Angel beats!

What We Die For


Why We Died

She threw the report back onto the desk after reading through it. Closing her eyes as she massaged the bridge of her nose. The battle this time was costly. How could such a slip up occur on her watch? The fragmentation of the SSS2 was greater than before. But perhaps it was because of the fragmentation that this event was allowed to occur unchecked. She opened her eyes and glared at the man before her. He was silent as ever. She always hated him because of this.

"... So? Why didn't you warn me of this if you had the information beforehand?"

She asked him a question.

"... That is not you jurisdiction."

He quietly replied.

"Not my jurisdiction? Half of the members of Big Site are all gone! A quarter of the reinforcements i sent down there also gone! Not converted, not passed on, GONE! Do you understand the implications of these results?"

"... The information gathered were classified on a need to know basis. We did not expect them to move out so soon-"

"And they did move out that soon!"

She slammed her hands on the desk. Silence fell in the room. She sighed, sitting back in her chair.

"We lost a lot of people because of this. However i have decided not to shut down Big Site. It is too important to us. Ein is already tasking members to close up all tunnels leading to Big Site save for the main one."

"... And you called me all the way for this?"

"This... disaster occurred because you were unwilling to share what you know. You are the intelligence division of the SSS2 and yet you do not wish to give out what you have found. At this rate the SSS2 will fall."

"My men are mine to control, not your puppets. Your tactics are always too large and not well-thought. I would rather be labelled a traitor than let my men die in vain."

"YOUR MEN ARE PART OF THIS ORGANIZATION... do you understand that we all need to work together to survive? Especially with this new type of enemy that we face?"

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I understand what the situation means. Fine, we will disclose any information we know. But you will not, can not, control my men. The intelligence division is mine, understand?"

She sighed, leaning back once more in her chair.

"Does it look like i have a choice?"

"Good. I'll tell you this. A certain member of Operation: Watchdog has dug up a program that the NPCs are using. It seems to be called 'Angel Player'. So far we do not know much about the program, so we're unable to tell you anymore than that."

"And your member is-?"

"Tenryuu Shuusuke. After submitting the report, he disappeared. For quite some time now, his actions had raised certain... suspicions. It would be wise to warn your members about this. That is all."

He turned to leave.

"... Kenji."

She stopped him just as he was about to turn the handle of the door.


"... I need to know. Can we really win this?"

He paused for a while.

"... Do you want to hear the truth? Or the answer?"

"... Both."

"... You'll receive my report by the end of the day."

With that, he left the room, closing the door behind him. She did not like the way things were looking. They faced a new enemy, had depleted forces and suffered a massive blow to their morale. But now wasn't the time to be lying down and wait to recover her losses. There wasn't time. They were running out of time. The enemy would attack at any point and with their new capabilities, it was only going to be a matter of time before they were all completely wiped out. She turned to the silent girl sitting on the couch, her head hung low. She had been like that for the past week.

"... Kou. I need you to pull yourself together."

She called out to the girl. Kou looked up, her lifeless eyes staring past her.

"... What do you need?"

Kou asked, not even bothering to ask for details. She did not want to lose Kou, wanting to let the tired girl rest. But they were not given such a luxury of time.

"... I want you to form your own division. Round up the best and most trustworthy members you know. You will be working separately from Fort, Assault, Guild, Diversion and Intelligence. Your primary task as a division is to combat the NPCs. Weed out any traitors and defeat any enemy who tries to destroy our SSS2."

Kou took in slowly, then nodded. She got to her feet, picking up the two identical katana on the table, placing them by her back, before picking up her large black scythe. Wrapping the black cloth that was used to wrap the scythe around her neck, she turned to go, but paused at the door.

"... I can kill them all..."

It wasn't a question, but she nodded anyway.

"Yes... You can."

With that, Kou left. She sighed, feeling the intense pressure of the room finally lifted.

"... That girl... she's completely lost it... Shinigami... i guess that new nickname suits her well."

A nickname given to Kou after she went berserk, cutting through all the NPCs left in Big Site without caring for her own safety. She was now a wild card. She wasn't even sure if she could control Kou herself. Would she lead them to victory against they newest enemy? Or lead them all to ruin? Taeno Yuki spun her chair around, staring out of the window of the principal office towards the blue sky above.

"... We have all survived this long. We never backed down, striving to survive. But for this sort of event to occur... Just what were we fighting so hard for? Why did we keep clinging onto our pathetic lives? Why did we come here? To face our past? To face our present? Were we sent to face our punishments for our sins? Or to find peace for our lives? Either way, this cannot be the way things end. For those bastards to simply appear and decide for us when we would go. If we cannot control our own destiny even in death, then... what did we die for?"

To Be Continued

A/N: Well, that's the end of the first half. It was much longer than planned, and it certainly looks like the second half will be equally long, if not longer. While I have written out a small portion of the second half, I do not think it is enough to start posting. As well, it is now the beginning of my final exams. I must pour everything I have into them. If I successfully complete this term, I can spend more time writing the second half of this fic, since I would finally be done with University life... which also means I would be unemployed (crap).

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I had enjoyed writing it. It's been real fun and I'll see you guys next year! Take this as an early Xmas present!


"Welcome to the Afterlife"
"You have a choice, pass on or join us"
"What is your purpose here?"
"You cannot hide your true self from me"
"Don't you DARE call me that!"
"What have I done.."
"Draw your sword... We shall end this here and now"

"... Onii...sama..."