100 words

Title: Muttering and Musing

Prompt: A resume'

Summary: Musing out loud while completing the application for Cornell University. Set "during" New Moon.

POV: Carlisle

Date of Birth: September 26, 1630 "No, can't put that." September 26, 1972

Marital status: Married "Yes, definitely"

Social Security Number: "Hmmm, which one?"

Children: 5 "Wish it were six..."

Reason for leaving previous job? "My brooding vampire son left his human mate thinking he knew best. No can't put that, either..." I was ready for a change from the monotony of everyday stress at a hospital. "That's believable."

References: "Charlie Swan? No, that would not go well. I'd have better luck with Aro, Marcus and Caius. Hey Jasper, can you be Dr. Whitlock if they call for a reference?"