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Alfred stood leaning on the polished pine door frame, staring into the room. Arthur lay in the single bed, fast asleep with an oxygen mask across his face and pads on his chest monitoring his heartbeat. The steady beep… beep… beep… was repeating itself dimly in the silent room. The American was tired and dawn was fast approaching… but he didn't want to sleep as long as Arthur slept.

He wanted to make sure that the Britt survived… It had been hard enough to bring him back to consciousness after the baby had been born. He had just stopped doing anything… breathing… and his heart had stopped momentarily.

Arthur had to be resuscitated and taken to his bed a soon as possible to hook up to the machines.

Miriam said it was because his body was adjusting. The birth had been unexpected and particularly painful as the child was not exactly a small baby. It wasn't abnormally large but weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces. That was pretty large for Arthur's first baby.

Alfred took one look at the kid and knew that they wouldn't need to take a DNA test. His hair was the same dark blond as his and he had the same blue eyes. He had less noticeable features that mimicked Alfred's too. His ears were the same, the earlobe not joined to his head like Arthur's was, it was loose like Alfred's. The shape of his eyes was the same and his mouth. He had the same mouth. One way or another, Alfred knew that the kid was his.

Nonetheless, Miriam had still taken him to get a small sample of blood for a DNA test.

There was a nudge on his arm and Alfred turned around. Speak of the devil; there stood Miriam, offering his son to him.

"I'm taking the samples to the main hospital's laboratory now… Are you alright holding the fort…? Kiku and Heracles are staying, and so are Yao and Ivan with their kids."

"I… I'll be fine…" Alfred smiled… and then he thought of something. "Miriam… how is your son…?"

"Um… He has a little teething cold, but he behaves well for his baby sitter. Thankyou for asking."

"No problem." Carefully… Alfred inched his hands and arms around the sleeping infant and held him to his chest. Miriam smiled once more and left. She was still in her bloodied party dress but for some reason, Alfred thought if anyone could carry the look of a young nurse-mother covered in blood with frazzled hair and tired eyes… then it was Miriam.

When she was gone, Alfred looked down at the sleeping new born, wrapped in a soft blue blanket.

"Guess you couldn't wait to come out… Impatient little fella, aren't ya?" Alfred chuckled. "Guess that MEANS you're my son."

As he said that, a little tingle went through his stomach and it dawned on him. Fuck… he thought… I'm a dad…


"… Alfred…?" It was quiet but Alfred knew the voice from the bottom of his heart. He looked up and smiled when he saw two dim green eyes looking at him.

"C'mon… You need to sleep Arthur… You just gave birth and…" But Alfred didn't finish what he had wanted to say. Arthur had lifted his arms and held his hands out like a young child asking… no pleading with their parents for something. A tear rolled down his face and pooled at the top of the oxygen mask.

He didn't care about anything else and Alfred knew it. His whole being cried out for his baby. It was instinct.

With a sigh and a soft smile, Alfred walked over and sat in the chair beside the older blonde's bed, carefully fitting their son into Arthur's thin arms and against his chest.

"Is he…"

"Miriam's taken the sample of his blood and mine to go and get the DNA tests done… But I know he's mine Arthur…" Alfred smiled warmly and a few more tears rolled down Arthur's face.

It was then that he began to asses his situation and he saw the machines and felt the mask.

"What happened…?"

"Straight after he was out of your body, you… you fainted… Um… Your heart stopped and you stopped breathing… I… I thought we were going to lose you Arthur…" Alfred lost his smile and cast his gaze elsewhere, wanting to avoid the eyes of the Englishman.


"No more word on it Arthur…" The American leaned forward and ghosted his lips across his forehead.



"You were right…"

"Bout what…?"

"… I can't cook…"


"You look exhausted…" Heracles said as Kiku walked over and slumped down next to him in the small corner.

The Asian nodded with a tired smile. Everyone else had gone to their hotels… but they would most likely be hanging around the area until Arthur and Alfred left to return home.

"Arthur-san has woken up… I heard him talking with Alfred-san… And all the cleaning is done at last… Miriam has gone to the big hospital and now we can all rest… at last…"

"Was it different…?"

"What was…?"

"Delivering Arthur's baby and not Yao's…"

"Hai… and it made me realize something…?"

"And that was…?"

"Can… Can we have a baby…?"

"Wait…" Heracles looked at his lover with surprise. He had wanted children for a long time, but Kiku seemed terrified of the concept. "You actually want to have children…?"

"… Hai…" Kiku hid his blush in the larger man's arm.

"What brought this on then…?"

"… When I was holding the baby… I could do nothing as Arthur was lost to us for that small amount of time… I had to get the child out of the way and I took him to the other side of the kitchen so that we wouldn't be in the way of everyone as they helped him… I was standing there and as the child cried as any new born should, I felt the urge to comfort it… it was like it knew that it was losing it's mother… I couldn't really comprehend it… but it made me feel glad the he should love someone he barely knew so much already… That boy will grow up to admire the man that carried him for eight months… He will love him and Alfred beyond anything else… And… And Yao says that it is a great joy to raise a child… I…"

"You want to feel the love only a child could give it's mother…?"

"… I'll never admit this to anyone but you… but when I was young and Yao raised me… the one person I looked up to most was that man… I felt so warm inside when he gave me something to help my culture and always felt a little rotten inside when I changed it… Aaah! I don't know… How can you explain something that will not form into words…?"

Heracles just smiled and leaned down, kissing the stressing Asian. "I understand." He smiled and kissed him again.


"Ayah…" Yao sighed and dropped himself onto the couch beside Ivan.

"Tired…?" The Russian asked. The Chinaman nodded and he chuckled, pulling the smaller male into his lap.

"Alice and Anastasia went to sleep fine enough considering the nights events, aru… but Sasha thinks everything is his fault… I had to lay with him to send him to sleep…"

"Sasha is very compassionate Jao… Like you he will take things to heart. Anastasia has learnt to tune the world out and focus on what she wants to focus on. Alice is very mature but still at an age where these things bypass her and she can continue on with her life… So do not worry for any of them… Things will be well."

"I hope you are right, aru."

"Only hope, Jao?"

Yao rolled his eyes. "I know you're right Vanya."


"Ve… Nighty night Alize~ Ti amo~" Feliciano smiled and tucked the little girl into the centre of the large king sized hotel bed.

"Ti amo mama~ Ich leibe dich Vatti~" Alize sighed happily as she began drifting off into the land of sweet dreams.

"Ich leibe dich Alize…" Ludwig smiled, sitting on the end of the bed.

The little girl with the golden curls fell asleep almost immediately after her father said his words of love and twitched slightly as she dreamed.

"Ve… she's such a good girl…" Feliciano smiled and stretched with a yawn, the material of his stretchy dark green shirt lifting a bit to show off the bottom of his small baby bump.

Ludwig chuckled, more at peace with the world than he ever had been, and he leaned over, as Feliciano was on the same side of the bed, and laid a kiss on the small bit of exposed skin. The Italian caught a small noise of surprise just before it left him and blushed almost as dark as his brother. Ludwig smiled up at him before pulling the boy into his lap with another chuckle.

"Are you alright with having another child Feliciano…?"

"Huh… Yes! Definitely! And the best thing is that there are going to be a lot more babies soon too~"

Ludwig looked a little puzzled. Okay, so what had the Italian caught onto that he hadn't?

"What do you mean Feliciano…?"

"Well… I'm going to have a baby… and on the way back here from the house hospital place, Ni-chan was talking about maybe having another baby… And everyone knows that Mathew is three months but he just hides it under his hoodie and Arthur has just had a baby and even Nihon was looking strange and different when he was holding Arthur's baby… And Ivan and Yao have always wanted a really big family so it's not too long and they're bound to have another baby~"

Ludwig smiled and shook his head as Feliciano went on and on about everyone having babies. But he made sense. Everyone did know Mathew was carrying as he'd been caught with a positive test during the Christmas party he had held and he had forgotten to clean the bathroom. Plus the look on Gilbert's face basically gave away that he wanted to show of something 'awesome' to everyone.

Ivan and Yao's kids were growing up and looking after a younger child, Alice, had obviously made Yao anxious to have another baby. It was made clear when he dressed Alice up in a dress he had made himself.

Kiku had obviously been a little more quiet and reserved than was normal for the Asian and he had seemed a little reluctant to let anyone see the newborn boy. That is except for Alfred of course and Heracles. The look on his face when Miriam had taken the child to take blood samples and clean and clothe him had been one of a little loss and longing.

And then of course there was Antonio and Lovino, the Spaniard always whining for a second child but Lovino always refusing. But lately, he had been a little more different as well. Maybe this was his reason for making the soup for Alfred and Arthur when they went to visit them earlier that day. The Southern Italian was never usually so considerate towards others.

And, so not to forget… there was Feliciano and himself. As long as the Italian was alive, he would want as many children as possible. And Ludwig would all but comply to his wishes so as to avoid the catastrophe that had occurred when he had fallen pregnant with Alize.

To keep things short, Feliciano had been feeling ill. He caught on far quicker than Ludwig for once and took a couple of tests. Three out of four were positive. He had been preparing to tell Ludwig when they took a walk through town and then a couple of kids had run into them, knocking Feliciano over. Ludwig caught him before he hit the ground, which would have also saved the growing life within him as well, and then he had had a massive go at the parents for letting their kids run wild.

The parents had attempted making their children apologize but simply gave up and walked away when the unruly preteens pulled their fingers at Ludwig and Feliciano and shouted all kinds of heinous swearwords, some of which even the blond hadn't known about.

Ludwig took them straight home after that and couldn't help but go on furiously about children. He had let slip a few things that indicated he never wanted to have kids. The next morning he had found Feliciano gone.

The Italian had run away back home to Italy, thinking that Ludwig would not want the baby and would try to make him get rid of it.

When this happened, Ludwig caught on, FINALLY, and went immediately after the boy and set things straight.

Now he was almost as ecstatic as Feliciano to be having a second child.

"Ti amo~"

Ludwig was pulled out of his thoughts by a pale hand resting on his cheek and he smiled, holding the small, elegant artist's hand in place with one of his own large rough, scarred hands of a soldier.

"Ich leibe dich."


"Well… what are the results…?" Miriam asked, shaking and biting her fingernails anxiously.

"Well the father is…" The doctor began to say. "… The father is…"


It was almost midday, the hot sun rays streaming through the crack in between the curtains. Alfred had drawn them closed to keep the offending heat off of the sleeping Arthur and newborn.

The Englishman had taken the oxygen mask off and refused to have it back on. Now as he slept, there was only a faint mark across his cheeks and nose to say he had had it on. But they were fading fast.

The American knew that he had promised himself sleep when Arthur woke up and it was confirmed that he was fine… But anxiety had taken over him and he refused to sleep until Miriam returned with the results of the DNA test.

He just couldn't believe that such a vile act, let alone Francis, could create such a beautiful child. Hence it had to be his, discluding any Narcissism.

Arthur sighed and shifted a bit in his sleep and the American smiled, brushing a few light golden strands of soft hair out of his face. He had a bit of a fever and apart from the after birth pain, nothing else was wrong with him as far as they could tell.

But Alfred didn't think this oncoming heat wave would make things any easier.

The American actually found himself drifting of to sleep in the chair when the door opened and Miriam walked through, looking a bit shy and forlorn.

"The father is…"

"No… We will wait for Arthur to find out too…" Alfred said.

"If you say so…" She smiled lightly and turned to leave.

"Mm… Huh…? Miriam…? Have you got the results…?" Arthur yawned and rubbed his eye sleepily.

Miriam cleared her throat.

"Well… um… the father is…" She looked very sad about something.

"What…? It's not Francis… It can't be…" Arthur was suddenly very much awake and very much terrified.

Alfred snaked his hand over Arthur's and grasped it. The look he gave the other said that he wouldn't leave him or the baby no matter what. The Englishman drew in a long breath, and the relaxed with a sigh. Both blonds stared at Miriam intently.

But then she surprised them with a large grin the seemed to split her face into two halves.

"The father is Alfred."

There was a moment of silence before Arthur burst out crying and clung onto Alfred. Alfred held him back but had gone a bit dazed as he held the older blond close.

"What's wrong Arthur…?" Miriam lost her smile, feeling like she had said something wrong… AGAIN.

But then Arthur pegged his pillow at her. "I hate you Miriam…"

"Uh… why… what did I do…?"

"You made me think it was really Francis' baby…"

Miriam went blank for a minute before grinning a little evilly at Arthur.

"Just be glad your in pain already and the baby is there or you sir would be dead."

Alfred was pulled back to earth and hearing nothing exchanged between the blonde and brunette, he pulled Arthur's head to his chest, with a surprise yelp from the smaller male and nuzzled into his hair.

"W-What are you doing Alfred…?"

"Awe, Arthur~! I'm a daddy now don't ya know~!"

Arthur giggled as Alfred carried on almost childishly.

"You… You bloody git…"


Today was the day. The day that they went home and would have to forget about Miriam until they needed her again.

They had asked why they had to forget about her and she answered simply with, "To protect me and my family and you and yours."

She seemed to speak in riddles and distanced herself from them more and more as the time drew nearer for them to leave.

"Ve… Where is Miriam…?" Feliciano asked, holding Alize on his hip as Ludwig took their bags to the car with the help of Ivan and Alfred.

"She said she won't come to farewell us… but I get the feeling she's around." Arthur smiled. The after birth pains almost completely gone and the week old William in his arms. They had decided on William because Alfred had seen a movie with a knight called William. He had been an English Thatcher's son and managed to become a knight, competing in the tournaments. And he beat the French at their game. It was called 'A Knights Tale' with Heath Ledger in it and Alfred thought it fit perfectly.

Arthur wasn't going to argue. He liked the name and it was adorable how Alfred would call him 'little Will' and then get all emotional over it. The thought made the Englishman giggle. God he was such a sap.

Antonio, Romano and Ofelia had returned home to Spain.

Kiku and Heracles to Japan briefly before they would take a curious escape to Greece to escape the world for a while.

Mathew, Gilbert and Ahlfer had also gone home as Ahlfer didn't want to miss out on a game of hockey he had been planning with his friends for months apparently. Not to mention he had already missed out on enough school.

Yao had returned to China with Anastasia to wait for Ivan and Sasha. The two silver haired males staying behind to help for a bit.

Ludwig, Feliciano and Alize were staying because they wanted to help as well and would enjoy the small holiday proposed with staying a bit longer.

And for the occasion, as there were so many of them, they hired out a van to move them all at once.

Ludwig was driving and Ivan sat in the front passenger seat.

Behind them sat Feliciano and Alize. Then Alice and Sasha and the Alfred and Arthur with William in a capsule.

Arthur found himself falling asleep against Alfred's shoulder when the van stopped and they all began getting out of it. He sighed and rubbed his temples as Alfred helped him out. God, he couldn't wait for this to be over.

But when he stepped out of the car, he almost died on the spot. They were definitely not at their apartment.

Instead they stood in front of a two story house of red bricks. The roof was tiled with black and the window frames and door frames were white. The large front door rich black wood with a frosted stain glass window set in it. The windows them selves were clear but had lacey white curtains and with what seemed to be black silk curtains over those.

At least that's all the Englishman could see of them.

"Um… what is this…?" Alfred asked, walking past a small oak tree set with a tire swing across the front lawn, towards Ivan and Ludwig.

The Russian sighed and looked upset about something.

"I told you its too small Ludwig."

The German chuckled. "Only because you live in a mansion."

"Ve~ what do you think Arthur?" Feliciano smiled happily and lead Arthur forwards by his arm.

"What I think? I think I want to know what the bloody hell is going on here?"

Now Ludwig sighed. "Well firstly, we bought you a house."


"Well your flat was inexcusably small especially since you now have TWO children." Ivan chuckled a little bit.

"But… B-But it's too much…" Arthur was lost for words. Alfred stood by his side and swallowed.

"How can we thank you…?"

Ludwig smiled. "By showing up at the next summit."

Arthur went to answer but felt something cold in his hand and turned to see a smiling Feliciano. He looked at his hand and sitting in his palm was a set of keys.

"It's yours… you do need a bigger house…" The Italian said. "Oh! We were going to see a movie at the cinema and promised Alice that she could come~ The movie is starting soon so I thought it would be better to ask first if she can come with us and we'll bring her back before dinner~" Feliciano smiled his usual sunny smile.

"Um… Um…" Arthur looked to Alice who was looking up at him with large puppy dog eyes.

"Can I please go? I really want to see Toy Story 3."

"I… um…"

"Sure Alice~ Just be a good girl, alright?" Alfred said with a smile. The little blonde nodded and ran back to the van.

"See you later~" She waved and strapped herself into her seat.

"We'll see you this evening." Ludwig smiled and turned back to the car, Feliciano tailing close behind him, Alize was already in the car, as eager as Alice to see the movie.

"I'm afraid we'll have to take our leave too." Ivan smiled. "We wouldn't want to miss our flight home, da?"

The Russian and his son waved goodbye and also returned to the van. It appeared that Ludwig would drop them off at the airport before they went to the cinema.

Alfred smiled and put William into Arthur's arms, with one arm around the Englishman's shoulders as they watched the van drive away.

When it was gone, the taller blonde turned to the shorter one. "Shall we go and take a look inside?"

Arthur came to and nodded, smiling a little and wiping his eyes hastily before any tears had the chance to fall.

"I can't believe they would go to so much trouble for us." The Englishman said as he gave the keys to Alfred and the American opened the door. Both blondes stepped inside and if it weren't for Alfred, Arthur would have collapsed in shock.

All the stuff from their apartment had been brought over. But there were a few different things.

Arthur was pretty sure that they never had a large black leather couch before.

"Why leather…?" He asked.

"Dunno… Maybe it's because we have kids now. Easier to maintain?"

"Oh… I suppose…"

"What's wrong…?" Alfred looked down at him.

"Oh… Um… nothing. It's nothing. Really." Arthur smiled and shook his head and they proceed to tour the house.

The ground level floors were all dark pine except the lounge room which was cream carpet. The stairs were dark pine as well. The walls were white and the kitchen benches were polished granite.

Upstairs was decked in cream carpet with cream walls. The rooms had all been furnished and there was also and office where Alfred and Arthur could do their work comfortably rather than sitting in bed or on the lounge. William's room was in blues with a pine crib and Alice's was in green. Apparently she refused pink.

Arthur and Alfred's room was set with their bed and in white. Though there were black sheets on the bed.

"Wow…" Arthur said as he stared at the large theme wall behind the bed. It was obviously Kiku's handiwork. "I can't believe they went to so much trouble for us…"

"Well… I can."

Arthur looked up at Alfred.

"What do you mean?"

"They're our friends. Friends help each other. When they need help, we'll be there."

Arthur chuckled. "Whatever Alfred… I'm going to put William to sleep… well… bed." Because technically, he couldn't put him to sleep as the week old had already drifted off. And he was giving Arthur a dead arm.

"Alright. I just want to check on some things."

Arthur nodded and took their son to his own little bedroom where he tucked him into the crib, just like Miriam had shown him.

… Miriam… Would they ever see her again…? She hadn't even stayed long enough for them to thank her.

No! Now was not the time to get upset. He knew that she would show up one day, when they needed her.

Arthur smiled again and left the room after brushing a kiss across his son's forehead. He wondered back to the room he would now share with Alfred and he saw a smiling American standing in the centre of the room with a grin across his face that said he was all too proud of himself.

"What have you done now?" Arthur sighed but couldn't help smiling at the younger blonde's enthusiastic grin.

"I checked the room. I know Kiku. But I think we've been spared. There are no video cameras or wire taps."

At first Arthur was lost as to what Alfred had on his mind when suddenly he was scooped up in strong arms and his lips were locked with the American's.


"It's alright. I'll be gentle… I promise…"

Arthur couldn't protest to anything as Alfred lay him in the middle of the bed and crawled over him. He kept his eyes trained on Alfred's face and let him continue. Before he could comprehend what he was doing, he was tracing the American's features with his fingers.

Alfred stayed still and closed his eyes as he felt the cool ends of Arthur's fingers trail over his eyelids, off the end of his nose to trace his lips and jaw, down his neck to his collarbone and then down over his shirt, across his stomach, where Arthur curled his fingers around the red fabric and pulled the shirt up and over Alfred's head. He opened his eyes as he felt his abs, slightly less prominent than usual due to his coma, being traced.

"Arthur… Let me make you feel good." Alfred smiled and Arthur looked up at him, slightly shocked as he had been concentrated on his ministrations. He gave a small smile, a mere tug at the corners of his lips, and nodded slowly. Alfred moved his hands to rest beside his head before pulling Arthur's own shirt off and pressing kisses to his still soft stomach. Arthur blushed hotly and bit his lower lip.

He closed his eyes as he felt his pants being removed and Alfred's hands push his legs apart gently. He was being so gentle. A tear ran down his cheek, but it went by unnoticed as he turned his head slightly so that it was erased by the pillow on which his head rested.

His body tensed when there was a heated breath over him and his face flushed darker.

"Al-Alfred…" Arthur tried to sit up but Alfred moved and took him into his mouth slowly curling his tongue around the head of his erection. Arthur let out a muffled cry, dulled by the pillow he had turned to hide his face in.

The larger blonde began to hum and move his tongue and head. Arthur bit down hard on the pillow and let his tears fall freely from the corners of his eyes.

He moved one hand down and immersed his fingers in the dark blonde hair, spreading his fingers out before grasping the strands as pleasant jolts filled his stomach and lower half and his nerves went haywire.

"Alfred… N-no… no… I… I don't want…" He tried to push Alfred away but he had to turn into the pillow quickly to muffle his scream as he came.

Alfred pulled away, swallowing the semen and wiping his mouth. He frowned when he saw Arthur, sobbing into the pillow and shaking. Cursing himself he pulled the Englishman up into his lap and held him close. "Shit… I'm sorry Arthur… I didn't…"

Arthur cut off whatever he was going to say next by crushing their lips together hungrily. The American looked at him questioningly when they pulled apart.

"I don't want… I don't want have that without you… I wanted to come together… not by myself…" Alfred smiled at his lover and wiped away his tears with soft kisses.


They kissed again, Arthur tasting himself in Alfred's mouth and blushing hotly at the thought of it. And he was being pushed back into the pillows once more, arching his neck and holding onto Alfred when he felt the American's mouth move along his jugular and collar bone.

"Don't come so quickly this time." Alfred chuckled as Arthur blushed.

"Sh-shut up…" The Englishman bit his lower lip and arched his body slowly off of the covers as the larger blonde took his member into hand and stroked it in a slight pumping motion until he was hard again.

Arthur pulled Alfred's head down, his arms wrapped tightly around his neck as if there was nothing more than the American that was his desire. A light breathy kiss ensued, followed shortly by a hard forceful kiss, filled with a relentless passion that displayed power and their longing, each for the other that could only assume that they were both thinking the same thing. On which grounds they were, but how could they honestly know that?

Alfred smiled as he felt the Arthur that wasn't wounded from a would be ally's atrocities come through the still new and more shy Arthur. Using the Englishman's pre-cum as a substitute lubricant, he spread it over his fingers as evenly as he ever could be capable of and reached down, probing the other's entrance slightly before pushing a finger in slowly.

Arthur winced and new tears gathered at the corners of his eyes. It was painful. Nothing compared to birthing their son, but it still hurt due to the reason that it had been somewhat nine and a half months since he had done something like this. He shut his eyes tightly and felt a warm breath caress his cheek as Alfred kissed the corners of his eyes, making his lips shine a bit, wet with tears.

"It'll get better…"

"I… I know… this isn't my first time…" Arthur wanted to cuss or call him a name, but he couldn't bring himself to because of the remorseful look on the younger blonde's face. So he nodded, giving Alfred the sign to continue.

A second finger joined the first, and a third to join the first and second and then yet a fourth to join the first three before it. Arthur breathed out shakily as the fingers began to move back and forwards, pushing and pulling, opening and closing in a bid to make him as wide as possible. The short stabs of pain wanted him to cry and beg for the end of it. But quite suddenly his back arched upwards in an elegant curve, the ends of Alfred's fingers brushing against his prostate. The pain was still there, but over shadowed by a great pleasure, and this became the point in which he knew Alfred would protect him. He knew no one would hurt him again. And he knew that it was only his beloved American who could make him feel such a way. No matter how good it had ever felt with him before or anyone before him, he reasoned with himself through the haze and heat across his face, that there was no spot inside him that made him cry out in the agony of want and lust and pleasure and love… no… it didn't exist… it was Alfred touching him that made him feel this way and he never wanted it from anyone else. Just Alfred.

Alfred smiled softly as the man beneath him arched his back and his mind was filled with thoughts no one but he could comprehend.

His blue eyes ran over every inch of the other man. Drinking in everything. The way his neck arched as his head tilted back, his half lidded eyes, the green irises clouded with want, his stomach still soft from their son. Soft and smooth to touch, almost like fine silk.

Still smiling, Alfred removed his fingers and he felt Arthur relax, dropping his body back into the bed with a slight huff of possible protest from the sheets and mattress beneath them.

He brushed the smaller man's sweat slicked hair out of his face and erased his tears with kisses, all the while pulling his hips up onto his knees and positioning the head of his erection at the Englishman's entrance.

He was scared of hurting him by going dry, but there was nothing for it and after a moment of suspended silence, he pushed into his lover, letting him take him inch by precarious inch.

He heard the beginnings of a cry on Arthur's lips and he moved forward, muffling it with his own, locking them in a kiss.

He felt Arthur release the tension at last and relax in his embrace, in which Alfred relieved them of the kiss so they could breathe again.

"… I-I… I love y-you…" Arthur shuddered as his body tried to make him focus more on what was in him, rather than who it was that was with him. "… I… p-please move… move git…"

His faced darkened incredibly fast and his nails made deep indents in the American's shoulders. Alfred nodded and smiled before he pulled back out and then moved forward once more.

In. Out. In. Out.

It was a tireless, thoughtless rhythm that neither would tire of. They did their best to hide each other's cries and pleas and moans with hard kisses or burying their faces into the other's shoulder. But the occasional groan slipped out and pierced the thick air around them like a knife through butter.

And then Alfred saw his lover's expression contort and he pressed the palm of his hand over the Englishman's mouth, muffling and dulling the half scream half moan that he couldn't help release and he came heatedly over their stomachs and chests. Tears were streaming down his red face, hair sticking to his sweaty forehead and cheeks, eyes screwed shut as Alfred get going for his own now.

With the heat of Arthur's muscles closing in around him, the American only needed to continue for a short while before he groaned as low as he could control through clenched teeth and filled Arthur with his seed.

He sat there for a while, coming down from the high that had infected his mind and body before he slipped out and lay down, pulling Arthur into his embrace and kissing the top of his head.

"Are you okay Arthur?" He asked, now once again wary that he could have hurt him.

He frowned when he got no response and looked at Arthur's face. He was sleeping. Alfred smirked and let go of him, pulling the blanket out from under them and covering him with it.

Then the American went to the really handy bathroom off of their bedroom where he cleaned up and pulled his clothes back on.

Now clean and clothed, he was a little clueless as what to do when his ears caught the faint sound of a whimper.

At first he thought it was Arthur, and he walked over to the bed to check on him, but the Britt was still fast asleep.

He frowned in confusion and chewed on the inside of his cheek when they whimper grew into a whine, then hiccupping sobs.

Oh. Was the first thought in his head after that. He knew what would follow was high pitch keening wails.

He chuckled and slipped out of his and Arthur's room and walked into William's, walking over to the crib and picking his son up and rocking him back and forth.

The little boy calmed down almost instantly, staring up at his father like there was nothing else in the world to look at that could possibly be more interesting. And in the baby way, he didn't really blink. Which freaked Alfred out for a bit, but he sort of got the idea that it was a baby thing.

He smiled as an idea occurred to him and he fished in his jean pocket, guessing that it may have fallen out in his and Arthur's room but was surprised to curl his fingers around it and pull it out.

He wasn't an idiot. He knew not to give it to the baby. But showing him wouldn't hurt.

"You think mommy will say yes?"

He chuckled and flipped open the little box.


Oh god… that's the end… -super massive tired sigh…

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