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Title: The Forbidden Romance

Chapter Title: Tired of his sick games!

Author: xOne hell of a Butlerx

Rated T

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Shou body trembled and shacked with every breath he took, the urge to punch something boil within his blood. Some how he got the urge under control to the point it was a whisper in the back of his mind and he went looking for Misao. For some reason he had the feeling that she hadn't gotten far, and he was right. He found her crouched on her very own front porch, her body shaking with heartbreaking sobs. Shou kneeled down next to her, touching a gentle hand to her shoulder.

"Misao…" He muttered her name softly, afraid that he might scare her. Misao peeked up at him, her eyes rimmed red.

"What come to gloat?" She asked with a shaky voice. Shou stare down at her, clearly confused.

"Gloat?" He asked, then shook his head squeezing her shoulder gently. "No, I would never do that. I came to see if you were alright." He said in a kind soft voice. Misao let out a hoarse laugh.

"Oh yeah I'm great, peachy in fact." She said, a edge of sarcasm in her voice. Shou looked down at her with sad eyes.

"No your not." He said. Misao snorted.

"Man can't fool you." She said rolling her eyes and pulling away from him and bumping her shoulder against the door.

"Look Shou just go, okay." She said in a sad pleading voice, she couldn't handle this, him, any of this tonight. Shou shook his head.

"No, not until I know that your alright and you won't go and do something stupid." He said. Misao snapped her head around, her eyes burning with anger.

"What do you think I'll kill myself over Kyo? Ha in his dreams!" She said in a loud voice. Shou put a finger to his lips, shushing her, his eyes wide with panic that she might wake up her parents and everyone else in the neighborhood. Misao shook her head and stood up.

"No, he needs to know that I won't walk around like a zombie with red teary eyes, not this time. I'm tired of his sick games!" She said moving past him and walked back towards Kyo's house, taking a strong stance in front of the gate to his estate.

"Do you hear me, Kyo? I won't be like I was last time you said we couldn't be together because you said that we had to stop being a couple for my sake, more like yours. Well guess what! I'm happy that we're broken up, maybe I'll be able to live a normal life now!" Misao screamed. Shou rushed over pulling her around and into the shadows.

"Are you insane, quit it," He hissed in a low voice of warning. "your going to go and wake up the whole damn neighborhood!" He said. Misao shrugged.

"Why should I care? I'll sleep better now that he knows that I will get over him. He is not the god of damn beauty, he's someone that I can live without." She growled. There was a clearing of a throat behind them that made them both gasp.

"Oh really…" Misao turned very slowly, wishing and hoping the person behind her wouldn't turn out to be who she thought it was.

"You have got a lot of explaining to do young lady." Yoshiro said tapping his foot angrily on the ground. Misao swallowed and looked over her Dad's shoulder seeing that her Mom was there as well.

"Hey guys," She said with a panicky smile. "whats up?" Misao asked a very stupid question because she knew why they were there, oh yes she knew very well why they were there. She had gone and woke them up.

"Told ya…" Shou whispered in her ear. Yoshiro frowned at the young man standing so close this beloved little girl.

"Misao I know that we have taught you better then to come outside so late at night with some boy your Mother, nor I know." He said in a scolding voice, a disappointed voice. Misao felt her cheeks heat up.

"Wait its not what you think-" Misao said raising her hands and moving them in front of herself, gesturing that she was doing no such thing.

"Oh and what is this little meeting about then?" He asked narrowing his eyes not at Misao, but at Shou. Misao swallowed, hard.

"Well Shou came by to ask me out on a date a few nights ago, but I didn't answer him. So he came by tonight to demand that I give him a answer. Kyo- I mean Mr. Usui saw Shou and came out to see what was going on and they got into a little disagreement." Misao said, trying to tell as much of the true as she could without giving away that her and Kyo had, had been dating and that he was a demon. Yoshiro blinked, then looked over at the gate of Kyo's house.

"Oh really. Well then I'll have to go over to Mr. Usui's house tomorrow and thank him." He said glaring at Shou with such hate that it made him and Misao shiver. Yoko let out a sigh.

"Alright thats quite enough, back inside the both of you." She said grabbing her husbands arm and pulling him back towards their home.

"W-wait what about Misao-" Yoko pulled him even harder.

"Misao is a big girl, Yoshiro. She can take care of herself." She said in a very strict voice, a voice that meant no monkey business, or your ass was grass. Yoshiro glared back Shou and Misao, at how close they were standing.

"Misao I want you back inside in five minutes, and I mean five minutes…!" He said in a hard voice. Misao nodded, letting out a soft sigh.

"Alright Dad, will do." She said waving at him. After they were gone out of sight, Misao turned to Shou to tell him to go home, but was surprised to find him laughing.

"Man your Dad is a riot." He said and began to laugh even harder. Misao blinked, then smiled.

"Yeah I guess he is." She said with a slight giggle, then stopped.

"Look you need to go home." She said. Shou nodded shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Yeah your right, I really do need to be getting home. If either of my parents find me gonna I'll be grounded for sure." He said. Misao couldn't help but think, "Would that be such a bad thing?" Shou smiled at her with a big cheesy smile.

"So I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow..." He said, his voice full of hope. Misao shrugged, sighing.

"Yeah sure." She said. His smile grew even bigger if that were even possible.

"Right, well night." He said and walked with a bounce in his step down the street to where his car sat waiting. Misao shook her head, her heart swelling little by little.

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