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Jasper pulled his coat tighter around his chest as he walked quickly down the dark street, illuminated only by the tall lights, towering over everything. He didn't really like walking in the dark, by himself, but he had a destination set in his mind, and he was determined to get there. He was on his way to his very own oasis, the public library.

Jasper loved going to library late at night. It was always quieter than usual, and a place of solitude. It's not that he didn't like studying at his house… No actually, that was just it; he hated studying at the house. He could usually ignore the constant meditating, martial art training, and balance practice, that came with Henry moving in, but Jasper drew the line at having to smell the various odors coming from the kitchen as Henry made him an old remedy, he learned in Papua New Guinea to help "focus the mind," and "eliminate distractions." There was no way Jasper was putting grounded cockroaches, camel's milk and god knows what else into his mouth, he'd already made that mistake...twice. He had to get out of there.

So he jumped out the window, as gracefully as he could and made his way to a familiar location. This was the third time this week; he was so determined to study as much as he could before the exams at the end of term. Jasper laughed to himself. Maggie was sorely mistaken if she thought she was going to beat him this year.

He arrived at the library in good time. He ran up the stairs desperate for the heat. Inside, he searched for his favorite table, the one in the middle of the library. He frowned when he discovered that it was occupied by some random guy he'd never seen before. Jasper thought for a second, he could kindly walk up to the guy, and kindly ask him to the move. He stood there urging himself to the move towards the stranger. Sighing, he made his way to the table right across from it, sat down, and jammed his earphones into his ears. "Alright," he thought to himself. "Let's learn about Genghis Khan."

Temujin a.k.a Genghis Khan was born in 1162 in a Mongul tribe near Burkhan Khaldun…later founded an empire that included parts of China, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe…and by using successful military tactic, Genghis Khan may have been one of the greatest leaders of all time.

It wasn't until 21 pages later, did Jasper realize, that he didn't remember anything he had just read. He groaned in frustration and focused on the music playing in his ears. The melodies slowly began to calm him down. He glanced forward and decided to take a good look at the guy sitting across from him. The boy was staring down at his textbook, with what looked like, great concentration, something Jasper envied greatly. He appeared to have earphones in his ears as well. Jasper caught himself smiling when he noticed the stranger silently lip singing the song that was playing in his ears, and every so often pressing his lips together in what seemed to be extreme focus.

It was now Jasper really took in his looks. Dark brown hair, except for a white streak running through it, he couldn't quite see the eye color though. The boy looked around sixteen, Jasper's age. He decided that the guy wasn't exactly what he would call "hot," but there was something strangely attractive about him. Jasper couldn't bring himself to stop staring.

Suddenly, he looked up from his book, and immediately met eyes with Jasper. Jasper expected him to look, well…creeped out. But to his surprise, the stranger's lips slowly turned up into a smile. It was menacing and delicious at the same time. Jasper quickly looked back down at his textbook, hoping he imagined the entire thing, and to hide the red now apparent on his face. He froze when he heard a book slam shut, a chair sliding against the old carpet, and footsteps slowly making their way towards him. By the time the figure pulled up a chair, and sat down right next to him, Jasper's body was rigid, and he tried to block out the fact that their thighs were just barely touching.

"Focus Jasper, he probably only came over here because he noticed you looked close to his age. That's all; he just didn't want to sit by himself." He slowly nodded to reassure himself. Jasper couldn't help but be aware of everything the guy was doing and he definitely couldn't ignore the way his heart sped up whenever his hand or thigh would brush his own. It was driving him mad. He decided to read to take his mind off of it. Chapter 26 he read, Alexander the Great and his conquests…thighs brush for just a second. Born in, his hands touch his, the kingdom of Macedon…his foot suddenly slides up Jasper's calve slowly, and disappears just as fast as it came. He struggles to keep his breathing under control, as he closes his book. Reading wasn't helping anyway.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees the stranger smirk, subsequently pulling a notebook out and beginning to draw something. And then start packing up his things. He quickly stands up, pushes in his chair, but doesn't walk away. Instead, he reaches up and gently removes Jaspers right earphone. His whole body goes still when familiar lyrics begin to flow from his earpiece;

Would you choose water over wine?

Hold the wheel and drive…

By now, the boy's lips were inches away from Jasper's. He gripped the table when he felt him take in a small breath and whisper, "Same time tomorrow," sending shivers down his spine. All he could do was stiffly nod as a response. His knuckles were now white, from gripping the table so tight. The boy quietly chuckled, as he leaned away from him, and made his way out of the public library, leaving Jasper breathless.

The last thing that Jasper noticed was that he had left a single sheet of paper on the table. When he unfolded it, it was a fairly impressive sketch of him staring. Jasper blushed before tucking the picture in his wallet and exiting the library.

It didn't start as much, just an average day. Just as much potential as any day. However, potential is in the eye of the beholder. And that day didn't show much potential when Henry ran smack dab into someone in the hallway. Now normally he could've avoided the guy, but he couldn't see past the stack of books that Uncle Brian had insisted he carry to Mr. Moreno's room as normally as possible. And so there he was, walking through the hallway which he couldn't even see.

'At least no one else is out here.' He thought just before he crashed head on into someone. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! I couldn't see." Henry spouted out as he tried to see who he ran into. He didn't recognize the guy in front of him.

"Well, I needed a wake up." The teen smiled at Henry. "I'm," He paused for a second as though contemplating. "I'm Apollo." He put out his hand and Henry accepted the help in standing up.

Henry didn't know the guy but something about him drew his eye. First to his hair. Such a nice shade of brown with just a slight streak of red lengthwise on the side. Then subsequently to the confused look on his face. "You want help with those? I mean, I have free period right now." He asked lightly.

"Oh." Henry's glance flickered to the forgotten books strewn out upon the floor. "Thank you. I'm just heading to."

"Mr. Moreno's room; yeah. He's the only teacher who still uses these outdated things." Apollo looked at one of the books and chuckled. "So um. I didn't catch your name." He said as they started to walk.

"Oh, my name is Henry. Henry Griffin." He laughed at the fact that he forgot about that. He reached out his hand.

"Well I," Apollo reached out his hand and took Henry's in his own. "Am Apollo. Apollo Krest." A forgotten part of his brain made a silent note on how well their hands fit together, but he quickly disregarded it. "So you're the new guy everyone's talkin 'bout?"

"Um yeah I guess I am. So what are they saying? Good things I hope." Henry wasn't used to the attention. He knew people were talking, but he hadn't payed attention.

"Well, all the girls think you're hot if you're into that. Some guys are chatting about you too, so I think you'll be able to pick a good one. The straight guys all think you're a show-off. Personally, I'm just curious about you." He hadn't realized how long he was talking until they arrived at the room. "So, um I guess I'll leave you be." He began to walk away when Henry stopped him.

"You know, if you're curious I guess we could talk during lunch. So you wanna go to the cafeteria?" Henry was smiling in his usual clueless way.

Apollo had forgotten how hungry he was. "Sure that sounds awesome."

And so that was what they did. Apollo would ask a question, and Henry would laugh and answer. Until finally they both had to go to class. "So, I'll see you around?" Apollo said with a slight sad tinge to his voice.

"Um yeah, do you have a phone?" Henry asked. He had just remembered that Uncle Brian had gotten him a phone.

"Yeah." He was confused but smiled at the question. He smiled even wider when Henry walked over and scrawled a number on his arm before saying his goodbye and heading to class.

Apollo was sitting in class staring at the number on his arm. Ten numbers that felt so right sitting on his arm. Ten numbers that felt so fiery hot written in indigo ink. His mind couldn't help but drift to thoughts of Henry. How his eyes lightened when Apollo would ask about him. The mesmerizing way his mouth would move while he was talking.

"Mr. Krest, would you like to inform us of the length of the hypotenuse?" The teacher said. That's when he saw a brunette waving his hand and flashing seven fingers.

"Is it seven?" Apollo asked uncertain.

The teacher grumbled. "Fine. So anyway, as Pythagoras stated." The teacher continued to lecture all of the students yet again. Apollo started to doze off again when the brunette flicked him a note.

I'm Jasper, have I seen you before? At like the library or something?

He looked up and saw Jasper smiling and blushing.

Apollo scrawled down his response and flicked the note back.

Jasper pinched the note from thin air and opened it quickly.

Sorry, you probably met my brother. And I'm sorry if he embarrassed you; he can be a real flirt.

And so was the rest of class.

Oh, well what's his name at least?

Our parents are….. eccentric, my name is Apollo, his is Artemis; but he prefers the name Cole for some reason.

Okay thanks.

And that was how it all began.

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