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WARNING: One-sided Yaoi. Id you don't like it, guess what? Don't read it.

I got this idea and it wouldn't leave me alone, so I figured I'd write it down. Here we go.

I've been watching you.

I've known about you since the day you were born and forced into the wretched world.

You used to be so happy. You used to smile so easily. Until cruel fate took your mother away from you.

Something inside you died with her on that day. You were never the same after that. You wouldn't let yourself be the same.

You created a cold and unfeeling persona for yourself so you could not be hurt. Still, every now and then that persona would slip, allowing the world to see everything. Your fierce temper, your undying loyalty...all of it.

I smirk a little bit. Soon, you will arrive here, Ichigo Kurosaki. Soon I will finally meet you in person, Ryoka boy.

You are getting close. I see how you cling to that pathetic Kuchiki girl in your weakness. Your fatigue from your many battles. The pain in your brown eyes breaks my heart.

Don't worry, Ryoka boy. Soon your pain will be over. I will take you away from everything. You will never hurt again.

You tell the others that you will fight me alone. All of your… friends protest. The Kuchiki girl in particular is vehement about staying by your side. Still, after much argument, they reluctantly agree.

Now you stand before me, head held high in defiance. I step up closer to you, putting my hand over your pounding heart.

Your eyes are wide open. Why are you afraid of me? I will not harm you.

I lean forward and kiss you, reveling in your shock. Your fear. I taste blood on your soft lips. It is so utterly delicious. So utterly perfect. Just like I had planned it.

Why do you struggle against me? It will do you no good. Just surrender your body to me. Give your heart to me.

No? Why do you refuse my advances, boy? I have not wronged you. Orihime is safe. Your friends are in no danger. Why do you continue to push me away?

"Let me go," you say. You sound angry. Why is that? I haven't been anything but gentle with you.

"I can't do that," I reply simply, kissing you again. You continue to resist. You clearly do not want me. You jerk free from my grasp, drawing your blade from its sheath, ready to fight me.

Oh well. Someday you will be mine. I will never let you get away from me, my little Ryoka boy.

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