You groan in pain as you fall to the ground, slashed up. Bleeding.

I walk over to you and take what I want from you.

You protest weakly, but I find it rather easy to ignore your half-hearted demands.

I am finished with you. I sigh as I close your lifeless eyes.

I promised you would feel no more pain, but I regret that you had to hurt one final time.

You should be grateful to me, Ichigo. I took you from the world that never cared for you. You were always an outcast of sorts.

Not many people seemed to want you. only Orihime and that Kuchiki girl.

But I wanted you. And if I cannot have something I want, I take it.

Just like I took you.

I regret that it came to this, little Ichigo. But you were a fool. Stubbornness was always a flaw of yours.

I will forever remember your moaning. Your screams of pain and pleasure. That final, strangled cry as your heart lay still.

The gush of blood as I drove my blade through your heart.

Now that Kuchiki girl you cared for so much can never have you. Now Orihime, who loved you so deeply, can never have you.

Your flesh is mine and mine alone.

You are mine, my little Ryoka boy.

END! This was a super-short chapter, but I actually like it. I decided to end with another one of Aizen's little mantras. Just because I can.

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