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Kate B. comes to the precinct ready for another day, filled with annoyances provided by Castle. But a desperate call from a distraught Alexis suddenly turns her world upside down.

I do not own any part of Castle; ah…I wish I did.

Chapter One

Kate Beckett strolled across the floor, taking a small sip from her still warm coffee mug. Her high-heels clicked as she unconsciously scanned the room for her unlikely partner.


She mentally scolded herself on her silly teenager behavior. Castle did have a life other than the precinct, unlike her. And why should she so eagerly await his arrival? Why did she have to be so darn happy around him? He was breaking down her barriers that she worked so hard to put in place. And yet…she wasn't that bothered by it.

"Morning Beckett!" called a cheery voice as Ryan waved from his desk where he seemed to be in a deep conversation with someone on a phone.

She nodded to him before walking past, relaxing into her own leather chair. Sighing and glancing at the paper work that was beginning to create quite the pile on her neat desk she wished for a case open up or anything really to save her from the tedious work ahead.

Suddenly her phone began to ring shrilly. Smiling thankfully at the distraction she flipped open the phone. "Detective Beckett," she answered in her professional tone.

"Kate!" said a desperate voice, one Kate almost didn't recognize because it was so hysterical.

"Alexis? Alexis what's wrong? Is everything-"

"KATE! My dad's gone! He's been kidnapped, Kate!" at this her words jumbled together in her great sobbing.

Kate sucked in a breath as the room around her began to spin slightly. She placed a hand to her forehead and whispered an almost silent, "What?"

Alexis sobbed harder. "He wasn't answering his phone! I… I was having a sleepover with Paige and Gram is in Europe for an audition…I came home to check on him and…the room was a…a mess and there was a note. I'm sorry…I didn't know who else to call…" Her voice quavered and shook.

"Alexis. Listen to me. Your father's going to be fine. It'll be okay. I'll be over as fast as I can get there to check it out. Don't leave the apartment."

"Okay…" The line went dead.

Esposito came up behind Kate, and became startled at her pale expression. "Beckett what's wrong?" he questioned concerned. She shook her head, face becoming hard. "Castle's gone missing." With that she yanked her coat off the back of her chair. "I'm going over there right now," she said as she ran out and into the elevator. Ryan came up behind Esposito, his face confused.

"Hey, what was that all about?" he asked.

"Come on bro," he said tossing the keys to him, "We're going to Castle's place."

"What? Why? Dude what's up?" but he might as well have been talking to the air as he struggled to keep up with Esposito as he rushed away.

The drive to Castles place was a long one for Kate Beckett. She swore to herself that if he was playing a prank on them, she'd kill him herself. But most of her wished anxiously that it all was a hoax. If he really was in danger, or hurt, or…dead…NO! she told herself, slamming the palm of her hand against the steering wheel. I'll get there, find out it's all a big mistake, punch him, and we'll go back to figuring out cases together, she tried to convince herself. As soon as the car was parked she dashed to the apartment still in her head pleading for it to be all right. She burst down the door and someone screamed.

Alexis held a hand to her heart as she stared at Detective Beckett. Her eyes were puffy and swollen, and an unhealthy red. In her other hand she clutched a small tissue. "Oh! De-detective. I'm sorry. You scared me," she stuttered

"Come here Alexis," Kate whispered and without thinking pulled Alexis into a hug. Alexis became limp in her arms, shaking violently. "I'm scared detective…what if he's hurt!"

"Shh…shh…it'll be okay…" she murmured comfortingly as her eyes automatically scanned the room. The pillows on the couch were tossed everywhere. A picture from the wall had its glass shattered into pieces and the chairs by counter were tipped over. "Okay honey, show me the note you found."

Alexis nodded, roughly wiping the tears away and lead her to the kitchen. A broken cup was on the floor, orange juice slowly making its way down the tile. Alexis pointed to a small crumpled piece of paper on the counter. "I left it where it was…" she mumbled her face devoid of emotions.

Kate leaned in for a closer look being careful not to disturb anything. It read it a hurried, scrawly hand-writing:

To whom it may concern,

I've taken the famous crime novelist, also known as Richard Castle, from his home at approximately 4:13 this morning. I'll answer the question as to why at a later date. Do not think you will find me. I'll contact you at noon today. To the police who are certainly reading this, I wish you happy hunting. Me and Ricky will be having a splendid time.


P.S. Alexis your dad says hi.

For a long time Kate just stared at the message unwilling to believe what was so clearly in front of her. Cold fingers wrapped around her heart, squeezing it, and a long slow shiver ran up her spine. She mentally shook herself, trying to get it together for Alexis. Her mind was already gearing up for the task ahead, readying itself to catch the man who had the balls to do this horrible thing. Eyes like an eagle she carefully inspected the area more closely trying to find any clues, stepping over the broken glass and inspecting the entire area. Suddenly her body stiffened as she spotted something on the floor. Alexis rushed over to see what it was. Both girls stood memorized in horror as Esposito and Ryan came inside along with some other cops. The two came up behind the frozen women and what they saw made their brain turn numb.

It was blood.