DISCLAIMER: Death Note is not mine.

Okay, so, I got this idea and it wouldn't stop bugging me. it's not that good, but thanks for reading anyway!

Misa passed by Light's closed door, stopping when she heard a deep groan. She placed her ear against the door.

"Nnn…harder, L!" she heard Light exclaim in ecstasy.

"Are you sure this doesn't hurt?" L asked.

"A little bit, but it feels so good!" Light replied.

"Alright then."

Light moaned louder.

L laughed a little bit.

"OW!" Light yelled suddenly.

"You've gotta relax, Light. Stop tensing up on me!" L commanded.

Misa froze in horror. Oh no, she thought to herself. Oh, God no!

She threw the door open. Light was laying on the floor with his shirt off. L was kneeling beside him, rubbing the exposed skin on his back.

"Oh, hello, Misa," L said offhandedly.

"…Oh…" Misa turned bright red.

Light sat up, looking annoyed. "What did you think we were doing?" he demanded.

"Well…um…you know…"

L and Light now blushed and looked at each other with disgusted expressions.

"So…if you don't mind me asking…what are you doing?"

"He seemed tense," L explained simply. "I was just giving him a back massage."

Light laughed. "He's really good at it, too!"

Misa walked out of the room, face still shining scarlet.