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Tony knew he couldn't avoid the watchful eyes of one Special Agent Ziva David anymore when Gibbs suddenly left for his seventh coffe-run that day. McGee was nowhere to be seen, probably doing some computer stuff with Abby down in her lab. So there was nothing there to stop the conversation that was definitely bound to happen. He looked up from his computer-screen to see Ziva already rising from her chair. He winched. He pretended not to notice but watched from the corner of his eye as she slowly came to stand in front of his desk. Upon hearing her silent cough, he slowly looked up at her.

"Yes, Zee-va?" She raised an eyebrow at his obvious attempt to try and hide that he knew exactly what she was coming over to ask. He decided to ignore her little way of telling him he was busted.

"To you want anything? Or have you just come over to admire your favourite "Very" Special Agent Tony DiNozzo?" To say that she was amused, was an understatement. She silently observed him, making him almost squirm in his seat. After a moment of simply staring at him, she quietly came around his desk to lean on it, arms crossed.

"You are a good Agent, yes?"

He almost laughed at her blunt way of beginning a conversation.

"Depends on who you're asking, some would most certainly disagree with you on that one. Though.. I'm not sure if that was really a question, or a statement."

She ignored his attempt to try and steer the conversation to another topic, and asked him the question that had been bothering her ever since they found out he'd been offered his own team in Rota, Spain.

"So why is it," she brought her hands up in front of her to further demonstrate her exasperation of the extremely unlikely thought, "that you did not think you were good enough?"

He had known as soon as he'd said it to Gibbs earlier that day that it was gonna come back to bite him in the ass. He also knew that it was going to be in the form of one ex-mossad officer currently standing in front of him with her hands still in the air, looking at him like she still couldn't believe what she was hearing.

He sighed, dragging his hand over his face.

"Look Ziva, I only said it to try and get Gibbs off my back.."

"You are lying," she said, her eyes full of conviction, "You might have said it to divert the attention from your more... revealing reason for turning it down., but I could tell you honestly believed what you were saying."

He felt like laughing. Why was it, that she always saw right through him? And why did she always have to bring it up when he least wanted to talk about it?

He shock his head.

"I," He stopped, obviously trying to find a way out of this trap he had found himself in. Not founding any he gave up.

"Fine, I was a bit unsure about wether I could really do it. But so what?"

She softened her expression now that she had gotten the answer she was looking for. Upon seeing her sudden change of mood, Tony wondered if the worst was over.

"And now?" She asked, looking him in the eye intently.

Tony sighed.

"And now... if the offer ever came up again I'd think about it."

She rolled her eyes at his vauge answer and asked again.

"Do you believe you could run your own team?"

"Sure," he said off-handingly, "I did it while Gibbs was in Mexico, and look how great you and McGee turned out." He waved at her and McGee's desk to emphazise his point.

She ignored his antics, looking at him with a serious expression.

"You are a good Agent, Tony."

He smiled at her, knowing she wasn't lying. Ziva gave him a soft smile in return, glad he was listening to her. Suddenly feeling way too sentimental though, she straightened up again. She smiled at him one last time before walking over to her own desk and sat down. Tony's eyes followed her and couldn't help but to let out a sigh of relief when he saw her safely behind her own desk. If she noticed she didn't acknowledge it.

Silently they both went back to work.

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