A scarred man took a drag of his cigarette and murmured lowly with his partner. Being in the Mafia was nice when you enjoyed the thrill, but sometimes you just needed time to relax. There was a lull in the conversation and his partner nudged him in the side, pointing at a figure standing in the entrance of the bar. He took another drag and blew spoke out as he spoke, "Its Reborn...Looks like you were called by the old man again."

His partner chuckled, taking a swing of his drink. He swallowed before speaking, "Must be tough being popular. Where to next? Rome? Venice?"

The figure chuckled and smirked. "Japan," he replied.

The man's eyes widened, "What?"

"The old man must have made up his mind," his partner exclaimed.

The scarred man took a shot and sighed heavily, laughing softly, "The candidate must be real good if it took the old man this long to choose."

His partner elbowed him, shaking his head, "That's for sure, right, Reborn?"

Reborn tilted his hat down to shadow his eyes, "It's going to be a long journey."

Target 1: That Guy From Italy...Yeah, You Know, The Little Kid In The Suit?

P.E. class was probably the most horrid class on the face of the planet. The various activities the teachers had you do made you all sweaty and when class ends you have next to no time to shower before your next class starts. At least for everyone else that's what P.E. class is to them. For Tsunayoshi Sawada P.E. was boring as hell. Thus he took it upon himself to skip class and take a nap in the Reception Room.

And this is where this particular story starts.


Doe brown eyes opened blearily and a whiny voice retorted, "Kyou-chan~! I was having a really nice dream about you and me! Why'd you have to wake me up!" Hibari said nothing as he walked over to his desk and began to do paper work. Silence prevailed around the room and Tsuna pouted before closing his eyes again in an attempt to go back to sleep.

"Tsunayoshi, skipping classes is against school rules," Hibari commented, waking Tsuna up from his light doze.

"What's your point, Kyou-chan?" Tsuna asked sitting up with a slight scoff, crossing his arms and his legs in defiance. Honestly, his lover could be so pushy sometimes! Hibari closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest and started to rant on the importance of going to classes and obeying the rules of Namimori Middle. Tsuna sighed and stood silently, stalking over to his lover. Reaching out he gripped the disciplinary committee head's tie and pulled him in for a kiss.

The simple mechanism of shutting his lover up soon turned into a heated make out session. It accomplished the act of shutting Hibari up and making him forget about his paperwork. Papers were soon scattered as the aggressive older teen pulled his smaller lover over his desk and into his lap. Clothes were then added to the papers on the floor.

"I'm home, Maman!" Tsuna called as soon as he entered his house.

"Welcome back, Tsu-kun!" Nana Sawada replied from the kitchen. He slipped his shoes off and then tugged his socks off and headed upstairs to put his stuff away.

On his way up the stairs he called back, "I'll be in my room, Maman!" He opened his door and threw his socks in the dirty hamper and tossed his messenger bag on his bed. The brunette opened the sleek black laptop on his desk and turned it on before taking off his tie and also tossing it in the hamper.

He managed to unbutton his shirt all the way, revealing his slim, but slightly muscled torso, before he clicked his username and typed in the needed password. Letting his computer load the rest of the way he slipped his shirt off and then his pants. He swapped his underwear for a clean pair then pulled on a pair of baggy, sand colored, cargo shorts.

Forgoing a shirt, the teen sat at his desk and connected his wireless headset, putting it on before opening a web page. As soon as the page loaded a box appeared with a winged envelope flying across it with the words 'You've Got Mail' blaring behind it. Tsuna quirked an eyebrow, his mouth twitching upwards slightly and he clicked the message open.


How are you? I have awesome news! I'm moving to Namimori! 8D 8D But, it's Mafia related. Apparently Nono has finally found a candidate for the tenth boss of Vongola. I'm kinda miffed at the fact that apparently he's around my age, but I guess if Nono picked him personally over his son of all people, he must good. Haha, well anyway, I've been asked by the greatest hitman alive to go to Namimori and test the candidate, and if he defeats me I'll become his subordinate. Which means that I'll have to live in Nami permanently; I hope we'll get to meet! 8D


Tsuna laughed and closed the message. A beep alerted him that someone wanted to speak with him and the brunette looked down in the corner of his screen. In a little box it read 'Goku-Puppy wants to chat with you! Do you? Yes? No?' Tsuna smiled and clicked yes. Adjusting the headset slightly he spoke, "Yo, Goku-chan, what's up?"

An accented voice growled irritably, "The sky, Tuna, don't call me that obnoxious name! I'm on a plane and bored out of my skull! Entertain me, Tuna!"

A wicked grin grew on the teen's face and in a smooth voice he purred, "Sorry, Goku-chan, I'm already taken!" Tsuna could see it already, the Italian's face going red immediately and he could hear the embarrassed sputtering over the mike. Before his online friend could reply his orange phone began to ring with the song Flathead by The Fratellis. "Ah, Goku-chan, I got to take this call."

"But, Tuna—"

"I'll see you when you get to Namimori, yeah?" With that Tsuna cancelled the connection and took the headset off while answering his phone, "What's up, Yama-chan?"

"Sorry, to bother you, Tsuna, but I'm in a bind here," a bright and cheerful voice announced, completely contradicting his statement.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow, "What's the problem?"

Downstairs Nana called up, "Tsu-kun, can I talk to you?"

Grabbing a black button up shirt, and slipping his arms in he answered back, "Sure, Maman, I'll be down in a minute!"

"Well, I was patrolling for Kyoya and there've been some pretty suspicious characters lurking around downtown Namimori. I think they might be with the Mafia, but I can't be too sure, since I can't see any family emblem and they haven't really done anything," Yamamoto answered. Tsuna hummed in thought and cradled the phone between his ear and shoulder as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Leave them alone for now, and I'll tell Kyou-chan to get the DC on the lookout for them. Puppy emailed me informing me that Nono of the Vongola finally chose a successor and they're in Nami so they could very well be assassins, and I'll be dead before they disrupt the peace of Nami," Tsuna replied, walking down the stairs and entering the kitchen. Nana stayed silent, allowing her son to finish his conversation with his friend.

"Alright, then I'll see you in class tomorrow, Tsuna!" There was a click and the line went dead.

Tsuna chuckled and clicked his phone shut. He pocketed his phone and turned to his mother. "What do you need to talk about, Maman?"

Nana smiled nervously and scratched the back of her neck, "Well, I kind of got you a home tutor. He's coming today."

Tsuna felt his eye twitch, "Seriously, Maman? You don't know if it's some guy ripping you off or some pedophile that's into teenage kids or some psychopath mass murderer or hell a baby in a suit carrying a suitcase and currently staring at me like he wants to murder me with a gun." The teen gave the baby a flat stare, "Hello, I presume you're the home tutor that my mother called?"

The baby held his hand up, "Ciassou, I'm Reborn, you're new home tutor."

Tsuna's eye twitched again, "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't really need a home tutor, I'm not failing any of my classes." Tsuna barely batted an eyelash as the baby's leg lashed out to kick his stomach, and dodged as he continued, "I get B's and that's enough for me, it's not like I want to stand out. I mean I stand out enough as is since I'm dating the head of the disciplinary committee, and I'm a geeky nerd. I don't really need anything else, I'm pretty happy with my current lifestyle."

Nana coughed to hide her laughter at the silence that befell the room. Turning to her son she suggested, "Tsu-kun, why don't you go talk with your new tutor in your room?"

Tsuna's mouth twisted into a frown before sighing, "Alright, Maman." Motioning to his new tutor he headed up the stairs, "This way Reborn-san."

Upon entering his room Tsuna pulled his phone out and placed it next to his laptop and shut the laptop down. He turned around and only raised an eyebrow at Reborn making himself comfortable on his bed. Shrugging he swung his chair around and sat with his arms resting on the back of the chair. Once Reborn was settled he spoke, "My true line of work is assassination. My real job is to make you a mafia boss. I was assigned by a certain man to train you to be the perfect Mafia boss."

Tsuna gave the hitman a blank stare, "The hell? No way, you'd have a better chance getting Kyou-chan to be a Mafia boss."

Reborn suddenly assembled a gun from his suitcase, "The method is up to me." He pointed the gun at Tsuna, "Should I shoot you once?"

Tsuna raised an eyebrow, "If you shoot me, you'll have no other candidate making Nono's son become the boss by default. From what I hear about him, he's a nasty piece of work and will lead the Mafia to complete and utter annihilation."

Reborn blinked, "How do you know about the Mafia?"

Tsuna smirked, "An informant never tells his secrets. Now let's go eat the dinner my Maman prepared for us, I bet you're hungry from your journey." Reborn followed the teen wondering about his secrets.

"You're seriously going to follow me to school?" Tsuna asked eye twitching. Reborn didn't bother replying. Tsuna sighed and then a chill ran through his entire body, making his hair stand on end. He looked forward and the source of his sudden chill was walking in his direction. Sasagawa Kyoko. Without any shame what so ever, the brunette ran behind a wall, shivering.

Reborn looked at him in confusion and Kyoko reached him. She kneeled down in front of him and exclaimed, "Kyaaa! How cute!" A shiver passed through Tsuna at hearing Kyoko's voice and squeal.

Reborn gave her a small wave, "Ciassou." Tsuna must have a crush on this girl. Why else would he hide on sight?

"Why are you wearing a suit?" the naïve girl asked and Tsuna's eye stared to build tears. Why couldn't she just leave already!

Reborn gave the truth to the girl, "Because I'm in the Mafia." Really, why would a smartass have a crush on this naïve and innocent of a girl?

Kyoko clasped her hands together and made a little noise of appreciation, "Waaah! That's so cool!" She then stood oblivious to Tsuna's thoughts of: LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE! LEAVE ALREADY DAMN IT! The girl waved to Reborn, "Well, good luck! Bye!" With that she left and Tsuna sighed in relief, having started to sweat bullets because she hadn't been leaving.

Reborn waved back, "Ciao!" He then turned to Tsuna, "Mafia seduction."

Tsuna scoffed weakly, retorting just as weakly, "Like I give a damn! She's gone!" The last part was muttered inaudibly enough that Reborn didn't hear it.

"You have a crush on that girl, don't you, Tsuna?" Reborn stated, sure he was right.

Tsuna shivered and stared at Reborn with wide eyes, "Are you insane?"

"Have you told her yet?" Reborn asked. Tsuna stared at him with a 'WTF!' "No, then. It's finally time." Tsuna blinked staring at him with a blank look. Reborn pulled a gun out and pointed it at the teen, "Die."

Tsuna blinked slowly, "What's the point of this?"

Reborn's finger moved to the trigger, "You'll find out when you die." He pulled the trigger.

I should have told Kyou-chan that I loved him this morning when I woke up, with a dying will.

Tsuna's body fell to the ground. There was silence and then a form slowly rose from the body. It was Tsuna, but he was only in a pair of black boxers. His eyes were completely white, but were half lidded and a wicked grin was on his face. Orange flames were flickering wildly on his forehead.

In a smooth, purring voice he called out, "Oh, Kyou-chan~! I want to tell you how I feel~!" Suddenly, his grin gained an edge and his expression darkened to scary levels. "WITH MY DYING WILL!" Then the young mafia boss in training was off like a bullet.

Reborn blinked, confused, "That's his dying will?" He shook his head and followed the dust trail.

"KYOU-CHAN~!" a very familiar voice shouted from…above? The hell up's with that? Hibari looked up and blinked before turning around and walking away. Tsuna was falling from the sky and landed with a crash on top of Mochida. Tsuna was back on his feet in no time and chasing after Hibari. "Kyou-chan, I love you!"

Just as Hibari turned around the flames flickered and died. Hibari quirked an eyebrow, "Tsunayoshi, you are lucky that you are not on Namimori Middle grounds. Not wearing the school uniform is against the rules."

Reborn appeared and stated, "After 5 minutes you return to normal."

Tsuna turned to the baby and glared, "Where are my clothes and bag? My phone and laptop are in it! If you don't have it, go away." Reborn handed his charge his stuff. Shamelessly, he redressed and entered his school. He caught up to his lover and held his hand, smirking. Hibari leaned down and captured the teen's lips in a chaste kiss. Reborn stared and suddenly something Tsuna had said returned to his mind in full force.

"I mean I stand out enough as is since I'm dating the head of the disciplinary committee, and I'm a geeky nerd."

Morning was supposed to be time where no one bothered him. "SAWADA!" a classmate called.

Murderous glare set, Tsunayoshi Sawada spun around and snapped, "What the hell do you want?" Morning was not the time you wanted to talk to Tsunayoshi Sawada. He was grumpy and dangerous and his glares were hotter than the pits of hell. Not pleasant.

Either this guy was an imbecile or he had a sister that PMS'd on a daily basis. The no name classmate clapped his hands together and bowed his head, "Um, I need you ask a favor form you today!"

Tsuna's glare did not waver, "What?"

The classmate grinned sheepishly, "The volleyball tournament is today, and we're short one regular! I want you to play!"

Tsuna blinked and his glare vanished, but the frown stayed. "Alright, but just this once," the brunette relented. The moron cheered and ran away. "Running in the halls is against Namimori Middle school rules, moron!" The teen froze and then shrugged and skipped back to class.

Class passed by quickly for Tsuna and soon the volleyball tournament was happening. The rest of the team were leaving the locker room and one called back, "We're heading over, Sawada."

Tsuna waved his hand, "I'll be out in a minute." When his temporary team left, Tsuna climbed out the window. When he was outside, he cupped his hands around his mouth and called up to the roof, "Yo, Kyou-chan! I'm playing in the volleyball tournament if you want to come and watch. I'll see you later! Love you, Kyou-chan!"

As he was climbing back through the window the wind carried down his lover's voice, "Good luck, Tsunayoshi." Smiling wickedly, Tsuna entered the gym.

"The volleyball team managed to get Demon-Tsuna on the team?"

"The opposing team's going to be crushed!"

"Well, Demon-Tsuna, does love Namimori Middle."

"Namimori in general, idiot."

"So, that's the tenth generation boss?"

Tsuna tilted his head and turned slightly. He stared at the slightly open doors. "…Puppy?" he murmured to himself. Shaking his head, Tsuna turned back around to beat the other school.

The opposing school got owned.

Chapter FIN

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