Then Diego whistled low under his breath

'I wanna whistle" Emmett cried like a baby

"There we go. Just takes a little brains and patience."

"Most newborns not have that but the ones that do not get killed… which is why Emmett would be in one of those gangs or dead or both" Jasper finished on the humours side of things

he pointed down and across the street. Hal-hidden around the edge of a purple-black alley, a man was cussing at a woman and slapping her while another woman watched silently. From their clothes, I guessed it was a pimp and two of his employees.

This is what Riley had told us to do. Hunt the dregs. Take the humans that no one was going to miss

The ones who weren't headed home to a waiting family, the ones who wouldn't be reported missing. It was the same way he chose us. Meals and vampires coming from the dregs. Unlike some of the others, I still did what Riley told me to do.

"well shes the smart one then" mumbled surprisingly Bella

Not because I liked him.

"no no because she would never ever like him" guess who

That feeling was long gone. It was because what he told us made sense.

"Well most of it made sense" Edward

It was because what he told us sounded right. How did it make sense to call attention the fact that a bunch of new vampires were claiming Seattle as their hunting ground? How was that going to help us?

"it wouldn't not that it worked anyway" said Jasper

I didn't even believe in vampires before I was one. So if the rest of the world didn't believe in vampires, then the rest of the vampires must be hunting smart, the way Riley said to do it. They probably had a good reason.

"Well we not want to be killed by the voultri no one does really" Edward said

"Which is why you need to change me" Bella whispered to Edward even though she knew everyone could hear her.

"We have talked about this and I don't want you to become a vampire" Edward said in a flat voice

"Well whats the point in that what are you going to do when I die then cause all of us know your going to be an idiot and get yourself killed" Bella said with that kitten angry of hers

" I defently not want to chase you out of Italy plus I already now about a certain compromise" Alice said in a slightly airy voice (AN I WANTED TO SAY LOONY LUNA VOICE CAUSE SHES ASOME)

"You saw that" Bella said with a blush starting to appear

"What Happened and what could of happened when Edward almost lost "control"" Alice said enjoying seeing Bella squirm. Bella blushed a bright red

Edward was about to say something when Emmett boomed " Was bella doing some seduc…" when esme said " Stop teaseing them look bella looks like a tomato" which then made bella blush even darker.

"What is this compromise I'm hearing about it better not be what im thinking about. Edward?" Esme said this in a disapproving motherly voice

"Well….." both Edward and Bella began about to say complete things when Carlisle stopped them and said

" it doesn't matter okay past we don't want compromise changed now do we" he said giving bella a look which made her blush darker and then say

"is it lets see who can bella blush the hardest day everyones done it subtle or using certain powers or just by acting as if they don't care" subtle being esme and Carlisle well we can guess that one and then obviously blond bitchy Barbie.

And like Diego had said, hunting smart just took a little brains and patience.

Of course, we all slipped up a lot and Riley would read the papers and groan and yell at us and break stuff- like Raoul's favourite video- game system. Then Raoul would get mad and take somebody else apart and burn him up.

"which is how the numbers gets so low the army is almost pointless" Jasper said

Then Riley would be pissed off and he'd do another search to confiscate all the lighters and matches.

A few rounds of this, and then Riley would bring home another handful of vampirized dreg kids to replace the ones he lost. It was an endless cycle. Diego inhaled through his nose-a big, long pull- and I watched his body change.

"Oh lala what does she mean by that" Emmett said

"change into hunting mood….. seriously how did I marry such and idiot? And no I do not want an answer" Rosalie complained

He couched on the roof, one hand gripping the edge. All that strange friendliness disappeared, and he was a hunter.

"ohh that's what she meant by that" Emmett said

"DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I SAID?" Rosalie was fuming her husband could be such and idiot sometimes she wished he would stopped acting like a fucking toddler no good came for it and " YOU KNOW WHAT?" Rosalie shouted when Emmett shoke his head side to side she continued in a deadly calm and serious voice "Emmett McCarty …." But she got interrupted by jasper "Look whose in trouble n…." but he was silenced by rosalies death glare. She then continued "Emmett McCarty NO SEX FOR 2 months"

emmett slpurted "Monmmontmo…2 MONTHS."

But the reading continued

That was something I recognised, something I was comfortable with because I understood it. I turned off my brain. It was time to hunt. I took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of blood inside the humans below. They weren't the only humans around, but they were the closest. Who you were going to hunt was the kind of descion you had to make before you scented your prey. It was too late now to choose anything.