Seven Deadly

Recently I had an idea about Usagi and Misaki acting out all seven sins in a cute loving way. So this is me acting on that fangirlish desire. I think I did do an okay job with this one considering I had no clue what to write about. So here is pride.

Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica or any of the characters although that would be awesome. Enjoy!


Usami Akihiko doesn't have too much pride too admit how much he loves Misaki. But for Misaki it's a different story. But a homework assignment given by Kamijou-demon has made Misaki see the error of his ways at least for a while. So today Misaki vows to tell Usami Akihiko this daring author. This beautiful but mystical person whatever crosses his mind. The assignment was 15 things you love. Now 13 of these things ended up being about Usagi-san and a couple extra to create a list with 20 things he loved about the famous author.

Usagi's arm was draped over me in that death embrace he always has. I was pressed close to his chest and could feel his heart beating. One of the best things about waking up was waking up to that strong beating heart.

I untangled myself and made my way downstairs without waking the sleeping bear. Getting started on some omelets I thought about how grateful I was to stumble upon such a great person. A person Nii-chan couldn't or wouldn't love.

Usagi's love was unconditional. It knew no boundaries and kept me wondering. It kept me satisfied night after night no matter how many times I objected. No matter how much I bit down to keep the embarrassing sounds from escaping they did. All because of Usagi's love.

The bang of the door announced Usagi's presence. He sat at the table looking down at his eggs and grumpily began to eat. I stared at his bedhead and angry expression. Somehow this was adorable to me.

"Usagi-san…" He looked up. "You look cute." I went back to eating my eggs while he just stared at me in shock. I knew my cheeks were red I felt them burning. But I am stubborn and I made a vow to tell him what I was thinking no matter how embarrassing. No matter how bad it is.

I cleared the dishes as Aikawa walked in looking for her latest manuscript. Usagi's eyes kept darting to me while I was washing dishes. Aikawa seemed to sense something was up

"Usagi-san…I like when you look over at me." I turned back to the sink and continued cleaning up. I'm glad I decided to do this on a Saturday. Aikawa's mouth turned into a little "O"

"Well what's going on with him?" She unsuccessfully tried to whisper. Usagi just shrugged.

"He's been saying weird stuff since I woke up." But I saw Usagi look over again and I couldn't help but smile. Aikawa continued her lecture about getting this in on time and Usagi not losing sleep. To me it seemed like Usagi barely slept but he always had so much energy when he did things with me.

"Usagi-san…you barely sleep. How do you have so much energy all the time?" He looked up like I slapped him or something.

"Him have energy? That's funny." Aikawa laughed until she saw I was serious. "Usagi what do you do when I'm gone dance around or something? How come you never have energy around me?" Aikawa whined and blabbered on but Usagi's eyes where focused on my eyes. My cheeks turned red and before I embarrassed myself anymore I went to clean the kitchen.

Usagi walked in for some more coffee and stared at me for a while. I knew he was wondering what the hell my problem was. I was even wondering that on this point. He leaned against the wall with his coffee.

"Usagi-san…you look cool like that." I went back to wiping down the counter as he stared at me in shock. Aikawa seemed a little shocked too but I just wiped down the counters and floor like everything was normal.

Aikawa left and Usagi worked on his manuscript. Every once in a while he would look up at me as I was doing my homework and every time I couldn't help but smile

"Alright, Misaki what is going on?" Usagi stood up and walked over to me. "You're acting strange."

"I'm just telling you what I think." Now he thinks I'm a freak. Thanks Kamijou-demon. Usagi narrowed his eyes. "You're scaring me." His expression softened a bit.

"Misaki come here." Usagi moved his laptop off his lap and patted the spot next to him. I sat down hesitantly. He was always doing something perverted. Not that I didn't like it sometimes but hey everybody needs attention. Not all the time though and that was what Usagi-san didn't seem to understand. So I sat down a little farther away than he wanted and looked over into those purple eyes. His gaze never faltered, he never seemed insecure. He just looked at me with those deep eyes, those deep eyes I had come to love and wanted to wake up to forever and ever.

"Um…Usagi-san…I like your eyes." He blinked and smiled.

"Misaki, what is all this about?"

"Well….I had a homework assignment where I had to write a list of all the things I loved. It was only 15 things. I ended up writing a much longer list though…and I realized how lucky I am." I took a deep breath. "A lot of my list was things I love about you and living with you. I like making you happy and I like being happy here with you." I didn't get out my feelings often. By the end I was a stuttering mess. I couldn't even look up.

"Misaki…you're adorable." How could he say that without faltering or being embarrassed? It didn't seem fair. He was always saying so many nice things to me but when it came to him I could barely get out "your hair looks nice" today had been one of the hardest days for me. After I said something I thought I might collapse. So how does Usagi do it?

"Usagi-san…I-I-I love you." So I finally swallowed my pride and told Usagi-san what I thought about him. He stopped his work right away and threw me over his shoulder and walked up the stairs. This happened enough so I knew what would happen next. The only thing different about this time was I didn't fight or complain. I gave myself to Usagi-san willingly.

We made love our lips locked the whole time him swallowing my moans that normally embarrassed me so much. I didn't tell him to stop once. I just let him ravage my body until the moon was high in the sky and we couldn't move anymore. And to think doing my homework actually had a good effect on something.

"So Misaki, what are you thinking now?" It was a couple minutes to midnight. And tomorrow I would be my normal self.

"That tomorrow I won't tell you what I'm thinking. But I'm thankful for today. I'm thankful for having you here." I snuggled into Usagi and breathed in a scent that was his own, cigarettes, soap, shampoo, and that part of him that was just Usagi. Moments like this only come once in a lifetime if you have too much pride they'll pass you buy.

"Well, then before tomorrow comes I'll make you remember why today was special." I felt Usagi's strong arms around me and his lips touching every part of me.

"Not again Usagi!" But I let him have his way. This wouldn't happen too often.