Chapter 1-His Return

Sephiroth felt his body dying. Too many attacks, too many wounds, and the loss of too much blood at the hands of Cloud Strife had done the One-Winged Angel of Death in. Their great battle shook the heavens, the Earth, and everything in-between to the very core of the planet. As he looked down from his slowly falling place in the sky, the man described as the "Ultimate SOLDIER" looked at the defiant cold eyes of his killer, and smirked at the blonde haired man.

Even if he died, even if his body entered the Life Stream, and was absorbed into it...the One-Winged Angel of Death would not be denied the justice his Mother desired. The woman herself Jenova, had called upon the only one hearing her cries to come forward, and hear her calling out for someone to help. She spoke within Sephiroth's mind when he approached her glass prison, practically commanding him to be her right hand, and to smite the guilty people living in this world. To be an instrument of his Mother's desires by unleashing her fury, her pain, agony, and rage upon the world through him to destroy those responsible for the pain Jenova felt at the hands of her captors.

This world wasn't done with him. Not by a long shot.

"I...will never be a memory," said Sephiroth, as he felt his body disintegrating, and his remains scattering into the wind.

It was in that moment Cloud heard those words, he froze in fear of what that could mean for him, and the world in the distant future. Would Sephiroth come back? Were the words the now dead man spoke something to be considered a prophecy? A future threat to the world that its Cloud himself would not be able to stop?

Cloud hoped such a prophecy never happened.

(Time Skip-Centuries Later-Konoha)

The world had changed since that day when Sephiroth and Cloud Strife fought, as the world nearly forgot about their epic battle, and only spoken to children on occasion when it came to bedtime stories by Grandparents having it told to them by their Grandparents. At the moment, one of the few people having heard the story, and about the whispers of the prophetic words Sephiroth spoke before his death in that story was none other then the elderly Sandaime currently retired.

At the moment, he was watching his successor, the Yondaime Hokage working hard at the desk of the Hokage currently stacked with paperwork, and smiled knowing the blonde haired Namikaze was now understanding the pain paperwork of this magnitude could be. Every Kage past to present from here in the Leaf, all the way to Iwa, and the Mist were suffering right now from doing this task of conquering this horrible evil.

And none had succeeded to date.

"Minato! Minato I have good news!" said Kushina, as she crashed through the doors looking at her husband with a glow that told the Namikaze two very important, and crucial things that made his spine stiffen.

One, his home life was about to become painful very soon for himself, and two...the last time Kushina was this bubbly they had done...things that would have made Jiraiya proud.

Not that the Sannin would know of them due to Kushina beating the Super Pervert up into a Month worth of Hospital time before they actually did that for the man's attempts at peeping on their moment.

"What is it Kushina-chan?" said Minato hoping this wasn't what he thought it was.

"I'm...I'm...pregnant! I'm actually pregnant!" said Kushina with joy in her voice, as she was going to be a Mother, and continue to keep the legacy of Whirlpool alive.

"Really? That's...that's great!" said Minato, who was trying to be ecstatic while hugging his wife currently dancing him around the room in a death grip of a hug, but deep down he wasn't happy at all, and soon saw the grave look on the former Sandaime's face after Kushina left the room.

"This could be a problem Minato. The prophecy...," said Hiruzen worriedly with the Yondaime raising his hands to silence the older man.

"I know old man. He is my ancestor after all and the prophetic words he said have never been forgotten within my clan. We feared this day since those words were first spoken. That one of our own would be his reincarnation. That I would be his reincarnation when I was the last one of my family. That's why I did everything to prevent Kushina from ever being pregnant after we...consummated our marriage and any other time after that. I was even going to tell Kushina I couldn't have kids in a couple of years and bribe a doctor to lie to support my claim," said Minato, as he slumped back in his chair, and let out a sigh while putting a hand to his forehead.

"What do you want to do? Your options are limited," said Hiruzen, as there were too few options, but they were there, and it was up to Minato on whether or not he wanted to even go through with them.

"I can't force Kushina to abort the baby. She's wanted a child for awhile now and I have been...encouraging it to keep her happy. If she finds out I've been secretly trying to stop her from being pregnant while helping...," said Minato shivering in fear at the thought of an angry Kushina being vengeful.

"Yes. That would be a problem. I'll summon Jiraiya to come and see what he thinks of the your child possibly being connected to the prophecy," said the former Sandaime, as he left the room, and the Yondaime groan in misery at this new development.

(A Few Days Later)

"You're sure? You've spoken to Kushina's doctor? She's actually pregnant?" said Jiraiya sitting with his former student and saw the man nod grimly.

"Yeah. She showed me the pregnancy test and then the Doc confirmed it to me," said Minato, as he saw Jiraiya look grim, and knew things were going from bad to worse.

"I spoke to the oldest of all the Toads after sensei told me about Kushina's pregnancy in his message to come home. He's told me the prophecy regarding your ancestor will come to pass depending on the gender of the child. If it's a girl, then you're in the clear, but if it's a boy...," said Jiraiya seeing the Minato run his hand through his blonde hair.

"Then were screwed sensei. Kushina would never kill her child, even for the village, or the world for that matter. She'll defend him to the death and kill anyone that stands in her way. Even me," said Minato, as he knew how badly Kushina wanted a big family after losing so many of her kin from the Shinobi wars, and was practically the last of her own people that survived its fall.

"What if we were to put various suppression and restriction seals on the boy to prevent him from developing?" said Jiraiya.

"Hypothetically speaking in terms of Kushina's baby being a boy? We could do that. I'd need hours of alone time with the child while raising him. What should be targeted on his body to keep the prophecy from happening?" said Minato knowing Jiraiya was better at this line of thought then him do to the child not being the Sannin's own.

"Everything. Target his growth. His height is another thing. Physical muscle coordination to keep him from reaching his maximum potential in that area. Mentality and intelligence is also another to consider. If we put seals on this boy, then they must be done with the single purpose of crippling him so the boy will be an average Shinobi, and nothing great like you," said Jiraiya seeing Minato flinch at that.

"Kushina will get suspicious if his development as a Shinobi isn't up where it should be considering just who his parents are," said Minato seeing Jiraiya scratch his head in deep thought.

"We could have the doctors lie saying there were complications with the boy and that his ability to be anything great like you or Kushina was damaged. We could even lie saying the seals we put on him will help in allowing him to be a Shinobi of the Leaf. She'll never know! Her village may have had Seal Masters, but she was never taught anything yet at the time when she first came here, and will trust you with them since you're my student," said Jiraiya, as he saw Minato was uneasy about this, but the prophecy would soon be upon them, and it was his duty to protect the village if not the world from such evil.

"There's more to it then that Jiraiya. The boy needs to be humble. Grateful for being alive and depend on those around him rather then himself. My ancestor was confident, a very skilled, and tactical genius that was beyond any of our comprehension," said Minato, as he saw Jiraiya's eyes widen, and knew what his student was talking about.

"You want there to be 'attacks' upon his person. Various 'attempts' on his life that will be stopped by the Leaf and make him feel a sense of loyalty for when he gets older," said Jiraiya, as he knew that this was a dangerous road to take, and on his students son no less.

"It's the only way Jiraiya. My son has to suffer for the good of the village and mankind," said Minato, as he didn't want to do this to his child, but if Kushina did sire a boy, then his son would have no choice, and suffer for the good of the world.

(Time Skip-October 10th-Night of Kyuubi's Attack)

"Is it done?" said the Sandaime, as he stood over Jiraiya kneeling down in front of young Naruto with the seals Minato left to put on the boy now in place.

"Yes. The boy won't become what the prophecy says he will be. We've stopped it...for now anyway," said Jiraiya, as he saw the Sandaime let out a sigh of relief, and yet there was worry on his face.

"Tsunade wants to know about the boy. Kushina died not that long ago and Naruto is the only thing she has left to connect her to the village," said Sandaime seeing Jiraiya wave off the worry he felt due to how close the two women were to each other.

"Tell her the Kyuubi's chakra was too much for the boy to fully handle and the Kyuubi killed Naruto before it perished with him," said Jiraiya, as he knew that it would make Tsunade leave, and never return to the village with this last act breaking whatever home like bonds his former teammate had with the Leaf.

"If she ever finds out I lied...," said the Sandaime knowing Tsunade would do everything within her medically skilled hands and power to make him suffer even if he was already dead.

"I'll handle that should it ever come up. Hopefully, she won't care by this point, and you'll be long dead with me having a foot already in the grave," said Jiraiya grinning at his old sensei.

"I sent a message to the Fire Daimyo explaining the situation about Naruto, the Kyuubi, and us putting our plan in motion to stop the prophecy from happening. We have his full support in this matter," said the Sandaime, as he saw Jiraiya nod knowing that having the village's Feudal Lord's full support was almost as good as being blessed by Kami, and one full control of the situation warranting that.

"Let me know if any of the seals break from Kyuubi's chakra should the boy somehow summon it," said Jiraiya before giving the boy to the Sandaime.

"I prey that day never comes Jiraiya," said the Sandaime, as he felt a tinge of regret in doing this to the boy, but the weight of the world requiring this one boy suffer to keep a countless number of the people in the village, and the world from dying snapped him out of it.

(Time Skip-12 Years Later)

Naruto looked at the Forbidden Scroll with glee knowing he had done the impossible for someone his age and believed his chances of graduating were assured. Upon opening the scroll, Naruto's eyes widened at the various Jutsus it held and skimmed down them for something he could use to impress his Chuunin Instructors to prove himself capable of being a Genin.

'What's this?' thought Naruto, as he made his way down the list of Jutsus to the "Hokage's Eyes Only" area in the scroll, and saw two envelopes with letters in them.

Opening the first one, he saw it was to the Sandaime, and was going to put it back when Naruto's curiosity to read it got the better of him.

And his eyes widened at what the letter said.

Dear Sandaime-sama,

If you are reading this letter, then that means the sealing has been done, and the Kyuubi was successfully sealed inside of Naruto. It also means that this will also give you the means to put our plans into action to stop the prophecy surrounding my son from ever happening and give the village a means to hate the boy. With the damage done to the Leaf village, it won't take much to make them want to hurt the child, but make sure the damage isn't too extensive that it risks the seals being destroyed by Kyuubi's chakra, and provoking the beast to cause further problems.

Don't worry about the need to put the restriction or suppression seals on my son since I gave the designs to Jiraiya to put on Naruto to keep him from reaching his full potential, and stop him from becoming the monster prophesized to manifest itself into the world. I need you to put Naruto in the Orphanage and let him grow up alone with only you being around to support him in order to further keep his loyalty to Konoha. More importantly, to you since the various planned attacks you setup will soon be stopped, and afterwards will help ensure Naruto's loyalty to you.

When he's old enough, make sure to give Naruto the letter next to this one after he's been properly conditioned mentally to understand that he had to suffer for the greater good of the world. That all the pain and suffering we planned for him was for the greater good of the village if not for the entire world. He'll have to understand. If not...then it will be up to you, Jiraiya, or your successor along with Jiraiya to make him understand.


Namikaze Minato: The Yondaime Hokage

Naruto looked at the other letter sealed up with barely contained fury knowing what his once great hero, whom was his actual Father had seal the Kyuubi into him, and conspired with the Sandaime Hokage his surrogate Grandfather of all people to cripple his own development. And for what? Some stupid prophecy that may or may not happen?

Slowly, Naruto opened the other letter to read its contents, and once more the boy's eyes were widened to their maximum at what he read.

Dear Naruto,

If you're reading this, then everything has gone as planned, and you are ready to know about your heritage along with the prophecy that surrounds you. Back many centuries ago, there was a great, and powerful warrior named Sephiroth whom was said to have possessed enough power to split the planet quite literally in two. He nearly succeeded at one point for whatever reason that drove him to do it. That man's last name also happens to be Namikaze just like the two of us. He is in fact our ancestor, which all born of the Namikaze Clan are descended from, and are incredibly strong even by current Shinobi standards.

It was prophesized shortly upon his death based upon the very words he'd spoken mere moments before his demise, that our ancestor would somehow one day return, bringing about death, and destruction wherever he walked. Up until your own birth, the prophecy seemed to be nothing more then an old wives tale used to scare, or entertain children at night like it was a bed time story. To be honest son, you were actually an accident, as I never planned to have kids at all, and had done everything in my power to prevent myself from having your Mother conceive a child.

As for your Mother, she died sometime after childbirth, and was given the impression that you died during the sealing to give her the belief she would die to join you on the other side. I knew Kushina would love you too much to have let anything like what we planned happen and we just couldn't let her maternal instincts get in the way of the plan to stop Sephiroth from returning through you Naruto. For the greater good of the Leaf and the had to suffer and still do in order to protect everyone.

I'm sorry Naruto. I hope you see what we did was right and accept what we did.


Namikaze Hokage: The Yondaime Hokage

Naruto looked at the paper, it was crinkling in his now shaking with fury filled hands, tears falling down his face, and anger rising from within his very soul at the lies fed to him by the Hokage. The pain, the suffering, the hate they hit him with was for the greater good of the village, and the world? What a bunch of crap! it was like Naruto had just asked to have the Kyuubi sealed inside his body, he didn't ask to possibly be the so called "prophesized return" of his clan ancestor, and didn't ask for the bullshit the people hit him with all the time.

"Naruto! What do you think you're doing?" said Iruka having looked all over the place for the boy and saw him there with a piece of something from the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing.

Naruto of course didn't answer him, but rather the boy slowly looked at his teacher, and made the horizontally scarred face man back away from the blonde. The boy's eyes were filled with anger, hate, and so many other emotions Iruka had never truly seen before in the blonde.

"I see the players in this farce are all here," said Mizuki, as he appeared in front of the two, and had a sadistic grin on his face.

"Mizuki? What are you doing here?" said Iruka looking between Naruto and his fellow Chuunin teacher.

"Isn't it obvious? I tricked Naruto into coming here! The boy was so heartbroken over the fact you failed him Iruka. I just had to give him a "chance" in becoming a Genin. Not that he has one with the way things were going for him at the Academy. Being the idiot he is and not even realizing why people hate him...until now," said Mizuki, as he saw Iruka's eyes widen, and saw Naruto's head down now down looking at the letter in his hands.

"No Mizuki! Don't tell him! You know it's forbidden to speak about it by the Sandaime's law!" said Iruka, as he saw Mizuki grinning, and saw Naruto shaking further.

"Ha! Please Iruka! As if anyone in the Leaf even follows or enforces that stupid law! The fact is Naruto, about 12-13 years ago, the demon fox Kyuubi attacked the Leaf, and was sealed inside of you by the Yondaime Hokage. The man died sealing the monster into your body and thus made you become the monster everyone has claimed you to be. Remember the attacks on you? The one's on your birthday? Why people have wanted you dead? Its because you're a demon! It's because you're a monster!" said Mizuki, as he saw Naruto's whole body shaking with untold rage, but mistook it for fear, and laughed at the blonde's reaction.

Until Naruto stopped shaking and slowly stood up.

"You're only half right Mizuki. While your wrong in me being a demon like Kyuubi, I am one thing that is far worse then the demon fox, and being a monster. A monster, who is said to be worse then Kyuubi, and will be your death," said Naruto in cold almost quiet voice that echoed throughout the area they were in and brought about a chill to the area.

"You? Beat me? I'm a Chuunin! You're just some demonic runt that couldn't even make a damn clone properly," said Mizuki grinning and loving how he rubbed Naruto's failures in his face.

"You can blame my bastard Father for that. According to this, I have had seals put on me to restrict, and suppress my true potential. No more," said Naruto, as he slowly rose from the ground, dropped the letter in his hands, and put his hands together to mold chakra.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" said Iruka, as he got his answer when Naruto unleashed all his chakra tearing off his upper clothing to reveal the Shinigami's seal the Yondaime used to contain the fox, and other seals that now coated the blonde's body.

"He's gone mad Iruka. I don't care what kind of seals were placed on the demon brat. He's dying tonight and become nothing more then a memory!" said Mizuki, as he charged at the blonde, and brought out his fuma shuriken to bring down upon Naruto.

"No. I...will never become a memory," said Naruto before an incredible force of power shot upward and was felt by all with the two Chuunin with him getting thrown back it.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto found himself within his mind, which was not surprisingly a dark, and depressing place to be if you ever saw it. Naruto himself didn't care about the environment that was his mind, but rather what was in it, and to fix what was done to it along with his body. That's why he was using so much of his chakra in the first place, as there was a class at the Academy he snuck into that talked about seals, and how certain seals that kept things locked away could be broken if enough chakra was applied that was more then the seals could handle.

The blonde boy always knew he had more chakra then most, even when he didn't know a thing about chakra at all, and now knew where to get more of it to break them all on his body.


"My vessel comes to see me after all this time. What a surprise this is," said Kyuubi, as the prison doors manifested themselves, and the fox looking at the blonde with a smile on its face.

"We need to talk you and I," said Naruto, as he looked at Kyuubi, and the fox was now no longer smiling.

"About what?" said Kyuubi having never dealt with a child not afraid of his power.

"There are seals all over my body. They were designed to restrict and suppress me in a way that cripples my person from being strong. I need your help to break them all," said Naruto seeing the Kyuubi laugh.

"And why should I help some weak little human like you?" said Kyuubi not impressed with Naruto's words.

"Because the man who designed those the very same man who sealed you into me! My so called Father, the Yondaime Hokage," said Naruto, as he saw Kyuubi's eyes widen in disbelief, and then try to attack the blonde through the cage.

"I knew there was something about your stench that didn't feel right! You're his damn child!" said Kyuubi biting the bars, ignoring the pain they inflicted on his teeth, and tried to get free from this cruel prison.

"KNOCK IT OFF! YOU ARE THE ONE ACTING LIKE A CHILD!" yelled Naruto with the whole area in his mind around them shaking violently from his outburst.

For once...Kyuubi obeyed his vessel and his red eyes widens when he sensed something that had not been sensed since his time in the world.

"So you do have a backbone. After all the times you were beaten and nearly starved for half your current life I'd thought it was crushed beneath the booted feet of your stupid human oppressors," said Kyuubi, as he realized the seals placed on his vessel were the key catalyst to Naruto's life, and that the blonde was seeking his help to break free from the chains that were binding his body.

"Lies are very effective until the truth breaks them and the power of illusion they hold on you dies. So will you help me now or not? "said Naruto, as he could only generate chakra for so long until he used it all up, and then the Kyuubi would have to step in...willingly.

"And what do I get out of it if I do?" said Kyuubi narrowing his crimson eyes at the boy.

"You get to witness the return of a being that once brought this world to its knees and have a front row to seat in seeing a prophecy fulfilled," said Naruto seeing Kyuubi raise its fur covered eyebrow with interest.

"And what prophecy is that?" said Kyuubi looking at its vessel more clearly to see if what he sensed from the boy was indeed true.

"The prophecy of Namikaze Sephiroth's...return," said Naruto coldly seeing Kyuubi's eyes widen in disbelief and...fear.

"You are his descendent too?" said Kyuubi, as he realized now why the Yondaime had all those seals put on the boy, and the treatment the boy received being only half his fault.

"On my Father's side of the family. You don't believe me? Read his letters," said Naruto, as he manifest them into his mind from his memories, and showed them to the fox.

"Your Father was a foolish human do all this to you. Then again most humans are when it comes to prophecies. After all...they're more likely to come true when trying to take measures to stop them from happening," said Kyuubi before letting out a cruel laugh at the stupidity of the human race.

"So what do I have to do in order to get you to use your chakra to destroy all these damn seals on my body?" said Naruto sensing the fox would go along with him on this.

"Remove the seal from the cage and free me. My chakra will flood your body, breaking the seals, and obliterating anyone around you," said Kyuubi.

"And kill me in the process," said Naruto, as he didn't want to die just yet, and gave the Kyuubi an "I'm not dumb enough to fall for that" look.

"Actually, you won't die at all. Had the seals not been placed on your body, you would have absorbed me quicker, and I would have been removed from your presence by the time you were 16 years old," said Kyuubi, as he saw Naruto was shocked by this, and it was clear his old man had screwed him over completely by his fears of the prophecy.

"Let me get this straight. You are admitting to me, that had my old man not fucked up, and ordered those seals be put on my body...I would have been rid of you entirely in the next few years?" said Naruto seeing the fox nod his head.

"Your chakra pathways have been thinned due to the seals on your body, which has slowed down the absorption rate of my power into you via this seal that is my cage, and the instant these seals are gone from your body they will expand to their fullest in order to handle almost everything I have," said Kyuubi, as he saw Naruto becoming increasingly angry, and the fox was fortunate the anger was not aimed at himself.

"So all I got to do is tear this seal off, free you, and your demonic chakra will flood my body to basically remake me anew. Right?" said Naruto seeing the fox nod.

"Correct," said Kyuubi seeing the boy walk towards the bars where the paper tag with the word "seal" on it was currently holding the bars together.

"Okay. Um...just what will happen if I do this and it doesn't work? Will I explode and kill the village by blasting them with your chakra or will I bring about your own return to the world?" said Naruto seeing the fox grin at him.

"If this doesn't work, half the village will be destroyed by a powerful explosion of my demonic chakra, and the other half will no doubt be destroyed when I return to the land of the living to crush what is left into nothingness!" said Kyuubi, as he knew that this boy could take his power for the most part, and could easily hold back the rest until the blonde was ready.

"Either way I win. Okay let's do this," said Naruto, as he reached for the seal, but a firm hand on his wrist stopped him, and the blonde looked at who the other hand belonged to.

And was shocked like Kyuubi was to see it belong to the very man Naruto hated.

"I can't let you do that...son," said Minato, as he smiled at Naruto, but the boy didn't smile back, and freed his hand from the late Yondaime's grip.

"I don't know how you got in my body or my mind, but I want you gone, and to stay in the deepest pits of Hell where you belong for what you did!" said Naruto seeing Minato frown at him.

"I see you read the letters Naruto. Granted, you weren't meant to read one of them until much later, but even still a part of you must realize that some sacrifices had to be made, and for the greater good of the world you live in," said Minato, as he hoped his son would understand that, but Naruto just seemed to look at him with such anger, and pain in those blue eyes.

"I understand perfectly! I understand that you sacrificed me! I never had a say in it and yet you had the Sandaime plan to make sure I got the crap kicked out of me. That I had to be humbled with my mind and body crippled just so some stupid prophecy doesn't occur because the monster everyone fears is from the Namikaze bloodline. Your side of the family and yet you hid it in shame not telling anyone his last name knowing the people would hate you just like they hate me right now. Your pathetic!" said Naruto, as he saw Minato scowl at him, and then surprisingly moved quickly before striking the boy with the back of his hand.

"You think it's easy having such a dark cloud over my head? Over our clan's head? What I did to you was to ensure the monster of our family never made it back to this world and I expect you to accept it regardless of your feelings on the matter. Grow up!" said Minato angrily that his son didn't see the bigger picture.

"Grow up? Grow up! I've been beaten, hated, and outcast because your actions. How can you tell me to 'grow up' when you haven't even experienced what I have? You wouldn't even say those two words had all the villagers and Shinobi took their pain out on your person!" said Naruto pointing a finger at the Yondaime.

"Its irrelevant. What is relevant though is that the prophecy never happens and it seems I will have to use my time here to make sure that Kyuubi doesn't get free from his cage until the Sandaime can subdue you long enough to put some memory suppressing seals on your body too," said Minato seeing Naruto's eyes widen and so did the fox's own.

"Bastard! How my Mother could love you I will never understand!" said Naruto, as he saw Minato shrug, and didn't seem to care about the woman either.

"I doubt you will son. Doesn't matter. Kushina isn't here now and I doubt she'd support you in your decision even if she was," said Minato seeing Naruto growl at him felt the room shake with fury.

"Don't be too sure of that Minato-kun!" said a female voice behind Minato, who turned to see a fist hit him right in the face, and send him skidding closer to the bars just out of reach of the Kyuubi's claws should the fox try to reach for him.

"Kushina?" said Minato with his voice full of surprise and a hint of fear.

"M-Mom?" said Naruto, as he knew from his Father's own letters that the women loved him no matter what, and hoped she still did.

"Surprised? You really shouldn't be Minato-kun. After all, I was the previous vessel of the Kyuubi, and you did use some of my own special chakra to help seal the fox away," said Kushina seeing her son for the first time and looked at him with kind eyes.

Eyes filled with love.

"Kushina-chan, you have to understand, the village if not the world was endanger from the prophecy being fulfilled, and I did what I had to do in order to keep everyone safe," said Minato, who got off the ground, and saw the woman walk over to her son before turning her head to glare at him.

"As if your actions alone would have stopped such a prophecy from occurring. To think the prodigal hard working genius of the Namikaze Clan could do something like this to his own son proves you are just a prodigal baka! Had I known my son was alive, I would have stayed in the land of the living to raise him, and love our son like he should have been from the start," said Kushina seeing Minato shake his head at her words.

"That's why I had the Sandaime lie to you. You would have found the seals, found a way to break them, and possibly started the prophecy that would doomed us all. Anyone, who could be responsible for the prophecy being set in motion needed to be removed, and at all costs Kushina," said Minato seeing Kushina's eyes harden at his words.

"Then why not kill yourself after you became the last Namikaze before I married you? Why not tell me the prophecy, kill yourself soon after, and be done with it? You said it yourself Minato that all those responsible for the prophecy being set in motion need to be removed and he is your ancestor," said Kushina seeing the man hesitate and look away.

"Its because he is a coward. A hypocrite. Like all other humans, who make themselves famous in the world, the only thing they fear is dying, and losing their power they have worked so hard to achieve," said Kyuubi seeing Minato glare at him even though it was clearly true.

"Shut your mouth fur ball!" said Minato glaring at the fox while the Kyuubi just laughed at him.

"Why should I? You know its true. The fact your telling me to shut up just proves how much truth there is behind my words regarding your actions and you just can't stand to hear it," said Kyuubi grinning at the man while seeing Minato tense up and let out an angry growl.

While this was happening, Naruto saw his opportunity to talk to his long lost Mother, and the woman was pleased to have it.

"Mom, if I fulfill the prophecy...would you hate me?" said Naruto seeing his Mother caress his face and had tears fall down her face.

"Of course not! What you do in life is your choice Naruto-kun. Kami knows that your life so far has been nothing more then a controlled environment thanks to this baka with his so called 'plan'. To them, you were a lab rat in a maze searching for a piece of cheese that doesn't exist, and being told the cheese is there despite the truth to dispute the claim. The village should have treated you like a hero for holding the fox and instead because of your Father along with the Sandaime they did the exact opposite knowing they would react the way they do. They have to pay my son. Everyone responsible for treating people with demons in them like garbage have to pay for their crimes," said Kushina, as she knew the purpose behind vessels of the tailed beasts were to bring fear to other countries, and end wars quickly while no regard was given for the vessels themselves.

That had changed after the Shodaime Hokage defeated Madara at the Valley of the End and sealed the fox into his wife before passing on the duty to Kushina herself with few knowing of her secret. If the wrong people knew of her secret while alive, then Kushina would have been captured, and been forced to be their mindless weapon.

Her son didn't have such a blessing and the village hated him for it.

"Thanks Mom. I think I know what to do. I love you," said Naruto, as he knew what he had to do now, and his Mother smiled at him before giving him a loving hug only she could give him.

"And I love you son," said Kushina before she looked at Minato now unprotected back, and him having a few words with the fox.

It was time for Kushina's so called husband to get a good long taste of the pain their son went through because of him.

"I agree," said Naruto grinning a grin that was just like his Mother when she was his age.

And with that said...they struck.

As for Minato himself, he sensed them at the last moment, turning his body to see both his wife, and son upon him before they pushed him hard against the bars of the cage. It didn't hurt that badly like he expected, but by the time he straightened himself, the reason behind their action was too late to realize, and the once great Yondaime Hokage found himself being pulled into the cage by the Kyuubi.

"I thought after being sealed inside this boy, your own son no less, I would never get a chance to rip you to pieces, and get my revenge!" said Kyuubi, as he grinned viciously at the now frightened Namikaze, and it was truly a sight to behold.

"Kyuubi listen to me. Please! If you make the prophecy come true, then you will unleash something far worse then yourself, and bring about the death of countless lives. Surely, you don't wish to bring about his return, and untold destruction that isn't brought about by your own hands?" said Minato, as he tried to plea to Kyuubi's reasoning, and ego since it was clear the fox had one when they fought.

"And you think I prefer the alternative? To live in a vessel that is weak, crippled, and unable to use his fullpotential? I find such a way of life an insult! Better my life end in a vessel stronger then myself then one that can't even perform one the basics of your weakest of Jutsus!" said Kyuubi, as it lashed out at the late Hokage, and the screams echoed for what seemed like hours to the two people outside the cage.

"It's a good thing that time has so little relevance here in your mind Naruto-kun," said Kushina seeing her son smile and she could help in smiling back.

"Yeah. Otherwise I would be screwed over more then I've already been," said Naruto before he let out a laugh that was slightly muffled by his Father's screams of pain at the hands of Kyuubi.

After the screams died out, Kyuubi appeared before them grinning a grin that made it seem today was the fox's birthday, and knew the demon had gotten his well deserved revenge on the Yondaime.

"Shall we proceed?" said Kyuubi seeing the two nod.

"Yes. I'm going to help with this too. With our combined chakra we can purge all the seals on Naruto's body and keep what he can't take from killing him. If everything works out the way we want, both of you will live, and the prophecy will have been fulfilled," said Kushina seeing Naruto stare at her with worry.

"Wait! You're not going to survive this? At all?" said Naruto, as he didn't want to lose his Mother for a second time, and even more so when there wasn't even a once for them.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but my time here was never meant to be forever, and I doubt you'd want your own Mother in your head for when you become a full grown man doing full grown man like things," said Kushina seeing her son look away with a blush on his face and she shouldn't help herself in laughing.

"Good point," said Naruto before turning to the Kyuubi and reached for the seal tag on the cage and ripped it off before the doors slowly opened.

In an instant, Naruto's body was consumed in demonic chakra, and through it a shadowy figure seemed to manifest itself in it with glowing turquoise eyes...smiling.

"I have returned," said the whispery that now let out an chuckle that spelled doom for all that opposed him.

(In the Real World)

"What happened?" said the Sandaime arriving on the scene in his battle armor along with four platoons of ANBU beside him all ready for combat.

"Mizuki tricked Naruto into stealing the Forbidden Scroll after I...after I failed him earlier at the Academy in the belief he was trying to pass a secret to become a Genin if he was able to successfully steal the scroll. When I came here, Naruto was reading some kind of letter in his hands, and then looked at me like I was his greatest enemy. Hokage-sama, what is going on?" said Iruka, as he looked from the Hokage to the tower of incredible light based power, and it terrified the man even more then when the Kyuubi attacked.

"Damn it! Get into position and prepare to attack on my orders only!" said the Sandaime, as he realized they were in trouble, and the prophecy was mere seconds away from being fulfilled.

Within moments, the light slowly thinned down to reveal a shadowy figure taller then Naruto, but still just a young boy, and yet they could feel his immense power. When the light cleared, a young boy twice the height of Naruto stood, wearing a loose shirt that showed lots of muscle on the upper torso in the center that was exposed, and black baggy pants with combat boots of the same color. His hair was long, flowing down his back with the color of the hair being silver, and the turquoise eyes that had slits instead of pupils.

"As I told Cloud Strife all those years ago, I...will never be a memory," sad the boy, as he smiled a cruel smile at the Sandaime and the old Kage felt his heart freezing at the sight of it.

'It actually happened. Sephiroth has returned through Naruto!' thought the Sandaime, as he had been thinking that by this point, the seals had done their job, and was planning to have Jiraiya slowly remove them in the next couple of years when he returned from being out spying/peeping throughout the Elemental Countries.

"You look surprised to see me old man. You shouldn't be, considering how you conspired with my Father to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass, and tried to make me your little toy. My Mother was most displeased with him and you for your actions against her only son," said the figure looking at the old Kage with enigmatic eyes that were making the "God of Shinobi" Sandaime Hokage want to run away in fright.

"Naruto I...," said the Sandaime, but the glow in the boy's eyes that flashed made any words spoken choke in his throat, and made the ANBU tense.

"My no longer Naruto. That boy was shell of his true self. No thanks to you or my Father of course. My true name now is...Namikaze Sephiroth: The One Winged Angel of Death!" said Sephiroth, as he raised his hand to his waist, and a long greenish energy manifested itself there before is solidified into that of a very long sword.

A Nodachi.

'That sword. Sephiroth's legendary blade...Masamune!' thought the Sandaime, as he had heard of that sword the man wielded, and was said to be lost forever...unless called for by its one true Master.

"Hokage-sama, we have to kill him now!" said the ANBU Captain wearing bird mask.

"Kill me? You've been trying to kill me for over a decade and have all failed since. What makes you think I can be killed now?" said Sephiroth looking at them all with calculating eyes.

"You may some have power demon, but your still in child form, and even a monster in child form can be killed!" said another ANBU drawing his sword and the others did the same.

"Such foolish behavior. You can take such things with you into the abyss," said Sephiroth before he vanished from their sight and reappeared mere steps from the Hokage.

The ANBU instantly became blood smears that stained the ground and trees with their crimson essence of life.

"N-Naruto I...I'm sorr-AAH!" said the Sandaime, but the man was stabbed into the tree behind him by Sephiroth, and the young boy was giving the old Kage a piercing look that made the Sandaime flinch.

"The time for your lies upon lies is at end old man. I will not hear them, I will not believe them, and I refuse accept any of them that you give me," said Sephiroth, as he twisted the blade of Masamune slightly, and smiled at seeing the old man cry out in pain with blood coming down the side of his mouth.

"I didn't always lie to you Naruto. I do care about you," said the Sandaime, as he let out another gasp of pain when the former blonde twisted more of the blade, and thrust it a little bit deeper.

"You said that to me before when you really meant you cared about the village. You kept saying 'I'm sorry' when you really meant 'I don't care'. In regards to knowing about my family, you kept saying 'One day soon I'll tell you 'when in reality you kept saying 'I'll never tell you. No one will', and kept the truth locked away knowing how damaging it would be," said Sephiroth cocking his head to the right and then to the left.

Behind him in the shadows of the trees Mizuki looked on in amazement.

'He's distracted. All I have to do is get that scroll and give it to Orochimaru! Then I will be rewarded for my accomplishments with incredible power!' thought Mizuki, as he saw it lying crumpled on the ground, and was well outside of the Nodachi's cutting range.

"Tell me why I should show you or anyone in the village mercy old man? Why should I spare the lives of people that hate me for something I wasn't? Something that you had a part in shortly after the sealing," said Sephiroth, as he sensed movement behind him, and what that person was trying to do.

"Not everyone hates you Naruto. The younger generation can still be saved. You can still show them all that you're not what they say you are," said the Sandaime knowing that if he could just convince the boy to stop this, it would give the old Kage a chance to contact Jiraiya, and plan a sealing of Naruto's power once again.

"Oh really? So when the parents of these children say and I quote 'Stay away from that monster son. He's really a beast that is not to be trusted' I should simply try proving them wrong by letting these people beat me within an inch of my life?" said Sephiroth he saw the Sandaime nod.

"It will show them you are human. That a monster would have retaliated and tried to destroy them," said the Sandaime before crying out in pain when the boy drove more of his blade into him before the sword went through the Hokage's back.

"I see. Perhaps we should try that with your Grandson. He's what? Eight years old now? Just turned recently correct? I think I should head to your home to test this little theory of yours," said Sephiroth, as he saw the Sandaime's eyes widen in fear, and smirked at the Hokage's reaction.

"Don't! Please don't Naruto," said the Sandaime knowing that his Grandson didn't deserve to suffer for his mistakes.

"No. You're right. I shouldn't kill him. After would be wrong to kill a witness to my eventual masterpiece," said Sephiroth before quickly raising his left hand behind his back and fired off an intense blast of Lightning from it that struck Mizuki a few feet away from the Forbidden Scroll.

"H-How did you do that without hand signs?" said the Sandaime seeing the cruel smirk in the boy's face at the sound of the attack striking Mizuki and destroying the traitor with only a few ashes remaining to be scattered into the wind.

"I've never had to do anything involving that centuries ago why should my time in this world now be any different? Also, your Forbidden Scroll of Sealing is practically worse less to nothing, and is now lost to the Leaf," said Sephiroth, as various orbs now arose from the scroll, and then entered the Namikaze's body one at a time.

"What are you doing?" said the Sandaime seeing the last orb enter the boy's body.

"All the knowledge within the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing has now become my own to command. Mine to control how I see fit," said Sephiroth seeing the horrified look on the Hokage's face at what was just said.

Every single powerful Jutsu and ability written down in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing since the days of the Shodaime Hokage himself had been somehow taken out of the scroll before being absorbed into the young warrior's body to use how he saw fit.

'Kami help us,' thought the Sandaime, as he realized that story behind Sephiroth of old being a Master in manipulating the elements was indeed true, and newly reincarnated Sephiroth before him had quite the arsenal to use on the Elemental Countries.

"Your time in this world is at an end Sandaime Hokage. Any last words you wish to say before I kill you?" said Sephiroth, as he saw the Sandaime struggling to breathe, and was trying to glare at him defiantly.

"The world will stop you Sephiroth. They will not allow someone like you to live when they discover you've returned. Not even you have the power to stop the Shinobi villages or the people of the Elemental Countries ready to fight a monster like yourself," said the Sandaime knowing his time was at an end.

"Of course they will fight me. They will use this moment and yourself as a martyr to rally everyone to fight my right to exist. It won't last long though. Not when they see just who I target and why they are targeted. This world is about to be tested by me old man. Those that pass my test live. Those that fail...well you don't have to be a genius that out," said Sephiroth smiling at the Sandaime before pulling the blade out and in a flash of movement...the legendary God of Shinobi was now death.

Sliced diagonally in half.

Sephiroth dispelled Masamune from his hand knowing it would not be needed anymore for tonight and began to walk away...before stopping to stare at the one person left alive from this moment.

"N-Naruto?" said Iruka nervous, as he was mentally checking his past time spent with the boy, and seeing if the two had ever had problems.

Aside from some pranks, skipping classes, and various detentions...nothing seemed to spring to Iruka's mind.

"Don't worry Iruka. You've been good to me. You tried to teach me despite my situation at the time, which while not entirely my fault is not an excuse, and I know that you're one of the few that didn't hate me for what I hold inside. For that, I am letting you go, and I want you to tell the people of the Leaf what I've done here. Tell them everything that you've seen, heard, tasted, and touched down to the last detail your mind can recall of this moment in time. I want your words to spread like a wild fire that cannot be tamed. For your words to spread throughout the land, to each village, and to each country that the ancient prophecy that foretold of the Namikaze Sephiroth's return...has finally happened," said Sephiroth before walking away from Iruka into the shadows of the forest area let out an eerie chuckle that sent a shiver down the Chuunin's spine.

The young boy was about 50 feet away from the area when he sensed someone not that far away looking in his direction and the young silver haired warrior stopped. Slowly, Sephiroth turned to where he sensed this figure looking at him, and then...vanished!

The person watching him gasped, as she took a step back, and stopped when her body was stopped by something that wasn't there before. Letting out a loud gulp, the spy turned around slowly, and stared into the eyes of the one she was spying on.

"You mask your presence well...Hyuuga Hinata," said Sephiroth in a whispery voice, as he saw the head band of the Leaf on her forehead, and looked into her eyes to see the girl that could one day be his enemy.

Though from what he saw through his own memories, the silver haired boy didn't want her to be an enemy, and hoped Hinata didn't want to his either.

"N-Naruto-kun. I-I what...what h-happened to y-you?" said Hinata, as she saw her crush become this silver haired God now standing here, and felt his incredible power looming over her body.

"You've been watching this whole time, haven't you?" said Sephiroth, as he loved how she spoke his old name, and saw Hinata blushing at being caught spying/stalking him.

She knew what happened, but even after seeing it, Hinata still had a hard time believing it.

"I-I didn't mean t-to spy o-on y-you Naruto-kun. When the a-alarm went o-off, I-I snuck out o-of my home to h-help everyone else, and I-I followed your chakra s-signature here with my Byakugan," said Hinata looking at the boy seeing smile a gentle smile at her and she couldn't help the rushing heat that swarmed her face.

"You only wish to do your loyal duty as a Shinobi of the Leaf. To prove yourself among your peers that you can be strong like them despite being so young. I must commend you on doing such an honorable thing despite what your profession requires of you to be the exact opposite in certain cases," said Sephiroth, as he put his index, and middle finger together before caressing the Hyuuga girl's flushed red face from the contact.

"W-What about y-you? What a-are you g-going to do n-now?" said Hinata, as she was finding it hard to focus on the living Adonis before her due to the physical contact, and yet it was because of the physical contact that she wished to know should such an event never happen again.

"My place is not here in the Leaf. As to why that will soon understand that reason Hyuuga Hinata when the people of Konoha react to what you have had the privilege to secretly witness after Iruka tells them about how I killed the late Sandaime Hokage. That I am the second coming of a deadly monster far worse the Kyuubi ever was when he attacked," said Sephiroth, as he saw the girl look at him with sadness, and was surprised she didn't have one of anger.

"You're not a monster or a demon despite what people kept saying. At least...not to me. I never thought of you like that," said Hinata, as she saw him raise an eyebrow, and it was clear he wasn't expecting that response.

"You don't? Then what do you see with those eyes?" said Sephiroth his voice a whisper, but he was so close Hinata could hear him easily as if he was yelling, and saw her body fidget when looking into her eyes.

"I-I see...someone who has seen pain, suffering, and...loneliness," said Hinata, as she was a bit terrified in telling him the truth, and what he would do upon hearing her words.

Then again, lying to her crush was not something she wanted to do, and felt that it was best to die speaking the truth.

"You have sharp eyes for one so young. Gentle, yet sharp. You will go far if given the chance Hyuuga Hinata. You will indeed go far," said Sephiroth, as he nodded his head in agreement with what she said about him, and could not do anything to dispute the truth behind her words.

And with that done, Sephiroth took one step back from Hinata, and began to walk away from her.

"Wait! Um...will I-I ever see you again?" said Hinata, as she felt cold without him being near her, and didn't want him to leave.

"Maybe. Maybe not. The road I take can always take me back here. Whether we do meet again or not, I want you to grow up to be strong Hyuuga Hinata, and perhaps...perhaps I the infamous Namikaze Sephiroth will see the fruits of your labor from such efforts," said Sephiroth, as he looked back slightly at Hinata with a smirk on his face, and then without another word continued on without looking back any further.

Where the One-Winged Angel of Death traveled throughout the Elemental Countries, she could not follow, and would have to wait until the time was right until she even could.

The Elemental Countries were in for a rude awakening.

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