Chapter 9-Die Hard

The ship Haku had taken Sephiroth's unconscious body upon saving him from the group of Konoha Shinobi was actually a cruise liner, which had only recently after Gato's death been allowed to set a course near Wave Country, and certain places there a place to dock safely without the threat of goons harassing everyone on board the ship. The ship itself was actually headed to Fire Country on the Southeastern Dockyards approximately 20 miles away from the Leaf village.

Unfortunately, for both the ship, and its Captain there was a storm swirling around them causing a reduction in speed to prevent possible accidents from possible rocks along a reef to other ships sailing from a different direction headed their way. What the Captain didn't know was this storm was not a natural one, as it was being caused by the intense anger being generated by a single source on the cruise line, and the name of that entity causing was...Namikaze Sephiroth.

Before the One-Winged Angel of Death, a frightened Haku cowered under his rage filled eyes at what she had done to him a second time by being close to his body, and ignored the teary eyes of the female ice user.

"Do you know what you've done? What your action did to those that defended me? By not being there with them, our allies were taken away back to the Leaf, and will tortured just for helping me this far before being executed!" said Sephiroth his voice was cold, cruel sounding, and the chakra he created had warped the metal around him.

In front of him, Haku had her face down submissively, but without the mask she usually had on so Sephiroth could see the repentant servant, and hoped he understood it was the only way for him to survive.

"Sephiroth-sama, I am sorry for putting you in that state, but your health...," said Haku, but the increased output of Sephiroth's power silenced her, and slowly looked into the eyes of the enraged being standing barely 10 feet from her.

"I do not care about my health Haku. What I do care about, is my mission, and I am now finding your presence being disruptive to my said mission," said Sephiroth seeing Haku's eyes widen in shock and in fear at the sudden premonition laced words.

"Sephiroth-sama?" said Haku worriedly hoping he wasn't about to do what she did not wish for him to do.

"Leave me Haku. Leave my sight. Now!" said Sephiroth seeing Haku shake her head and tears ran freely from those eyes that begged for his mercy.

"Sephiroth-sama I...," said Haku before she was blasted back by another wave of chakra and saw Masamune in Sephiroth's hands.

"I said leave my sight Haku! Leave before I have Masamune taste your blood should you be in my presence ever again!" said Sephiroth his one wing now coming out of his shoulder and his eyes glowed with incredible power.

Slowly rising from the ground of the room they were in, Haku looked at him for a second with sad eyes, and left Sephiroth's presence to go somewhere to cry at being cast aside by her angry Master.

With her gone, Sephiroth dispelled Masamune before walking to the bathroom to see the cracked mirror showing his reflection, and scowled at appearance that scowled back him. Deep inside of Sephiroth, the last remaining piece of Uzumaki Naruto was yelling at him for being an idiot for putting the blame entirely on Haku, as she had done what was best to keep him alive, and it was because of her that the One-Winged Angel was alive due to the poison Jiraiya had hit him with back during Konoha's invasion. Who was it that had removed half of the poison in his system to recover sooner then later? Who had been the one, who comforted Sephiroth after seeing the bedroom that should have been his after being born, and was willing to accept any punishment he delivered for it?

It was Haku. She had done just about everything that could be asked of her.

Haku deserves to be rewarded for her actions. Not shunned!

Sephiroth's eyes narrowed at hearing the innocent part of his soul before smashing the mirror with his fist before retracting the appendage and stared at the hand for a moment in thought. Closing his eyes, Sephiroth leaned against the sink suddenly feeling weak for some reason, as he felt a pain in his chest, and grabbed the left side where the heart was located in the body. It wasn't a literal physical pain to his heart Sephiroth felt, as that much about his body he knew, and knew it was of the emotional variety.

'Mother...what should I do? I am angry at Haku and yet deep down...I shouldn't. I need your help,' thought Sephiroth, as he wondered what his Mother would do, and what he should do now?

Isn't it obvious my son? Are you so filled with hate for the Leaf that you are incapable of love?

'I've never known love. I wouldn't know how,' thought Sephiroth to the female voice, but it was to muffled to recognize, as it could have been either Kushina, or Jenova from the past reaching out to him like she did that fateful day centuries ago.

Maybe it was a mix of both.

That's why Haku is here you baka! All that girl wants is to be loved by you, but she know about your handicap, and is trying to bring it out through her actions, and have possibly ruined something special. Now get off your ass, find Haku, and apologize for being the angry ass I call a son!

'You always did know what to say...Mother,' thought Sephiroth smiled slightly, as rose to his full height, and scanned the ship for Haku's chakra signature before vanishing to her location.

(With Haku)

The female ice user sniffed in the heavy rain, as it poured down all around her, and Haku wondered why life had to be cruel? Everything and everyone had been removed from her life in some shape or form without any means to stop the chain reaction each event had caused. The loss of the Shinobi from Sound, who were like her in wanting to fight for the purpose they so desperately desired, and keeping it by serving the Master before them. Now they were in the Leaf, being tortured for information on where Sephiroth could go, and to possibly recruit them to the cause Konoha was so hell bent on finishing.

"And while this happens, Sephiroth-sama casts me aside, and has threatened to kill me if I'm in his presence ever again," said Haku sadly, as she didn't want to leave his side, even after what he threatened, and yet it hurt so much when those words were spoken.

"Haku," said Sephiroth in a whispered voice, as he was behind her now, and his wing was still out of his shoulder.

"I once said that if I dragged my feet, then my life would be forfeit, and I can only think the reason you're here is to carry out that part of the agreement," said Haku, as she closed her eyes, and had to will herself in not looking back to see him.

"I remember that part of the agreement when you asked to follow me," said Sephiroth, as he walked silently towards Haku, and saw the girl straighten slightly to brace herself for the thrust of Masamune she was no doubt expecting.

"I am sorry I could not live up to your expectations Sephiroth-sama. Hopefully my future replacement will in my place," said Haku, as she felt more tears run down her eye, and sensed Sephiroth so close now she could touch him if only for the last time.

"Haku," said Sephiroth, as he looked at the girl in front of him, and wished she'd turn around so they could talk properly.

"I'm not afraid to die Sephiroth-sama. I'm ready," said Haku, as she put her hands to her chest, and trying to fight the pain pulsing within her heart.

"I'm not here to kill you Haku. If anything...I am should be here simply for you to kill me for my foolish actions and stupidity," said Sephiroth, as he put one hand on her shoulder, and felt the tenseness of Haku's body increase slightly.

Even now she expected him to do something like snap her neck or crush it with simple squeeze to the throat.

"Why do you torment me with your words?" said Haku not believing his right now.

"Because only you can understand them before anyone else. I have wronged you Haku. I have wronged you by casting aside the most loyal person I have ever met in this life or in my previous one. In my anger over the loss of the others to the Leaf, I failed to realize your actions possibly saved my life, and I shunned you for it," said Sephiroth his mouth close to her right ear, his voice barely a whisper in this storm, and he used his wing to shield her from the rain that came down upon them.

Slowly, Haku turned to face the One-Winged Angel of Death, seeing his eyes were filled with sorrow, pain, and regret for his actions against her. It hurt Haku when spoke those words, casting her aside like an angry King does a servant just for being his presence, and saw what a mistake his anger had created.

"I know you are sorry Sephiroth-sama, but even knowing that much, it still hurt me, and I felt my heart ready to break because of it," said Haku, as she slowly moved closer to fill the gap between them, and hesitantly wrapped him in a hug.

"Because you care about me," said Sephiroth simply and thought he heard Haku let out a small laugh.

"No! I don't just care about you Sephiroth-sama. I...I think I also love you. Ever since I met you, I've felt this deep...yearning, and its been guiding my hand in protecting you from harm. I didn't really come to suspect what it was until I became jealous of that Hyuuga girl in Konoha and it only increased further in the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries when you told everyone how she had the potential to kill you." said Haku, as she felt his wing wrap around her, and felt the warmth his body created in the freezing rain.

"Love. Its always been a strange concept to me. Probably because I've never known what it feels like from either lifetime. Even if I did feel something like that, it wouldn't be easy for someone like me to love another, and in all honesty...I do not know if I can even love you back Haku," said Sephiroth, as he returned the embrace, and felt dig deeper into his chest.

"I can teach you. If you let me?" said Haku hopefully, as she looked up at him, and saw the swordsman being unsure in taking the invitation.

"And how would you go about teaching me Haku," said Sephiroth, as he saw Haku smile at him, and lean in close to his ear.

"One step at a time Sephiroth-sama. One step at a time. For now, please hold me like this, and don't stop," said Haku, as she love how close they were, and sighed happily in the process.

She didn't even notice it had stopped raining.

'Learning to love. Can I even feel such an emotion? I know I felt something when I stood before Jenova centuries, but this feeling I have for Haku is different, and yet I know its something close to it. Only time will tell I suppose,' thought Sephiroth, as he decided not to focus on the concept too much, and redirect his mind to what was happening in the Leaf.

He had loyal followers to save.

(Konoha-Kimimaro's Cell)

Kaguya Kimimaro was held tightly in place by chains attached to his wrist that stretched to the wall, as the binders on the chains had seals engraved on them to suppress chakra, and was sitting on his knees currently locked in place by metal that covered the knees on down. His interrogators had come in to press for information about Sephiroth after being healed, as they wanted to know his condition, and where the One-Winged Angel of Death would go after Wave Country.

Kimimaro response was to remain silent the entire time.

They countered his silence in the ways of giving him pain. Several wounds reopened, but nothing he could not endure, as Kimimaro had been through worse, and simply let them have their moment in the sun. Not that it mattered anyway, as the Kaguya knew deep within his body, his very heart that Sephiroth would return here for them all, and unleash his God like vengeance upon the Leaf.

'Even if I am not here to see it happen, the act itself being completed is enough for me, and the fact my sacrifice put it in motion,' thought Kimimaro, as he heard the door open to his cell, and Ibiki walked in with a scowl on his face that would have made others shiver in fear.

"We need to talk," said Ibiki in a growl of a voice, as he saw Kimimaro look up at him with those definite eyes, and knew this conversation could become very short very fast.

"You are the Head of the I&T Dept., aren't you? The one, who reports to the Hokage, and tells her your findings on me along with the others? In that case, I have nothing to say to the likes of you except this so listen well. I am not afraid to die. I am not afraid of pain in any shape or form unleashed upon my being. My purpose in this world, is to protect the one, who has given me honor, and the respect denied my whole life. You seek to destroy that one person for whatever reason the Leaf wants him destroyed, using me along with the others to achieve your goal, which has brought us here to an impasse, as I will not betray Sephiroth-sama, and I'd rather die knowing my last act to him was of one loyalty instead of betrayal," said Kimimaro right into the eyes of Ibiki that spoke volumes to the scarred man before seeing the Leaf Shinobi leave the room.

With his mind spoken, Kimimaro lowered his head to wait for the inevitable end to his life, and a silent prayer that Sephiroth along with Haku were doing all right.

(Hokage's Office)

"So he won't talk?" said Tsunade, as she saw Ibiki shake his head no, and sighed at the resistance the entire group Jiraiya brought back.

"None of them will. I've never seen anything like it before. In the short time they were with Sephiroth, he managed to have their undying loyalty, and won't break for any offer we give in exchange for information," said Ibiki, as some had been offered some form of leniency, but they all spat in the face of those deals, and simply awaited the execution that would await them.

"They are certain people in this world Ibiki, who cannot be bribed, beaten, or be made to submit to the wills of others. This village has forgotten that because its become too fat and lazy to see the truth about that simple fact since we've been victorious in battles more times then not," said Tsunade, as she saw Ibiki nod in understanding, and look out the window at the village.

"Like Sephiroth," said Ibiki simply, as he knew the boy was something to do what he did in such a short time, and wondered to himself if staying on the side of the Leaf was the right thing to do?

"Like my Godson. Not that it matters in regards to those eight since the Fire Daimyo is coming here to witness their public execution in the next couple of days," said Tsunade wishing Jiraiya had kept his big mouth shut, but couldn't since the Councils would have just done it for him, and made things worse.

"There is more to it then that, right?" said Ibiki, as he saw the Hokage nod, and rub her temples in frustration.

"The Fire Daimyo along with Jiraiya want to force Sephiroth's hand in coming here in the belief he's not up to full strength yet since they know he wasn't conscious at the time. The Councils asked Inoichi to do a psychological profile on Sephiroth based on what we do know about him and his past actions since his return. I take it you read the report when it came out?" said Tsunade, as the report came out only yesterday, but every single Shinobi with clearance had gotten a copy, and was reading it word for word.

"Yeah. It was a real page turner. Inoichi believes that while Sephiroth is indeed ruthless in the ways of the sword the old legends make him out to be, there is a sliver of humanity now in him from Uzumaki Naruto, and is keeping your Godson from destroying everyone in his line of sight. He also believes if provoked, Sephiroth will permanently suppress his 'conscious', and bring out the fear monster that nearly destroyed the world ages ago," said Ibiki seeing the Hokage nod at that information.

"If these eight are killed, I fear for the lives of the innocent people in the Leaf, as they will not be spared Sephiroth's wrath, and we may lose the piece of Uzumaki Naruto that keeps him in check," said Tsunade looking out at the window at the people below and had a premonition of what was going to happen.

"Bringing about a natural disaster that will be far worse then the Kyuubi ever was," said Ibiki grimacing at this news.

How were they going to get out of this?

(3 Days Later-Day of the Public Execution)

The Fire Daimyo smiled with pride, as he was surrounded by his samurai bodyguards, and looked at the eight individuals about to be hanged one by one on his command. Beside him, the Hokage was frowning at this move, as she had told him this was a very bad idea in provoking Sephiroth, but the Feudal Lord ignored it, and looked to his other side where Jiraiya was standing. They knew that this announcement of executing the loyal followers of Sephiroth would reach beyond Fire Country and reach their intended target.

"People of the Leaf, I stand before you as your Feudal Lord, with your Hokage on one side, and Jiraiya of the Sannin on the other. Behind us, you will see the eight followers of Namikaze Sephiroth, who was responsible for killing the Sandaime Hokage, and helped Orochimaru with the invasion of this village before betraying the late snake Sannin," said the Fire Daimyo showing the bound and ready to be executed group via hanging.

'I shouldn't be up here. This is wrong and these two don't care!' thought Tsunade, as she saw her apprentice watching with the people below, and giving a "help them before its too late!" look that the Hokage wished she could act upon.

"For following the traitor Orochimaru, then Namikaze Sephiroth soon after, it is on my order, the Fire Daimyo of Konoha, that these eight here be executed, and a clear message be sent to their Master. A message that will ensure that it is Sephiroth himself, who is the one trembling in fear, and all those that follow him know the price of being loyal to such a monster!" said the Fire Daimyo, as he got cheers from the people, and the calling for the death of the soon to be killed prisoners.

'He's feeding off the bloodthirsty mob. How typical can you get?' thought Tsunade with disgust, as she turned to see the group about to be executed, and wanted to stop it.

"Don't even think about it Tsunade. The Fire Daimyo has an order to restrain you if your body somehow moves on its own to stop this," said Jiraiya seeing the woman look at her in surprise and then saw the surprise turn to a scowl.

"Fine! But don't come begging to me when Sephiroth is about to slice you in half," said Tsunade, as she wasn't going to help Jiraiya in that fight, and the Fire Daimyo could die of testicular cancer for all she cared.

'As if he'll have the strength to oppose me. He should still have some of the poison in his system,' thought Jiraiya, as he didn't realize the fatal flaw in his calculations, and didn't even consider the possibility of Haku being able to use her bloodline to extract half of what was put into Sephiroth's body.

"Do either of you have anything to say before your death," said the Fire Daimyo seeing them all stay silent in defiance of his actions and was a bit disappointed they didn't want to beg for his mercy.

Not that he'd give it.

"Actually Fire Daimyo, I would like to say something on their behalf," said Sephiroth from behind the mob of people causing the said mob to scatter, scream, and hide behind anything they could.

All around him, Shinobi of the Leaf, and the Feudal Lord's samurai drew weapons to engage Sephiroth in battle.

"So you came. Finally decided to come out of hiding?" said the Fire Daimyo smiling like a kid out fishing and caught a huge one on his first try.

"Sephiroth-sama, you should not be here!" said Kimimaro, as he now struggled almost like a rabid animal in a cage to get free, and so did the others knowing he had come to their rescue.

"Nonsense. Your loyalty to me should be rewarded and I am here to do just that," said Sephiroth, as he smiled at them before walking towards the execution platform, and now walked up the steps while ignoring the armed attackers around him ready to strike.

"And do you intend to do that?" said the Fire Daimyo with a raised eyebrow and curiosity showing in his body language.

"Simple. I'm going to take their place," said Sephiroth seeing the shocked looks now on everyone's faces.

"What did you say?" said Tsunade in disbelief and saw the boy's followers looking just as shocked.

"I trade places with them. They go free. Untouched, unharmed, and unspoiled by the Leaf to go wherever they see fit," said Sephiroth, as he saw tears form in Kimimaro's eyes, and in the others too since they didn't expect this to happen.

"No Sephiroth-sama! Don't!," said Kimimaro struggling with all his might to get free so such a sacrifice wouldn't be made on their behalf.

"I will and I must Kimimaro," said Sephiroth, as he was now at the top of the platform, and saw each of them looking at him with pleading faces not to do this.

"Wait! Where is that Haku girl?" said Jiraiya looking around for the female ice user in case this was some kind of ambush.

"Don't worry your pathetic life Jiraiya-san. Haku didn't have the heart to be here for what is about to happen," said Sephiroth, as he saw the Sannin glare, and take his mind off of Haku.

"So you're willing to throw away your life for theirs. Why the sudden generosity?" said Jiraiya suspiciously while staring at the One-Winged Angel right in the eyes.

"You sound surprised. Why? Didn't my Father do the same for this village? Didn't almost all of my family on both sides ever so generously give their lives for people around them? You make it sound like I'm the exception to that long standing family tradition. Still, now that you just happened to bring it up, if there was anyone in my family not willing to die for others...its you Jiraiya-san," said Sephiroth, as he saw Jiraiya scowl further, and could see the Sannin wanted to kill him right now for that statement.

"Watch your mouth brat!" said Jiraiya, as he wasn't about to take this from the gaki, and make him regret ever being born.

Or reborn. Or whatever it Sephiroth was in that regard.

"Or what Jiraiya? You'll try to poison me again with that seal? Won't work. My body is now fully immune to it. Even if you dumped the rest of it into my body, it would do little to hamper my power, and just be a minor annoyance like its creator," said Sephiroth, as he saw Jiraiya once more become angry with him, and would have moved forward to engage the young swordsman in combat had the Fire Daimyo raised a hand to stop it.

"You're here to trade your life for theirs. Isn't that right?" said the Fire Daimyo eyeing the boy carefully.

"Yes. Do we have a deal?" said Sephiroth while Kimimaro and the others telling him not to do this.

"Deal, provided that once we set them free, they don't try to rescue you, or do something equally rash that leads to your escape," said the Fire Daimyo while seeing Sephiroth eye is followers for a second and then look back at him.

"We have an accord then," said Sephiroth with a smirk on his face and saw the group be let go though they were restrained slightly by the ANBU around them due to the fact they were still struggling.

"Sephiroth-sensei don't do this!" said Kin, as she saw the only person willing to give a damn about to die so she wouldn't have to a second time, and saw him look back at her before smiling a gentle smile that made the girl's heart feel unimaginable pain.

"It is unavoidable Kin. We do what we must," said Sephiroth, as he walked over to the middle execution spot where Kidomaru had been, and turned around before putting the noose around his neck.

"Hold on! I want to kill him," said Sasuke, as he heard the people now cheer for the last Uchiha, calling him their hero, and finishing what the Yondaime wanted.

"Out of the question," said Tsunade, as she was not about to simply hand over the life of Sephiroth to the Uchiha just so the boy could have such a thing on his belt, and inflate his ego beyond measure.

"No Tsunade. I'll allow it. How do you intend to kill Sephiroth though Uchiha Sasuke?" said the Fire Daimyo before Kakashi appeared beside his student with a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I taught him my original Jutsu the Chidori, which will be aimed at Sephiroth's heart, and kill him upon the organ being pierced by the attack," said Kakashi with pride in his voice that made Tsunade want to vomit.

"Very well. You may proceed Uchiha-san," said the Fire Daimyo allowing a wide enough gap for Sasuke to charge Sephiroth, who was currently being held by two ANBU, and were whispering to him about how he was going to go to Hell for his past crimes along with having the Kyuubi sealed inside his body.

'Not likely,' thought Sephiroth to himself, as he watched Sasuke create the Jutsu, and charge forward with his Sharingan active thanks to Kakashi training him personally after it had been unlocked.

"DIE SCUM!" said Sasuke, as he thrust the Chidori into Sephiroth's chest, and smiled devilishly in feeling the blood of the feared One-Winged Angel of Death's on his elite hands.

"NO!" yelled the group, as they saw blood run down Sephiroth mouth, and yet he still had the strength to smile slightly with blood running down the sides of his mouth.

"I...cannot...die. I...will never become a memory," said Sephiroth, as he began laughing at them, and it became louder with each passing second.

"What the Hell?" said Sasuke, as the body of Namikaze Sephiroth turned to dirt, and mud that fell to the ground while the laughter echoed throughout the village.

The Sephiroth that Sasuke had killed was actually a Mud Clone.

"He went back on the deal! Kill all the prisoners!" said the Fire Daimyo turning to the ANBU and samurai that held the eight down.

Only to find the eight prisoners not there and the those restraining them were down with senbon needles jammed hard into various points in their bodies.

"Lock down the village and find them!" Jiraiya knowing that a group as big as the one Sephiroth had formed couldn't get out of here without going through one of the gates.

"No need. I'm right here," said Sephiroth behind Jiraiya and the Fire Daimyo now turning to face him.

"Kill him!" said the Fire Daimyo in a slightly panicky voice to the Shinobi and samurai around him.

"I cannot be killed by the likes of you," said Sephiroth, as he vanished from their sight, and then reappeared right in front of the now terrified Fire Daimyo.

Behind Sephiroth, all the Shinobi, and samurai that tried to move against him had been sliced to pieces in a ruthless display of his sword skills that created a cloud of blood that soon drenched the platform.

The Fire Daimyo jumped back in fright, as he stared at the monster before him, and saw Jiraiya hesitant to make a move should Sephiroth decide to end the Feudal Lord's life. As for Tsunade, she just had her eyes shut for a moment before looking over at where her Godson was, and then walked away from them.

"Tsunade! What are you doing? Come back here!" said Jiraiya, as he saw the woman walking away, and then look back at him with a foxy smile.

"But I can't Jiraiya-kun. Don't you remember? If I interfere, it goes against the order of the Fire Daimyo, and I would never go against an official order given personally by Fire Country's Feudal Lord. Have fun you two. Come on Hinata. Shizune. We're leaving!" said Tsunade, as she walked away from this battle, and soon the Leaf since it was clear this place was doing just fine without her being around.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Isn't that right Jiraiya? You have scorned my Godmother for the last time and just as I was Jenova's instrument of revenge centuries will I be Tsunade's against the two of you," said Sephiroth grinning an evil grin that made the Fire Daimyo back up slightly, pissing his pants, and whimpering like a whipped dog.

"Please don't kill me. You have to understand, the people of the Leaf, and Fire Country had to be protected. After what Jiraiya, the Yondaime, and Sandaime Hokage told me I felt there were no other options!" said the Fire Daimyo seeing the glowing deadly eyes of Sephiroth looking back at him that screamed vengeance.

"I see. In that case, you will have to understand that the actions I take against you, Jiraiya, and the Leaf is the only option I feel is the best choice before me," said Sephiroth, as he unleashed repeated flash after flash of light from is sword now moving in a complex pattern no one seeing it could follow, and when the One-Winged Angel stopped...the body of the Fire Daimyo literally disintegrated into bloodstained dust.

"No!" said Jiraiya, as he looked from where the Fire Daimyo had once been standing to where Sephiroth was, and charged the murderer with the full intent of crushing the boy with his own two hands.

"Don't worry Jiraiya-san. You're next. 'Devil's Chains!'" said Sephiroth casting a spell that had once been a Forbidden Genjutsu in the Scroll of Sealing, only young Namikaze had tweaked the illusion so that it couldn't be broken by the victim.

The dispelling of it lied entirely in the discretion of its caster.

As for Jiraiya himself, the instant the spell's name was spoken, demonic looking razor sharp chains sprung up from the ground through the platform, and wrapped around all four limbs of the Sannin. They bound him tightly, piercing his clothing, into his flesh, tearing skin, muscle tissue, blood vessels, and squeezing the arms in the process to cut circulation to each limb the longer they were on him. Jiraiya cried out in pain, as he tried to break it by using the "pain method" by biting his lip until it bled to break, and only after it didn't break did the Sannin realize it wasn't a Genjutsu.

'Now is my chance,' thought Sasuke, as he had been ignored by everyone now, and began to charge up another Chidori, and strike Sephiroth down to prove he was an elite.

"You are foolish Uchiha. And a fool like yourself deserves a fool's death!" said Sephiroth quietly, as he instantly threw Masamune at Sasuke the moment he got into the stance to create the Chidori, and pierced the Uchiha through the chest into the pole Tayuya had been tied to during the public spectacle.

"Sasuke!" said Kakashi, as his only eye widened at the sight of seeing Obito's cousin with the blade of the Nodachi pierced through his chest, and now pinned like paper on a wall by a thumbtack.

"Now where was I? Oh yes, I was giving you Jiraiya-san your long overdue just desserts for your actions against me, and my Godmother," said Sephiroth, as he smiled a cruel smile, and walked towards the restrained Sannin currently in unimaginable agony.

"DIE MONSTER! 'RAIKIRI!'" said Kakashi, as he charged forward with the Chidori's big brother, and intended to pierce right through Sephiroth with his attack.

"Barrier," said Sephiroth, as a circular barrier of crystallized energy surrounded the area between him, and Kakashi's arm arching into striking form.

Kakashi for his part was too driven with rage to back down now, as he swore to avenge Sasuke using this attack to finish what his student started, and end the living scar of village if not the Namikaze Clan. He didn't care that this boy was his sensei's son, this boy had been abused by the village for something that wasn't kid's fault, and screwed over by the higher ups that in reality set things in motion leading up to this moment.

What Kakashi cared about was seeing Namikaze Sephiroth dead and his body burned so the twisted soul inhabiting it would go straight to Hell!

When the Raikiri struck the barrier, the shield did its intended job, and Kakashi was sent flying off the platform into a nearby building. As this happened, Sephiroth looked at the still defiant Sannin, and held up his left hand to summon a dark orb that soon bubbled like it was liquid like hot tar with the kanji for "poison" appearing on it.

By this point, Jiraiya's eyes opened at their widest in realization, as he knew what that orb was in Sephiroth's hands, and tried harder to get free though it only created more pain. Not that Sephiroth cared if Jiraiya struggled to get free from the spell he cast since it only caused the victim to feel more pain from trying and the young swordsman was hoping the Sannin would try to get free at seeing the orb. A Seal Master like Jiraiya would recognize his handy work easily, as a painter would recognizing the handy work of a painting, or a builder recognizing something built personally with their own two hands.

For Jiraiya, it was the poison he had sealed into Sephiroth on the boy's last visit to the Leaf, and the Sannin was shocked that so much of the poison had been extracted. Then again, it now made perfect sense to the Toad Sannin in seeing the swordsman being the epitome of perfect health, and no longer burdened with the weakness the poison caused on the body.

'That Haku girl, she must have done something, and help accelerate Sephiroth's recovery!' thought Jiraiya, as that was the only real conclusion he could come up with, and the only one that made sense in his mind.

"I see you recognize your own handy work Jiraiya-san. After Haku extracted half of the poison in my body, I turned it into this orb floating before you, and decided to keep it for the purpose of getting my revenge. You see Jiraiya, I'm not going to kill you with my trusted sword Masamune, as I could not stand the thought of having your blood stain the blade of my weapon, and decided to use this orb to make you suffer," said Sephiroth, as he saw Jiraiya look fearfully at the orb, and then back at him.

"You're a monster," said Jiraiya simply since it was all he could say.

"I know I am Jiraiya-san. I am a heartless monster, who will do heartless things well after today is over, and such actions will be all thanks to you along with the other heartless people responsible for setting things in motion. Now open wide my Grandfather and take your just desserts. I call this little attack number...'poisonous humility!'" said Sephiroth, as he grabbed Jiraiya by the throat in a hard enough grip to make the Sannin's mouth open, and then stuff the orb right into the man's mouth.

The "attack number", as Sephiroth had so terrifyingly put it, was far from little due to the thickness of the poison formed into a single circular orb, and entering the body in the most conventional way to directly poison someone. Within seconds of Jiraiya swallowing the orb, the Sannin began to convulse in unimaginable pain, the veins in his body that showed where the poison was, and mapping out where they were traveling began to form. The poison eventually reached the Toad Sannin's eyes, causing them to burn from the inside out, the teeth began to fall out, blood oozing with the poison was running down his nose, ears, and even slowly now through his eyes too. Jiraiya's mouth began to cough up a bloody colored foam before his body began to shake violently in a vicious seizure with the spell on his body only magnifying the incredible pain the man was in!

And all the while this was happened, Sephiroth just smiled, as he watched this agonizing death before him without any sympathy for the man, and enjoying it like a music lover enjoys the sound of an Orchestra Symphony. In a strange way, Jiraiya's death was some crude sadistic masterpiece of theater, and Sephiroth had orchestrated its beginning all the way to the man's literal end quite well.

Sephiroth knew Jiraiya would do something that would weaken, if not try to kill him in the event the two fought each other long before they're first encounter, and the Sannin did not disappoint in that regard. With his body fully recovered, Sephiroth knew this would be his moment to return the favor, and the last two conspirators that kick started his abuse had basically invited the One-Winged Angel of Death to enter Konoha.

They did everything, but roll out the red carpet, and have a sign saying "Just Try!" in big flashy letters, and neon lights with fireworks shooting into the air.

Fools. All of them!

Walking back to his sword, Sephiroth pulled Masamune from Sasuke's chest, and let the Uchiha's body slump on the floor before ripping off a piece of the dead boy's shirt to clean the blade of the arrogant child's blood. Dispelling his prized weapon, Sephiroth walked down the steps of the platform, and headed towards nearest gate to leave Konoha.

"Sephiroth-sama wait!" said Lee, as he jumped down behind Sephiroth, and kneeled respectfully before the swordsman.

"Yes Lee?" said Sephiroth turning to face the older boy.

"I...I wish to thank you for saving me in the hospital during the Chuunin Exams. Being a Shinobi has been my entire purpose in life and I almost lost it before you visited me in the hospital. Thank you Sephiroth-sama for giving me a second chance," said Lee, as he saw Sephiroth smile, and then put a hand on his shoulder.

"You're most welcome Lee. I just wish your loyalty to the Leaf didn't impede you of the opportunity to join me. Maybe one day you will change your mind, but I can wait until then, and I know when the moment is right you'll know it too," said Sephiroth seeing the shocked look on Lee's face before he turned to walk away.

"What about Gai-sensei? Tenten and Neji?" said Lee wondering if they could come with him should that moment in time actually happen.

"Just like you Lee, it is their choice to leave Konoha," said Sephiroth before he was out of Lee's sight moments later.

When Sephiroth had made it to the gate of choice to exit out of the Leaf, he stopped at the sight of different ANBU, Jounin, and even the remaining samurai standing in front of him with weapons drawn. It was clear to him that they weren't going to let the boy leave just yet, if at all after seeing what he had done to Jiraiya, and the Fire Daimyo before that.

"You're going to die today monster! For every single person you killed, we are going to make you regret ever existing in this world, and send you back to Hell!" said Asuma, as he had been let out of prison thanks to the Councils, and the Fire Daimyo after the failed invasion of the Leaf ended.

"Unfortunately Asuma-san, Hell is not ready to take me, as I have a mission to complete, but I do believe you, and the group behind you are long overdue for your journey there," said Sephiroth, as he grinned at the group, and then began laughing at them all.

"Kill him! Avenge our comrades and loved ones!" said Asuma, as the large force of Leaf Shinobi, and samurai now charged Sephiroth with the intent to kill the swordsman.

Unfortunately for them, Sephiroth had other plans in terms of dealing with the group, and those plans involved the summoning of a creature long since forgotten during the last time he was alive centuries ago before the ten-tailed beast roamed the world. Within mere moments, the boy unleashed an incredible amount of chakra that shot up into the sky, and created a massive storm cloud above the village. In the now stormy sky above the Leaf, a roar of an angry dragon was heard, and a great power was felt by everyone.

And it was getting stronger.

The source of this power was in the form of a massive dragon, which crashed behind Sephiroth onto countless buildings, and roared with the power behind it shaking the village down to its very foundation. More buildings collapsed, the ground cracked all around the village, and all five heads of the Hokage Monument itself was now severely damaged.

"Meet my summons. The King of all Dragons. Lord of the Heavens and the Ruler of the skies. I present to you...Bahamut!" said Sephiroth seeing his foes backing up in fear they had not felt since the Kyuubi first attacked over a decade ago, and saw the power of this beast seemed to match if not surpass the fox.

"Run!" said one of the ANBU, as the group tried to scatter, and missed Sephiroth head shaking in disappointment before looking up at the great beast.

"Wipe them out Bahamut. Make them pay for their arrogance and sins. 'Mega Flare!'" said Sephiroth before the massive dragon formed a massive ball of energy in its mouth and fired the blast at the fleeing Leaf forces.

An explosion of white light later, Sephiroth's opposition was destroyed, and created a massive path of destruction leading out of the village. Thanking Bahamut for its actions, Sephiroth dismissed the King of the Dragons, and headed outside of the Leaf to meet up with the others.

(Underground Root HQ)

"So they're all dead," said Danzo, as he saw Sai kneeling before him, shaking slightly in the emotion that was fear, and the leader of the officially disbanded organization decided to let it go this time.

Since Sai had seen something or rather someone worth fearing.

"Yes Danzo-sama. Both Jiraiya-sama and the Fire Daimyo were killed by Sephiroth while Tsunade has left the village with her assistant Shizune along with her apprentice Hyuuga Hinata," said Sai seeing Danzo smirk knowing the Councils would have no choice, but to accept him as the new Hokage, and bring Root officially back to further bolster the ranks of the Leaf once again.

"And it will take time for the Fire Daimyo's successor to take over at the Fire Country Capital, which will give me time to take the title of Hokage, and put my own plans into action. What of Uchiha Sasuke?" said Danzo, as he saw Sai pause for a second, and knew this meant the boy was going to give an answer he wouldn't like.

"Uchiha Sasuke is dead Danzo-sama. Sephiroth killed him on the platform with his sword to other's chest," said Sai sensing Danzo's anger at this news since the old war hawk had planned to put Sasuke into the Root program and create a new generation of Uchiha's after some "proper conditioning" to make it possible.

"That's unfortunate, but it won't stop me from dominating the Elemental Countries, and being its new hero like the Yondaime. Prepare three Root ANBU squads and find the Village Hidden in the Waterfall to capture their demon vessel to be brought under my control," said Danzo, as he knew the only way Konoha could become strong again was to get his hands on at least one demon vessel, and Waterfall had one of the stronger tailed beasts in their possession.

"Yes Danzo-sama," said Sai before leaving quickly to find the teams his Master desired for this mission.

Inwardly Danzo was pleased with this turn of events, as all had to do was get one of these vessels under his control, if not properly restrained before going after the others, and then make a team of loyal obedient jinchuriki weapons. A team that would have the power to take down the One-Winged Angel of Death and bring the monster before him to control just like the others.

Then Danzo would rule the Elemental Countries and be its new Emperor.

No! Not the Emperor of the Elemental Countries.

Its new God!

That made Danzo smile.

That made Danzo laugh.

After a few miles of walking away from Konoha, Sephiroth heard the laughter echoing around him before turning slightly back towards the Leaf, and smiled knowing it was one of his enemies in the Leaf that stayed in the shadows was the source of it. Despite this fact, Sephiroth couldn't help, but smile knowing that this particular enemy in question would eventually make his move in the future, and the One-Winged Angel would take great pleasure in finishing the Leaf off at the appropriate time.

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