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Chapter One: The Burning Heat

Jacob's Point of View (JPOV)

I couldn't explain my feelings right now. My body burns and hurts all over, as if I am on fire. Dad says it will be over soon, but I don't understand. My temperature was above 105 degrees, too warm for me to survive. My brain is filled with rage and murderous intent. I can't get HIS face out of my mind. He hurt her and somehow I knew he was going to wish he hadn't.

I groaned as I began to shake. I couldn't see very well, as everything was blurry and slow motion. I saw Sam Uley, the one person I really hated for stealing my friend away, enter my room. He was shouting at my father to get out of the way as he pulled my up. I shook harder, and I felt a feral growl erupt from my chest. I saw my dad move before I was suddenly outside.

I saw Embry Call, one of my two best friends, the one that chose Sam over me. He sat there and looked down at me. I saw pain on his face. I caught him whispering to Sam that it wasn't fair and that they were gone so why was I changing. Changing into what? Why was no one telling me anything! Damn them all!

I felt rage take over and a presence enter my mind. There was a great gray wolf showing its face in my head and looking at me as if I was being an idiot. I felt really stupid in its all knowing gaze.

"Jacob Black…at last you are ready. I have some to warn you of a great evil coming to the pack. You must be strong or your pack and loved one will die. You must beware of that which you cannot believe. Tell no one of this until you are certain that what comes is here, as it will leave your mind and you shall forget the moment you wake.. I will take my leave, but shall bestow the gift I have given time and time again. However, you will be different. Use it well." The voice rang, making my head spin. A heat spilled from my heart and I felt my body begin to change.

Bones cracked and I was suddenly back with these two giant wolves. One was black as night, and slightly shorter than I was. The other was a dark brown, and looked pained as it turned its head to me. I tumbled on my paws and fell to the ground…wait…paws…I was a…

"Welcome to the pack Jacob Black." I heard Sam's voice in my head and I stared at the huge black wolf in front of me.

"What the…what the hell! What is going on?" I shouted back. I saw Embry's thoughts as he replayed his first change. I felt really dizzy.

"I'm a…werewolf?"

Bella's Point of View (BPOV)

I sighed as I flopped back on my bed. Jacob was still sick with something or other. He had been bedridden for weeks with something Billy, his father, called "Labaryna Dysfunction". Said that Jacob has a very transmittable disease and I shouldn't come and visit or anything.

He was as bad a liar as I was…almost. I could tell he was lying, and I even looked it up online. No such thing. Damn them both, what were they hiding from me? I thought that Jacob and I had just fixed things, and maybe…maybe the hole in my heart was beginning to heal. And he just goes and rips it out, as if to just spite me.

I felt a hot tear slide down my face, followed by another and another. I couldn't hold it in and felt me let out a sob. Why did he do this to me? He promised he wouldn't leave me? He promised?

I cried until, exhausted, I fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning and trudged downstairs. It was a Saturday morning, and I was glad I could just stay home. I sighed before picking up the phone. It was worth a shot.

"Hello?" A gruff, but very familiar voice sounded on the other end of the line. I felt a grin on my face.

"Jake! Is that you!" I called out, feeling my pain go away from yesterday. I could hear the silence on the other end for a moment before there was a sigh.

"Bella…I can't see you anymore." He stated. I felt my heart rip open at his words and couldn't stop the sob. I was sure he heard it.

"W-what?" I asked, sounding as broken as I felt. There was a cold and strained voice from the other end.

"I can't see you anymore Bella. I just can't…trust me." I heard a click and the dial tone. I held the phone for a few moments, shock taking over my body. I dropped the phone and slid to the floor. I pulled my knees to my face and cried.

Why? What had I done? I thought he would have…I mean I didn't want him to just…what did I do to deserve this! First…it was… it was…Edward and now Jacob too? Why?

Why won't anyone tell me what I did?


I crushed the phone in my hand as I slammed it down. I growled as Sam's voice rang in my head, telling me that I was not to tell Bella anything. I was too dangerous, and as I felt my body shake in rage, I knew he was right. I needed to control myself.

This wasn't fair. All this work for naught? All the pain of hearing her sob and cry over the boy, or should I say Leech, who left her? I had bitterly took it all in hopes that I would have her understand my feelings for her, and that she would realize she loves me too.

And now, my stupid "Alpha" wouldn't let me say a word. Everyone bowed under his commands, but I didn't feel a thing unless he said it over and over. I didn't understand, but Sam said nothing about it. I was still fuzzy as to what occurred when I first phased. There is a blank spot in my memory that no one has filled. Sam and Embry said I was suddenly unresponsive and no matter what they did I would not move from my spot on the ground.

I growled again and smashed a fist into the table, creating a now two-piece table. I struggled to get the rage under control, the burning rage. I knew I wouldn't make it and bolted outside, bursting out of my clothes.

I howled my rage to the world, my hate for having this life thrust upon me. Why did I change? The leeches were gone, after hurting Bella and ripping her heart and soul out so I had to try to find the pieces. I was glad that no one phased. I ran and ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore. And then I ran back twice as fast.

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