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OOOH! And AND! I really love the weird numbing thingy they give you when you go to the dentist…. Now I'm not gonna brush my teeth ever again so that I can go back there and get drugs again! YAY! XD

or not.


PS, if any of this sounds weird, I'm like… HIGH now, on laughing gas. So this is kinda difficult.

What Ferb had expected to be a happy reunion had turned into a hellish nightmare.

Getting out of the pit was hard enough, but having to see his brother in that state was even harder. He was weak, from pain, fever, dehydration, or perhaps even from just having given up. There was blood on his clothes, in such a great amount that he would've urgently needed a doctor, but dried such that the need was probably days old. The boy shook violently, probably from being cold even in the 95 degree weather, and worn, dirty bandages covered most of the skin of his forearms, probably to cover wounds that neither Ferb nor Perry would want to see.

But the most disturbing of all was his face. The skin itself had been left undamaged, almost as if the captor had tried painstakingly to keep it so. But everything about it showed just how broken the soul behind it was, from the tears that poured freely from the dull, unfocused eyes, to the lips that quivered ever so slightly, altogether creating a look that screamed "Save me".

They had decided to take Phineas to the hospital themselves, since neither of them knew how he would have dealt with being in an ambulance at that moment, although Ferb knew this: It would involve a lot of crying, and probably sedation.

So there they were, driving as slowly as the surrounding traffic would let them, in an effort to not scare Phineas unnecessarily. He'd already expressed a fear of motion, and asked several times where they were going, each time answered as patiently as before. It was very likely that he really couldn't remember asking, let alone the answer.

Eventually, he curled up into a fetal position with his head on Ferb's lap, rambling on about something and not even knowing who was stroking his hair or holding his hand. But he did have a feeling that it was safe there, and that even if he was in a lot of pain then, someone was trying to make it all better.

Sadly, though, Ferb could easily tell that his brother had no idea who he was. "Can you even see me?" he asked.

Then came probably the most heartbreaking answer possible. "Where's Ferb?"

"I'm right here," he replied gently. He moved Phineas's hand to his own cheek, as if to prove the fact.

"A…Are you…"

"Am I what?" Ferb asked patiently.

Phineas let out a quaky sigh. "Are you… mad at me?"

"Of course not. Why would I be?"

That calmed Phineas down significantly. His trembling lessened if only a bit, and he seemed to relax in his brother's arms. "Did… Did he h-hurt you?"

"No. Not at all." Ferb sighed. "But I let him hurt you. And I… I am so sorry…"


"Where does it hurt, Phin?"


"Can you tell me?"

Phineas was obviously overwhelmed by all the questions, and was even starting to tear up. He screamed when faced with a needle, and was terrified of anyone but his brothers, the very reason that Ferb had finally been appointed to ask the questions. He spoke to his brother like one would to a little child. As awkward as it may have been, it was probably best at the moment.

"Don't be afraid. I won't let them hurt you."

That simple promise was enough to calm Phineas down some. Unfortunately, some nurse decided to say the word "surgery" seconds later. After that, he started crying again. It may have been entirely against Ferb's nature to harm women, he felt like snapping her neck.

Eventually came the time to put the boy to sleep, a task easier said than done. He wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of being drugged again, a fact that clearly showed in his face. Phineas may not have known what they were about to do, but he had the feeling he wouldn't like it. He started to hold his breath the very second the mask touched his face.

Ferb sighed. "Breathe. It won't hurt you, I promise. All it does is make you go to sleep."

That helped some, along with the fact that it was getting extremely difficult for Phineas to keep holding his breath. He eventually gave in, letting the anesthetics take him.

"Deep breaths… That's a good boy…"

A wave of drowsiness hit him, and he fell asleep.


Ferb almost didn't want to enter the room. His hand hesitated on the doorknob, and only the fact that his brother needed him made him keep going.

Phineas was awake, if only mostly, and had somewhat regained a bit of who he was. Yet somehow, there was still something very, very wrong. It was like he was putting on an act for everyone else's sake, something he had been known to do very frequently.

"Ferb?" He smiled. "You came."

"I was here from the beginning," Ferb corrected.

"Oh… Still." Phineas really did look genuinely glad to see him, but he looked almost as though he were afraid that his brother would disappear in a cloud of smoke.

"Are you alright?"

Phineas nodded. "I'm okay."

There was a long pause.

Ferb sighed. "Whatever he did to you-"

"No, that's okay." Phineas shrugged, half grinning. "I can't really remember it anyway."

There was something unconvincing in his eyes.

Okaaaaay, I'm alive. Just so ya know. Been through some shit, been through some other shit, but in the end, it's all good.