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Chapter Fourteen: The Beach


We arrived at the nearest store. The employee working behind the desk glanced up from her book, did a double take, and her mouth went slack. I giggled and we pushed the guys toward their section.

Quil was the first to find a swimsuit. It was a dark green pair of shorts with vines winding up the sides. I grinned at the how ironic it was. Embry was next with a pair of black shorts with a dragon on each side. Leah and I just rolled our eyes as he flirted with the employee.

Jacob's swimsuit was a dark red, with silver stripes down the side. I kept flashing glances at his chest. He had been wearing a shirt at my mom's but took it off as we left. Leah found a swim suit as well, and Embry actually was speechless, as was Quil. It was a two piece with shorts for the bottoms, but showed off her figure rather well.


I watched and waited for Bella to find a good swim suit. She had been in the damn changing room for the past half hour, giggling with Leah and commenting on each swim suit she brought in.

I heard the door click open and flashed my eyes over as Bella walked out. I think I was ogling her…She was wearing the tiniest little swim suit I have ever seen her wear. It was yellow in color with purple lilacs spanning over it. I let my eyes trail over her body very, very slowly.


I cut off mid-conversation with Leah when I saw Jacob staring at me. His eyes were slowly moving up my body, and I felt the heat pool between my legs as he looked at me. Leah grinned.

"Someone likes." She smirked and I flushed. His eyes met mine and that feeling washed over me again. All sound droned out and the world centered on me and Jacob. He moved over slowly, and I felt my heartbeat pick up in rhythm as I saw his eyes darken with lust. Leah took a step back as Jacob grabbed my waist, pulling me to him.

His lips crushed onto mine. Nothing was gentle about this kiss. I felt his overbearing power wash over me and I suddenly felt very small compared to the man before me. He pulled back and grinned at the look of shock that I was sure was on my face.

"Mmmmmmm…Jacob does like." He whispered in my ear and I shivered. Leah was hiding a smirk in the corner, and Embry was poking Quil and pointing at us. Jacob sighed.

"Alright, alright. We're coming." Jacob muttered, pulling me to his waist as we walked up to the counter. The woman was very flustered, as was I after the public display of very, very strong affection. Jacob paid and we all walked out in the suits. We stopped back at Renee's house to find both her and Phil were out. I just sighed as we dropped everything off.

I found a note showing directions to the beach. To tell you the truth, I was a little excited. I hadn't been to a warm beach-like setting since I was in Arizona and we went to a small lake-side resort area when I was sixteen.

As we arrived, there were about seventy people there. Much more than there had ever been on the cold beach in La Pushe. I could already see that Quil and Embry were grinning like idiots at every girl in a swimsuit. Leah and I headed toward the water, Jacob inches behind us. Quil took the moment to swoop Leah up and toss her in, Embry doing so to me. Jacob gave Embry a glare, but said nothing. They high-fived each other while Leah and I grinned and nodded before heading toward the guys. I saw a few people staring at us as we lifted Quil, who was being rather laid back until we tossed him about twenty feet into the water. He came up sputtering and gave us a glare.

About an hour into the afternoon, Jacob was in the water with Quil and Embry while Leah and I sat on the beach. A few guys were being stupid and decided to talk to us.

"Hey, would you ladies like a drink?" One asked, looking at me. He had blond hair, and skin that had a fake looking tan. He was with two other friends who were slightly shorter than he was, with brown hair. One had green eyes and the other was more angular than the other two with brown eyes. Leah glared at them.

"Fuck off." She retorted, and we ignored them. The boy laughed.

"Feisty, huh? My name is Lucas, and this is Jimmy and Kent. Why don't you come with us?" He grabbed my arm. Wrong move.

Three low growls sounded from behind us and Lucas let go of my arm. He backed up a little. I felt Jacob pull me back and then I was behind him. Leah stood, and Embry pushed her behind him. Quil stood on the other side of Jacob and even I thought they looked menacing.

"You guys want to fight?" Lucas gloated, and I saw four more guys come over from the other side of the beach to join. There were now seven of them, but I winced at the smug looks on their faces. Jacob began to shake.

"Leave them alone." Embry snarled and I saw that he and Quil were both shaking slightly as well. Lucas laughed.

"Ooh, you're so scary." He taunted. Jacob growled louder, and I saw the guys' faces turn very confused. They couldn't tell that it was Jacob growling, and with how animal like it sounded, I didn't blame them. If they didn't leave, it was going to get ugly fast.

"Come on, I just want to play with the bitches. That shouldn't be too much to ask, right…" The guy flashed a knife. I felt Jacob's shaking increase at the word bitches. The idiots could not have chosen a worse word, as bitch is the female term for dog.

"Touch them and die." He growled. Lucas just shook his head.

"Just give the girls over and no one gets hurt." He stated, and I saw the other guys had knives as well. I sighed.

"Jacob, calm down." I whispered in his ear. He was still shaking. I saw Embry take a step forward and Leah holding him in place. Quil took three steps forward before he shook his head and moved back two. Lucas took a step forward and Jacob got into a fighting stance. I could hardly keep a pull on him. I stepped around him and pushed against his chest.

"Jacob Emphrium Black, no killing humans." I stated, knowing that would at least get his attention. I said it low enough the idiots behind us didn't hear, but I know he did. His shaking stopped. He glanced at Embry and Quil.

"Embry, Quil. Enough." He stated and the duo's shaking stopped. Leah stepped out, and I saw she was pissed off.

"Why don't you seven ass-holes fuck off and leave us alone before I stop holding back and kill you all." She retorted, taking a step forward. Embry pulled her back.

"Leah, sit down." Jacob snapped, and Leah growled before sitting on the ground. I could feel the Alpha in his tone. He turned back to the boys.

"Leave now." He stated, using the same Alpha tone. I could tell the guys were a little freaked out, and a few took a few steps back. Lucas, of course, couldn't take a hint.

"How about I show you what I mean?" He lunged forward and shoved the knife into Jacob's arm. I shrieked.

"Damn it, the smell of blood!" I moved behind him and Jacob growled again. He pulled the knife out and tossed it toward the water. His wound was already turning into a quickly fading pink line.

"W-w-what the hell?" Lucas yelled, scrambling backward. I grabbed Jacob's arm.

"Let's go home." I stated, and he growled once more at the boys, who were all looking at him in fear now, and turned around.

"Embry, Quil, Leah…we are leaving." He stated, and they all turned on cue and left, falling into the pack order. Jacob held me to his side and we moved to leave. I glanced back and saw the guys scrambling away as we left.


It was taking all the self control I had not to turn around and beat the shit out of those…those…those humans, for lack of a better term. If Bella hadn't pulled me back, I would have let loose on them for trying to take not only my mate, but another member of my pack.

When we arrived at Renee's house, I turned and sniffed both Leah and Bella. I couldn't smell any blood, but Bella's arm smelled of him. I took it and rubbed it gently until my smell overpowered it.

"Sorry." I muttered. Quil and Embry looked apologetic too.

"I know…you didn't do anything, its fine. I wanted to kill them too." Bella muttered, clenching a fist. Leah nodded. I let out a sigh of relief that she wasn't mad at me. I flopped on the couch, Quil and Embry on either side of me.

"So, what's for dinner?" Quil asked. Leah rolled her eyes and Bella sighed.

"I'm sure we can find something." She murmured as she opened cabinets. As I heard the sizzling of steak, the door to the house opened.

"We're home!" Renee shouted, and Phil walked into the room moments later, Renee by his side. Phil sniffed the air.

"Is that steak I smell?" He asked. Bella nodded.

"Yep, so bring your stomachs to the table!" She chirped happily. I prodded the guys and pointed to the table. They sighed, but nodded, and went to set it. I walked into the kitchen and watched the proceedings. Renee stood next to me when Phil went upstairs.

"So, liking Jacksonville?" She asked. I raised my eyes at her and she tried to look innocent. I could see where Bella got her puppy dog eyes from. I sighed.

"Yes, I like the sunny weather and such, but there aren't very many forests down here." I answered truthfully. She bit her lip, and I knew she wanted something.

"What?" I asked. She laughed.

"This is going to sound really stupid, but…I was wondering if I could see." She asked. The pack froze for a moment. Renee blushed.

"I know, I know. It's supposedly really dangerous, but…" She trailed off as we all burst out laughing.

"What? What did I say?" Renee demanded.

"We have had humans that fear us, humans that are disgusted with us, but never have we had one who wants to see the change for anything other than proof." I answered. Renee laughed.

"Well, I was always a little backwards in the head." She stated and I looked at Bella.

"Sound like anyone else we know? Honestly, most normal people shy away from vampires, but you walk right up and start a conversation." Embry glanced at Bella who punched his arm lightly.

"Yeah, says the one who tries picking up any girl he meets in the street." She retorted, and Leah just rolled her eyes.

"Dinner." She placed the steaks on the table. I glared at the boys who grumbled, but politely offered food to Renee and Phil, who had just come downstairs. They looked at me and I rolled my eyes. They took that as a yes and grabbed two steaks each. Bella and Leah ate the same, and I could tell that Phil was a little freaked that we ate so much so fast. Renee sighed.

"Growing teenagers…honestly." She winked at me and I grinned as Phil muttered something about taking over the house. As we cleaned the kitchen and dining room, I couldn't help the thoughts of how normal this felt, how human it was. Cleaning, playing at the beach—even sitting down like a family and eating without talking about an upcoming vampire war…it was…it was nice.

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