This is my first fan fiction

Macy got a scholarship she could be going to the State Florida Sports College and she didn't tell anyone even her best friend Stella she knew that that will break their hearts. Stella was the only girlfriend that Macy have and vise versa.

Beside she had strong feeling for the youngest Lucas, and her best guy friend. She fell in love with him and he didn't know and she doesn't know if he feels the same way about her.

They all sit in their lunch table waiting for Macy when she come to them she forced a small smile

Macy "hi guys how're you?"

Nick" we are fine but you are not what is it Mace?"


Stella "I hate to agree but you are not fine spell it now"

Macy"ok you caught me, I'm going to Florida tomorrow"

They all scream at the same time "WHAT?"

It was Kevin turn now "Why?"

Macy" maybe I'll be going to the State Florida Sports College, I still have an interview their but I can' decide yet"

Joe "Why?"

Macy"cause I have to leave my life here, my friend, the guy I'm in love with" then she realize what she just said she put her hand over her moth and rolled her eyes "I gotta go"

Stella "you are not movin' from here, who is the guy"

Macy "please Stella not now"

Stella grabbed her arm as she about to stand up "Now Macy"

Nick "Can you leave with my brothers now I will talk to her"

Stella sigh "Fine" let's go guys "and then she turned to Macy "we'll talk later"

Macy"Nick please let me go"

Nick "you're not going anywhere I need to know at least who is the guy that you're in love with and that make you not see me standing right here"

Macy is shocked about what Nick just said "it's you jerk"

I hope you will enjoyed it tell me what you think and what you want to happen next chapter I really need you help it's my first fan fiction review plz