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Hinamori Amu awoke from her peaceful slumber.
(And from an "amazing" Tadase filled dream, Amu noted.)
She stretched then, reluctantly, scooted off of her bed and dazedly walked over to her closet. She glanced curiously at her choices then sighed. She had nothing to wear. Her eyes suddenly widened at a thought,

"I should ask Miki to create a new outfit for me."

She looked to her left to see the basket that was supposed to be holding her precious eggs, was currently lacking said items. Her eyes widened in shock at the empty basket. She frantically searched every nook and cranny of her room for her Shugo Charas, but failed to find them.

"Where the heck are they?" Amu yelled in a panicked tone.

She then heard something terrifying.

"Yay! Eggys fo bweakfwist!" (Yay! Eggs for breakfast!)

Amu gaped in horror. Oh no, oh no, oh-

"NO!" Amu raced out her bedroom door, down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

The pink haired girl felt like she was going to faint at the sight:

Four eggs, Sunny Side Up, on a plate.

She looked around and noticed red, blue, green and yellow eggs shells on the counter.

Then she fainted.



"Amu-chan! It's time to wake up, Desu!"

Amu's eyes slowly flickered open. She noticed her four Charas hovering above her as she stared at them in shock.

She shot up into a sitting position and blinked.

"It was just a dream..."

"IT WAS JUST A DREAM!" Amu exclaimed, excitedly waving her arms up and down with a huge grin on her face. She gathered her Charas, who were looking at her like she needed to be sedated and put into the Crazy House, into a hug.

"I love you guys!" She whispered with a soft smile.

Ran, Miki, Su and Dia looked at each other, shrugged then smiled.

"We love you too, Amu-chan."

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