Chapter 10-Time Flies

Three years has past since Sephiroth had hit Konoha hard. Three years since the Leaf's Hokage, a one Senju Tsunade, her assistant Shizune, and apprentice Hyuuga Hinata left the village. During that time, Namikaze Sephiroth was a marked man, but given a wide space at first after word got out about the devastation the man caused, and gave him along with the others a chance to plan for the future. The former Sound Shinobi, who had once served under Orochimaru didn't want to leave Sephiroth, as he had been good to them, and would follow him anywhere.

Within a few days of leaving Konoha, the group had met up with Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata to discus their futures knowing it wouldn't be long before they were all hunted down by the Leaf's Hunter Nin. The problem was where do they go and how to prevent Konoha Shinobi or any other Shinobi from another village from hunting them all down like dogs.

The answer came thanks to Haku, as she suggested both groups go to Mist, as they could acquire refuge there after Zabuza had overthrown the Mizukage, and the Demon of the Bloody Mist had become its new ruler. While hesitant to go at first, the group as a whole realized they had no where else to go since Wave was out of the question, and every other village would be out for their blood. Well, except for Suna, but they weren't going to risk it, and decided Haku's idea was the best one they had. Upon arriving to Mist, the group was instantly met by Zabuza, who had successfully overthrown the Mizukage with the help of a redheaded woman, and his secret girlfriend Terumi Mei.

Since then, Sephiroth along with the others had become official Shinobi of the Mist, and fixed the problems had within it. Tsunade ran the hospital with an iron fist and Shizune being her assistant to make sure the fist didn't kill anyone stupid enough to question her. After the previous Mizukage was slain, a look through his own personal effects revealed Yagura, who was the three-tailed Jinchuriki, had a detailed personal journal, which held clues to the madness of his life regarding the Bloodline Civil War, and cryptic messages hidden underneath the writing. References had been made to a pair of eyes that were used to influence the man's behavior, speaking to him before speaking to others, and how deep down the late Mizukage was filled with regret for not being strong enough to fight back against the Puppeteer that pulled his strings from the shadows.

When Sephiroth was shown the journal, he scanned the contents of the book, and found the description of the eyes used against the former Mizukage made the Namikaze draw the conclusion that Sharingan Eyes were used on the man. After consulting with Zabuza, Tsunade, and Mei since she was in Mist's ANBU in order to hide her bloodlines from the Mist Shinobi hunting people for them. The four had determined that there was an Uchiha out there in the Elemental Countries with incredible power, as Tsunade had revealed her Grandfather had a similar power, but with the opposite effect on demons, or Jinchuriki in terms of calming them down. Mei had noticed during her time in Mist's ANBU squads that Yagura had glassy eyes like he was under a Genjutsu and had on more then one time tried to secretly break what she thought was one surrounding him, but the man was unaffected by each attempt, and she shrugged it off in being something that had to do with being the three-tailed Jinchuriki.

Zabuza suggested it was possibly Uchiha Itachi since the man was possibly the only one in existence to have the Sharingan Eyes now and could have the skills to sneak into the Mist to influence Yagura. Sephiroth however, disagreed with that statement since Yagura had long been manipulated before Itachi had mastered the power of his eyes, and thus it couldn't be him. Tsunade had an idea, but was unsure if it was even remotely possible considering the one person she could think was capable of this manipulation was suppose to be dead, and had died fighting her Grandfather.

His name was Uchiha Madara.

However, Sephiroth was sure the man was in fact alive, as the facts had shown the very founder of the Uchiha Clan was not dead like many thought, and had plotted to weaken Mist since the bloodlines in the village prior to the Bloodline Civil War were a threat to the Sharingan. Everything was done in a calculating manner where only one person could possibly benefit from such things and that person was Uchiha Madara.

So for the past three years, Sephiroth had been preparing himself, Haku, and his other subordinates for the battles to come. Fortunately, they had the time to do that, as the Leaf's chain of command was still being figured out, as Kumo had strengthened their own borders during the shift in power, and Iwa was gearing up for a possible fight with the Leaf with the signs of weakness in having so many Shinobi die. Suna was also following Kumo's lead by going defensive too, as it had no reason anymore to stay allied with the Leaf, had no ties to Iwa, and shifted into being a more active Shinobi village. The wrath of Namikaze Sephiroth had put a lot of people on edge, the fact he was once the Kyuubi Jinchuriki after fully absorbing the last of the fox's power into his body made them very nervous, and the fact his associates were also strong too only added to the other villages thinking twice about attacking Mist.

As for Sephiroth himself, on an emotional level of understanding things, Haku had done everything in her power to help him understand love, and got the One-Winged Angel of Death to feel it during their time together. Haku wasn't the only one helping either, as the shy Hyuuga Hinata herself had finally admitted with help from Tsunade, and Shizune that she liked the silver haired swordsman. Telling the Namikaze to his face, even being so bold as to say it in front of Haku, and not wavering in the slightest knowing it could be all or nothing at that point. At first, Haku was against having such help from the beautiful Hyuuga girl, but Hinata would not budge, and even challenged the female ice user to an all out fight with the winner earning the right to be called the Namikaze's lover.

Sephiroth would have none of that.

Sephiroth had seen enough fan girls, lovers, and other relationships fall apart because the male was loved by more then one female. He had seen females fight like wild animals, hurting each other for the one male, when all they had to do was share the male they both wanted, and coexist with each other in a delicate symbiotic balance.

So Sephiroth put his foot down, telling Haku if she couldn't share him with Hinata, then there would be no union between any of them, and that would be the end of it. Neither girl wanted that and both promised to share him while secretly making sure the other girl wasn't gaining more favor.

That was six Months ago.

On this particular morning, Sephiroth awoke to what was becoming a routine thing for him, as both Haku, and Hinata were now sleeping on either side of his bare chest. Each woman wearing little in terms of undergarments, as they snuggled up to him with a sense of warmth, and contentment neither girl wished to lose. While they slept Sephiroth stared at the ceiling of his home, which was according to everyone outside, who had seen it had basically stated the place was a mansion, and suspected the idea for the house being so big came from Haku on account of the young swordsman needing to rebuild his clan. The silver haired swordsman wondered how this was even possible for someone like himself to be loved not just by one woman, but two of them, and how they wanted to be with him at all.

He was a bringer of death. Who wants to be tied to him in terms of romance and love?

"Sephiroth-kun," said Haku lovingly, as she kissed his left shoulder, and moaned for his touch.

"One more time. Keep going," said Hinata, as she was in her own dream, and it didn't take a genius to know it was a perverted one.

They did apparently.

'Mother, what would you think of me now, and would you approve of new course I have taken?' thought Sephiroth, as he knew his previous self would have never partaken to the pleasures of the flesh, as that version of himself would have considered such things to be meaningless, and a waste of time for him.

Sephiroth blamed the part of him that was Uzumaki Naruto. That little fraction of a soul in him that was his conscious. Telling him to be with those that actually cared and didn't fear his wrath like everyone else did. Sephiroth couldn't argue with that, as few did more then fear him, and it was a rare if not a refreshing feeling to be around someone that was not afraid to be in his presence without the fear of having a sword take their head off.

"Good morning Sephiroth-kun," said Haku, as she awoke from her slumber, and smiled a the swordsman's face.

"And good morning to you too Haku-chan," said Sephiroth in his usual smooth voice that could make women swoon and melt butter.

"Sleep well?" said Haku while still smiling.

"With you and Hinata beside me? Always," said Sephiroth, as he saw Haku's smile now decrease slightly, but it returned a second later, and knew the female ice user still didn't trust Hinata.

Even now, Haku still felt the whispered desire to reach for Hinata's neck, and give it a squeeze until she heard the pleasant "snap!" sound that came from crushing someone's throat.

"What are your plans for today my love?" said Haku just as Hinata was awakening from her own slumber.

"Business with your surrogate Father I'm afraid. There is a mission for me that requires my full attention today," said Sephiroth while Haku and Hinata pouted at him.

"What kind of mission?" said Hinata seeing Sephiroth turn his head to her now.

"He didn't say. Another high ranking mission would be my guess," said Sephiroth, as he had been sent on quite a few of them in the past three years learned much in regards to the Akatsuki organization hunting the other Jinchuriki, and several of its members.

A raid on the late Orochimaru's bases helped in giving him information even if it was partially outdated since being collected.

So after rising from their beds, the three showered separately, and got dressed before heading to the Mizukage Tower to see Zabuza buried deep in paperwork. The man had clearly realized that the paperwork would forever haunt him too late after becoming the new Mizukage and was seconds away from chopping the desk in half with the papers along with it before they came in.

"Oh thank Kami its you three. I thought Mei had come in with more paperwork for me to sign," said Zabuza, as he secretly suspected Mei was doing this on purpose out of some form of spite to get back at him for becoming Mizukage, and was laughing at his expense in the process.

(With Mei)

The red haired woman was laughing evilly at putting so much paperwork on Zabuza's desk before she sneezed and thought the man was talking about her. Letting out a small sniffle, Mei continued laughing evilly at how she got her lover to become consumed in doing paperwork while she got to lounge about reading romance novels, and sipping fine wine.

(Back at the Mizukage Tower)

"You have a mission for us?" said Hinata seeing Zabuza shake his head no.

"Not for you three. Just your boyfriend here. High priority one," said Zabuza, as he threw the mission scroll at Sephiroth, who caught it, and read the contents.

"Two members of the Akatsuki organization are on the move near Kumo. No doubt they are aiming for the other Jinchuriki there. You want me to intercept them?" said Sephiroth seeing Zabuza nod his head.

"Yeah. Since your own tenant has been fully absorbed into you for a short while, we don't have to worry about them targeting you for that purpose, and basically cut lose in taking them down. I've also got reports of the new Hokage Danzo trying to find the Jinchuriki in Taki, as he plans to use her like a weapon, and its rumored he had a means to do that. We don't know how he can since the Uchiha bloodline has been removed from Konoha, but the old geezer wouldn't be trying unless he had a way to do it, and most likely does so. I'm having Kimimaro, Kin, and Kidomaru heading to Taki to warn the girl there of the threat the Leaf represents," said Zabuza seeing Sephiroth nod.

"What about us?" said Haku seeing Zabuza give her a mission scroll.

"You two are going on a mission with Dosu, Zaku, and Tayuya to Snow Country on an A-ranked mission to protect some famous actress. She's filming some movie and there is a scene where they intend to shoot in heavily snow filled area. Don't let down your guard while there since Snow is ruled by a cruel dictator named Doto and will most likely cause you problems with his Snow Shinobi if they are sent to investigate," said Zabuza, as he knew the terrain would give Haku a distinct advantage with the water during the boat ride over, and the ice cold temperatures practically unaffecting her physically.

"When do we leave?" said Hinata knowing the sooner they completed the mission the sooner she could be with Sephiroth again.

"Within the hour. Pack what you need and get ready to move. Oh, one more thing. The actress in question gets flighty in a dramatic fashion so don't be surprised if she tries to run," said Zabuza seeing the girls nod before all three left.

"Oh Zabuza-kun, I have more paperwork for you," said Mei in a sweet voice that Zabuza knew was as sweet as sour grapes.

"DAMN IT WOMAN! STOP GIVING ME SO MUCH PAPERWORK!" yelled Zabuza in irritation.

"THEN PUT A BABY IN ME DAMN IT!" yelled Mei, as she dropped the papers on his desk, and gave him with a look in her eyes that told him to choose his next course of action.

One option was doing countless hours of paperwork.


Or impregnating Mei and being a Father to a kid that will whine all day with its Mother telling him to be a man in raising the child after she used the pregnancy to marry him.

"Hand me that form would you," said Zabuza causing Mei scream in fury and hit him over the head with a paperweight before storming out.

"YOU ARE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TONIGHT!" yelled Mei before slamming the door shut.

"It was worth it," said Zabuza since he wasn't ready to be a Father and night of sex that would knock up his girlfriend wasn't worth nine Months of her going hormonally crazy with a kid that she'd pin on him to look over.

(Lightning Country-With Sephiroth)

"Okay. Not what I was expecting," said Sephiroth seeing himself surrounded by Kumo Shinobi armed to the teeth and Nii Yugito with them.

"You are trespassing Mist Shinobi," said Yugito stepping forward and seeing he was indeed the infamous Namikaze Sephiroth she had heard about.

"I know. I'm actually here to intercept two Missing Nin high up in what you may have heard as the Akatsuki organization. I believe they are after you," said Sephiroth seeing Yugito stiffen a bit with the Nibi inside of her shaking a little in fear.

"So you know what I am," said Yugito seeing Sephiroth nod.

"Of course. Hard not to. I could sense the Nibi's power before I was halfway here," said Sephiroth seeing the Kumo Shinobi around Yugito become tense.

"How do we know you aren't here to capture me like the Akatsuki are trying to do?" said Yugito seeing Sephiroth smirk at her.

"If I wanted to capture you, then your fellow Kumo Shinobi would be dead by now, and I would have dragged your broken body back to Mist," said Sephiroth before he flared his power to cause every Shinobi around him to tremble in fear.

"I see. I sense you are as strong as the rumors claim," said Yugito while hearing Nibi tell her that Kyuubi had been fully absorbed into the Namikaze and was no more.

"No. The rumors are inaccurate. I'm stronger," said Sephiroth simply yet his face had a predatory look to it that made several Chuunin with Yugito shiver.

"You claimed the Akatsuki are coming here for me? Are they after the Raikage's brother Killer Bee too?" said Yugito before Sephiroth shook his head.

"I don't know if they are after him. I do know they are coming here for you. I am here to kill them. Nothing more," said Sephiroth seeing the Shinobi around him look to Yugito, who simply stared at the Namikaze, and the swordsman just stared back at her.

"How do I know you will just stop at killing them and not us? We all know what you did to Konoha. How you killed Jiraiya of the Sannin, the Fire Daimyo, the Sandaime Hokage, and Uchiha Sasuke in less then a year. Not to mention the Shinobi after you were leaving that tried to stop you," said Yugito seeing Sephiroth smile a somewhat sinister smile at her.

"They deserved to die. They were betrayers and deceivers all. Why wouldn't I kill them for their actions against me?" said Sephiroth seeing Yugito had no response to that simple question.

"Do we have your word you won't attack Kumo or any of your Shinobi while here while hunting them down?" said Yugito seeing Sephiroth nod his head yes.

"Provided I'm not attacked by any Shinobi while hunting for them," said Sephiroth while Yugito nodded in agreement since she didn't want to fight the Namikaze with his power far surpassing her own.

"Agreed," said Yugito before ordering the others to step away from him.

"Thank you. I sense they are nearby. Leave them to me. They were no doubt assigned to capture you and have the power to negate the Nibi inside your body," said Sephiroth, as he began walking towards the location of the two Akatsuki members, and the group of Kumo Shinobi giving him a lot of space.

"Should we really let him go Yugito-san?" said a Kumo Shinobi of Chuunin rank.

"He could have killed us at any time. Why provoke the Angel of Death's wrath and march to our deaths? Let him hunt for the two Akatsuki members and remove one less threat to Kumo. We need to get back to the village to report this to the Raikage lookout for any more members of the organization," said Yugito simply since the Raikage could setup measure to combat the Akatsuki.

(Sometime Later)

"I hate this! Trucking through a fucking forest. Going all stealth like for this Jinchuriki when we should go in there and spill all the fucking blood in the name of Jashin-sama!" said Hidan, as he walked with his partner Kakuzu to Kumo, where the Nibi Jinchuriki was located, and the one they were assigned to capture.

"Shut up Hidan! We have our orders. Unless you want to tell Pein-sama how you feel about this mission yourself?" said Kakuzu knowing it would shut the man up.

"It won't be necessary to tell this Pein both of you will soon be dead," said Sephiroth appearing in front of them with Masamune out.

"Holy shit! It's that Namikaze fuck responsible for killing so many Leaf Shinobi and the Fire Daimyo!" said Hidan seeing Sephiroth's blade shine in the sunlight.

"Crap! We don't have time for this. We came for the Nibi. Not him!" said Kakuzu while knowing the bounty on the man's head was massive and was so damn tempted to collect it right now.

"It wouldn't matter. Kyuubi has been fully absorbed into me. He no longer exists," said Sephiroth seeing the two members look at him with surprise.

"What? Oh man! Pein-sama is going to be pissed!" said Kakuzu knowing that the group was going to fall apart real fast when they hear how one of the key components needed for the statue was lost.

"Indeed he will be. I'll spare you his wrath by killing you both and telling him the bad news myself!" said Sephiroth, as he rushed forward, and stabbed the money hungry Shinobi in the chest with his sword.

"Not bad. You got one of my hearts. I hope you don't mind I take yours as a brand new replacement," said Kakuzu while Sephiroth saw Hidan bring out his scythe.

"You assume I'm done in attempting to kill you just by stabbing one of your five hearts with my sword. 'Tempest Rage!'" said Sephiroth before sending lightning through his blade into Kakuzu and enjoyed hearing the Missing Nin from Taki cry out in pain.

"Kakuzu!" said Hidan, as he swung his weapon Sephiroth, who turned slightly, angled his arm, and caught the weapon below the blade with his free hand.

"Wait your turn Akatsuki member. Your death will come soon enough," said Sephiroth, as he kicked the Jashinist away while still looking at Kakuzu, and the man trying to free himself from the Namikaze's sword.

'He's attacking my hearts with this lightning attack using the sword piercing my heart,' thought Kakuzu, as he felt his remaining hearts spasm in pain, and have heart attacks at the same time.

It wouldn't be long before all of them failed and he died.

"Fucking heretic! Die in the name of Jashin," said Hidan, as he charged in again, and tried to spill some of Sephiroth's blood so he could perform the necessary ritual.

"Barrier!" said Sephiroth in a smooth barely audible voice with the shield made of energy manifested before repelling the Jashinist away.

"Pein-sama will defeat you," said Kakuzu while falling to his knees.

"Really? And you have drawn that exactly?" said Sephiroth in a semi-curious tone.

"He's a God," said Kakuzu simply.

"Really? That's very interesting because the thing is...I'm a God too!" said Sephiroth, as he sliced through Kakuzu with a arc of lightning cutting through the Missing Nin, and through a couple hundred trees in the process.

"You may have been able to kill Kakuzu, but have the blessing of Jashin-sama, and my God will not let me die," said Hidan seeing Sephiroth looking in his direction with an amused expression.

"And I have the backing of Gaia. Goddess and Mother of the world itself. All of nature is hers to command and has blessed me with that very same ability. All the elements bow to me as they would her. Just as you will bow to me before you die!" said Sephiroth seeing Hidan growl at him.

"Never! Die you fucking heretic," said Hidan, who attempted to strike Sephiroth down with his scythe, but the Namikaze easily blocked each strike with his sword, and kicked the Jashinist away.

"Is this it? Is this all the power your God has given you? Pathetic," said Sephiroth, as he leapt away from Hidan, and hovered in the air with a smile on his face.

"Come down here and die you fucker!" said Hidan up at Sephiroth, who formed an orb of energy into his hand, and stared down at the Jashinist.

"I think its time to test your God's blessing in keeping you alive. Let's see how his power fairs against mine. 'Ultima Rasengan!'" said Sephiroth before he dove towards the ground with his arm out with the orb in hand and upon impact with the ground created a massive explosion that shook the ground along with everything around the Namikaze for miles.

Hidan didn't even get a chance to mentally pray to Jashin for help, as he was vaporized in an instant, and there was nothing left to keep the man alive.

All around Sephiroth, a roaring inferno raged around him, consuming the trees, the rocks, and the very ground from his devastating attack responsible for causing the fire. Slowly, the Namikaze walked through the flames, unharmed, burn free, and decided to meet up with his two favorite women to see how they were doing in Taki.

"By Kami. Look at the destruction he caused," said a Kumo Shinobi of Jounin rank, as he kneeling before a cliff's edge with Yugito, and seeing the damage Sephiroth caused.

"I see. Nibi is cowering in fear of him. Those two chakra signatures we sensed down there a moment ago are gone. Not surprising given the attack," said Yugito before she stood up and kept her senses on the Namikaze.

"Where is he headed now?" said the Kumo Jounin knowing they would have to hustle to Kumo to report to the Raikage soon.

"He's heading West. Away from Kumo. He's sticking to his word," said Yugito while she sensed the other Kumo Shinobi around her sigh with relief.

"Good. That guy scares the crap out of me," said Kumo Jounin while the others agreed with his sentiment.

"No argument there. Come on. Let's return to Kumo and report what happened. We took a big enough risk not doing that in the first place to see the Namikaze fight," said Yugito before she and the group took off.

They had no intention of stopping for a second time.