The young artist forcefully grasped his partner's wrist, pulling him onto his feet. Tobi could stand with some support, but rather uncomfortably as he throbbed in unfamiliar places and ants crawled up and down his right calf. Putting hands tightly on his partner's shoulders, the artist decided to play teacher, "You're lucky that I know the cure for a sleepy limb."

Tobi questioned humorously, "And after being hit in the balls?" His only response was a knee to his lower back.

Deidara's hand and legs moved accordingly as to what he needed to fix about Tobi's posture, all the while speaking out his actions, "No slouching, legs straight, about a foot apart, arms to your sides, I said no slouching, Tobi. Make a stance as if you were playing hop scotch, that's right, one foot up, Tobi. With that foot, place it over your other thigh, kinda like when you were sitting on the floor, but not quite, Tobi. Now lean forward so that you almost feel yourself tipping over, but not really. You got it, Tobi. Now bend your elbows and put your hands as high up the sides of your chest as they can go. Good."

He kept one hand on Tobi as he wandered around the kitchen grabbing odds and ends. He licked a spoon and stuffed it under Tobi's mask so the metal touched his forehead. Of course, this was after hanging paired cherries over his ears, placing a bundle of bananas on his back and rubbing a coat of chocolate pudding over his feet.

All it could be described as was painful and silly. The knot of body parts could feel both sharp and dull pains at joints as they bent directions they weren't really supposed to go.

The moment Deidara let go, his partner fell over as the pudding slipped under his feet from his unbalanced stance. Deidara must have forgotten something from this Iwa home remedy. It hit him. The determined teen picked Tobi up once more, assuring him, "I forgot to put the garlic anklet around your sleepy foot and to rub warm butter on your-"

"I'm cured," Tobi felt the need to exclaim as if Jesus himself had ripped the sleep out of his leg. He wrapped his arms around Deidara in overbearing hug. And kissed him on both cheeks, less then an inch of ceramic keeping his lips from touching the artist's flesh, "Hallelujah, my leg is sleepy no more!"

Before the blonde could say another word, the orange snail limped away from the monster and the kitchen. There were just some things that Deidara knew he'd never understand about Tobi. Harsh lips smiled as Tobi stagger off.


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