Yaaaaaay sequel!

It was a sunny day in Danville. The birds were singing, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and the temperature was at a perfect 75 degrees. The light scent of fresh cut grass in the air sealed the mood.

The three brothers were sitting together under the tree in their back yard, as they did every day. Perry, the oldest, was sprawled out on his stomach next to Phineas, the youngest. Phineas was extremely restless that morning, from the overwhelming boredom of having found nothing to do yet, while Ferb stared up at the sky lazily, unaffected by anything around him.

"So… Now what?" asked Phineas. Ferb shrugged. "Perry?"

Perry raised his head just long enough to give a sleepy grunt before falling back to his previous position.

Phineas sighed. "What are we gonna do today?"

Suddenly, dark clouds filled the sky.

"I suggest getting back inside before we're rained on," said Ferb.


Perry stared out the window, lamenting. Days like this made it hard for him to sneak out for work, since the boys weren't distracted enough not to notice him leaving.

He eventually chose a moment when he was sure that Phineas wasn't looking to sneak away. Perry wasn't too concerned about hiding from Ferb, since he was almost one hundred percent certain that Ferb didn't care one way or another. There had been a time long ago when he had followed Perry around like a little duckling, but now, as a teenager, Ferb had grown into… that difficult age. Perry was sure that if he died, it would be years before Ferb would even notice his absence unless someone told him, and even then, he might not have cared.


Perry jumped slightly upon turning the corner and finding Phineas right in front of him. He sighed.

"Where are you going?"

Perry used his natural inability to speak as an opportunity not to answer, and decided to get the hell out before his brother went and got a notepad.

"Wait." Perry stopped. "I… I don't know where you're going," Phineas started, "but I know that if you wanted us to know, you'd have let us know by now. I'm not gonna ask, but…" He made a sad smile. "Just… Come back in one piece, okay?"

Perry sighed, giving a hug to his brother before leaving for work.

Yaaaay, Agent P.