Been kicking around this particular idea for quite awhile, decided to expand on it and see where it leads. The story begins during the episode Spellbound, and while it will progress into a Beast Boy/Raven romance, it's going to center around a confrontation between Beast Boy and Malchior. Though he only had a significant role in one episode, I found the character quite interesting, and I was disappointed that no other characters ever got a chance to interact with him, it would have been cool to see what would have happened. Anyway, here we go!

Chapter 1- Silver Tongued Devil

He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.

William Blake- Proverbs of Hell

Raven shut the door with a sigh, one hand rubbing her forehead as she walked back into the darkness of her room. A soft hand came to rest on her shoulder, and she held it absently before turning to the owner.

"Malchior, I don't know what I should do. It's becoming more difficult to turn Beast Boy away each time he asks me to join him or the others." She looked back to the doorway and frowned. "I know that he's sorry, and I understand his concern, but why can't he understand that I just want to be alone? The more I try to make him understand, the more he approaches me."

Malchior pulled her into an embrace, an unexpected gesture that brought a blush to her cheeks. "Raven, you know that I take no pleasure from saying such things, but you simply care too much for your friend to see the truth. You either cannot or will not see that the boy is simply using you for his own gain."

Raven looked up at the magician with disbelieving eyes, only to see that his focus was elsewhere, concentrated on something behind her.

"From what I understand, the boy is obsessed with attention, stooping to any crass form of action in order to draw the notice of others. What I believe, my dear, is that he feels threatened by your withdrawal from his life. Not out of any concern for you, but due to the loss he is dealt. As such, he endeavors all the more to force himself into your business, making himself seen and heard at any possible opportunity." Malchior's words rang in her head, though she refused to believe that Beast Boy, for all his faults, would be so cruel.

Malchior continued to speak, but his words seemed to fade and vanish as a strange feeling overtook her, a sense of caution as though she were currently in danger. Pushing the feelings aside, she looked back to Malchior, only to see his attention was once again directed away from her, likely towards her bookshelf. Anxiety began to stir up deep in her mind, telling her that something was truly wrong. She decided it was only her imagination, proof that her last conversation with Beast Boy had troubled her more than she had originally thought. Pulling herself out of the embrace, she took a single step backwards as Malchior's eyes finally returned to her.

"I need to go for a moment. Just a quick walk or maybe a flight to clear my head." She hated the apprehension that had suddenly appeared in her voice, another example of how badly the last few minutes had shaken her. Her companion only nodded and seemed to smile beneath the layers of paper.

"Until next time, my sweet Raven." Malchior tenderly clasped her hand with his own before stepping back towards the room's center. Giving him a reluctant look, Raven turned and walked towards the door. As she stepped into the hallway, she looked back over her shoulder, a neutral smile on her face as the door slid closed.

Malchior stood patiently in the dark, his eyes trained on the entrance as if he expected Raven to return at any moment. Satisfied, he turned away and let out a soft chuckle. His eyes narrowed as they swept up Raven's bookcase, finally pausing on a tiny speck of green.

"You can come down now," he said as his soft, caring voice dropped into a tone of cold arrogance. "She has departed."

The green fly buzzed into the air at the sound of Malchior's voice. Dropping to the floor, Beast Boy quickly reverted to his normal form and fixed the wizard with an angry stare.

Malchior laughed as the boy materialized before him. "Ah, good to see you again my young friend. Tell me, did you enjoy your little eavesdropping session? I do hope you weren't feeling left out of the conversation. I tried to mention you as often as possible."

"Don't even try to act polite with me dude!" Beast Boy stopped abruptly, giving the door a nervous glance. Turning back to Malchior, he continued in a hushed tone. "For how long you've known I've been listening in, I'm surprised you haven't told Raven yet."

"I suppose I've simply grown too attached to you to ruin the fun," Malchior replied. At Beast Boy's incredulous look he moved closer and draped an arm around his shoulders as though confiding to a friend. "I enjoy having a captive audience, you see. It's far more entertaining when the object of one's derision is present but unable to respond."

Beast Boy growled and shoved the magician away, watching in surprise as shreds of paper seemed to blow away from his body from the touch.

"I figured as much, it's obvious you've been using me as your personal running joke. You seem to be pretty good at poking fun at me for never having spoken with me before."

Malchior smiled inwardly. This boy and his emotions were far too easy to manipulate, even more than Raven herself. He suspected that the boy might have posed a threat to his plans, and his fears seemed to have been realized when the small, green insect first made its appearance in the room. But he was not to be foiled so easily. It had only taken a few specific conversations to turn the boy's feelings of concern into jealousy, and then to anger. Perhaps today would prove to be the final straw, and he would finally abandon her. With no further attachments, it would be child's play to force Raven into freeing him.

Malchior glanced down, examining his nonexistent fingernails as if stalling for time. "You must understand that I'm merely trying to steer the conversation towards an area in which I am familiar. If you remember, Raven has brought you into our conversations many times, and often wishing to discuss you seriously. It's quite difficult turning those earnest questions of hers around." He looked up to see Beast Boy's angry expression had dropped into one of confusion, and he realized that he may have said too much. He had to sidetrack the brat, drive him back to resentment towards Raven.

"Speaking of yourself, what did you think of my earlier conversation with your friend? How she mentioned your constant attempts to be close to her, to bring her happiness?" Beast Boy's eyes widened and his mouth opened and closed as he failed to respond. This was the perfect moment to fling a handful of salt into the wound. "Does it hurt you to see her so content in my presence? Do you feel useless, or unwanted? What do you think of her laugh or smile?" Beast Boy's head fell and his hands clenched tightly. Malchior waited for the outburst.

"They're beautiful." Malchior stepped back in surprise as Beast Boy lifted his head, eyes brimming with tears. "Ever since I met her, I've wanted to see Raven smile. I wanted her to be happy and carefree, the way she's deserved to feel her whole life." His gaze dropped to the carpet and tears began to run down his face. "When I was watching you two, seeing her smile so sincerely, it was like seeing an angel. I just never thought it would hurt so much." He looked up at Malchior, and for the briefest of instants, he thought he saw regret in the paper man's eyes. Shaking his head, he continued.

"So yea, I feel torn apart inside. I feel like I've been left behind, forgotten, but I understand that I can't be selfish now. Raven's finally happy! This is what I've been hoping for since I've known her. No matter how much it hurts that I can't be the reason for her happiness, I won't do anything to ruin that for her."

Wiping his eyes, Beast Boy stepped forward, extending his hand to Malchior. He looked down at the offered palm, then back into the shape-shifter's eyes. "Does this mean you have no desire to interfere, that you will leave Raven and I in peace?" Beast Boy nodded, and Malchior gleefully gripped his hand.

As the two shook, Beast Boy had to push away a sudden feeling of dread that had stolen over his body. The reluctant look in Malchior's eyes had faded into an almost predatory gleam. That last question, and the way he had shaken hands made Beast Boy feel as though he had just signed Raven's soul away to the devil. He wanted to clear those thoughts from his head, but decided to humor his misgivings with one final warning. He tightened his grip, causing the paper hand to tear and Malchior to meet his gaze.

"Listen up though, and listen good. I'm agreeing to back off because of how happy you make Raven. If there's anyone in this world who deserves it, it's her. You give her that, and I respect you for it. But if you ever, and I mean EVER hurt her, I'll find out. I don't care if she tries to stop me, or if you send all your little hocus-pocus out of that book at me. She's been hurt enough, and I've caused her too much grief to tolerate any more. You make her cry, and by the time I'm through with you nobody will be able to tell you apart from yesterday's junk mail."

Malchior watched in bemusement as the boy's free hand bulged and thickened with muscle. Striped fur sprouted from the limb as large, wicked talons grew from what were once his fingertips. Beast Boy drew the tiger's claw back and stared the other man down.

"I'm serious dude. You hurt her even once, and I'm turning you and your book into confetti."

Malchior nodded and pulled his broken hand away. "I believe you would," he said as the strands of paper reformed. Beast Boy gave him a final, grudging nod before turning back into a fly and exiting the room.

Malchior looked down at his hand as he balled it into a fist. 'When the time comes, little man, I will deeply enjoy killing you.'

And that's the first chapter. Let me know what you think, any feedback is welcome.