Chapter 4-Confrontation

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Sephiroth descended upon the ground of the land before him, as he set Haku onto the ground, and looked at the area he was in. Fortunately, Haku had traveled over the years to various places of the Elemental Countries with Zabuza, and knew that the Land of Sea was a place that Leaf Shinobi barely ever went. In fact, it was such a minor country that the chances of them being spotted by agents of the Leaf, or anyone else would be slim to none.

"So this is the Land of Sea. It doesn't look like much," said Sephiroth, as he studied the area around him, but could see why it would be a suitable location, and safe place to hide.

For a time.

"I hope it will suffice for the moment Sephiroth-sama," said Haku, as she knew that the warrior before her was trusting her judgment, and choice in location to hide from their enemies.

"I'm sure it will. We just need to acquire some living accommodations," said Sephiroth, as he saw a village nearby in the distance, and began walking towards it before stopping to look at Haku.

"What is it Sephiroth-sama?" said Haku worriedly at his gaze.

"You will need to change into your civilian clothing. If they see you in your current attire, they will suspect something, and word will one day reach the Leaf," said Sephiroth seeing the girl stiffen and quickly reach for the scroll that contained her clothes before she froze again realizing that the area around them had little to no privacy to change.

"Um...could I perhaps have a chance to change in private Sephiroth-sama?" said Haku, as she blushed behind her mask, and hoped the angelic boy didn't make her change in front of him.

"Of course. That boulder over there should suffice," said Sephiroth seeing the large rock near her that seemed large enough for the girl to change.

Quick as a flash, Haku was behind it changing quietly, and almost as quickly she was in her civilian clothing with the once tied up hair now down past her shoulders. The silver haired man smirked at how Haku seemed to glow while walking towards him and with pride in her step as they headed towards the town.

If Sephiroth didn't know any better, he would think Haku was acting like she was now walking with her future husband, and was happy about the arrangement. But that was absurd.


As the two walked into the town, they saw the place was a little better off then what Wave Country had gone through with Gato, and yet they were still doing much better regardless of the comparison. Still, the people looked depressed, and suffering from the effects of something in the land that was unhealthy to their lifestyle.

The two wondered what was causing harm when the answer appeared before their eyes when a group of people started a attacking a girl covered in bandages with rocks, bottles, and calling her names. The bandaged girl was trying to dodge them, but there were too many projectiles, and too many people throwing them. The moment froze Sephiroth in his tracks, as memories of his life living in that false shell of a body, and going by the name Uzumaki Naruto entered his mind. Moments like these in the Leaf, actions from people like these in the Leaf, and the current victim of suggest oppression being like him when he was in the Leaf.

It was inexcusable.

"Get out of here monster. Its because of you our country has been slowly dying!" said one person throwing a rock.

"It's because of you I lost my husband!" said angry irate woman holding a club trying to hit the girl and break one of her limbs.

"Die freak!" yelled out another with a knife.

"Sephiroth-sama, we can't let her suffer like this!" said Haku, as she saw some of her life in that moment with her Father killing her Mother, and then his attempt on herself before the activating of her bloodline that caused the man's death.

"No Haku we can't. But at the same time, our intervention will spread word of us, and bring about problems," said Sephiroth, as he frowned before thinking up a way to save the girl, and walked towards the mob while silently signaling Haku to stay behind to watch.

"Time to die fiend!" said a man ready to strike the girl with a broken sake' bottle, but was stopped when he felt his body freeze, and saw other people around him freezing up too.

"W-what?" said the girl, as she looked around, and saw the people appeared to be frozen in time.

"Don't think. Just run!" said Sephiroth whispered through the crowd knowing that the mob of people couldn't see him, and kept his identity safe in their paralyzed state thanks to his Paralysis Spell.

The bandaged girl, who was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, ran away from the frozen mob, and past a girl she had never seen before. After that happened, Sephiroth made his way back to Haku, who was smiling at him, and he motioned for her to follow.

They followed the girl to a small house by a beach quite a distance from town and from what they saw, the person of interest to them didn't have any footwear, and probably had sore feet. The house itself was more like a shack and with enough severe weather could fall to pieces while burying the person inside of it alive.

"Why do you think this girl is hated Sephiroth-sama? Is she someone like you? Or does she possibly possess a bloodline like myself?" said Haku, as she saw the calculating look on her Master's face, and she was sure he was thinking the same thing.

"I don't know Haku. Whatever the reason, we will learn of it, and deal with the problem accordingly," said Sephiroth with his voice cold and promising pain to whatever was the source of this girl's problems.

"What if it is the girl herself?" said Haku, as there was a small very small chance that this girl was the source of the lands suffering, and was somehow taking the abuse to further some evil scheme.

Again the chance of that being was very small.

"Pray it never comes to that," said Sephiroth, as they walked to the shack, and he sensed the bandaged girl was there before she came out with a scowl on her face.

"I've never seen either of you here before. Are you assassins? Someone the people hired to kill me?" said the bandaged girl.

"We are something similar to what you described us to be though we are not here to take your life," said Sephiroth seeing the girl tense in their presence, and wondered if she had heard something like this before with someone else?

"Your voice. It was you. You somehow saved me from that mob. Why?" said the girl having recognized the boy's voice and the slightly older girl beside him when running.

"I'll tell you if you tell me your name and why you're being persecuted by these fools," said Sephiroth seeing the bandaged girl look scared for a moment then glared at him.

"My name is none of your business and neither is the reason why they hate me. Now leave me alone!" said the girl before storming back into her home.

"What should we do now Sephiroth-sama?" said Haku whispering to Sephiroth after seeing her Master turn away from the shack in thought.

"Go back into the village. Find out what you can before reporting back here without being followed. I will stay here and observe our mystery girl to see what happens," said Sephiroth seeing Haku nod knowing that she could no doubt use her charms to get more then enough information out of the people in town.

Turning back to the shack, Sephiroth narrowed his eyes before walking away to a more strategic position to watch the area without interruption, and without the wounded girl from knowing. One way or another, he would learn the truth in what made this girl a supposed "monster", and would seek to fix this situation.

(Konoha-At the Moment)

"Did you hear? The monster attacked Genin Team 8 and Genin Team 9 on their C-ranked mission!" said a Shinobi talking to a civilian.

"Yes. It's amazing they even survived. I hear the Hyuuga Heiress wasn't even harmed by it at all. Like she had some kind of power over him," said another person having heard about it from someone else.

"Do you think the Hyuuga Heiress may have some form of Senju blood in her? It was said they had the power to stop demons. Maybe that power applies to it too?" said another Shinobi with more people talking about it all over the village with great passion.

The only one not liking the story was Uchiha Sasuke, who began to interrogate his fellow Leaf Shinobi involved in the mission about it, and got their version of things. For the most part, Sasuke was not impressed by what had happened, and even said that Sephiroth was not as strong like everyone claimed him to be if he didn't kill six Genin or their two Jounin senseis. Surprisingly, each Genin defended Sephiroth's actions not because the swordsman spared their life, but rather chose to kill only when it was the best time to kill, and whom he wanted to that would benefit his needs. Even Gai along with Kurenai had expressed a need to defend Sephiroth's actions in sparing their lives for similar reasons and that the One-Winged Angel of Death was indeed the master tactician all the legends behind his story claimed he had been centuries ago.

Each move was calculated to bring about the desire Sephiroth wished to achieve, which had resulted in restricted reinforcements from the Leaf, Gato's death, and new life being breathed into Wave Country. Another thing that couldn't be overlooked was Momochi Zabuza now had the finances needed to fund an army against the Mizukage and take over Mist with those inside that oppose the man's rule. If and when Zabuza took over Mist, he would no doubt welcome Sephiroth to the village, as an honored, and a powerful ally.

What concerned the Councils however, was the rumored information about Zabuza's ice using bloodline apprentice no longer being with the Demon of Mist, and possibly decided to travel with Sephiroth to be his secret weapon. Some feared that the girl would be used for more in terms of having the silver haired boy's child in the distant future and bring about an even greater threat then what they were facing now. The governing body of the Leaf had argued for what seemed like hours on how to deal with this little development and had not come to a conclusion on the matter. Some said the female ice user should be captured to be forced into a breeding program to bring such a bloodline into the Leaf since it was clear the Mizukage would kill the girl should she be returned to the Mist. Others said to use her against Sephiroth, to force the boy into a situation where the girl could be used to control the swordsman, and bend him to their will. Some suggested to kill her to make Sephiroth suffer if he had some kind of romantic attachment to the girl and bring about agonizing pain.

Tsunade suggested they leave the girl (they refused to call her by name) Haku alone, as such actions would no doubt send Sephiroth into a rage, and obliterate the Leaf off the map like the angelic figure had done centuries ago to a place twice the size of Konoha in the past. The Clan Heads were also for that option too, as they believed Haku would quite possibly be Sephiroth's conscious overtime, and maybe even soothe the bloodlust in his heart. Instead of fanning the flames like the Councils wanted, they along with the Hokage believed Haku could slowly cause them to die out, and leave the Leaf if not the world alone.

"How's your cousin doing Neji?" said Tenten, as she was walking with her teammate, and seeing his scowling a little bit more then ever.

"She is doing fine. Hinata-sama is expected to begin training soon under the Hokage in the medical arts soon and be her apprentice," said Neji, as he was internally grateful for his cousin's actions, but his pride along with years of humiliation of the Branch family at the hands of the Main family prevented himself from expressing his thanks.

"Really? Wow! I knew Hinata-san did a first rate job healing us, but to be acknowledged by Tsunade-sama herself is really something, and...oh I would just kill for that honor!" said Tenten, as she saw Tsunade to be an idol in terms of what female Shinobi should be, and not those silly fan girls always chasing the Uchiha just to get into his pants.

"Yes. Hinata-sama herself was quite surprised by this honor given by the Hokage. Most of my clan however, is not thrilled by this news, and is seeking to prevent it," said Neji, as he felt conflicted about the Hyuuga Elders actions in wanting Hinata to not be a medic, and for the reasons they stated.

"What? Are they nuts? It was because of your cousin's skills we didn't come back to the Leaf a crippled mess! Your cousin could become the first among the new Medic Nins I heard Tsunade wants to integrate into teams to lower casualty rates when on missions. Don't take this the wrong way Neji, but your clan is really narrow minded, and are acting like a bunch of bakas. Present company excluded of course," said Tenten, as she saw Neji's scowl deepen, and hoped he didn't take it the wrong way.

"I'm not offended Tenten. There are times I feel my clan needs to change if we are to survive in these changing times, but those in charge of the clan know that they will lose power, and people with power don't surrender it so easily," said Neji knowing that all those in the Main family feared two things and one of them was being branded with the Cage Bird Seal to make themselves a Branch member of the clan.

"What do you think of your cousin's opportunity?" said Tenten while hoping Neji would think it was something positive for Hinata embrace since she knew the girl was shy.

"It's a great honor like you said Tenten, as many would kill for the honor to be taught by Senju Tsunade, and Hinata-sama seems to qualified to learn without her being from the Hyuuga Main family influencing such a decision," said Neji while trying to stamp on the feeling of regret in hating his cousin since it was clear Hinata had field that she could become good at.

"Did you tell her how proud you were?" said Tenten seeing Neji shake his head no.

"It is not my place to congratulate Hinata-sama for I am of the Branch family and even if it was my place there is a chance my actions could be frowned upon by some of the Main family," said Neji knowing his position was double edged right now.

"You are unbelievable Neji!" said Tenten before walking away from him with an angry look on her face.

'Why must Fate be cruel?' thought Neji knowing this would bite him in the ass later when their team formed again for training or a mission.

Not that far away, Nara Shikamaru was eating at Choji's favorite BBQ restaurant with said Akimichi and teammate Yamanaka Ino with the platinum blonde girl watching with disgust at how much her fa-big boned teammate could eat so much. Ino herself wanted to keep her body from becoming like that and kept herself on a diet that she felt would help keep it from becoming a thing of horror.

"What's on your mind Shikamaru? Not even you eat lazily here," said Ino, as she would admit the food was good, even if it wasn't entire in diet format, and watching the Nara frown in frustration.

"Naruto. Or I guess the more proper name for him would be Sephiroth," said Shikamaru, as he found the whole situation eating at his mind, and it was becoming increasingly hard to want to stare a clouds instead of think.

"What about him?" said Ino, as she knew that despite Shikamaru's laziness, the boy was a genius at heart, and just needed the right motivation to work his mind properly.

"It's not him personally Ino. It's what he did in Wave Country. My dad brought home a copy of the mission report home for me to look at. He basically tested me on the damn thing and I ran through the scenario the way he described different things that occurred. Everything from the terrain, key moments during their first battle, after the battle, and see into the reasoning why Sephiroth let two Genin teams along with the client live. I never saw it coming. I thought they were done for sure the moment my old man told me how Genin Team 9 was wiped out in a single moment, Team 8 soon following, and then their senseis following suit. Each of them were taken down by one person, Zabuza didn't lift a finger, and the only thing he did was help plan the diversion to make the Genins of the group show what they could do. The client was defenseless for over one minute, which in the Shinobi world is a lifetime if your job is to kill the target, and more of an eternity if the target is a drunk old man on his knees begging for his life," said Shikamaru, as he was stumped the moment his Father told him everything up to that point, and asked what he thought of the situation the young Nara Heir stating it was checkmate.

"So when Sephiroth spared them all, including the bridge builder, you were stumped, and basically had a major brain freeze," said Choji knowing his friend well when it comes to difficult to solve problems.

"Exactly. My dad then went through each moment with the teams up to having their wounds healed, but still mostly down 90-95 percent their combined strength, and the events that happened afterwards. The only ones still able to protect the client was Team 8 and even then they wouldn't have been a match for Sephiroth much less Zabuza's forces. Hinata and Kiba were both taken down by that Haku girl, who was only known to them on a pure fluke when Hinata went into the forest, and gather herbs for healing. Even with the ANBU team the Hokage sent to back them up, there was still no chance of Team 8 coming out of the mission on top, and being able to successfully protect the old bridge builder," said Shikamaru, as he ran through every scenario his genius mind could come up with to defeat them all, and came up with absolutely...nothing!

Had Sephiroth not decided to turn on Gato, they would be burying six of their friends, and two Jounin that were respected in their Shinobi fields.

"You sound more impressed by Sephiroth's tactics then anything Shikamaru," said Choji, as he surprisingly saw Shikamaru nod his head in admitting that, and run a hand through his hair.

"It is troublesome to admit Choji, but I do respect him in the ways of strategy, and I'm not the only one doing it either. That single mission is going to be studied for years to come by our clan, Jounin, and the ANBU themselves knowing that is a masterpiece of strategic moves only a seasoned veteran like the Sandaime Hokage or one if not all three Sannin together could have their prime!" said Shikamaru, as he saw his teammates look at him shocked, and realized that things were getting out of control right now.

Their sensei was suppose to be Sarutobi Asuma, but after the Sandaime died, the man had been grieving over the loss of his Father, and needed time to himself for now. So with that said, Team 10 was being trained by a sickly Jounin named Gekko Hayate, who was skilled with a sword, and a rare one to have in the Leaf a that.

Right now, the man was giving them a day off since he needed some bed rest due to his sickness being on one of its bad days, and was in no condition to teach them anything.

(With Team 7)

"Come you guys. I keep on telling you teamwork is the key," said Kakashi, as he saw his team was struggling to get out of the funk they were in, and blamed it on their inability to bond.

Unfortunately, Kakashi would not admit to himself that the problem for this inability to bond was Sasuke, and to a lesser extent...Sakura.

The Uchiha was like a black hole wanting to suck everything towards him by force and follow his lead whether the action was right or wrong with the consequences be damned! Sakura was no better it seemed, as she followed through with whatever Sasuke wanted, and didn't care that the Uchiha was wrong. The only one that seemed competent in being a Shinobi was Sai, as he would use the strength behind his skills to makeup for the other two, and their easy to spot weaknesses.

It was a shame Sai's way of talking with people wasn't up to par with his Shinobi skills.

"I don't need these two. What I need is my own solo mission?" said Sasuke, as he was angry about being on a team with a weak girl, and a pale weirdo that had no people skills.

"And a penis," said Sai simply making both his teammates look at him angrily.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO SASUKE-KUN!" yelled Sakura not liking what she just heard.

"That he doesn't have a penis. What? Am I incorrect? I thought from the way he has been acting indicated he didn't have one and was unable to...pleasure himself," said Sai while looking at Kakashi currently shaking his head no.

" kill you!" said Sasuke looking at Sai black angry eyes and brought out a kunai to perform the intended act.

"Just because you don't have a penis to whack off with doesn't mean your any less a man much less a Shinobi Sasuke-kun," said Sai making Kakashi sweat drop while both Sasuke and Sakura were seething.

'Kami hates me,' thought Kakashi, as he was forced to stop the death of his pale student, and keep his team intact.

(Hokage Tower)

"So you've finally made a seal capable of stopping Sephiroth," said Tsunade staring at her former teammate seeing him look pretty smug knowing his skill was second only to his late student.

"Yes. It wasn't easy, but I did it, and I think it will work despite it being a prototype. It will temporarily poison his body long enough for either me or an ANBU team to subdue him before we bring him back to Konoha for trial," said Jiraiya knowing that was what the Fire Daimyo wanted and to further breathe fame into his country through a grand public trial with the infamous Namikaze Sephiroth being tried for war crimes.

"Had you and the Sandaime not lied to me, it wouldn't have come to this," said Tsunade, as she knew it was out of her hands, and into her old teammates on secret orders given by the Fire Daimyo himself.

"We did what we had to do Tsunade. The boy was going to be Sephiroth regardless of our actions," said Jiraiya knowing the prophecy had been at hand with the Kyuubi being thrown into the mix.

"You keep telling yourself that to make it easier to sleep at night," said Tsunade, as she saw bags under his eyes on occasion, and knew it wasn't from writing his books or even working on some seal to take down Sephiroth.

"Believe it or not actually does help," said Jiraiya seriously though he still saw the skeptical look on Tsunade's face.

"You know what to do Jiraiya. Find Sephiroth, persuade him first to come back with you to Konoha, and only use that seal as a last resort. I don't care what the Fire Daimyo told you, I want my Godson here in my office alive, and healthy enough to speak to me with clear coherent words coming out of his mouth that aren't slurred from whatever effects that seal of yours causes," said Tsunade, as she knew Jiraiya was loyal to the Leaf, but not even Tsunade would do half the stuff he did, and in the name of "the greater good".

"No promises on the last part Tsunade," said Jiraiya before he left with Tsunade now narrowing her eyes at the spot where he had been just standing.

'Like you ever did keep your promises with me,' thought Tsunade, as she summoned Shizune to her office, and ordered her to bring in Ibiki for a private conversation.

(With Sephiroth)

The infamous swordsman looked down from his position in the sky, hidden from view of those below, and did not like what he saw. Barely 30 minutes into his conversation with the bandaged girl, a group of young teens were sneaking towards the house with graffiti spraying can, and were about to vandalized the walls of the shack.

They would have to, if not for a little intervention from Sephiroth, and Haku upon her return from the town with information to determine why the people were hostile. So after knocking the teens out, dropping them quickly off in town, and hanging them from a pole only in their underwear did the two individuals turn their attention to the task at hand.

The girl's name was Isaribi and she was accused of being a horrible sea monster that had become the cause of ships crashing and the loss of loved ones of the town whose family members were sailors. They called her the Kaima, though they preferred to call the girl the more simpler names, and weren't afraid to attack when the opportunity to do so came to them.

What bothered Sephiroth though was the fact this girl couldn't possibly be such a horrible monster like the people thought she was, as Isaribi didn't have the natural look a horrible monster has in their eyes, and it was not something that could be hidden from him either. If this girl was indeed a monster of the sea like the people claimed, then she was against her will, and that someone was commanding Isaribi to do such horrible things.

Meaning she was a puppet and where there is a puppet there is usually a puppeteer not far off puling the strings.

'And where there are puppet strings...there is a trail leading to the puppeteer,' thought Sephiroth, as he saw Isaribi leave her shack, and before looking around to see if she saw anyone.

Sephiroth watched, as the girl's body began to change into some form of fish like based transformation, and dive into the water before heading off to her destination. Descending to the ground, he waited a moment before Haku appeared, and reported her findings to him about when the last ship had sunk less then a week ago with another not scheduled to come around remotely near the area until next.

"So either Isaribi is going for a swim or...," said Sephiroth turning to Haku smirking at her.

"She's going to meet her Master," said Haku knowing that they had what they needed.

"Time to get changed Haku. We're going hunting," said Sephiroth, as his eyes flashed for a second with wave of power, and Haku shivered internally at the sight of it.

"Yes Sephiroth-sama," said Haku, as she quickly hid from his line of sight, and quickly changed into her Shinobi attire.

It was time to hunt the real monster behind Isaribi.

(With Jiraiya-2 Days Later)

"And you're sure about this?" said Jiraiya talking to the person, who was part of his spy network, and leaning behind the tree he was leaning on while henged into a civilian bum.

"Yeah. Two people in Sea Country arrived there not that long ago. Rumor has it, one of them have been asking about the resident sea monster there said to be targeting ships, and the killing of sailors the beast has caused. One boy. One girl though the girl is said to be slightly older and very beautiful. Don't know the relationship between them though," said the spy while Jiraiya nodded his head in understanding.

"Have they showed any signs of leaving anytime soon?" said Jiraiya knowing how far he'd have to travel and that they might be gone by the time he arrived.

"Not from what I've gathered. They're staying in a small hotel in town. It only has one bedroom," said the spy making Jiraiya's eyes widen.

"So the relationship could be more then platonic," said Jiraiya out loud.

"Possibly, but then again the hotel they're staying at is small, and only has openings with one bedroom. Chances are, it's platonic, and one of them is sleeping in a chair," said the spy, but knew how Jiraiya thought, and was having some minor perverted thoughts in his head.

"Okay. I'll head there right away," said Jiraiya secretly paying his spy for the info before heading out.

Now Jiraiya just had to pray the two were still there and his one of a kind seal could take down or possibly weakened the One-Winged Angel of Death.

(Rice Country-Sound village)

"And these reports are correct?" said Orochimaru of the Sannin and traitor of the Leaf reading the information given to him by his spy placed deeply into the inner workings of Konoha.

"From what Kabuto mentioned, they are correct, and that he apologizes for taking so long to tell you about the Sandaime's death. Konoha was on a heavy lockdown until Tsunade became the new Hokage and even then she was having Konoha's security stepped up to much higher levels," said the Sound Shinobi before the Sannin's throne.

"I understand. Tsunade always thought the Sandaime was too soft in his old age when it came to security. It's only natural this would happen though I am surprised she even took up the mantle after the expressed feelings I knew were held within her," said Orochimaru tapping his chin in thought.

"Senju Tsunade wasn't the first choice from my understanding. Jiraiya of the Sannin was chosen before her, but he turned it down, and is out hunting down the Sandaime's killer," said the Sound Shinobi seeing Orochimaru's eyes widen at that information.

"So the prophecy of Namikaze Sephiroth returning to this world was true. Such a person would prove to be the ultimate vessel if I could acquire him. Put a team together to find out where he is and offer him an invitation to have a private audience with me," said Orochimaru with the Sound Shinobi bowing his head and then leaving to complete his mission.

All the while Orochimaru grinned at the thought of obtaining the ultimate being rumors made the swordsman out to be and using his new body to crush Akatsuki after testing it on Konoha.

He would soon have his revenge two fold!

(Konoha Hospital-3 Days Later)

Hinata knew she was going to have a hard time learning from Senju Tsunade, but to say she was a real slave drive was an understatement, and was like saying Sephiroth was the most skilled swordsman in history. Tsunade taught Hinata the basics, which the Hyuuga girl herself got down quick enough, and then the more advanced stuff kicked into the mix. Not only that, but Tsunade had also told Hinata that she would be learning how to learn how to use the infamous super strength that made the Slug Princess so famous in battle, and mix it into the Gentle Fist style to cause even more damage.

Hinata blushed at the comment Tsunade made about using it to help keep her future and possibly perverted husband in line by threatening to break his balls should the guy get out of line.

"Very good Hinata. You're progressing well with learning chakra scalpels. Remember, this medical Jutsu can be used to help, or hurt someone if used for that manner. You need incredible chakra control for either one Hinata so be careful when using this and practice chakra control daily to help with your training. You're good so far due to your training at such a young age required when it comes to mastering the Byakugan, but I won't let you slack off, and after this were going to focus more on learning how to destroy a tree.

"Thank you Tsunade-sama," said Hinata without stuttering, as she bowed her head since it had been one of the conditions of her training by the Hokage to stop stuttering, and had stomped that out within the second day of training.

"I'm really surprised your clan tried to stop me from teaching you, even after I explained your potential in the field, and that it would further create respect for the Hyuuga Clan in general," said Tsunade, as she saw Hinata looked depressed at that, and felt sorry for the poor girl.

"There is talk of putting the Cage Bird Seal on me by the Clan Elders," said Hinata, as she looked at her teacher with worry, and saw the angry look on Tsunade's face.

"Well I know for a fact they can't. One of the laws of the village charter states that should the Hokage take an apprentice in any field they are a Master in cannot be stopped by the apprentice's family or the clan they are from. You are a Shinobi Hinata. An adult in the eyes of the village laws meaning you fall under my care and there is not a single thing those bakas can do about it. They so much as even prepare the ink used for the Cage Bird Seal, it will create problem so great that it may result in getting the damn thing banned from the Hyuuga Clan, and it would be there own fault. I wouldn't worry about such talk Hinata since its most likely spoken to bring fear to you and bring the idea it will cause problems for me," said Tsunade, as she saw Hinata nod, and saw Shizune enter the room with a concerned look on her face.

"Tsunade-sama, we have a problem," said Shizune that made the Hokage's face sport a frown.

"What's the problem Shizune?" said Tsunade, as she left the room to talk to Shizune, and the younger woman handed her a piece of parchment found in the Sandaime's files.

"The Uchiha Massacre is not what everyone thinks it was," said Shizune, as she saw the Hokage's face light up with fury, and saw the list of signatures on the order given to Itachi to kill the Uchiha Clan on ground of rebelling against Konoha.

One of them was the Sandaime along with Danzo and the two Shinobi Council members that were the late Sandaime's advisors that became her advisors.

"Anything else?" said Tsunade seeing Shizune nod and then hand her a journal written by the Third Hokage himself.

"I found this sealed away in the Sandaime's vault in your office. And when I mean sealed, I mean sealed with complex seals, and meant to hurt anyone with authorization access just below mine," said Shizune knowing only one person with such skills in the sealing arts and he was out of the village.

"I see. Leave this with me. Its high time I learned what dirty little secrets my old sensei has and see to it that they are handled in proper fashion," said Tsunade, as she knew her late sensei would have some dirty secrets in here aside from what he did to her Godson, and needed to know just how many of them there were.

(Land of Sea)

"This is the cave she went in," said Haku, as she could detect multiple beings within the area, and not all of them were completely human.

"Come Haku. Let's see what Isaribi's Master is like," said Sephiroth, as the two had been watching the girl's actions the entire time, and determined that Isaribi herself was not the evil monster the people of this land made her out to be.

Her Master was the real monster. A man scientist by the name of Amachi and kidnapped several citizens before performing mad experiments on them. In Sephiroth's mind, the man reminded him of another mad scientist named Hojo, and the mere remembrance of the man that had kept Jenova imprisoned the way she was had caused Sephiroth's blood to boil within his body.

Amachi was a shadowy shell of a carbon copy of Hojo and it was time the man just what he deserved, which in Sephiroth's mind was a long overdue one way trip to a place that was argued to exist by many in the ways of science, and that place was...Hell!

"You stupid bitch! I created you and what I can create I can destroy!" said a man, who was clearly Amachi, and he didn't look pleased with Isaribi.

Probably because Isaribi didn't sink the newest ship that had the courage to sail near the Land of Sea and had come back demanding the cure from him now before threatening to tell the people the truth about why she had done those horrible things in the past.

"I don't care anymore! I'd rather be destroyed then serve scum like you. I bet you don't even have a cure for my condition," said Isaribi accused and to her slight surprise the man was laughing hysterically.

"A cure? Why would I want to cure the likes of you? You're just a freak! A monster that I created in the name of science to further the ways of the Shinobi and for a brief time you were a nice leap forward in my plans. Unfortunately, Orochimaru-sama lost interest in what I was doing, and ended my funding for these projects. Now you are just a pawn to play and I am the player using you in my scheme to perfect my research so that my other more successful experiments cane take revenge on the Sannin!" said Amachi, as he saw Isaribi look at him in shock, and anger at his words.

"Bastard! When the people in town hear what you've done they will...," said Isaribi, but was quickly silenced by a backhanded slap to her face, and looked at the smiling doctor with surprise.

"You are going to tell them? The people that hate, shun, and attack you whenever they see you? The one whose sunk ships, killed sailors, and brought misery to their lives in the process? Who would believe you? No one! Face it my dear, you are stuck with me because I'm the only one willing to tolerate your existence, and give you a purpose," said Amachi seeing the girl look ready to cry with angry eyes.

"Don't be so sure," said Sephiroth, as he stepped out of the shadows of the cave, and Haku stayed in them.

"Who are you? How did you find this lab?" said Amachi frowning at Sephiroth.

"I found this place by following her. She had a certain traveling pattern and was always cautious when seeking you out for orders. As to who I am? your destroyer," said Sephiroth, as he brought out Masamune, and began walking towards Amachi.

"I don't know who or what you are, but one thing you are certainly not, is my destroyer, and my pets are going to shred your body to pieces," said Amachi, as he hit a switch, and an alarm went out with the sound of angry hungry animals howling in a nearby room.

"Oh no," said Isaribi, as she had seen the room, and knew what was in there.

"Oh yes! My chimeras were going to be used to destroy Orochimaru and that bitch of student Anko after the Sannin abandoned this place for greener pastures," said Amachi, as he took off running down another passageway, and laughing in the process.

"Fool. Haku pursue him while I deal with the chimeras. Don't let down your guard for a moment. I sense something with our mad scientist," said Sephiroth, as he walked towards the sounds of animals coming his way, and Haku followed the path Amachi had gone.

"Wait! What about me?" said Isaribi seeing the boy possibly a few years younger then her walking towards what she thought would be his doom.

"After today Isaribi-san, you are free to do whatever it is you want in life. Go anywhere that you want. My advice to you though is to seek someone out that can help cure your current condition since its clear that its not natural," said Sephiroth before turning to see the army of chimera coming at him with the intent to rip his body to pieces.

Not even seeing the girl nod her head before leaving, the One-Winged Angel of Death moved swiftly to remove these monstrosities from his presence, and seek out his female comrade hunting down the not so good scientist.

(With Jiraiya)

"You're sure? You saw them walking around?" said Jiraiya holding a picture of Haku given to him in sketch artist rendering Hinata gave of her and one of Sephiroth to a man in the small hotel.

"Yeah. The girl was something. If I was just 30 years younger. Not that I could get close enough if I tried. Not with the younger boy beside her though he looked more man then boy. Given those eyes of his," said the man at the desk seeing the pictures.

"What do you mean?" said Jiraiya curiously.

"I've seen a lot of people traveling through here during my time in this land. I've seen all kinds of eyes from young to old of all different colors. But these eyes...they scare me to no end. They're the eyes of a killer. Someone whose seen death, like he could bring it down upon people like he was an agent of the Shinigami himself, and not feel regret from such brutality. It was in his walk too. He barely ever spoke when I saw him, but when the kid did, it was only to the girl in this sketch, and she seemed to enjoy hearing his voice," said the man seeing Jiraiya nod in understanding.

"What room are they in?" said Jiraiya knowing he could set an ambush for the two when they got back.

"They checked out. Paid the amount owed and left. I think they're leaving later today," said the man not knowing why Jiraiya was frowning in anger since the two had done nothing wrong as far as he could tell.

Hell, they gave a nice tip for good service, and acted like ideal customers.

"Thank you," said Jiraiya, as he cursed himself for getting here too late, and only took comfort in the notion that he was close tracking the boy down.

An explosion rocked the area around him and forced Jiraiya to run outside to see another explosion of water near the town occur before a figure went flying towards it. Jiraiya had to jump out of the way of being hit by the body thrown in his direction and looked to see it was the bloody dying form of a man like fish. Wait! Man like fish? What the Hell?

That was what the people around him seeing the man thought too, as they thought the girl was the monster of the sea, and yet this was not same person they had tried to hurt a week ago. In fact, their usual attempts at scaring the bandaged girl right out of their small semi-poor country had been thwarted ever since last week started, and it all coincided with the silver haired boy with that beautiful girl he was with.

The same silver haired boy with the one angelic wing that was a shade of pure white, but as he descended from the sky could see it turning a darker shade until it was grey, and he was not happy if the look on his face was any indication. The moment he touched down on the ground, a masked figure was beside him, and was unreadable to the people. Even Jiraiya, who knew it was the girl named Haku had no way of knowing what was going on inside the female ice user's head, or see what her face was like behind the mask.

"People of Sea Country, I give you your so called Kaima, and his name is Amachi. He has been the one causing you pain, suffering, and death to your land in the name of his experiments with one of them he tested on himself. The girl Isaribi you have tormented for being this monster was actually his past experiment, who he promised to cure her in return for sinking ships, and killing sailors while some were captured to be experimented on. It was a promise he never intended to keep. In fact, Amachi would have killed her, dissected her body, and then continued with his experimentations on helpless people with you all being none the wiser," said Sephiroth, as he saw the people look at him in shock, and then at the fish man on the ground slowly dying before them.

"Where is Isaribi?" said someone feeling guilty for hating the girl for this.

"She's free from his control. She's safe to go wherever her heart desires," said Sephiroth cryptically not wanting the people to seek her out.

"What about his experiments?" said Jiraiya deciding to make his presence felt and saw Sephiroth look at him for a moment.

"They were mindless beasts with different parts of animals put together called chimera for the purpose of being a mindless army. They are all dead," said Sephiroth, who didn't give away any emotions when seeing Jiraiya, and simply focused on the crowd at hand.

"Will the girl come back here to exact revenge?" said another person worriedly.

"Of what she wants, I cannot answer you, but I do know that all Isaribi wants is to live a normal life, and I advised her before she left to seek out someone with the ability to help," said Sephiroth seeing the people let out a sigh of relief.

"If you see her again, could you tell Isaribi were sorry, and that we'd like to make it up to her if she came back?" said a woman with guilt on her face.

"I will tell her, but should she come back here, I expect you all to apologize yourselves regardless if I've done it for you, or not since this was your crime," said Sephiroth, as he turned away from the group, and Haku following while being slightly behind him while they walked knowing who was there during that little moment of answering questions.

Haku was never going to give Jiraiya of the Sannin the opening he needed and had every intention of being her Master's shield should the man try something.

"Sephiroth!" said Jiraiya, as he appeared in front of the swordsman, and Haku after they were a safe distance from the town.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin. To what do I owe this not so great honor of being in your slimy presence?" said Sephiroth with sarcasm in his voice.

"I'm under orders by the Fifth Hokage Senju Tsunade to bring you back to the Leaf and if necessary subdue you for trial on criminal charges against humanity," said Jiraiya, as he saw Haku immediately bring out senbon needles, and prepared for battle before Sephiroth raised his hand slightly to tell his bodyguard to stay her hand.

"So my Godmother is the new Hokage. Does she know why I killed the Sandaime? Does she know why I am this way? That three people in my life set things in motion to force me into submission?" said Sephiroth seeing Jiraiya scowl at him.

"She knows why. Kind of hard not to after the Academy teacher told everyone on your orders," said Jiraiya, as he saw Sephiroth smirk at him, and let out a chuckle that told the Sannin the boy was clearly amused.

"My Godmother had a right to know. Better to hear the truth then listen to someone who prefers to lie about what things that should not be lied about," said Sephiroth knowing that Jiraiya knew what he was referring to.

"How do you know Tsunade is your Godmother?" said Jiraiya curiously.

"A part of my Mother was sealed inside of me with the Kyuubi. After I became what you see now, some of her memories still remained within me, and one of them was when she asked Tsunade to be my Godmother. My Mother had also asked be my Godfather too," said Sephiroth seeing the man stiffen at that.

"I lied to her because it was for the greater good. Tsunade had always wanted a child just like Kushina and you were the closest thing to it after Kushina died. Had she known of your existence, you would have been taken away from the Leaf to grow to become what you are now, and the prophecy would have occurred sooner then later," said Jiraiya with Sephiroth scoffing at him.

"The prophecy was going to happen with or without the body of Uzumaki Naruto. All you did was set things in motion for this body to become my way back to this world. If you truly feared the prophecy like you claim, then you wouldn't have trained my Father, and stopped him from becoming what he was before the Kyuubi attacked," said Sephiroth seeing Jiraiya seething at his words.

"Minato wasn't the child of prophecy," said Jiraiya getting angry at the silver haired boy.

"But you suspected any child he had could be the prophesized one regardless. Why not kill him to prevent it all together? What is it about my Father that made you not have the heart to destroy or cripple him like you did me?" said Sephiroth seeing Jiraiya's facial muscles twitch slightly with sweat running down his forehead.

"He was your son," said Haku simply while Jiraiya's eyes narrowed slightly with jaw slightly clenching.

"Ah, I see. The final piece is finally put together. What was he to you then? Illegitimate? Did you even know? No doubt the woman you were with for one night was Namikaze, but you never married due to wanting my Godmother like everyone claims you did, and simply forgot about him until it became time for you to become a Jounin sensei. By then, he had grown strong, and you no doubt discovered my Father was your son somehow. You didn't have the heart to kill him after discovering the prophecy of the Namikaze Clan since he was your own flesh and blood. So you decided to keep an eye on him instead just in case, but then saw he wasn't the chosen child of prophecy, and left it alone until my Mother told him that she was pregnant," said Sephiroth seeing his Godfather and at the same time his Grandfather look at him with anger.

"Shut up. A monster like you would never understand what it means to be in love," said Jiraiya in a dangerous voice.

"Are you so sure? You forget I have my memories from my time in this world that I lived in centuries ago. I knew what it was like to love another. My Mother then was not mine truly by blood, but I had hers in me all the same, and I became worthy of being called the son of Jenova after hearing her cries of pain. I saw her in agony. She commanded me to smite those that were responsible for the crimes against her person and like any good son that loves their Mother...I obeyed. It's you Jiraiya of the Sannin, who doesn't understand, and know what it means to love another with all your soul," said Sephiroth seeing Jiraiya scowl deepen.

"Are you saying if I truly loved my family, then this wouldn't have happened, and the prophecy wouldn't have been fulfilled?" said Jiraiya not understanding Sephiroth's words.

"As I told you before, the prophecy was going to happen whether it was using the body of Uzumaki Naruto, or not due to your stupidity. It was your lust for the flesh that sired my Father. Not love for the person or the soul behind it. Had you truly known love Jiraiya of the Sannin, then Tsunade would have raised me, and the Leaf would have had a powerful ally to call their own...instead of the monster they created out of their own arrogance," said Sephiroth seeing Jiraiya shake his head in disbelief.

"I don't believe that," said Jiraiya simply.

"No you wouldn't believe me, would you. After all, I am just a monster, and a monster shouldn't know how to love another. Isn't that what you believe?" said Sephiroth seeing the Sannin's hands become fists and the Sannin not speaking a word.

The silence Jiraiya gave spoke volumes to Sephiroth though.

"Sephiroth-sama, we should leave," said Haku, as she didn't want to be in the Sannin's presence anymore, and knew that her Master didn't want to be near him either.

"Agreed. This is my one warning to you Jiraiya, do not come after me again, or I will crush you regardless of our blood ties," said Sephiroth before taking to the air with his arm around Haku's waist and they ascended into the sky.

"Spare me your warnings! You're no family of mine monster! The next time we meet, I will stop you, and avenge my sensei!" said Jiraiya angrily.

"We'll see," said Sephiroth were his only ominous words to Jiraiya before flying off with Haku away from the Land of Sea.

"You could have killed him if you desired Sephiroth-sama," said Haku wondering why he didn't.

"It's too early to be killing the likes of him. The setting isn't right. But it will be...very soon," said Sephiroth, as he knew from what they overheard from Amachi's conversation with Isaribi earlier was that there next destination would be less welcome, and filled with more danger.

He was going to a snake's lair and the snake's name was...Orochimaru.

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