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The first thing Tamina noticed when she woke up that October morning was that she was sore. It was like an ache that was immersed throughout her flesh, but it felt . . . good. Like she had been trying to do something for the longest time and had finally managed to do it, but had drained herself in the process. But she couldn't remember why. She felt like she had slept for a very long time and Tamina had no desire to get up yet so she kept her eyes closed. It felt so nice to just lay there on what felt like feathers, so Tamina continued to ponder her surroundings.

The next thing she became aware of, were the strong arms wrapped around her body. That was when she released that she was blissfully and utterly naked [her night gown lay in a carelessly discarded heap on the floor near the bed].

Tamina decided that she should probably open her eyes now. Maybe seeing where she was would help trigger her memory. At the moment everything seemed pleasantly foggy and indistinct. But atlas she was the sharp tongued ruler of Alamut and she had to be aware and apart of everything and anything involving her beloved home and nothing was to be decided without her.

When she opened her eyes she was in a room that looked entirely new to her. The bed she was on had red, gold and purple blankets unlike her room's pristine cream white and gold. Tamina was beginning to get irritated. She kept feeling like she was missing something, something important and very dear to her. The only reason she could think of for why she would be in a different room would be if she had been marr . . . Oh.

On the word married, all the memories from the night before came rushing back like a waterfall into her mind. How could she have forgotten! Forgotten Dastan, the only man that had ever loved Tamina for Tamina. The man who could read her, irritate her and make her laugh better than anyone she had ever known. Not just that, but he made her feel more beautiful than all the stars in the sky, and after last night, she must be in love with him as well. He had been so gentle and strong. Tamina could just remember telling him that she loved him before his lips met hers and all coherent thoughts flew out of her mind. Shifting from within his arms so she could face him, Tamina found his beautiful blue eyes already open.

"Good morning Princess." Dastan said with a slight smile on his face, his eyes teasing and loving.

"That's Queen to you, commoner." Tamina replied smirking slightly, repositioning herself so that her chest was pressed up right against his, wrapped her arms around his neck and entwined her fingers in his hair.

Dastan's smile widened, one hand sliding to the small of her back and the other to her hip, pulling her in closer to him. "But if you're a queen, than wouldn't that make me a king?" He asked.

Tamina rolled her eyes at her husband. Her husband. Less than five months ago just the mention of the word and her name together brought a vile taste to her mouth, but then she had met Dastan.

Five months ago on the Persian invasion of Alamut, the morning had seen Tamina in a bundle of nerves for her people, city and the daggers safety. The Persians had barged into her city and breeched a gate thought impenetrable, so the whole palace was rather shocked when the Persians sent a messenger requesting permission to enter the temple, because they had made a mistake by attacking Alamut and wanted to work out a political deal. Perhaps sending the dagger to safety wasn't necessary after all she had thought.

Tamina and the counsel, had been apprehensive at the Persian request, but they all agreed that for the safety of the city it would be prudent to accept their request. The Persian princes had filed in the room one by one along with several solders, giving a respective bow toward the princess, than lined up in a formation surrounding her, the three princes in front. The eldest prince who introduced himself as Prince Tus who [by his appearance] gave Tamina the impression of a lion and an astonishingly sincere apology to Tamina and the people of Alamut, then suggested that she marry his youngest brother, Dastan in order to tie her city and their kingdom together. Prince Tus had also mentioned something about his brother not being of noble blood, which sparked Tamina's already inflamed curiosity.

When looking at her potential husband to be, Tamina remembered being surprised and strangely pleased at the complete and utter lack of lust and want in the youngest [and by far the most handsome of his brothers] princes eyes. He had looked rather shocked at his eldest brother's proposal, but pleased all the same and Garsiv whispered something in his ear looking rather smug at little brother's surprise. Dustan had looked at her thoughtfully and without hesitating, had presented her the same very sacred dagger that she had sent to safety not too long before. Now it was the princess who had been in shock. Tamina had seen in those honest clear blue eyes that he knew exactly what he was doing and what the dagger could do. After asking Dastan to walk with her, she had had by far the most absurd conversation she had ever had with a man. In less than three minutes she was [Tamina loved to tease Dastan that he had stunned her into marrying him by his stupidity instead of being swept of her feet by his witty charm and devilish good looks as he always claimed their proposal happened] engaged to a man she had never met before and less than two minutes later they began arguing.

"Oh just kiss me already" Tamina told him, hooking her knee on his hip and sliding a hand down his chest, admiring the hard muscles underneath his tan skin.

"Your wish is my command, my queen" He whispered, stroking her cheek, his eyes darkening with love and lust. Dastan pushed her long black hair out of her face and bent down to kiss her, coherent thoughts completely dissipating from both of their minds.

As the kiss deepened and became more passionate, Tamina wondered why she had ever been opposed to being married to Dastan in the first place.

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