Lemon Drop?
Chapter 4
The Last Night
~liquid time

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I was stretched out on the plush velvet sofa in front of the fire in the Slytherin common room. Flames crackled eerily and the occasional ember escaped into the room, seeking skin to make contact with, or some fabric to char. I closed my eyes and ran my hands along the soft cloth, taking a deep breath and trying to relax.

I listened to the sounds around me. People laughed and talked. They held whispered conversations behind hands, trying somewhat unsuccessfully not to be overheard. There were blasts and giggles from students playing Exploding Snap and exasperated sighs from those attempting to finish difficult homework. I lay in silence with my eyes closed attempting yet again to calm my overly excited nerves.

"How are you holding up?"

A voice said from beside me. I didn't have to open my eyes or turn my head to know who it was that spoke. Nobody could make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just by asking a question. Nobody except Draco.

He sat on the floor, near where my head rested on the arm of the sofa. I finally turned to look at him.

"Alright," I moved my hands to my stomach, "a little queasy but," I smiled, "that's to be expected I suppose."

"You'll do great," he told me, reiterating what he said when we sat by the lake.

"I know," it was barely a whisper but he still heard.

It was like we were frozen in time. My breath hitched as my eyes wandered over every inch of his complexion. He mouth started to turn up into a smile and before I could register the change in emotion, he leaned toward me, lips pressing firmly against mine.

I inhaled sharply, surprised, and practically fell off the sofa. He smirked and merely pulled me closer, arms winding around my waist, as mine wrapped around his neck, my fingers tangling in his hair. Our tongues met in pure pleasure, and he exhaled in to my mouth, the sweet taste of peppermint dancing around.

He trailed soft kisses down my jaw to the crook of my neck. I threw my head back, exposing my pale skin, sighing. His hands traced designs on my back, and I pressed myself in to his chest, eager for further contact.

"You know, there's a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow," he said between kisses.

I tried to gather my thoughts, "Mmmm," I responded in affirmation because words seemed too much effort at that point.

"I was thinking," he continued, mouth working down, "that we could go together as a little," he had reached the top of my robes, and was fiddling with the clasp, "celebration," he smirked. Without undoing the clasp he pulled the fabric lower, exposing just a tiny bit of cleavage. Holding my robe down, he placed a chaste kiss in the crevice before letting the robe reposition itself and allowing his fingers to trace over my collar bone.

I looked at him and captured his lips in another kiss. Somewhere in the swift battle of heat I managed to mutter "that would be lovely" before focusing entirely on this moment of pleasure. Raw emotions; angst, fear, and love worked their way in to our lust filled collision and I took comfort in Draco's cool confidence. In this moment he gave me everything I needed to survive the forthcoming night.

But it was over much too quickly. He stood up and I followed suit, taking another deep breath and smoothing out my robes. Draco smiled.



"Got everything? Wand… err," he paused for a moment, and looked me up and down, "not much else, is there?" he grinned.

I forced a smile back at him and said, "no, not really."

"Well then, best be off."

His arm stretched out, and I felt his calloused hand closing around mine. I laced my fingers with his, and he pulled me across the common room to the stone wall leading to the dungeons.

"Snape made sure that we wouldn't run into any teachers on our way out," he commented off-handedly.

I rolled my eyes. "I know Draco. I was there when he told us."

"Oh yes, of course you were," his cheeks turned a light pink as he lead the way out, "I suppose I'm just as nervous as you are then."

I chuckled. "I suppose so."

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