is now the exact opposite of herself. Tell me how you like it, and I might add on to the story, that is if I have enough motivation! J