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She was rounding a corner when she passed a circus. She sadly sighed and a tear fell from her eye as she remembered how cruel real life is. If Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh were real, she would be happy, it will never happen though.
As she turned to walk away, the magician who had purple hair and green eyes said "You there, come here"
She stupidly pointed at herself and he nodded. She looked around, the children were gone.
"I'm gonna show you my most secret skill. I can send people to any dimension they want. Here, take this candy." the magician stated lazily.
She stared at him and popped the candy in her mouth.
"Don't swallow, now close your eyes." he said excited now.
He started chanting in ancient Egyptian. All of a sudden...
"Now open and swallow."
She swallowed and opened her eyes. In front of her was the Dark Magician. She gasped and looked at herself. They were both in anime form! Around her, boxes lay scattered and a mirror stood beside her. She faced it and gasped. She had a total new appearance. Her hair was a chocolate brown, it jutted down in every direction. Her eyes were a light blue. Her skin was slightly tan and her form slim.
"You reminded me of my apprentice Mana, so I brought you here. If you want to go back to your world, the man who killed me reincarnation must ask to marry you. I owe him. He loved Mana... one of the priest killed his family and town, so I don't blame him one bit. Please do it." the magician explained.
"I will, hopefully I'll find him..." she stared at the mirror.
But she already knew who to look for.
Suddenly, Dark Magician's eyes glowed.
~The man is here within your heart.~
~He is the one in which you'll never part~
~But a test or change will truly stick~
~Which destiny will this mortal pick?~
there was a long and awkward silence.
"Did I tell you that you have 15 minutes before you're late for school?" he casually said.
"Oh crap!"
She bolted her uniform on and grabbed her bag. She didn't see as she ran out. But the room in front read:
As she skidded out and ran in a random direction, she tripped on a root of a tree and rolled in mid-air and landed on someone. She was sitting on something warm she looked down and had an anime reaction. Her privates were on the FACE of a boy. She slid down and turned red.
"I'm sooo sorry!"
"Ummm, to tell the truth, it wasn't unpleasant..."
She looked up to call him a pervert when she saw who it was. He had doe shaped brown eyes and snow white hair. His face was flushed and he had a groggy smile on his face.
"Sooo... I'm Ryou Bakura. You are?"
/Think of a fake name! Think of a fake name!/
"I'm Tenshi Kawasaki."
"Doesn't Tenshi mean angel?" he asked.
He shrugged and said "well, I guess your the new girl. I'll show you to our school."
They walk all the way down to Domino High. Throughout the walk, Ryou was blushing and looking down at her. She smiled. They entered the office building to see .
"New student Bakura?" she dully stated.
"Yeah, her name is Tenshi Kawasaki."
"Hello... Pleasure to meet your aquintance." she bowed respectfully down, and showed a little more interest.
"A good egg. Well, Ryou is the best student right now, soooo he'll have some competition?"
(giggle)"Maybe Ma'am."
Ryou rolled his eyes and grabbed the schedule. He smiled in delight, and grabbed her hand and ran out.
"We have 6 classes together! Only choir before lunch I don't have with you. You'll have Anzu though." /Man I hate her/
"rReally? That's great Ryou-kun! And why do people call you Bakura?"
"Umm, I'm not sure really."
They went to first period together, which was Tenshi's least favorite subject ever. DANCE...
"Ok, I am . We have a new student named Tenshi Kawasaki. Any questions?"
Random kid: "do you like someone?"
"umm... Ummm... Yeah... Maybe..."
Everyone giggled as put them in order. She assigned everyone a song to dance to. Tenshi had World is Mine by Miku Hatsune. Ryou had Caramelldansen.
"We have to sing it too..."
"Hey Ryou, umm we are dancing to these?"
Class ended when suddenly, a tan hand grabbed her and Ryou and a short midget dude glomed Ryou and a blond poof head and brunette started making out. Did I mention that the blond and brunette were both guys?
"Hey, I'm Malik Ishtar. I'm Ryou's best friend. Did I mention he never kissed a girl or seen a girls underwear!" the tan said.
"FYI Malik, I did see a girls underwear today! Her *censored* was actually on my face." Ryou complained.
Malik looked at Tenshi and laughed.
"Dude, she's way outta your league! She couldn't have showed that to ya!" he laughed some more.
"Actually, I fell on his face." she said blushing.
Malik laughed even harder. A rod came out of his bag and Tenshi picked it up.
"Hey! Give that back!"
She handed it to him. She already knew about the millenium items. And their yamis. Suddenly the tri colored boy stood up and smiled at her.
"You're Yugi Motou!" she exclaimed.
"Yeah, everyone knows me." he smiled then hugged her waist. She smiled and looked at Ryou.
"Next period?"
time skip to 3 period choir...
"I am Miss Weling. And this is Tenshi Kawasaki."
She sat down by a brunette girl.
"My name is Anzu Mizaki."
"h... Hi."
"Ok, let's see the skills of our new student. Tenshi, come up."
Tenshi smiled and ran up. She breathed and sang a lullaby her mother sang to her. The class stared open mouthed.
"We have a new class best!" the teacher excitedly exclaimed.
Anzu yelled, "WHAT!"
Ryou waved at Tenshi and she ran to him and glomped him.
"Best day ever..." Ryou said dreamily.
"Come on Bakura!" Malik yelled.
While Tenshi was jumping up and down holding onto Ryou's arm, and told how she bashed Anzu, they walked to a small round table by the window.
"How many people sit here?"
"It used to be only me and Malik, but you can join, or you can sit with Yugi and his friends." Ryou had a trace of bitterness at the end. Tenshi put her head to the side. Ryou looked down and smiled at her. /As long as your here Tenshi, I'm happy/
7 period... 5 minutes before release.
"And Ryou, your partner is Tenshi for the baby care program." Ms Arring the health teacher said.
Ryou blushed as he picked up the bag they were supposed to bring to class in perfect condition in a week. /where does the milk go? Where does it "go"?/
As Ryou walked with Tenshi back home, the blond that was kissing the brunette earlier ran up to them.
"Oh hi! My name is Joey Wheeler. You're Tenshi right?"
"Umm yeah." she said awkwardly. Joey looked different. His hair was longer and his eyes were twinkling with love and compassion! What is going on? Everybody is either different or gay!


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