Chapter 20

At War


Tsuna's eyes snapped opened and he rolled off his bed and landed in a crouch on the floor. His eyes glowed slightly in the darkness and he carefully made his way towards the door. He opened it silently and closed it behind him just as silently. The hall was dark but the sounds that had woke him up continued in his direction.

A tall shadow moved down the opposite end and Tsuna's hand shot out and wrapped around the person's neck. "Boss," a deep voice called softly, despite the hand around his neck. Yamamoto continued as the hand was removed, "You heard it too?"

Tsuna growled in reply, thumping his palm slightly on the taller boy's chest in apology. "That seems to be the cause," Reborn commented.

Tsuna turned, eyes narrowed as he greeted his older lover, "Kyou-chan."

Hibari closed his eyes and thrust the flaming cat in his hand out towards his younger lover, "It was drunk and wandered over to my place."

Tsuna whipped his head around when someone else rounded the corner. Gokudera furrowed his brow at the sight of the leopard cub, his box weapon in his hand. "I could've sworn I put Uri back in her box." He sighed and gripped the scruff of the kitten's neck and bowed to the four other people in the hall, "I'm sorry to have woken you all up."

Hibari scoffed before yawning, hiding it behind a hand, "Well, I'm tired, so goodnight."

Tsuna snuck a quick hug from his lover as he mumbled, "Goodnight, Kyou-chan." He reluctantly pulled away and the older male gave a small wave before vanishing into the dark hallway.

"We should all go to bed, as well," Reborn stated from his new perch on Yamamoto's shoulder. Tsuna tore his gaze from where his lover had vanished and hummed in agreement.

Gokudera gave one last bow as he apologized, "I'm really sorry about the disturbance, boss."

Tsuna shook his head, giving Gokudera's hair a slight ruffle, "Its fine, Goku-chan." His face turned serious as he ordered, "I want you two to keep your communicators on tonight. I want to check on a few things before I head back to bed."

Yamamoto tilted his head, "Alright, I'll sleep with Hayato tonight so we're together." Gokudera for once did not argue. Tsuna only nodded his head before going in the same direction as Hibari, heading to the video room.

Without any hesitation the teen opened the door in time for the last of the screens to fizz out. Sighing he pressed one of the communication buttons on the chocker around his neck and he ordered, "Kyou-chan take out any and all intruders in your section, make sure they do not make it past you."

"Already on it, Tsunayoshi."

The line fizzed out and Tsuna pressed three other buttons on his communicator, "Everyone move to the designated hatch, ready to head out earlier than planned. Bring all that you need. Inform any that are going but don't have a communicator."

"Yes, boss."

The line went dead and Tsuna smacked Gianni on the head to wake him up. The large inventor jerked awake, ready to yell, but quailed under Tsuna's glare. "You're going to open Hatch F at my order after connecting our communications." His eyes sharpened as he added, "That's an order."

With a small growl the brunette left the video room and began to dash towards his office. He skidded to a stop in front of the ornate doors and slammed the doors open. He slipped inside and unlocked the doors behind his desk. With a click the doors opened and revealed the room. Short on time, Tsuna stalked over to the desk in the room and glanced at the items on the surface.

The two boxes he discovered earlier in his front desk were there, but there was another box there. This one was a pure wine red with burnt orange snake like engravings all along the edges. Next to this box was a holster and a small black, revolver. With a tight smile, Tsuna clipped the three boxes to his left side and strapped the gun on his lower back.

Then with a tap of his knee under the desk a secret compartment opened up and two guns were inside, one another revolver and the other a small pistol. He grabbed those and closed the compartment turning around and pressing his hand on the wall behind the desk. With an inaudible click the wall slid away to reveal a hall way.

Making sure everything was as he left it, the brunette left, the hidden door closing behind him. Armed and ready, he made his way towards Hatch F. Upon reaching it, he tossed the revolver at Yamamoto and the pistol at Gokudera, while he pressed a button and snapped into the line, "Open the hatch!"

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Tsuna wrinkled his nose slightly as the group made their way through the ventilation. Behind him Yamamoto laughed quietly, "I never thought I'd be doing something like this. It feels like just out of a movie!"

A sharp grin slithered onto Tsuna's face, "Hopefully a movie filled with hot pieces of men and lots and lots of making out!"

Gokudera groaned and Ryohei chuckled, where as Yamamoto smacked Tsuna's butt slightly, "I'm already sandwiched between two very hot pieces of male!"

"Takeshi!" Gokudera gasped dramatically, sounding very much like he was doing unspeakable things. Behind him Ryohei grinned brightly, he's missed the banter between these three.

In response, Tsuna faked a moan and purred, "Oh, Takeshi!" With that the four dissolved into quiet snickers, where as Lal Mirch rolled her eyes.

"We're right above the hanger at point C5 of the basement level 3," Lal informed the group, stopping their snickers.

Tsuna nodded, "Good, let's hope it stays like that, I want this to be at least somewhat clean." Lal suddenly stopped, and Tsuna stopped as well, motioning behind him for the others to follow.

"There's a grid of infrared laser sensors ahead," the woman of the group informed.

Before she could speak again Tsuna murmured quietly, "Alright, Anni-chan's creation gives us a five second span, you three know what to do, correct?"

"Yes, boss," the three behind him answered, shifting slightly to get into position.

"Mir-kun, now!" Lal threw the capsule and the lasers disabled. She moved passed them quickly, where as Yamamoto positioned his hands and Tsuna twisted his body in some position and pushed off, flying pass the area, with Yamamoto and Gokudera following. Ryohei didn't as the laser sensors came back on. Tsuna's head suddenly snapped in the direction of the lasers and he ordered, "GET DOWN!"

The lasers fired and the ventilation system broke. Tsuna growled and flipped mid air, bending his knees to brace himself for impact. Yamamoto landed, crouched, behind him on his left side and Gokudera fell the same but on the right. Ryohei landed in a crouch next to Gokudera, where as Lal Mirch landed on her feet next to Yamamoto.

Lal snarled, snapping, "What the hell just happened? None of us hit the laser sensors!"

Tsuna gave her a flat stare and pointed at the large man in front of him, "Probably because he hit the button on the controller in his hand." He then promptly wandered over to Ryohei and ignored whatever the man was saying as he leaned against the silver haired adult.

An explosion suddenly rocked the area and the man laughed loudly, "This fire power isn't bad at all! Definitely useable! There won't even be bones left to bury!"

The smoke began to clear and Yamamoto's voice called out, "Hey, who did that?"

"It wasn't me," Lal replied.

"Me neither," Ryohei answered.

Tsuna's laugh echoed, "I didn't do anything either!"

"It was me," Gokudera scoffed, rolling his eyes. He stumbled slightly when Tsuna latched on to him, rubbing his nose against his neck.

"You're so manly, Goku-chan!" the brunette purred licking the half-Italian's neck. Gokudera's face exploded into color as he jerked away, shouting gibberish and waving his hands in front of him wildly. Yamamoto laughed brightly as he brushed dust off himself.

"WHA-WHAT THE HELL!" Dendro shouted.

His shout snapped Gokudera out of his spluttering and he rolled his eyes crossing his arms. "Shut it, useless muscle-brain. We don't have time to play with you." Tsuna opened his mouth to make a perverted comment but Gokudera caught it and snapped, "Don't even go there, Tuna."

Dendro's eyes widened with rage as he sputtered, "USE-USELESS!"

Tsuna rolled his eyes scoffing, "Yes, useless, what are you deaf?"

"DAMN YOU! YOU LITTLE BRATS!" Dendro roared. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I CAN DO! UNFORGIVABLE! YOU'RE ALL DEAD MEAT!" Lightning crackled around his form and a lance appeared in his hand. "I AM THE GREAT DENDRO, AND THIS IS MY LANCIA ELLECTRICA!"

Tsuna took one look at the weapon and blurted, "Is he compensating for something?"

"Really, Tuna, just really?" Gokudera moaned, putting his face in his hands.

Tsuna shrugged helplessly, "What? It just slipped out!"

Dendro roared with rage. "I'LL OBLITIRATE YOU!" With that he shoved his lightning charged lance at the group. Dust exploded in the area and Dendro laughed. That was satisfying! He tried to pull his weapon back, but it would not budge. "W-what's going on?"

The dust slowly dispersed to reveal Tsuna holding the melted end of his lance, eyes mocking, "Didn't you hear us earlier? We don't have time to play with you."

Dendro suddenly feared for his life.

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Tsuna took one look at the newcomer and blurted out, eyes wide, "Damn, is that a dude or a chick?" The brunette slapped a hand over his mouth and chuckled nervously at the incredulous looks he was receiving. "Sorry, I'm not freaking out or anything, but I was the same with Mir-kun, and I know I'm definitely not over it yet."

Lal Mirch slapped her forehead, "The outfit belongs to the Magician's Doll." She then turned to the newcomer, face blank, "Are you Gingerbread?"

Before Gingerbread could reply a loud snort echoed before Tsuna broke into peals of laughter. He was bent over clutching his stomach and tears were running down his cheeks. In between snickers and gasps for breath Tsuna giggled, "G-Gingerb-bread…? Are you shitting me?"

"You do realize I have a duty to report to my superiors about you being here, right?" Gingerbread deadpanned, face not amused.

Tsuna regained his composure, grin threatening to split his face, "Does it look like I care? You can go and inform Bya-chan, but I'm sure that bastard already knows were here, same with Sho-chan!" He then promptly ignored the puppet and smiled at Lal, his eyes closing into upside down U's, "Have fun with Nello-chan's killer."

When the future boss's eyes opened they promised lots and lots of pain and misery. Gingerbread felt very glad that it was a puppet out there.

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The alarm sounded shrilly and Tsuna chuckled, "Whoopsie, time to go, we've been found out!" Yamamoto chuckled as well, while Gokudera rolled his eyes and Ryohei just smiled.

Lal however snarled and snapped, "Can't you ever be serious for once in your life!"

Yamamoto stopped laughing and his grin faded away. Ryohei's smile faded as well and he gazed at Tsuna warily. Gokudera's lips pulled back into a nasty sneer and he glared at her furiously. Tsuna, however, continued to grin, but it turned darker, more feral. His eyes opened into small slits and he questioned, "How can I be serious when this situation is so amusing?"

Before the woman could react to the absurd statement Ryohei cut in, "We need to move, now!" As the group moved on, they came to a stop where Lal was supposed to be acting decoy. "It's not going to work now, with her in the condition she's in."

Tsuna grinned and piped up, thrusting an arm in the air, "I'll be the bitch!" Everyone stopped and turned to him, expressions 'WTF!' Tsuna pouted, crossing his arms and looking up at them all through his bangs, "Why won't you let me be your guy's man-bitch?"

Gokudera turned to his lover, expression disbelieving, "Am I seriously hearing the shit spewing from Tuna's mouth?"

"I…don't know how to respond that," Yamamoto replied after a bemused pause.

Ryohei, on the other hand, was already placing the electronic map thing in Tsuna's hand, face serious as he explained, "All the directions are programmed in, extreme boss, contact us through the wireless, and if you can't reach us through that, contact us through our head sets."

Tsuna turned his head to the side and pointed out to his best friends, "I give him brownie points for responding the most levelly. I'm off then!" Before the others could react Tsuna was already racing down the hall.

(A/N: I am now skipping to near the end/middle of the battle with the Strau Moscas, because I'm too lazy to write the fight and I want to get to Tsuna and Spanner interaction, because its way to much fun! XD)

"Wao, this hasn't happened in awhile," Tsuna noted, blinking down at his now bare torso. He then smiled brightly, "Quite refreshing actually!" Humming thoughtfully he listened to the (quite sexy in his opinion) voice before he got into X-Burner's position. "Allow me to grace my secret attack on you, yeah?"

"Secret attack?" Spanner questioned.

Tsuna smiled reminiscent of a child's, "Yes, because, sadly, I'm growing bored, though you voice makes me rather excited, this battle is quickly losing my interest."

"You have moves other than Zero Point Break-Through?" Spanner asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Tsuna's smile widened, "What do you think?"

"In any case, you can't beat King Mosca, because he has the finest design that I, Spanner, have ever built," Spanner informed his opponent.

Tsuna positioned his hands and tilted his head, eyes closed, "We won't know until we try, ne, Span-chan?"

His eyes snapped open and he shot off the platform. With precise movements he kicked the Mosca and then dodged the incoming attack. Flipping gracefully he swung his legs into an uppercut. Gripping the arm of the advanced robot, he swung himself up and over the head of Mosca. Once behind his opponent he destroyed the first thruster.

His efforts were rewarded with a hard thrust to his stomach and crashing into the wall. Blinking debris out of his eyes, he ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head and coughing up a small amount of blood. The red liquid slid down his chin and with a quick swipe of his tongue most of it was gone and he was once again on the move.

He ignored whatever the mastermind behind the attack was saying, showing only brief surprise when the Mosca fired a long range attack. It caught it head on and flew back and into his platform. Seeing the Mosca readying another attack he rolled difficultly over to the side, and braced himself for the aftershock.

The attack obliterated the ice and Tsuna cursed, loudly and colorfully. Flying backwards and in the sky he glared sullenly at his opponent, "You just love to make me try new positions, don't you, Span-chan?" Huffing irritably, he exploded the soft flame behind him and aimed the hard flame carefully. When the measurements were more or less correct, Tsuna let his flames fly.

With a crash and another spiel of curses, Tsuna landed on the hard concrete next to the water way, cushioning the blow as much as he could. Panting harshly, he gazed up blearily at the blonde standing over him with a gun aimed at his forehead. He let a smirk crawl over his face and he purred, "I only let one man top me, Span-chan, and you ain't him, you'd have better luck with Sho-chan, since he's such an uke."

With a lazy smile Tsuna mumbled tiredly, "I'm going to sleep now, tell Sho-chan I say hi, will you?" With that Tsuna fell unconscious.

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Why did he smell green tea when he was supposed to be lying on concrete, unconscious somewhere in the bowels of the Millefiore base?

Brown eyes snapped open, only to receive a face full of a paper with kanji on it. "Su…hana?"

There was a pause and then, "It's pa. Spanner."

Tsuna giggled, sounding quite like he was drunk, "Haha, gomen, gomen, Span-chan, I'm still half asleep."

Spanner merely nodded, "No problem."

Tsuna smiled flatly, sitting up and smacking his lips. He gazed at Spanner with half lidded eyes and questioned, "Soooooo, how ya' doin'?" He placed his chin on his fist as he crossed his legs and leaned forward, placing his other fist under his chin when the cuffs dug into his wrists uncomfortably. He blinked at them and then the gun now pointed at his forehead, "Huh, hand cuffs, very kinky, Span-chan, very kinky."

Despite the gun pointed at him, Tsuna ran his eyes up and down Spanner's body. Upon reaching the blonde's neck, his eyes zeroed in on the tattoo there. Blinking, he lunged forward and gripped the blonde's chin, tilting it so he could get a better view of the specialized tattoo. In his shock Spanner dropped the gun and placed his hands on Tsuna's bare chest to push him off.

He froze, however, when the brunette's hot breath brushed across his neck and a warm tongue dragged over it. He shivered as the cool air hit and placed his hands on Tsuna's shoulders and pushed him away, but not fast enough for Tsuna not to get a sharp nip to the mechanic's neck.

Tsuna licked his lips, grinning, "You taste quite good, Span-chan."

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