Chapter 1 - Friend From The Past...Sort of

The pain came faster then she thought it would.

Indigo blue eyes stared out the window of the airplane. She felt a twinge in her heart because her family was sending her away. It was getting too dangerous for her to stay with them. Neil was getting dangerous. He'd already tried to kill her family but they'd escaped him again. They'd decided they could send her to some friends in La Push and knew they would keep her safe there until they could lose him for good.

Her parents had made sure to give her an abundance of petty cash, and made sure she was traveling light. She'd only packed the necessities in her backpack which was, laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, and a couple of changes of spare clothes, plus one suit case with clothing and shoes as well. She remembered hugging each of her brothers and sisters and then also her mother and father at the airport. She was honestly trying to be brave. She should've known getting involved with Neil was just an all around bad idea. Clearly she'd been proven right. His dominance over her was apparent after their first couple of dates. And even more so when she'd brought Neil to the house to meet her family.

Cassandra closed her eyes tight trying to keep her emotions in check. She had to keep it together. She didn't want to be away from her family but knew she didn't have any choice. Of course neither did they. She wanted them to stay alive and they wanted her to stay alive.

She'd lived happily in Canada since she was 17, her parents had been murdered and her foster family was amazing, technically they had been practically related to her biological parents, so rather than her go to a foster home, the officials in Canada let her foster family adopt her. She had gotten more brothers and sisters then she anticipated. Canada had been a nice place to live, a little chilly at times, but still nice.

As the plane landed in Port Angeles, Washington, Cassandra made sure her black and red scarf was still wrapped around her neck. She stood up and smoothed her black jeans down her 5'8" frame. She moved her black and white sneaker covered feet around a little. She smoothed the red long sleeved t-shirt over her torso. Her jet black hair was down to the bottom of her rib cage and wavy. She shouldered her backpack and headed out of the plane, stopped at baggage claim and grabbed her suitcase. As she found the first available taxi and got inside, "La Push Washington...Please."

She had the letter in her backpack. She was getting nervous and antsy all at the same time. Her family told her they weren't sure how she would be welcomed and to expect anything at this point. But they knew if they read the letter and let her explain the whole story they would understand and protect her. She'd been given the whole story about the Quileute Indians. How they were the descendants of wolves and how certain ones carried the shape shifter genes.

Cassie was honestly hoping she wouldn't have to show them the bruises that Neil had left on her body. Just the hand prints alone around her neck and both upper arms and both her forearms were still a vibrant purple. The scarf helped hide them well and the long sleeves were even nicer. The ones around her neck were more painful. The muscles surrounding her neck were bruised and she had a hard time moving her head around. It would be a good week before they were healed.

She sighed heavily as the taxi pulled into the dirt drive way of the address she'd given him in La Push Washington, the taxi driver opened her door as she looked at him, "Can you wait for me please...I'm not sure if I'll be staying or not." Taxi driver nodded, "Sure thing miss." He closed the door once she got out as he leaned against the door.

Cassie walked up the couple of steps of the porch as she swallowed hard. She'd gotten the letter out of her backpack as she raised her hand and knocked on the screen door. Chewing her bottom lip. A russet skin colored man, well over 6 foot tall opened the door and suddenly glared at her. His dark brown eyes seemed to turn to onyx within seconds as he started growling from deep in his throat. Within about 3 seconds 2 more men were standing behind him.

Cassie started shaking and knew her voice couldn't be trusted, but also knew if she didn't say something soon they were liable to attack her on the spot. "I was told I could find Sam Uley or Jacob Black here." Came out of Cassie's mouth in something above a whisper. The man who answered the door yelled, "SAM! JACOB! Someone's here for you. And she stinks to high heaven." A guy larger than the three at the door pushed through them and his nose twitched several times, "Embry, Collin and Brady back away from the door a little. I'm Sam...How can I help you?"

Cassie frowned as she handed over the envelope. She watched as he took the envelope and a few seconds later another guy nearly as big as the one claiming to be Sam and he scowled when his nose twitched as well...She hadn't missed it...Really? She took a shower that morning.

"What's your name?" Sam scowled at her once he read the letter with the guy next to him who she could only perceive to be Jacob.

"Cassandra Cullen."