It was so very cold. The small 9 year old boy shivered helplessly, hugging himself tightly. A little girl, 5 years of age, snuggled close to him. She too shivered violently as she desperately clung to her elder brother for warmth. It was of no use though; he was chilled to the bone. They both were. The pair watched hopefully as their older sister slaved over the firewood, trying to light it. She was 14 years of age with short silvery hair and budding breasts.

Finally the young woman succeeded and a tiny flame of hope illuminated the dark frozen room. The two smaller children quickly scurried closer to the small fire. They didn't dare breathe less they extinguished their last ray of warmth. The eldest sibling quickly sat down beside her brother and sister, holding them close. The fire was slowly growing, casting its warm comforting glow on the shivering family.

It all ended quite suddenly. The door slamming open with a loud a bang that made the smallest girl whimper in fright. The gust of wind rushing through the open door and extinguishing the fire quickly, only to leave freezing air in its wake. The boy wanted to cry in frustration but fell silent when the unmistakable thud of heavy footsteps rang through the air. The tiny girl tightened her grip on her brother and the boy returned it just as frightened.

The eldest stood up protectively over them, though the others could feel her fear shedding off her in waves. The boy bit his lip at his inability to protect them. Sure he wasn't the oldest but he was the man! He should be able to protect his sisters from him. He watched silently, trying to shield his younger sister and warm her as the man they all knew too well entered the home. The stinging stench of vodka permeated the air as the man walked forward. He still clutched a half empty bottle of the offending alcohol in his hand. The boy held his younger sister close, wishing the man to just go away.

Of course the man did not, instead he stalked even closer to his older sister. A predatory smirk crawled upon his dirty face as he advanced. The young woman was trembling in fright and tears were threatening to spill over her eyes. She spoke quietly, trying to hide her trembling fear. He responded with a loud yell full of atrocities. The boy quickly covered his little sisters ears trying to protect her innocence. The man quickly lunged, grabbing the young teen's arm tightly and pulling her toward him. She almost fell into him with the force, crying out in surprise. She wrenched at her arm, but it only made him tighten his bruising grip further.

The teen was squirming, thrashing, anything to get away from the man. The man's smirk only grew as he whispered into her ear. The boy could only assume they were filthy things. He needed to do something but he was afraid. The scars still healing on his back were a testament to the man's violent streak. Another cry from his sister and he looked up to see her fighting with new found strength. The boy's eyes widened when he saw his sister's shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and merely hanged there. What was the man trying to do? His 9 year old mind furrowed in confusion.

His sister's face was a painting of fear, anger and embarrassment all swirled into one. She was covering her chest protectively but the man continued unabated. The boy new he needed to stop this, needed to stop this now and forever. He looked around the room quickly for some sort of weapon. His eyes fell upon a dirty old pipe that had fallen into the corner. The house was in a horrid state with wiring hanging dangerously from the ceiling and the plumbing falling apart. He tried to disentangle himself from his younger sisters hold. It only made her latch on harder.

He whispered soothing words to her and she finally loosened her grip. The boy threw a glance over at his older sister. The man was absorbed in his work of undressing her and hadn't noticed him yet. Quickly, he scurried over to the pipe and grabbed it. He winced as the pure coldness of the piece of metal bit at his skin. He ignored it, he needed to help his elder sister. Flexing his grip on the pipe, he turned back toward the scene.

His sister was now crying helplessly as the man continued unfazed. The boy's eyes hardened and he rushed toward the man and smashed his head, careful not to hit his sister. The man's grip loosened immediately and he crumpled to the ground with a pain-filled shrieks. The teen girl quickly backed away covering her chest and watching the scene unfold with wide eyes. The man was yelling, spilling out curses and threats to all three of them. The boy wasted not another moment in swinging the pipe down. There was a sickening crack and the man fell silent. Blood pooled from his head and the boy found the glimmering ruby liquid to be quite pretty.

Almost unconsciously, he repeatedly continued to hit the man with his pipe. His arms refused to stop even though he new their tormentor was dead. They just continued to lift the pipe and smash it back down on the body. He wasn't even aware of the tears spilling down his cheeks as he did it. He probably would of continued in this rhythm for hours if his older sister's voice hadn't reached him.

"Ivan" She murmured in utter shock, still trying to grasp the situation before her. The boy, Ivan, began to tremble and the pipe fell from his hands in a hollow thud. He slumped onto the floor as his legs gave way. He was breathing heavily, his chest heaving and his eyes wide. He accidentally placed his hands in the pools of blood. He quickly retracted them, trying to wipe them of on his coat desperately. The blood refused to come off, staining his hands an angry accusing red.

His elder sister remained silent, her mind in chaos at what had just happened. Her brother was in a similar state. The two were snapped back into reality at the soft voice of their younger sister. They turned to her sharply and trembled as she spoke what none of them wanted to accept.

"Брат, ты убил отца."

"Brother, you killed father."


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