A Pokémon Poem

Satoshi and Shigeru, aged twenty-three

And yet as far from puberty as any boy could be

They travel around and their muscles grow

And still no testosterone shows

Satoshi and Shigeru,

Their voices stay the same

They're beginning to think

It may all be some game

They've changed clothes thrice

Since Nineteen-Ninety-Seven

But no matter what they do

They still look eleven

Sometimes it keeps them awake at night

And then they wish and wish with all their might

For some hair down there

For someone to say their odours need more care

But no one does

And no one will

And in thirteen more years

They'll be wishing still

Wishing for boy or girl trouble

For problems with their personal space bubble

Never will they take a lover

They may as well live on Venus

For neither boy will ever see a hair on his penis

A/N And on that note, I'd like to say I really hate poetry.