Lack of light.

Things were never supposed to end up this way. The mutants were supposed to have a fighting chance. There was supposed to be equal rights by this time. Really, that was wishful thinking upon the mutants who thought that they'd be alright. They should have realized that every race or gender always goes through hell before they can get what they wanted.

But no one ever thought things would take such a wrong turn for the mutants in America. It was a Civil War. Mutants were in hiding. Even leaders such as Charles Xavier were forced to hide out. Humans. Such self righteous creatures; they think that they can control everything. Once they found out they couldn't control mutants the tantrum was inevitable, just like a spoilt child.

The unfairness of it all was gnawing, wretched, and undeniably painful…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Amara couldn't hold back the cry of pain as the third blow came crashing down to her ribs. Surely, some of them were broken now. The man above her had such a harsh glare in his eyes that the Nova Roman princess was convinced that those were going to be the last things she ever saw in this life.

The assailant was known as Colonel William Stryker. His hate for mutants ran pretty deep. As it was, his son Jason had been a mutant who could plant illusions in people's minds. William was quite convinced that there was a cure for the mutant gene so he sent him to Xavier. Charles of course explained to the colonel that he did not 'cure' mutants; he helped them understand and control their abilities. Unfortunately, Jason became angry and vindictive towards his parents, torturing them with horrible illusions. William's wife couldn't take it and she killed herself. William was forced to kill his son. He blamed all mutants for his destroyed family. He wanted Charles Xavier's head for not helping him.

This was pretty much why Amara was now in one of the U.S government's secret headquarters being tortured for information.

Another blow with the heel of Stryker's boot hit her in the ribs. This time Amara coughed out blood. The older man grabbed her tangled brown hair; she winced painfully, and forced her up to her bare feet. "Where is Charles Xavier?" He demanded darkly.

She spit blood in his face. He threw her back to the concrete floor.

No way in hell she was going to tell him a damn thing. She might have been a spoilt princess back when things were calm, but mutants were in a war now. She was fighting for her race and she would die for them as well. If there was anyone who could fix this mess that the human's created it was Charles Xavier and she was not going to ruin their fighting chance by telling this maniac his whereabouts.

So this princess would take the beating praying that they never would find Charles Xavier because if they did they'd put one of these anti-mutant power collars around his neck just like they did her and then there would be no hope.

Then again, Amara may have lost hope long ago.

But before she could dwell on the past, Stryker's fist came down onto her head knocking her into unconsciousness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Three years earlier)

The words coming out of John's mouth Amara just couldn't believe. He was breaking up with her. The man she loved was actually breaking up with her. She thought she was just having a nightmare, but this was real. She knew it was real because she could feel her heart shattering.

"John… I don't understand. I thought we were happy together." She hated that her voice cracked when she spoke.

John let out a deep sigh. "Mara, we're only happy together when we use our powers. It's the fire tha' keeps us together." He said and even to his own ears that just sounded like an excuse, not the truth.

"That's not true and you know it!" She snapped at him. He was holding back and she hated when he did that. He kept silent. "Just tell me the truth."

"Fine…" He was hoping that this could have been easier; he of course knew that it wasn't going to be easy at all. "I'm joinin' Fury's team."

It felt like Amara's usually warm world just froze over and there was no way that she could thaw herself out. "You're… what?" She asked praying that her mind was just playing tricks on her.

He looked at her guiltily. "I'm sorry, Mara. I jus'… it jus' feels like that's where I belong." He said solemnly.

Amara blinked. "So… you're saying that you feel like you belong with S.H.E.L.D… rather than belonging with me?"

John didn't know how to respond to that so all he could do was nod. "I'm sorry, luv." An apology seemed appropriate in a moment like this. "We're jus' too different from each other. We got two completely different perspectives. We don't belong wit' each other."

She was taken aback. She felt like she was just slapped across the face. She wanted to cry, scream, and shout. These were feelings she never experienced before. And that's when it occurred to her that this was the first time someone broke up with her. But that wasn't what really caused the heart wrenching feelings. It was the fact that the man who stole her heart was leaving her for… a team? No, it was more for him. Amara could see that in his eyes. He was doing this for himself, because he thought that he finally found a place where he belonged. Who was she to take that away from him?

Her silence seemed to have disturbed him. "Mara…" He said putting his hand on her shoulder.

She quickly shrugged his hand off. "You're absolutely right. We don't belong together. Goodbye, John."

Amara didn't look back at him as she left his apartment.

Things from then on had felt unfinished and she would later regret not screaming and shouting at him. At least then maybe she wouldn't have felt so empty.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

St. John Allerdyce had followed Magneto around when he was a teen because he thought going into a war with the humans would be fun. Oh how wrong he was. This was no fun at all. Mutants were dying. So many mutants. This was mostly because the human's took everyone by surprise and attacked with no warning whatsoever. They had even managed to kill off Magneto, who had been an avid fighter for the peace amongst mutants.

Things had gone even more downhill from there. Charles Xavier and other mutants went into hiding in the secret island Magneto had founded before he was killed. It was called Genoshia; it was a safe haven for mutants.

John, amongst many other mutants, currently resided there. It was a beautiful place but it wasn't home. The room that he stayed in was boring and bland… and made of metal, of course. Like he hadn't gotten enough metal from when he had stayed with Magneto during his teen years.

He sat in the com-room watching the news. He hated the news, especially now, but in Genoshia it seemed like the news was always on. Mutants wanting to find out what other mutants had died. It was sad really, but these were sad times. These were even sad times for John, who usually never let anything bother him including death. Long ago, he was convinced that death was just apart of life and he had always believed that until…

Until Amara was announced as one of the many mutants who had gone missing. That's when death became important to him.

It's been three years since he saw her last… since the day he ended their four year relationship. She had avoided him like the plague… not that they had many chances to see each other on two different teams anyway. Things were left so unfinished.

The whole break-up was a mistake in the first place. John thought that joining S.H.E.I.L.D would have destroyed them if they stayed together. But when he saw that Lance and Kitty were able to keep their relationship going (hell, they even got married!) he knew that ending things with his beautiful Magma was a huge mistake. It was a mistake he would regret forever because he truly believed that if they had stayed together he would have been able to protect her from any harm. But it was too late for that. She was gone and he had no idea where she was.

This was why he watched the news all the time. It would kill him to see on the news that she was dead, but he would at least know that she wasn't out suffering somewhere.

But Amara's name was never mentioned on the news. A huge part of him hoped that she somehow went back to Nova Roma where she would be safe from American human's cruelty, but another part of him knew that there was no chance of that.

He sighed and turned of the TV. He couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to see anymore anti-mutant marches and he didn't want to see anymore mutant deaths. So he stood up and walked to his room.

There in his room he plopped down onto his bed flicked his lighter open and shut.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

He wanted to set something on fire and if anyone was good at setting things on fire it was John Allerdyce. But even the best pyromaniac couldn't set metal on fire and he needed his bed sheets.

His chest rose and fell as he sighed deeply. The flame flickered out of the lighter and he let it play around his hands until he shaped the flame into a tiny woman. She danced in his hand and he smiled at her. She hugged his pointer finger in return. "Yer me beautiful Magma, aren't ya?" He whispered to her and she nodded.

A tear formed in his eye and he fought it back with all of his might. He would not cry. He refused to cry.

Suddenly, his door burst open. He jumped up, the tiny woman in his hand disappearing. John put a hand to his chest, his heart was beating a mile a minute, and he glared at the Wolverine. "What in the bloody 'ell do ya want?" He shouted out.

Logan glared at the orange haired pyrokinetic. "Shut your mouth and get into your uniform." He demanded.

Suddenly, John's interest was sparked. "Why? Where're we goin'?" He asked glad that he would finally be able to get out of this place and do something.

"We're going on a mission." Logan replied gruffly.

John grinned at this. He had no problem taking out some humans. "Alright! Finally, now where're we headin' off to?"

Logan was annoyed to see the other man's excitement. "We're going to Massachusetts. It's a rescue mission."

"Cool. Who're we savin'?" John asked curiously.

Logan seemed hesitant to answer that question. But nonetheless he looked back up at John and answered him. "Amara."

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