Lemon Drop?
Chapter 1
A Pansy for My Rose

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"I got these for you."

Draco dropped a basketful of dug-up pansies next to me. Some were purple and some an aqua blue, but all of their mustached faces matched Draco's smirk as he sat down, glancing at me. I hadn't turned to him, looked at the flowers or acknowledged his presence. It was a chilly night by the lake. The vast expanse of liquid was stagnant, not even a ripple on its surface. I was watching the sunset which had turned the water pink.

Innocence. That's what this scene looked like. A boy wooing a girl with flowers next to a lake as pretty as the petals of the roses that bloomed in the summertime. My heart was pounding, my stomach filled with butterflies, but it wasn't because of the cutie next to me. It was because of the information that he brought with him. It brought chills to my spine and ran goose bumps over my arm that had nothing to do with the gentle wind dancing on my skin.

And I didn't even know what it was yet.

Before I could stop myself I started to silently cry, tears flooded down my face like a broken dam and I didn't bother to wipe them away. "This house is a trap." My voice broke and I gave a small gasp for air. "You don't have a choice, you either join up with him, or you die, you get killed."

"Pansy," Draco spoke softly, a look of bewilderment on his face, "why wouldn't you want to join the Dark Lord's ranks?"

I sniffled. "I just- I mean, oh Draco," I look at his pale face and grey eyes. He was so nice, sweet, and I probably didn't deserve him as a friend, "I'm scared of him."

Anyone else would have left me there, called me a traitor, stopped caring and would have spread rumors. Not Draco. He looked at me and chuckled, pulling me in to a warm hug. I sat there feeling safe in his arms.

He stroked my hair, thin fingers working their way through the black ocean of waves. "Who isn't scared of him?" he posed. I looked at him. With my look I inquired more, I needed justification for my feelings, to know I wasn't awful, that I wasn't a traitor for wanting to run away and never turn back.

"The meetings are tense," he explained, "everyone tries to please him and everyone is scared, with the possible exception of Bellatrix." I chuckled at the attempt of a joke. No, I thought to myself, she doesn't seem like she would be, "scared that they'll slip up and piss him off, have his rage focused on them, and the torture. Most likely you'll come out of there alive in some state. You can't hurt someone when they're dead, but everyone knows that there's a chance of no return," he paused, taking a moment to gaze at the view, "I think that's what makes it alright though, everyone knows the risk."

"Yeah but we can't do anything about it. What good is knowing the risk without accepting it?"

This statement made Draco laugh a deep, full-bellied laugh. He beamed down at me.

"C'mon Pansy, are you serious?" he shook his head and smiled a sideways glance down at me, "you're one of the smartest people I know. You stand up for what is right and what you believe in."

He shifted on to his knees, so that he was facing me. Our fingers entwined and our eyes connected. There was a flame in his, a spark, the ignition of life.

"You have to join, you'll love it, and they'll love you…he'll love you. Joining the Death Eaters is the life you want. Could you really stand living in a world of mudbloods and doing nothing to stop the spread of their disease?"

I couldn't help but smile at him. "No of course not," I relaxed a bit, "I'm just nervous I guess," I look up at him and wince slightly, "when's my induction?"

"Three days from now, Friday. They'll pick us up over there," he pointed towards the trees, "near the Forbidden Forest," he rubbed my shoulder, encouraging me, "you'll do fine."

"I hope so…" partially because I wanted to survive, but mostly because I wanted to fight.

AUTHORS NOTE: This story does and will have elements of a Draco/Pansy romance, but I haven't decided how major I want that part to be, so if you feel strongly one way or another, just say so in your review!

The End
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