RECAP: That was when all hell broke loose with that mad man Demetrius leading the way.

*Kaysa POV*

He came walking slowly out of the hazy night fog that showed up as he came forward to us. We started to back up and hiss both angry as can be at the man who tore our lives apart. "Così la tua vita dopo tutto. Little Kaysa the one who lived when she should have died is alive after all. What a blessing this means i get to kill you all over again and this time at my bare hands!" Demetrius hissed menencingly at us.

"You touch her and i will rip you apart and send your burnt ashes to hell where you belong."Felix growled at the murderer. Demetrius laughed evily "A fight to the death then mighty Felix who fell for the breed he used to despise. A half breed mutant that monstrosity Kaysa."

Felix hissed back " To the death!" and with that they launched into full fight. Felix punched demetrius in the gut makeing him dubble over and he kicked him back against the wall crumbleing it to rubble. Demetrius got up and clawed Felix across the face leaving a black bloody gash. Black because vampires cannot breed red.

Felix fell screaming in agony the cut was turning into a burning cut on his face. Posion. Demetrius had posioned my Felix. I bent down and kissed Felix on the head and took a fighting stance and hissed through tightly clenched teeth " How dare you posion him for that you will die !" by then the whole guard was there and watching helpless through the force feild Demetrius had spelled up.

I kicked him and we wresled and cut our way through the fight until we were both breathing hard and fast his arm had been ripped off. I pulled out my lighter and lit his arm on fire he screamed in pain. " That was for my dad!" his left hand had also fallen off I set it into flames as well his screams got louder. I looked over at Felix who was haveing his wound fixed and he grimiced " That was for Felix."

Finally i lit his clothes on fire and said " And this, this is for you. Arrivederci all'inferno a cui appartieni. Burn in the feilds of punnishment may the gods not have mercy on you." his screams became softer and softer until he was just a pile of ashes in the crowded court yard.

I turned to the guard and they erupted into cheers and woops. Alec ran out and lifted me into a bear hug and then I literally ran to Felix's side and kissed him as he held me in the safe circle of his arms. He softly kept saying calming things in italian.

*** the aftermath party***

General POV

The lights from the palace windows showed the royals were haveing a glamorous party. This time it wasn't the winter festivites it was welcomeing home their beautiful princess home after her long dissapearence. Once again the leaders awaited their wives at the end of the grand stair case. This time the faithful guard Felix waited in the place of Caius for his beautiful fiancee the Princess Kaysa Arebesque Volturi.

She decended the satirs with a welcoming grace to take Felix's arm with a bow of even more grace then her desent. They walked and for the first time in ten years once again sat on their thrones as the old tradition of nobility.

This is how it was to stay for the mellinas to come and pass. The unlikely couple got married at the end of that eventful winter the first day of spring they vowed to be loving and supportive of one another. Through sickness and helth through fortune and poverty to stay with the other and care for one another till the day they part.

In amore che vivrà per sempre in Italia bella

( in love they live forever in beautiful italy)

La fine

(The end)