Chapter 2-The Angel and Demons

(A/N: Okay. Real quick note here. In the first chapter there was a minor...error in terms of describing Naruto's/Sephiroth's height when he became the One-Wing Angel and it needs to be corrected. Sephiroth's height is higher then Shino's by a few inches and the only reason I wrote what I did in the first chapter was because of the restriction seals for his height. Plus the malnutrition Naruto got as a kid basically made him to be severely short so you have to picture the kid being shorter then usual. Just thought I'd clear this up. ENJOY!)

Sephiroth walked through the dense forest on the borders of Fire Country with a smile on is face the whole way through his traveling to wherever he felt like going. It had been a little over a week since his new found freedom and Sephiroth relished every second of it. The memories of pain, suffering, and figurative suffocation in being Uzumaki Naruto in all aspects were fresh in the young warriors mind. He was shorter then all the kids at the Academy, considered the dumbest of all of them too, and easiest of prey for others to take their pains out on simply because they could.

But like the old saying goes, what doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger, and that was exactly what happened in the end with Naruto being reborn as Sephiroth. With no more seals restricting, suppressing, or doing anything to impede his abilities the One-Winged Angel felt like a bird free from its cage flying anywhere his heart desired.

'Though that won't last long. No doubt the powers that be in Konoha will seek to cut my flying short,' thought Sephiroth, as he frowned at that, and knew soon every high ranking Shinobi would be searching for him.

Sephiroth soon stopped in his tracks while stopping that line of thought when he sensed a small group of people that were camping out not that far away. Curious, the boy walked towards the group, and saw them sitting by a warm fire eating a meal of ration bars that seemed to be a common thing from the sight of them resisting the desire gag when eating.

"This deal we got with Gato makes me nervous Boss," said one of the two short almost identical twin looking figures wearing a gauntlet on one hand.

"Me too. I hear he's a real snake in the grass," said the other "twin" before biting down on his ration bar.

"So what if Gato is a snake in the grass? It's those kind of guys, who pay the most, and that's what we need," said the "Boss" giving the "twins" a glare while the girl near him wearing a strange mask on the side of her face stayed quiet.

"What if he betrays us?" said the first "twin" curiously.

"Then you and your brother will take him out in the way you kill best," said the "Boss", as he stopped in the middle of eating, and looked in Sephiroth's direction.

"I was beginning to wonder when you would sense me," said Sephiroth walking into their campsite and was greeted with the four people now getting ready for a fight.

"You've got a lot of balls to come in like your hot stuff brat!" said the second "twin" now wielding both gauntlets just like the first "twin" with both ready to pounce with both of them having their knees bent.

"Why are you here?" said the girl putting her mask on and got ready to fight using senbon needles she brought to her fingers.

"Me? I'm just passing through, but then sensed your little group here eating, and talking about a possible job with someone named Gato," said Sephiroth, as he took a few more steps into the camp, and looked at how they were now ready to attack him all at once.

"Meaning we can't let you live," said the "Boss" of the group with the large sword in hand.

"Really? Shame. I wanted to join you in your little business opportunity. Surely an extra hand in what the job you're hired for could use an extra hand?" said Sephiroth, as he saw the "twins" laugh a little, and saw then saw the "Boss" smirk like it was joke.

It wasn't.

"What we intend to do is work for a real slime ball and get our hands really bloody. You are just a punk kid, what could you know of spilling blood, and being an agent of death?" said the "Boss" seeing the kid, who was possibly Haku's age, and had an air of confidence about him.

But it was those eyes that unsettled the leader of the group.

"Me? Spilling blood? Yes, I think I know something of that, and being an agent of death when you consider the fact...the Sandaime Hokage of the Leaf was killed by my hands," said Sephiroth seeing the surprise on the groups face and the disbelief that followed.

"You did what? Impossible!" said the "Boss" of the group since he clearly didn't believe a kid could take down a Kage.

"Nothing is impossible when it comes to me," said Sephiroth, as he raised his hand, and he manifested his Nodachi before their very eyes.

"What the Hell?" said the "twins" at the same time.

"You weren't bluffing when you said the Sandaime Hokage died at your hands," said the "Boss" of the group now seeing the look of a person with a precision mean streak longer then his zanbatou and twice as wide.

"No I wasn't. By now, all of the Leaf is on lockdown, word spreading to the Fire Daimyo about what I did, and a new Hokage is being looked for to take the old man's place," said Sephiroth, as he looked at them, and his eyes calculating who to strike first should this fight happen between them.

"What's your name?" said the "Boss" of the group with narrowed eyes.

"Namikaze Sephiroth: The One-Winged Angel of Death," said Sephiroth, as he saw the man look at him with surprise, and backing away slightly in fear.

"Zabuza-sama, what is it?" said the girl having given the man a name for Sephiroth to use for when addressing him.

"Stand down. All of you. If this is who I think it is...he could crush us all right now like were insects," said Zabuza seeing the three around him look back with surprised looks on their faces.

"What? Who is this punk kid?" said the first "twin" of the two.

"Shut up you idiot! Everyone of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist have all heard of the legendary and infamous Namikaze Sephiroth. His story, his legend, and rumor pertaining to his skills as a swordsmen are past down from teacher to student. The man was and still is considered a God amongst men when it came to the way of the sword. It was said that Sephiroth could slice through mountains in a single swing of his blade, could make it rain blood like it was a natural occurrence, and wield power greater then the Kyuubi itself," said Zabuza seeing the sword the boy manifested into his hands and knew deep within his mind this kid had revealed to them the one great sword of the said man.

Sephiroth's sword...Masamune!

"Then you know about the prophecy. Then you know it was said he would one day return to this world," said Sephiroth seeing the man nod his head.

"You're his...his reincarnation," said Zabuza, as he knew this kid still had a ways to go in growing to match the original height of the Sephiroth centuries ago, but the boy was well on his way, and knew that they were lucky to even have this long a conversation with him right now instead of being dead.

"Yes. Yes I am," said Sephiroth smiling at the group seeing them now terrified at being in his presence.

"Y-You mentioned you wanted to join us," said the second "twin" of the two and they saw Sephiroth nod.

"I do. If you're concerned about the loss of money, I'll let you keep my share, as I just wish to leave here, and explore the Elemental Countries for awhile," said Sephiroth, as it was clear this Gato was not from Fire Country, and had need of services away from the Leaf.

Perfect for someone like Sephiroth.

"Yeah. I imagine killing the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha would bring down a lot of heat on you since the man was highly respected for his skills as a Shinobi. Still, if you bring down too much heat, I would appreciate it if you left the group, and take whatever they throw at you away from us since we don't need to villages on our tails," said Zabuza, as he saw Sephiroth nod in respect to that terms, and could tell the boy had honor in him.

"Now that we are in agreement about that, could you tell me your names, and some of your skills since I need to know who I will be working with?" said Sephiroth put away Masamune, and sat down on a log that had yet to be used for the fire that gave the young warrior a Godly look about him.

"Sure. Names Momochi Zabuza. Former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. I left after my failed coup on the Mizukage failed and I rescued her from the Bloodline Civil War that's sprung up there," said Zabuza, as he pointed to the girl, and she nodded before looking at Sephiroth while trying to keep her nerves from breaking under those glowing powerful eyes.

"My name is Haku. Just...Haku. I left with Zabuza-sama after he found me living on the streets looking for food and trained me to the Shinobi I am now," said Haku, as she was not about to reveal her bloodline, or the fact she used it accidentally in a moment of terror to kill her Father along with an angry mob of people hating bloodline users.

"I'm Gozu and this is Meizu. We're the Demon Brothers. We left because the Mizukage started the civil war against people with bloodlines. We're tag team type of attackers and our gauntlets have poison in them so even if we just get a scratch on the enemy they can still die later," said Gozu, as he saw Sephiroth nod, and then stare at the fire.

"My name is Namikaze Sephiroth. I am the reincarnation of the first as foretold by a prophecy that a Namikaze on my Father's side of the family would come forth into this world. On the night of October 10th, the Kyuubi attacked the Leaf village when I was born as Uzumaki Naruto, and my Father the Yondaime Hokage sealed the fox into me while knowing I was the child of that prophecy. He conspired with the Sandaime Hokage along with another to prevent the prophecy from ever occurring while using the sealing of the Kyuubi as an excuse to have the people of the Leaf keep me...humbled as they put it. When I learned the truth of this, I set the Kyuubi free within my body to smash through the seals, and killed the Sandaime for his years of lies against me. As for the Kyuubi, even now he still resides within my body. and resting in my mind using what remaining power he has left until I absorb him fully in the next few years," said Sephiroth seeing the jaws of the group drop at the brief story about his life.

"You are really the vessel of the Kyuubi?" said Haku, as she saw him nod, and blushed at the sight of his now revealed stomach that had the faint signs of the Shinigami's Seal imprinted on it.

"Yes. Since I can remember, which is a lot mind you, I've been attack by the people of the Leaf, and saved in a plan to make me grateful to the Sandaime in order to ensure my loyalty. What's more, is I had various seals placed on my body to restrict, and suppress my power so the prophecy could never happen," said Sephiroth, as he put his shirt down, and never once stopped looking at the fire when talking.

'Damn and I thought Haku had it bad,' thought Zabuza, as he looked at the girl for a brief second, and then back at Sephiroth.

"Now that introductions are over, please tell me about Gato, and what he requires of our services," said Sephiroth wanting to get to the business at hand.

(Konoha-At the Moment)

As Sephiroth had predicted upon the Sandaime Hokage's death, the village was indeed in lockdown, and word had spread throughout the Leaf about what happened not that long ago. Many blamed the Kyuubi brat for this, as they just wanted him dead, and yet the old Kage had "protected" the demon boy from any true harm they felt the monster deserved. Many of the younger generation that knew Naruto from the Academy days were very surprised by this, but it was Uchiha Sasuke that was livid among the group, and seething in anger at Naruto of all people killing the Sandaime.

Shikamaru didn't know what to think when word spread of the Sandaime's death due to the man supposedly being a legend among Shinobi that had done so much in his time and was the only Hokage to come out of retirement since most Shinobi die young. Kiba was surprised that this happened, as he always picked on Naruto, calling him a runt, and just following the crowd in what people thought of him. Choji was like Shikamaru, as the two had grown up together, and had no ill will towards the blonde boy.

Though no one in the classroom waiting for the Jounin instructors to arrive except Hinata and Iruka knew the boy was no longer blonde.

Ino was terrified, as she didn't think someone like Naruto could kill the Sandaime, and it seemed less likely when you consider the ranks of the two along with comparing their stats against the other. If anything, in Ino's mind anyway, the winner should have been the Sandaime by a landslide, and the girl wondered if Naruto was indeed the horrible demon the people around her thought he was.

Sakura was among the first to believe Naruto was just that, as she had learned much in the ways of hating the blonde boy from her parents, and to make his life as miserable as possible. Shino had never cared much for Naruto, as the bugs inside his body spoke to be cautious of the blonde, but at the same time the Aburame never shunned him either, and decided to keep his distance while trying to look like he was keeping his distance.

While new Genin were waiting for their Jounin to arrive, the said Jounin were all in a room with two of the three Sannin with the Councils, and the Clan Heads there too. At the moment, a new Hokage was being decided with all those present trying to determine just whom among them had the might, and the right to take the mantle from the Sandaime Hokage.

The old man left pretty big shoes to fill that were only surpassed by the late Yondaime Hokage himself and everyone knew how that turned out shortly after happening.

"So who should become the new Hokage? We need a competent leader, who is capable of handling this dreaded situation, and running the village when the lockdown has been lifted," said Nara Shukaku with his mind and body being fully awake for once in a very rare form.

"It won't be easy to choose from. The old man left a massive hole to fill. What about one of the Sannin here? They've learned from him and could take the mantle if they wished to," said Tsume knowing both of the Sandaime's loyal students were more then qualified for the job.

"I can't. I have to track down the gaki and prepare some kind of sealing procedure to take him down," said Jiraiya, as he was best used in this case out on the field, and looked at a fuming Tsunade looking ready to tear this place apart piece by piece.

Jiraiya suspected the only reason Tsunade came back was to be at their sensei's funeral.

The instant Jiraiya heard of the old man's death at the hands of the person no one wanted to see brought back to this world, the Toad Sannin had to do what he hoped never to do, and contact Tsunade about the Sandaime's death. What's more, Jiraiya told her about Naruto not being dead, and he along with their sensei lied to make sure Naruto didn't grow up around her.

She would have pounded him into paste had Jiraiya not explained very quickly about the prophecy, about Namikaze Sephiroth coming back via Naruto, and all that was done to prevent it from happening. Tsunade again wanted to pound the man into paste, but chose to keep that option in reserve for later, and followed him back to the Leaf to know exactly what had happened from the only witness to the event that led to the Sandaime's death.

After Iruka told them everything that happened, Tsunade wanted to know why Naruto was even treated in that manner rather then the opposite, and didn't like the answer. First, the people around her didn't know, or care about Naruto to even look into it. To them, Naruto was the Kyuubi vessel first, to be considered an it, and not a person like he should have been. An animal to be tamed by barbaric means and let the way that's worked for years stay the course until something wrong actually happens.

Well something did go wrong and this event was proof the old ways were obsolete!

"And what exactly would I get out of being Hokage? Nothing! You bakas hate Naruto for the fox, my perverted former teammate helped our now late sensei, and the Yondaime in keeping the prophecy from happening with the results of the so called plan blowing up in your face! What do I can from coming after my own Godson? The Godson I was told died, which I recall was part of the plan, and should never have been started in the first place!" said Tsunade seeing people around her give the woman a lot of space due to the state she was in being known to crush small mountains.

"Tsunade, be serious! The boy would have become Sephiroth regardless of whatever the Yondaime or Sandaime planned to stop it. The fact you are defending this monster makes me question your sanity and loyalty to the Leaf," said Koharu, as she saw Tsunade turn that angry face towards the elderly woman, and looked ready to unleash it.

"And how would you know that he would turn you old bitch! You supported the people in this room that wanted him killed or turned into a weapon. Not to mention that the very reason for the crap this village put Naruto through wasn't even relevant to the prophecy!" said Tsunade angrily.

"Nevertheless, a Hokage is needed to keep the village from feeling overwhelmed, and there is no one here with the ability to do that except yourself. Please Tsunade-sama, would you become Hokage of the Leaf, and take up the mantle your family did years ago?" said Aburame Shibi, as he knew being polite to this woman was the only logical way to reach Tsunade, and keep the temper she had from destroying everything.

And it worked.

The Sannin closed her eyes, bringing the temper she was infamously known for having slowly into submission, and looked at each of the fools that were left in charge of this village with deadly glares.

"Fine! I'll become Hokage. However, we're going to do thing my way, and if you don't like it then you can resign from your positions. Got it?" said Tsunade, as she looked at each of them dead in the eyes to dare challenge her, and saw none of them did.

(Wave Country-East Side Dockyard)

"What the Hell is this? I asked for you, the Demon Brothers, and the masked one here. Now you bring another in to join your ranks to further up the rates?" said Gato, as he looked at the group in front of him, and was not happy about spending so much of his not hard earned illegal money.

"The rate we gave you is the same. The new kid won't take any of our cut so be thankful that the rate were giving you doesn't go up because it could if you piss me off any further today," said Zabuza, as he saw Gato look at him suspiciously, and then at Sephiroth.

"He doesn't look like much," said Gato looking at Sephiroth with squinting eyes.

"Don't underestimate him. He can hold his own like the rest of us. If anything, you're getting a better rate with him here then without," said Zabuza knowing the man was only happy when his wallet wasn't so squeezed and this was the best way to make Gato see things better.

"I'd better. Now, the first order of business is to keep the people of this shit hole under my thumb until I can get some more of my men over to the island, and that's going to take some time. They're coming over from a port from another country, but the officials there need more grease on their wheels before they can properly spin in my favor, and until then you're going to watch over the place for me," said Gato seeing the majority of the group was not pleased by the assignment.

"That's it? We do guard duty?" said Gozu not believing they were assigned such a low ranked task.

"Just for now. There are few...insects in Wave that need to be exterminated soon enough so when I feel they need to be taken care of I'll have you do it," said Gato, as he could send his thugs easily, but they were cheap, and it would be better to get what he paid for with the Missing Nin here.

Plus the new one with them.

"Fine. Though we expect to be paid for doing our assignments so don't even think about screwing us over...or else!" said Zabuza, as he walked away with the others following, and heading out to the accommodations Gato was providing.

(Konoha-Hokage's Office-2 Weeks Later)

Tsunade sighed, as she looked over the missions in front of her, and seeing which ones to give to the various new Genin teams on hand. Gai's team had a few C-ranked missions under their belt, but the Councils wished for the Rookies to get their feet wet too, and said that they needed to grow fast in hopes of combating Sephiroth one day. Tsunade didn't agree with them on it, but shortly after the lockdown was lift, the Fire Daimyo came to see them, and he looked less then pleased when hearing how the plan to prevent the prophecy from happening had failed.

The man approved of her being appointed to being Hokage, but not in her decision to keep the newly minted Genin in the Leaf training, and learning more of the basic from their Jounin sensei. He told Tsunade to do what needed to be done in terms of getting those Genin stronger and to send them on dangerous missions if necessary when not training.

'Meaning throw them into the fires of Hell to see who comes out okay, slightly burned, or extra crispy,' thought Tsunade, as she saw the escort mission to Wave Country, and called for her assistant Shizune to come in.

"Yes Tsunade-sama?" said Shizune, as she saw the woman looking over the piles upon piles of missions, and knew what the Slug Princess was thinking.

What the Hell am I doing here?

"Get me Genin Team 8 and Team 9 in here for a C-ranked mission I have that suits them perfectly," said Tsunade, as she knew this wouldn't be too much for both teams since it was a simple escort mission of one old man to his country, and couldn't possibly pose any problems the two teams.

Within moments, each team was in front of her ready for their given assignment, and the Hokage laid it out for them what the mission was before introducing the old man that was their client named Tazuna. As for Tazuna himself, he wasn't really impressed with the two Genin teams, and questioned the potential this group had in protecting him.

"Don't worry Tazuna-san. My team has excellent trackers and can spot anyone coming our way for miles," said Kurenai, as she looked at her team, and saw them looking their best not the be frightened of the foe waiting for them somewhere that was the village's enemy as a whole.

"Yosh! My youthful team also has the same tracking ability and have more experience in escorting. However, if Kurenai-san wishes to be in command of this mission, I will be a youthful gentlemen, and let her have it," said Gai, as he heard two of his three Genin groan, and the third that was his mini-clone go on about how noble he was.

"No Gai. Its all right. I'll be second-in-command for this," said Kurenai, as she was still slightly green when it came to being a Jounin, and didn't want to bite off more then she could possibly chew with her team on the line.

"Team 8 and 9 will leave tomorrow for Wave Country with Tazuna in the morning," said Tsunade, as she knew the old man was too drunk to take now, and it was in the middle of the afternoon too meaning the two teams wouldn't be out of the village until near nightfall by the time they packed.

"I don't like this Tsunade-sama," said Shizune worriedly.

"I know Shizune. My Godson has become something so terrifying that I'm so hesitant to send these Genin to their possible doom should we ever encounter him. Have the Bing Books been updated and sent out to our Shinobi in the field?" said Tsunade, as she saw Shizune nod, and knew the woman didn't like it.

"Every single one. Soon, he will be in every Bingo Book in the Elemental Countries, and every Shinobi from every village will come after him," said Shizune knowing the death toll was going to be high.

'Forgive me my Godson. It's now out of my hands,' thought Tsunade, as she cursed her sensei, and Jiraiya for their stupidity in this mess.

(Wave Country-Several Days Later)

"The Demon Brothers failed to assassinate the bridge builder. The group escorting him from the Leaf was too large for them to take down so they couldn't kill the old man. I signaled them to retreat," said Sephiroth seeing Zabuza frown at the report and knew this could be a problem.

"It's a good thing I had you there just in case. Where are they now? The Demon Brothers I mean," said Zabuza, as he wanted them to get in front of the group, and rejoin him here in Wave to take down the group.

"They'll be here by tomorrow. Just ahead of the escort group. Had it been one Genin team and there Jounin sensei things would be different," said Sephiroth seeing Zabuza nod in agreement.

Three Genin along with the one Jounin sensei shouldn't be too much even for the Demon Brothers, but that wasn't the problem, and Zabuza knew it. Nor were the six Genin in this group the real threat, but rather it was two Jounin that bothered him simply because the two Jounin themselves could be quite skilled, and be able to defeat him if he got sloppy.

"Tell them to follow the group and get ahead of it after they land. We'll join up to take them down," said Zabuza, as he saw Sephiroth nod, and leave to inform the two Missing Nin.

"I'm surprised he listens to you Zabuza-sama," said Haku knowing how powerful the boy was and yet obeyed her Master.

"Its not simply that he trusts me Haku. Its because I've made all the decisions he would and I sense my life would be at an end if I even thought of conspiring with his enemies," said Zabuza, as he felt a chill run up his spine every time they talked, and knew it was those eyes that kept warning the Demon of the Mist that betraying Sephiroth was a one way trip into a place even demons didn't wish to be sent to.

"I won't let him kill you Zabuza-sama," said Haku, as she would defend her Master with her very life, and stop even Sephiroth from taking Zabuza away.

"Don't Haku. Even if he decides to kill me, I consider it an honor unto itself to die at the hands of Namikaze Sephiroth, and the legendary sword he wields in battle. I don't even think there is a better way to end to my life then that," said Zabuza seeing Haku nod in understanding though it was clear she didn't like it.

(With Tazuna, Team 8, and Team 9)

"Be silent while I row you over. Gato's men patrol these waters so any noise you make could bring them here," said the nervous ferryman not wanting to be spotted and then killed for this group's stupidity.

To two teams along with Tazuna obeyed since they didn't want to cause any problems they didn't have to and decided to be amazed at the massive incomplete bridge in the background that was slowly being built. They had to admit, that such a structure was indeed impressive, and wondered if it could be finished soon.

When the boat docked on shore, the group got off, and made their way deep into the dense forest using an old back route Tazuna knew to get to his house. They were stopped when Hinata sensed something before activating her Byakugan and threw a kunai into the bushes. Upon closer inspection, it was a bunny that Hinata almost hit, but Kurenai along with Gai noticed the bunny's fur was white, and the season was that of Spring.

Meaning the animal was domesticated.

Meaning that the bunny was used as a substitution before the kunai hit its mark.

Meaning this was a...

"It's a trap! Duck!" said Kurenai, as she grabbed her students, and Gai grabbed the old man while his own students dove for the ground when a massive sword flew past them to get stuck in a tree high above them with someone standing on the hilt of the weapon.

"My associates weren't lying when they said the old man was being protected by a large group of Shinobi. And ones from the Leaf too no less. It must be my lucky day," said Zabuza, as he grinned behind his bandages, and leaped down with his sword behind his back.

"You're Momochi Zabuza. The Demon of the Mist and Jounin in rank before becoming a Missing Nin," said Kurenai, as she quickly looked at her students knowing that they each had bloodlines, which were not welcome there, and hoped the man didn't embrace such immoral beliefs.

"Good. You know my name. That saves me the need to introduce myself. Besides, if you know who I am, then you must know two of my associates, and there way of killing runts like the ones you have with you," said Zabuza before snapping his fingers and in a quick instant the Demon Brothers shot out of their hiding spots to wrap the razor sharp chain around the Genin along with the old man to kill them quickly.

However, Gai's female student Tenten was knowledgeable of the weapons the two used, and knew how to counter it by shooting kunai into the chain itself with the points of the kunai sticking through the holes of the chain design into the tree to stop it. Next, Gai's mini-clone Rock Lee used his Taijutsu skills to break the chain, and Neji quickly warned them of the poison in each of the gauntlets.

"It seems they have some skill brother," said Gozu surprised the group was so skilled for being just Genin.

"It just means we'll have to try harder brother," said Meizu, as he moved his one eye to Team 8, and Gozu saw what he was thinking about since that was there secret way of indicating whom to target next.

Quickly, they moved towards Team 8 gauntlet arms raised to strike them down, or at least poison the group before moving onto the old man. Hinata from her direction used Gentle Fist to knock Gozu back into a tree while Kiba and Shino knocked Meizu into a tree of his own.

"Don't think that just because the majority of this team are ranked Genin that they are weak Zabuza," said Kurenai, as she saw him looking pleased by this, and wondered why that was.

"Its not that my dear. I was merely testing the waters behind the rumors that Leaf Genin are on the level of regard everyone seems to hold them. Even more so when you consider my other ace in the hole that has recently joined me," said Zabuza laughing a cruel laugh that neither Kurenai nor Gai liked one bit.

"And just who else would you have at your command that would bring about such fear in us?" said Gai, as he saw the thick wrapping of bandages on Zabuza stretch to the point of nearly tearing from the smile the man had, and it was making the two Leaf teams become more nervous.

"Why spoil the surprise when he can introduce himself to you right now. Correction, he can reintroduce himself," said Zabuza before looking to his right and saw the figure he was referring to make himself known with a gasp from Hinata.

"Hello everyone. Its so good to see you again after such a short time...Hyuuga Hinata," said Sephiroth, as he saw Hinata look conflicted, and his sight of her was blocked by the protective form of Yuhi Kurenai.

"How do you know my student?" said Kurenai with kunai drawn in one hand and the other ready to go through hand signs to cast a Genjutsu.

"Its not surprising she didn't tell you. In fact, Iruka himself didn't know she witnessed my rebirth, and what transpired afterwards," said Sephiroth making Gai and Kurenai tense at hearing him say that.

"You're him. You're Namikaze Sephiroth reborn," said Kurenai seeing the smile on the boy's lips and the smooth chuckle that followed.

"Got it one. Congratulations," said Sephiroth, as he summoned Masamune to his hand, and slowly began to walk towards them.

"We can't face him. We have to retreat," said Kurenai seeing Gai nod, but his team was not so willing, and were now ready to fight the silver haired youth.

"Sorry Gai-sensei, but this guy will just pursue us, and eventually cut us down," said Tenten, as she brought out her own sword, and prepared to see if the rumors of this foe were indeed true.

"It seems Fate has decided to test whom among this group will be alive after today," said Neji, as he got into Gentle Fist stance again, and had his Byakugan active.

"We must protect the client from our foes and I cannot forgive myself if I don't fight such a worthy enemy," said Lee, as he got into his own Taijutsu stance taught to him by Gai, and motioned for Sephiroth to engage them in battle.

"Such strength in the face of your demise. It will almost be a shame that I have to end your lives today," said Sephiroth, as he smirked at them, and in an instant was upon them.

And another instant later, the three Genin were in the air, as Tenten's sword shattered to pieces beyond repair, Neji with multiple cuts all over his body, the same as Lee, and their dual bun haired teammate. Blood leaving their bodies from the devastating injuries that Sephiroth hit them with using Masamune, and they each fell to the ground in pain.

In pain, but alive to live another day, and that in itself was a miracle to them.

In the that moment, Gai was upon Sephiroth using all the skills, and knowledge that made him an elite Jounin Taijutsu Master. However, Sephiroth's speed was nothing to laugh at, as the silver haired youth dodged them all, and even caught Gai's fist aimed at his face before pulling the man in close to give the spandex wearing Jounin a harsh knee to the gut that sent him flying back past the group by at least 20 feet.

"Let's see how you handle Genjutsu!" said Kurenai, as she prepared to use one, but before the Jounin could even get through half the hand signs needed for one of her more nasty illusions, the world around her became dark, and cold like the very warmth of the sun one feels during the summer years become eclipse in darkness.

"I know all about Genjutsu and illusions my dear. Let me show one of mine. 'Confuse!'" said Sephiroth, as he walked by the stumbling woman, who in his illusionary world couldn't stand straight, and soon collapsed with her stomach doing more flips then an acrobat before a sharp strike to Kurenai's neck took her down.

And then there were four.

Well five if you count Maito Gai getting back up off the ground.

"I think we should run now," said Kiba, as he saw Sephiroth turn to them now, and was walking towards them.

"You can't run. Not from me," said Sephiroth, as he was in front of Kiba in less then a second, and landed a solid fist to the Inuzuka's stomach causing the boy to fall to his knees puking up what was left of the lunch he ate yesterday.

His dog Akamaru tried to bite Sephiroth, but the silver haired youth grabbed the dog by the neck, and threw him away from the group before focusing on the Aburame preparing his swarm of insects. The young Namikaze shook his head in displeasure at this before making a quick slicing motion and over two thirds of the insects cried out in pain while the boy that commanded them grabbed his chest in pain from the wound that was now there. Then without a word to the insect user, Sephiroth was behind him, and a simple chop to the back of the neck made the last male member of Team 8 fall to the ground.

"Dynamic Entry!" said Gai throwing a kunai in front of him while leaping forward in the hopes it would distract Sephiroth from the client and young Hyuuga Heiress.

It didn't.

Sephiroth easily moved his head to the right to let the kunai go right past his face and caught Gai's foot with his free hand before slamming the man hard into the ground. With a stab to the man's leg before kicking him in the head hard to make him fall unconscious, thus the Jounin was temporarily out of commission until further notice, and the One-Winged Angel of Death then focused on Hinata protecting the client while in the same kind of Gentle Fist stance her cousin had been in earlier.

"I never expected our paths to cross so soon Hyuuga Hinata. To be honest, I didn't even believe we would, and we are," said Sephiroth, as he saw the Hyuuga girl hold her ground despite the various emotions within those lavender eyes, and yet still saw the strength he knew existed.

"I-I will defend T-Tazuna w-with my life. I-I will do w-what I must," said Hinata, as she didn't want to face her crush like this, and yet her duty to the Leaf commanded that she do so regardless of what her heart said.

"I know you will and for that reason...I show you mercy," said Sephiroth seeing Hinata's confusion written on her face before she stiffened when senbon needles from above in the trees struck the girl's pressure points that caused the Hyuuga Heiress to collapse in shock.

"What the Hell?" said Kiba having partially recovered from the painful blow he received to his stomach before senbon needles hit him in the back of the neck and he quickly fell to the ground unconscious.

"And then there was one," said Sephiroth, as he walked towards the crying man, and saw his spirit to fight anymore had been broken from their actions.

"Please, I beg you. Don't kill me. I...I need to live long enough to save my people. They suffer under Gato's rule. He bleeds us dry every second of everyday and the only way to free ourselves from his tyranny is the bridge I'm making. It is the hope of our country," said Tazuna, as he fell to his knees, and stared at the figure that would be his executioner.

For a moment, Sephiroth stared at Tazuna, looking him with cold calculating eyes, and to the old man's surprise along with that of those around him...the silver haired bringer of death dispelled his sword before walking away.

"What are you doing? We have orders to kill the old man!" said Gozu and Meizu at the same time.

"Just because we have orders to kill the bridge builder doesn't mean we have to do it right now. Let him and the two teams he's with pass," said Sephiroth seeing the shocked looks on the Demon Brothers' faces and looking to Zabuza to confirm this action.

"Why?" said Zabuza frowning at the boy while Sephiroth motioned for Haku to knock out the old man via senbon needle to a pressure point on his body that the girl did quickly to prevent unwanted ears from hearing the reason.

"Do I really need to give you a reason? If you must know the truth, then so be it. Even if we killed them all, Tazuna included in this, it would soon be clear to the Leaf that the mission they were sent on was not the rank it should be to send just two teams like these to a neutral country without a Shinobi village, and more Shinobi would come. The Leaf's ANBU to be more precise and Gato would no doubt let it slip just who did the deed. I highly doubt the Mist will let the opportunity to send Hunter Nin after you slide," said Sephiroth, as he saw Zabuza frown knowing that was true, and that Gato would do that while keeping them around so they wouldn't get paid.

"So we let them live, they send a message back to the Leaf to send backup to fight us, and yet they target you mostly while keeping the Mist out of this since it would hurt Konoha's pride to let them in on possibly capturing us instead of them," said Zabuza knowing that Mist would be all over them when they learned of how this group was killed.

"Exactly. This way Gato will be hesitant to do anything stupid against us while we get to see if he's actually going to pay you. If the businessman is the kind of person we think he is, then its clear Gato will not keep his end of the deal, and send his thugs after us when our next battle is over while we are at our weakest," said Sephiroth seeing Zabuza getting angry at the thought of being backstabbed by the business man.

"So we go back, say we failed to get the old man, but we'll get him later, and make it a more public event to keep the rest of the people in this country in line?" said Zabuza seeing Sephiroth smile that eerie smile of his.

"Now you understand. Brute force is good to instill fear, if only for a short time, but it is the more surgical ones that are truly everlasting, and remembered for years to come," said Sephiroth knowing from his past life centuries ago.

"You think they'll live long enough to get a message back to the Leaf?" said Haku, as she appeared next to him with her mask still on, and saw him nod his head to signify that they would.

"They are badly injured, but the damage is only lethal should they choose not to get their wounds properly treated, and to prevent long term problems," said Sephiroth simply.

The group of Missing Nin were gone long before the group awoke in from the realm of their unconscious mind to that of being in pain from their injuries, but they were all glad to be alive, and were surprised that they even were alive considering just who defeated them.

Though why they were spared death was probably the biggest concern of all.

(Gato's Hideout)

"What do you mean the old man is still alive? I'm paying you all good money to kill that old fool and here you are telling me some kids beat you back with their two teachers!" said Gato, as he was less then pleased with this news, and have gone on a larger rant had Sephiroth not spoken up.

"You're missing the bigger picture here Gato-san. If we killed them now, the people of Wave Country would suspect you had a hand in their death, and their fear would only increase slightly. However, if we kill them later in a more profound setting, then the fear the people have of you will skyrocket, and your iron grip on this area of the world will," said Sephiroth seeing Gato narrow his eyes at him, but the Namikaze could see the businessman's brain cogs, and wheels turning in his head.

"Can you guarantee me their death next time? All of them?" said Gato, as he saw the boy smile at him, and then chuckle like such a thing was easier then breathing.

"When the time is right, we will strike, and then will get everything that is coming to you," said Sephiroth seeing Gato was pleased with those words and left with his two samurai thugs while having a smile on his face.

"I take it your words don't have the same meaning Gato thinks they mean," said Zabuza seeing Sephiroth once more chuckle and that damn smirk the boy had again sent chills up his spine.

"In a manner of speaking? Yes," said Sephiroth, as he left for his room, and was slightly surprised that Haku followed him to it.

"I wish to speak with you alone," said Haku, as she saw him nod, and turn to face her.

"Then speak Haku. I won't bite," said Sephiroth simply while staring at the female ice user.

"After this job is over, will you continue to be with us, or are you going to break off from us entirely?" said Haku feeling like she needed to know for some reason aside of telling Zabuza.

"Maybe. I haven't decided yet. The Leaf has every intention of taking my head the heads of anyone that joins me even for a time. You along with the others already have the Mist village hunting you down," said Sephiroth before sitting down in a nearby chair and then let out a sigh.

"You surprise me Sephiroth-san. People make you out to be a monster and're not," said Haku, as she felt that this was the real him, and not what the stories said he was.

"Maybe. Maybe not. I am a monster that is true without question, but I am a monster that chooses to kill when the moment requires such things, and the same was said for my past self centuries ago. There were just more enemies back in those days then there are now in this time deserving to be annihilated," said Sephiroth seeing Haku understand in some fashion about his reasons.

"The group we fought while from the Leaf were not your true enemies," said Haku, as she could respect him for that, and for sparing the old man.

"Correct. My true enemies will make themselves known soon enough and then those that are watching will have to choose which side is the side they believe is the right one," said Sephiroth, as he looked up at Haku with calculating eyes, and saw the blush rising in her pale cheeks in the process.

"Thank you for telling me," said Haku deciding now was the best time to leave the room and did so.

"What was that Nara at the Academy once said? Ah yes. He said, 'To understand the female mind is just too troublesome and that the only thing more troublesome then trying to understand the female mind is the female in question you are trying to understand.' if I remember correctly. Perhaps there is more to that line of thought then I first realized," said Sephiroth before letting out a small laugh at the quote.

Some things were indeed too troublesome to understand.

(Hokage's Office-Several Days Later)

"SHIZUNE!" yelled Tsunade making the whole tower shake violently from her yell.

"Yes Tsunade-sama!" said Shizune rushing in knowing it was unwise to keep the woman waiting.

"Get me every available ANBU we can spare. Right now!" said Tsunade, as she had read the message Gai managed to get out to her, and made the female Hokage to age a few decades.

"Yes Tsunade-sama," said Shizune seeing the look in Hokage's eyes before rushing off to get the ANBU she needed.

Moments later, Yugao's ANBU squad was in the room in full battle gear, and ready to be deployed the moment the Hokage before them gave the order. Unfortunately, they were the only squad available given how others were on patrol, guarding sensitive areas, and adding additional protection to the Fire Daimyo just incase Sephiroth learned of the Feudal Lord's approval of the conspiratorial plan to keep the One-Winged Angel of Death from rising again.

"What are your orders Hokage-sama?" said Yugao wearing her Neko mask and saw the look on Tsunade's face meant that this was one of those life or death missions few walked away from.

"You're going to Wave Country for a possible two part mission. First, you need to know that Namikaze Sephiroth has encountered Teams 8, and Team 9 on their escort mission to take Tazuna back home. They are all alive, but badly injured with their wounds ranging from moderate to severe, and need to be extracted. That's the first part of your mission, which is to heal both teams before getting them out of Wave Country, and back here to properly recover. Second, you need to some reconnaissance work, and look for Namikaze Sephiroth to confirm he's still in Wave Country. Find out who he's working for, why he's working with Zabuza, and his group of rogue Missing Nins? Once you've been able to get such information, get your asses back here to report your findings so a plan of attack can be made, and we can stop this nightmare from continuing," said Tsunade, as she saw them nod, and then leave in a "poof" of smoke.

Now Tsunade just hoped she didn't just send one of her best ANBU teams to their deaths in this apparent suicide mission.

(Wave Country-Tazuna's House-Several Days Later)

"I still can't believe were alive," said Tenten, as she shed mental tears for the loss of her sword, but that in itself was a small sorrow to pay in exchange for not losing any of her teammates, and wondered why the legend himself had spared them all from death.

"Me too. Fate should have declared us dead the moment Sephiroth made his way onto the battlefield," said Neji, as he was confused by this chain of events, and what it meant to him.

"That fact that Namikaze Sephiroth spared us from dying proves he is not entirely the monster we've been made to believe," said Lee seeing the shocked looks of his teammates and Team 8 near them hearing this discussion.

"How can you say that? He kicked the crap out of us without even trying!" said Kiba, as his stomach still wasn't feeling right, and nearly puked earlier that morning at the mere memory of it.

"That's exactly Lee's point Kiba. Logically, someone of Sephiroth's reputation whether true or false should have wiped us out with his sword skills alone. Instead, he left us, our senseis, and the client alive knowing full well that in our condition prevented any of us to defend ourselves," said Shino, as he was baffled at the actions of the enemy, and it was making his mind work at different possibilities to the reason behind the sparing of their lives.

"M-Maybe not a-all the rumors about him being a monster are true," said Hinata having received the least amount of damage from the group and had been helping in dressing everyone of their wounds.

Even Neji seemed receptive to Hinata's help, if just for the moment, and accepted her temporary medical treatment since any other Hyuuga Main family member would have looked at him with disgust.

"Maybe Hinata, but considering how badly he beat us, its clear that the vast majority of them are true, and Sephiroth is not to be underestimated again," said Kurenai, as she asked her student about the encounter she had with Sephiroth on the night the Sandaime died, and what Iruka had witnessed.

Hinata had timidly admitted to sneaking out of the Hyuuga Clan Compound to help in the capturing of the anonymously (at the time) named thief of the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing to prove she was worthy of being a Shinobi of the Leaf. How Sephiroth caught her spying on him, how he just smiled, and talked to her like she wasn't an enemy. Like he could see into her very soul.

It was scary and exciting all in one for Hinata.

"How is Tazuna holding up?" said Kiba, as he knew the old man like Hinata had been injured the least, and was walking around on his own.

"A bit shaken, but glad to be alive, and spared by Sephiroth for whatever reason he did it," said Kurenai, as she was confined to a bed from the sore neck she had suffered, and Hinata had recommended not moving so much unless something else was damaged.

"Do you think he knows where Tazuna lives?" said Tenten making the group freeze up in realization that Sephiroth could possibly know and they were trapped here while they were recovering.

"I wouldn't put it past him. But...if he did know, then...why not simply take us out now, and be done with it?" said Gai confused by Sephiroth's actions.

"There's no greater a moment then now. He has Momochi Zabuza, the Demon Brothers, and that one person still in the shadows Tazuna told us he saw throw senbon needles at Hinata. In our condition, it would be child's play to wipe us out, and the entire family in this house," said Kurenai, as she knew that they were in a no win situation, and could only hope the message for reinforcements got through.

"How do we protect Tazuna now? Technically, we've completed our mission, but the situation here was clearly more then what was asked of us, and needs to be addressed right now," said Tenten, as she was unsure how they were supposed to deal with this situation since nothing like this had ever happened before, and the only one capable of answering this was either Jounin in the room.

"She's got a point Kurenai-san. Even if we did continue somehow protect Tazuna from Sephiroth, we have to deal with the others, and none of the Genin here are capable of that regardless of their current condition," said Gai, as he knew that this was going to be difficult, and that protecting Tazuna when he went to the bridge was next to impossible should the enemy wish to kill him there.

What was Sephiroth waiting for?

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