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Chapter 18 – If I Have To Wait

"Momma! Jr is throwing lego's at me!" Came a voice from the living room.

Cassie shook her head as she continued to cut vegetables, "Paul Redson Jr! I swear, you do not want me to come in there mister!." Cassie giggled, "That boy is gonna be the death of me...I swear." She said it more to herself than anyone else.

Suddenly a familiar pair of arms went around Cassie's waist and a pair of warm lips kissed her neck, the deep voice of her husband resonated through his chest, "Are you having some issues with my off spring woman?" Cassie shook her head, "You're demon seed son is terrorizing your precious angel." Paul growled in her ear and chuckled when she did a full body shiver against him. Paul spun her around as his lips came down on hers. He'd been out patrolling during the day, so he'd been gone since 3 am. Cassie's arms around Paul's neck as he pulled her closer, Paul had surveyed his surroundings, as he stepped to the side slightly as he lifted his wife and placed her butt on the counter. Paul's lips trailed down her neck, Cassie couldn't help but giggle when they heard a sharp squeal erupt from the living room, followed by, "MOMMA!"

Cassie gentle pushed Paul away, "Go deal with your son, let me finish dinner, well duct tape the kids in bed and you can finish what you started." Paul kissed her one last time growling against her lips when she couldn't stop the giggle. They were both in dire need of some extra circular activities to get rid of then pent up sexual frustrations that her current 4 month pregnant body was putting them through. Paul leaned over kissing the bump of her stomach that was barely there, "Okay...I'll be right back." As his hands gripped her waist and pulled her from the counter and set her gently on her feet. He didn't want her jumping down.

Cassie laughed as she watched Paul square his shoulders and walk into the living room. Angelia their 3 year old was the first to squeal, "DADDY!" And run to Paul as he squatted down and caught her when she jumped into his arms. Paul rained kisses all over her face as she hugged him tightly and returned the rain of kisses on his face. Paul set Angelia down, "Go see your momma, she's got dinner ready." Angelia nodded as she ran into the kitchen.

Paul squatted down and chuckled when he watched Jr. peak out from behind the chair in the corner, "C'mere son." Jr stepped out from behind the chair as his 5 year old body made its way to Paul. Paul lifted him up into his arms as he stood up and then sat down on the couch, "So why are you giving your momma and Angel such a hard time?" Jr smiled as he shrugged, "Girls are nasty pop...They have cooties and stuff." Paul shook his head as he tried to contain his laughter, "Your momma and Angel do not have cooties. I don't know about other girls, but those two in the kitchen has been thoroughly checked out I give you my word they don't have cooties." Jr looked at Paul skeptically, "Are you sure?" Paul chuckled hard, "Do you really think I'd let your momma touch me if she had cooties?"

"I can hear you in there ya know!" Cassie's voice carried from the kitchen. Paul laughed hard, "Shush!" Paul yelled over his shoulder towards the kitchen and heard Cassie's laughter come back at him. Paul looked down at Jr, "You wouldn't want anyone to throw things at your sister or Momma would you?" Jr frowned, "No sir. You'd beat them up anyways right?" Paul nodded, "Of course I would...You'd protect Angel right?" Jr nodded emphatically, "Yes sir!" Paul looked at his son, "So why are you terrorizing both of them?" "Cause it's fun." Jr shrugged it off. Paul laughed hard, "Well at least your honest. Just stop making your sister and momma crazy. You already know the condition momma's in right?"

Jr nodded, "Yea and I'm praying for a brother pop. I don't think we can handle anymore girls around here." Paul chuckled as he set Jr down and they walked into the kitchen, Cassie walked over and handed Paul a plate as she kissed his lips softly and winked at him. Which was her way of telling him, he was in charge of putting the kids to bed after dinner, cause she was going to go lay down and wait for him.

About an hour later, Paul had chased the kids around and finally got them to bed as he quietly shut their doors and then headed into his own bedroom. His beautiful wife, laying on her side with her hand resting on her stomach. Paul admitted she was beautiful 24/7, but was even more beautiful when she was pregnant with their babies. Paul knelt down on the floor next to the bed as he leaned over and softly kissed Cassie's lips. She was slowly waking up as her lips responded to the deepening of the kiss, letting Paul's lips and tongue take her into the world of ecstasy.

Cassie's hands felt around until they felt the t-shirt he'd put on as she tugged on him to come into the bed with her. Paul slowly stood and felt her small hands pulling his shirt up and off his torso, as he discarded his shorts and crawled into the bed and helped her lose her t-shirt and shorts. Her skin was glowing, it always was when she was pregnant. They also knew her pregnancy hormones were absolutely slamming into each other and making her insanely horny. Paul could literally sit and make love to her all day long if Sam didn't have him on patrol. Even after Five years of marriage Paul still couldn't keep his hands off his beautiful wife.

Paul carefully crawled up her beautiful 4 month pregnant body and slowly entered her, listening to her moans of approval to the things he did to her body. Taking her over the edge of insanity over and over. He was always careful of her baby bump, not trying to smash baby number three. Paul was hopeful for a few more and was secretly hoping Cassie wanted as many as he did. She'd even told him once she wanted as many as possible.

Paul kissed Cassie's lips softly as they laid in bed coming down from their desires. Paul's hand softly ran across the baby bump as he stared in Cassie's indigo eyes, "What in the world would you have done had I not come to my senses about the imprinting?"

Cassie thought about everything that had happened in her life since she'd met Paul. She'd been extremely blessed. Her whole reason for even coming to La Push was because Neil had been after her. As it was Carlisle had called her a few months after they'd gotten married and told Cassie that Neil had disappeared. Of course there was always the chance that he'd find her some day and Paul and Sam said the pack would be ready and Carlisle offered her 2nd family the Cullen's to help as well. So she knew she was well loved and cared for.

Cassie smiled softly, "I kept telling myself if I have to wait for you, Then I'll do it until the end of time."

The End.