Because we all need reminded that this doesn't belong to any of us except Stephenie Meyer, I'm putting yet another disclaimer out there. Yeah, yeah, it's redundant, I know, but just so we're clear...

I've had bits and pieces of this floating in my notebook and on my thumb drive for MONTHS! It was originally too long for a the 100 word prompt section, but not nearly long enough to make into a one shot, so I've pared it down to force it into a 100 word prompt anyway. Not sure if I'm happy with it, but it's posted and now maybe it'll stop mocking me everytime I open my little pink thumb drive. Which is quite often as I work on my AH/AU story "You're Beautiful".

Title: Bag of Dreams

Prompt: Duffel

Summary: Edward has thoughts while he carries Bella's red duffel in Eclipse.

POV: Edward

The Duffel Bag

As I open my door on Bella's ancient truck I reflect on her red duffel. Was she crying as she packed her belongings, sorting what she needed to bring with her to Washington? I grip the handles, feeling the rough and worn woven handles in my hand and remember as she packed her duffel to go back to Phoenix to run from James. Was she reflecting on the same things as I am now while she packed this bag?

I have decided that the first chance I get I'm burning this bag. I really never want to see it again.