"WHAT! What do you mean we're moving?" screamed a girl with a red ribbon in her boyish yellow hair. While a browned hair high school student and a orange haired kindergarten sat shock with wide eyes at there parents.

"Please Himeko sit down and let your father finish explaining." The woman replied while the girl now known as himeko sat back down still shocked about the news.

The man cleared his troat and continue " It just as i said my boss has seen my work and has given me a promotion but the catch is that it is in tokyo. Now it's a great offer and it's something i have been waiting to show up for awhile."

"But what about are schools? Aiko has just started college and Yumeko has made alot of friends in her school and i don't want to leave my friends." yelled Himeko jumping back up and walking around throwing her hands up into the air.

"ENOUGH!" with that yell Himeko stopped in her tracks staring wide eyes at her father "I understand that you children are sacraficing alot but this can be a new experience for all of us and its a decision both me and your mother havee made."


"Hime-chan father is right we shouldn't be complaining this is something that father wants we should be supportife to his choice." Aiko finally responds coming out of her shock.

Himeko couldn't believe her ears Aiko-onee should be the one protesting the most. She is the one who is leaving her boyfriend behind. Why are you not fighting this Aiko onee-chan. What about Hasekura-sempai don't you love him? Question Himeko with her eyes. Aiko just looked away not showing what she is feeling.

"Now tomorrow i want you all to come home from school we need to start packing. We leave at the end of this week. All of your schools have been notified and have transfered your papers to the other schools. Now you all head upstairs its time for bed we have a busy day tomorrow." With all of the explaining done the parents got up and headed upstairs to there room.

Soon Aiko and Yumeko followed while Himeko watched them all leave not believing that all of this is happening. How could they do this? Sure i'm happy for dad but leaving everything i know and love. Suddenly a picture of a brown haired browned eyed boy showed in her mind. Daichi! I don't want to leave him. Himeko started tearing up and not wanting to be alone she headed upstairs wanting to talk to pokota and Erika. Wanting there opinion on the matter.

Heading upstairs Himeko open her door but when she got there she was suprised to see Erika standing in the middle of her room with a frown upon her face.

"Erika what are you doing here?" exclaimed Himeko as she closed the door and moved closer to her magical twin. "Are you here for my ribbon? I though i could keep the items you gave me?"

Erika shooked her head no and told himeko to sit down. Himeko listened and sat on the bed where a sleeping pokota rested. " Himeko i have some bad news. It has nothing to do with the ribbon but the council has heard about you moving and they made a decision about some things." Himeko could tell Erika was upset and dread started creeping up her spine.

"Himeko remember how they allowed Daichi to keep his memories when he found out about the ribbon?" Himeko nodded not getting where this was going. "Well because you are moving they think it is to dangerous for Daichi to keep those memories."

"WHY!" screamed Himeko waking up pokota in the process.

"They think with you gone Daichi would have no reason to keep the secret to himself and will tell everyone what has happen the whole year."

"Daichi would never do that!"

"I know but the council don't want to risk it."

Himeko sat there in shock not believing whats happening to her all the on the same day. Finally she snapped out of it and asked the most important question. "When are they erasing his memories?"

"On the day you leave at sunset but the council said if you tell him before that day they will erase them immediatly."

Himeko nodded and bowed her head letting her hair cover her eyes. She knew Erika didn't want this to happen as much as she did but there was nothing they could do.

"Erika has anyone ever been able to remember what they forgot?"

"No but no one has kept there memory after the year was up you are the only exception."

Himeko looked up and there was something in her eyes that Erika thought she see after the news she gave. She saw determination and hope.

"Erika i want you to ask your father something for me?"


"If i can make Daichi remember me and the ribbon without showing him my magic I want Daichi to keep his memories no matter what."

"But your moving How can you-?"

"I will come back. No matter what i will come back but there is a question i will ask Daichi before his memory is erase and if he answers right I will do whatever it takes to bring them back." Erika could tell Himeko was determine and she had an idea of what Himeko will ask him.

"Very well i will ask him and send you a letter when i get an answer." With that she started walking to the window with her broom in hand.

"Thank you Erika." Erika turned around and smiled before climbing outside and float in front of the window.

"Bye Hime-chan" Erika waved and took off back to the magic kingdom.

Himeko waved goodbye before shutting the window and went to her closet to change for bed.


"Yes pokota?"

"What if Daichi answers wrong to your question?"

Himeko stopped changing and faced pokota with her hair hiding her eyes. "Then i will still come back but I won't make him remember. It would be to painful for the both of us to remember something that we both would wish to forget." with that said she finish dressing and climb into bed facing the wall to to hide her face from her best friend.

Pokota knew that if that happen Hime-chan would be devestated but he didn't know what he would do if it came to that. He hoped when Hime-chan asks her question Daichi will get it right. With that thought pokota climb in next to her and fell asleep a frown on his face.

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