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Last Chapter:

Sunday: Arigatoo gozaimasu, demo sayonara

It was a breezy night; as cold as ice and a harsh winter storm. I was too frightened to continue my sleep because of the angry wind's rough dances. I turned at the clock beside my lamp and noticed the time….midnight – which they say, is the darkest and coldest hour of the night. Of course it would be cold; Christmas is just around the corner again. Yet my mind didn't seem to care about the tis' season. My thoughts can't seem to escape about the two letters of the two princes, and their battle this morning. I was so distracted.

"Chrome…" a voice whispered so gently behind the shadows of my room.

"Who's there?" I asked, my head glancing every corner of the room.

Then a form of a man emerged from the hallowed darkness. His presence was all too unknown to my senses. The smell of his skin and hair was carried by the mad breeze as it hit my head. Who is this man?

As he approached nearer and nearer, until his knees reached the right edge of my bed, I saw his face. Awkward, its Kyouya-san bit it feels like he's Mukuro-sama. I took a glimpse at Kyouya-san's right eye, and was shocked to see it red rather than the usual steel sharp silver.

"Kufufufu… you seem so surprise. You're so cute this way as usual." Kyouya-san chuckled while he creased my blushing cheeks.

"Mukuro-sama….Kyouya-san…I…I don't understand….I'm confused." I breathed out as I began to feel nauseous.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What it matters is that you're dreaming." He said, whispering near my ear so teasingly.

"I'm dreaming?" I repeated in a trembling voice as my cheeks began to burn from this unknown sensation.

"This will be a beautiful nightmare for us Nagi…so please do me a favor, close your eyes and enjoy the warmth I'm about to give you."

I didn't clearly understand or knew what this man did to me. I was frightened though submissive at whatever we had done to each other. Everything was blurry and foggy at my sight. My mind was in a complete spin of haze and my body felt so heavy, weak, and hot. That night, I was really confused at the feeling of pain and pleasure. However, I told myself that I need not to understand this….since all of these are just sweet dreams on a beautiful nightmare….

Time: 6:00 am

Destination: Namimori Shrine

(Normal Point of View)

It wasn't just the Vongola family, half of the entire families of Mafia gathered at the said shrine to witness another new story to be written in the history of the Vongola family; another tale to be written and told for the next generations: The battle of the cloud and the mist.

History does repeat itself. It was exciting to watch the duel of Alaude and Daemon Spade take place once again in a rather different generation with new strengths and powers; though only this time, the reward of the victor is a girl.

"A pleasant morning to everyone! On behalf of Vongola the tenth and the sun arcobaleno, I will be hosting this grand duel, Miura Haru at your service!" Haru bowed with a sunny smile for everyone.

The audience gave the hostess a round of applause to embrace her lively introduction.

"Let's all settle down now please." She favored, asking everyone to silence their applauses "Alright, since Reborn-san asked everyone to wear a Yukata or Kimono for this event, the given battle style for our two guardians will be also in Japanese style. It was an old tradition here in Japan that whenever two samurais desire to take the same woman's hand in marriage, they are ought to battle each other until one surrenders or has sadly been killed."

"If one of them dies, then Vongola the tenth will have to recruit another guardian, right?"

"This is so tragic. What a brutal way to settle down a problem."

"Why do they even have to fight each other just for a girl? That's a waste of time!"

….were the audiences' whispers and side-comments about the duel.

"There will be no referees or restrainers present in the arena. So, let's get this started!" Haru opened the event "Let us call our announcer in the stage, please welcome Kyoko-chan's big brother – Sasagawa Ryohei-niichan!"


"Tell me again why was he chosen to be the announcer?" Gokudera asks himself.


Hibari steps out of the light, revealing himself in a violet Japanese silken kimono with a katana in his hold.


Mukuro emerges at the seeing view of the audience, also wearing a Japanese silken kimono though in the shade of indigo, with a katana as well.

"I wish to kill you after this Sasagawa Ryohei." Mukuro announced, irritated at the embarrassment of being called pineapple-head in front of many people.

"You won't have any time to kill me to the extreme! Now, STEP AT THE ARENA TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei orders loudly as the two guardians did however followed his instructions.

"I also wish to kill you after what you made me do to Chrome last night." Hibari stares at the illusionist with a scary cold smirk.

"Kufufufu…..don't play coy now Kyouya-kun, I know you enjoyed it too!" Mukuro replies with a demonic grin.

"SWORDS READY TO THE EXTREME!" Ryohei instructed as Mukuro and Hibari flung out their sharp swords from it's' shells and pointed it forward at each other.

Ryohei raised his right hand "HAJIME…..FIGHT!" he signaled, pulling his raised hand down.

At the time of the alarm, both swords clashed each other at the will of its users, and the battle had finally begun!"

Time: 10:29 am

Destination: Namimori town market, 3 km away to Namimori shrine

(Chrome's point of View)

"Pardon me….excuse me….please give me some way…." I struggled to break free through the crowd.

I was in a hurry to get to the shrine before something terrible happens. I ran and ran and ran as if my life depends on it.

Now I know why Reborn-san allowed me to arrive late at the arena. Now I know which man is worthy of my heart "first", and which man will I choose.

It was nice to know that Mukuro-sama gave me a piece of advice. It's not that I obeyed him like I always do, it's just that…..I had a hunch it's the right thing to do…to take a peek at the future.


Time: 7:27 am

Destination: Kokuyo mansion, Chrome's bed room

"P.S. Just an advice for my cute Chrome, you might want to take a peek at the future."

- Mukuro

….those words can't seem to disappear from my head. After that bitter sweet dream, my thoughts were all shut. Everything was terribly silent, pure pitch black and empty. Slowly and gently, I lid my eye open, being revealed the golden rays of a new sunrise. Yes, its morning; my time is up and I sadly haven't fully decided which man is worthy to have my heart.

I didn't know how painful it is to seriously choose only one of them. The spaces they have in my heart are occupied equally. I'm lost, confused. I don't know what's right to do anymore. Maybe I should just kill myself to get all of this over with!

Oh God, if angels exist please send me one. I need an angel's voice to tell me what I need to do now. Please, God, I have no one else to go to. I plead with all my heart for your help; please send me an angel….

"Okaasan!" a little girl's voice suddenly echoed inside my head.

That voice, was that the angle I prayed for to come to me? Why does her voice sound so familiar to me?

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu okaasan! Watashi wa anata no musumesan! Il mio nome e Rhode!"…..


"… you might want to take a peek at the future."

That's right! Ten years in the future, I will be married to someone and have children of my own. Mukuro-sama was right! I need to visit the future and ask them who their father is. Perhaps at that way, my heart would know who it belongs to.

I need to call Lambo-kun!

I got off of my bed, put on my robe for the mean time and began looking for my phone. I searched the room and found it on top of the balcony coffee table. I dialed the numbers and waited for Lambo-kun's voice to answer my call.

While I waited, my eye suddenly landed a glimpse on the bed sheets. There was a blood stain on the cloth. It must be my menstruation week today. Damn, why do monthly periods start so suddenly?

"Hello? This is the awesome Lambo speaking in your phone!" Lambo-kun finally answered.

"Lambo-kun, it's me!" I uttered in a loud tone.

That's quite awkward.

"Chrome-san! Where are you? The duel is already starting!"

"Huh? Wait a minute! You're watching the battle? You're at the shrine?"

"Of course I am! This fight is soooo cool! You should see it Chrome-san! None of them hasn't been injured yet and their stunts are freaking awesome!"

"They're….they're alright! Thank goodness!"

"So Chrome-san, why did you call? Are you gonna ask me what I want for Christmas?"

"Ah….actually Lambo-kun…I…."

"Uh, uh, uh….I know, I know what I want! I want a large tall box of a chocolate gingerbread house with many-many bright colored candies!"


"You should also put some marshmallows toppings and sprinkles in it so it would look mouth-watering and delicious!"

"Lambo-kun, I need to borrow the ten-year bazooka!"

"Huh? What for?"

"I….I need to talk to some people."


"It…it doesn't matter much. Please hurry and rush to the mansion, I really need it!"

"hmm….let me think…..what if I say no?"


"Hmmm…oh alright! As long as you promise me that you'll give me my gingerbread house this Christmas!"

"I…okay….I guess…."

"Sweet! I'll be there in a jeepie!" and he hung up.

Uhm….I'm speechless. I think that's a bit weird. Oh well, all he wants is a large tall gingerbread house. How hard could that be? Anyways, I really should have my morning bath already before Lambo-kun arrives.

Half of the hour later, I've just finished fixing myself and had gone straight to my office when Lambo-kun got here. I told Ipin-chan to escort him to where I am at that moment. While I waited, I've noticed how dead the entire mansion was since this morning. Maybe because of the fact that half of the staffs went to the shrine to watch the duel. I couldn't stop wondering what's happening right now in there.

"Chrome, you are the only one I know who can stop the battle tomorrow."


What is there in me that made this happen? What did Reborn-san and boss saw in me that they are certain that I am the only one who can stop this?

All I wanted was just a simple happy life, friends who accept me for who I am, a family who loves and cares for me all the time, and a lover that will warm me when I'm cold, make me smile when I'm sad, and love me unconditionally forever.

"Chrome-san, what are you planning to do with the bazooka?" Ipin-chan asks.

I smiled at her and answered "There are certain questions that only the future can answer. That is why I need to do this to know who my heart desires."

Yes, that's right. This is the only way I could understand who is worthy for me.

"Chrome-san, I have no idea what you're up to, but please remember that you only have ten minutes in the future." Lambo-kun reminded.

I nodded with a calm smile. I've let them took the aim for me, and the bazooka was fired at me with those pink fluffy clouds bursting out from the weapon.

"I'm very much obsessed with you. I feel so selfish and possessive towards you. I only want you for myself and no one else. I desire you with all my heart…"


"You're the only person who can make me smile….. You meant so much to me. You're everything to me; you are my world and I can't imagine myself living without you….."


Both of you desperately need me so badly; I understand that. But what I need to know is who needs me the most, that's why I need to do this. If one of you ever thought that this is not right, then I'm sorry, but it is done.

Yes, I know my mind knows its limits, but my heart knows no limits. I need to go beyond the borders to know what I want, to understand and open it, and do what it wishes.

"Okaasan?" the angle's voice…I hear it "okaasan!" it's so beautiful, listening to such a lovely melody.

"Whenever I hear your jingling bell voice say my name, I feel as my soul was raised from all the burden and sins I have and had. Whenever I hear you say that I am your master and that you belong to me, its like as if a fallen angel cries and begs in front of a demon's dark mercy… I've always wanted to hear you say "I love you to me and feel those comforting words dwell in my heart and my entire body."


"Let me hear your sleep, let me see you dream…. Let me dream of you singing and dancing with a bliss of joy…... You're the only angel that allows me to dream a sweet and lovely dream."


…Mukuro-sama….Kyouya-san….is this how sweet it feels listening to an angel's voice? Indeed, it's so beautiful. Ah, my heart, I'm starting to understand it. Yes, this is what I want!

"Okaasan must've had an accident with uncle Lambo's bazooka again." Ren-kun thought, seeing my four children staring right in front of me with those cute googly eyes.

Aww, I can't stop saying how adorable they are!

"Okaasan, are you alright?" Alumino-kun asked as he helped me stood up from the floor.

"I'll go get her some warm chocolate." Sukairo-kun said, walking his way to the kitchen while Alumino-kun and Ren-kun helped me sat down the nearest couch.

When I've sat down, an indigo haired little girl approached me with a big white bunny doll in her arms.

"Does okaasan need a bunny to hug? I'll let okaasan borrow Mr. Carrots if she wants to." Rhode-chan says, handing me the bunny doll.

Rhode-chan really does resemble me greatly. She's so cute and adorable. She's like an innocent….angel.

"You're the only angel that allows me to dream a sweet and lovely dream…."


"…I just couldn't stop myself from admiring you…. how much I want to say how cute you are all the day; how much I want to adore you with this tongue of mine…."


Now I understand why you can't stop adoring me.

"Okaasan? Are you okay?" Rhode-chan asks in a worried tone.

I smiled at her and quickly took her in my arms "yes, yes I'm alright my darling. Thank you for asking." I cried, shedding such tears of happiness while I squeeze her in my arms.

"You seem so dramatic today Okaasan." Sukairo-kun commented, handing me a mug of chocolate.

"Okaasan, can you give me a hug too?" Ren-kun favored.

"Please Ren, not too loud or you'll wake otoosan up. You know how scary he is when he goes mad." Alumino-kun warned

Otoosan? FATHER!

"Aaaah….I need to ask you four something." I uttered out as I recalled my purpose "Please tell me…who is your father? Tell me what his name is?"

This is it! The moment of truth!

Alumino-kun answered "Heretically, we four have two fathers. However, you ended up marrying Hibari Kyouya."


I…I got married to….Kyouya-san?


"But….but what about Mukuro-sama? Did he get married to someone else? Who did he end up with? Where is he now?" I wondered again, but I ended up receiving sad faces from my sons and teary eyes from my daughter.

I don't understand. Why do they seem so sad about what I've asked?

"What's wrong? Did….did something happened to Mukuro-sama?" I asked once more.

"Mukuro-otoosan…died a year ago." Ren-kun answered.

The wind stopped, everything in my train of thoughts paused. I was completely petrified in shock, frozen in hearing such agony. I couldn't move a muscle; my eye was so wide open as if I had seen a ghost right before me. Everything inside me trembled in painful surprise, as if I was stabbed by a very sharp knife in my heart. My heart, it…it hurts.

"How….how did….how did this happened?" I questioned.

"He tried to save us…by sacrificing his life…" Sukairo-kun replied.

"I…I still can't understand. How did he die? Please…tell me!" I pleaded, confused yet somehow concerned.

Alumino-kun replied "We were held captives by the enemy during that time. Eventually, you, otoosan, and Mukuro-otoosan found us…..but then…."

Alumino's Flashback…..

Time: a year ago in the future

Destination: unknown underground laboratory

(Normal Point of view)

"Release us, or we'll soon use force against you!" Alumino demands at the workers inside the laboratory.

"Aww….how cute! They're so adorable whenever they say cute words to us doctor!" a nurse comments.

"Don't be fooled by their googly eyes nurse. Remember, they're the children of the two greatest illusionists of Mafia….tch….or should I say some of them." The doctor tells his nurse.

"Gufufufu….you professionals are stupid for kidnapping us though. You have no idea how strong and powerful our parents are." Ren threatens.

"Oh we know all about your parents Mukuro jr.!" the doctor says.

"Alumino-nii, I really want to torture them to death right now!" Sukairo complained, losing his patience over the doctor.

"Okaasan? Okaasan! I can hear her! She's coming!" Rhode rejoiced, telling her eldest brother in a soft whispering voice.

Suddenly, a large explosion boomed out from the door that it was able to kill almost a half of the laboratory staff. When the dusty smoke slowly began to fade aside, three figures of two tall men and a woman emerged from the dark smog.

"Kufufufu…..kidnapping innocent children? How naughty!"

"Stealing children away from their parents is against the law. I'll bite all of you to death for taking ours!"

"Please, Mukuro-sama, Kyouya-san, let's not forget….we came here for our kids!" Mukuro, Hibari and Chrome emerged from the thick smokes.

"Aaaahhh…we've been anticipating for the three of you. Please, make yourselves at home." The doctor welcomes, signaling his troops to prepare to attack.

"Oh Please don't bother, we won't be long." Hibari smirked devilishly, and began to give his first blow on them.

"Kufufufu…..always the first one huh Kyouya-kun?" Mukuro laughed and began his strikes as well, followed by Chrome on his back.

Though the battle was violently brutal, it did however ended quickly as what Hibari told them earlier. At the end of the victorious rampage, Chrome ran to the cage where her children are in and destroyed the lock to free her beloved younglings.

"Okaasan!" the children ran to their mother and threw their arms around her.

"Okaasan, I knew you'd come and get us!" Rhode cried while Chrome tried to calm her down by creasing her soft lavender-scented hair.

"Ugh! I'm….I'm not done yet!" the doctor struggles to speak, grabbing a remote from his pocket. He pushed the large red button of the device, and the eight of them (including the doctor himself) were all trapped inside a steel copper dome with thousands of nuclear bombs attached to the metal.

"Die with me…you family of devils!" the doctor exclaims before losing his consciousness as the entire explosives began to count down by 20 seconds.

"Sukairo, you're the smart one, can you stop these things?" Alumino asks.

"These are military explosives, I can tell it from their appearances. They're very sensitive with human skin. A touch from these pests and we're done for." Sukairo answered.

"Well, we've got to figure out how to get out of here. We only have less than 18 seconds." Hibari says, trying to find a way out.

Though all of the sudden, Mukuro chuckled "Kufufufu….of course, I guess my time has really come." He said and cast a strong shield on everyone…..except for himself.

"Mukuro-sama, what are you doing?" Chrome questioned, panicking at the sight of her savior without protection for himself.

"This shield can only protect 6 individuals. And I have decided to use my last moment to let all of you live." He answered.

"Father…..don't do this!" Ren pleaded with a frightened face.

Mukuro smiled at him "Ren, you were always my favorite child among Chrome's children. Do me a favor and be a better man than me."

"Please don't say such things father! You're not going to die now, are you?" Rhode cried.

Mukuro smiled again "Kufufufu…..Rhode-chan resembles her beautiful mother greatly. Promise me that you'll always make your mother smile." He said before turning to Alumino "You're the eldest, and therefore I trust you to hold the responsibility to protect you siblings from now on."

Alumino bowed "You have my word father."

"Mukuro-sama, stop being so melodramatic! If you're going to die then take me with you!" Chrome demanded, tears pouring out from her purple eye.

"Kufufufu….look who's being melodramatic now my dear." Mukuro grinned "I can't take you with me. Even if I wanted to, I won't. Haven't I already told you? I would give up my life for you just to see you happy for the rest of your life."

"No, you don't need to die for me!"

"Kufufufu….since when did I died? I won't die, and I never did. I'll just simply reincarnate once more, live another life and start over again. It's the cycle of rebirth, didn't I taught you that?"

"It won't be the same. Mukuro-sama, please don't do this! Please….try and stay… stay and live more with me!"

"I….I can't. Though I wish I could. But life, even dead, has its limits." He said, approaching nearer to the crying female. "There, there, hush my beloved Chrome." he comforted "Please stop crying and do me a favor…..please smile for me before I depart."

"How….how could I smile at a time like this?"

"It's my last wish before I leave….please try my beloved Nagi. Let me see you smile. I want to remind myself that the naive girl I saved from the past has grown into a wise woman."

At his plead, Chrome wiped a few of her tears away and smiled innocently.

"I…I will love you for eternity." She said with that desired smile.

"And I will also… you forever…"


"…perhaps someday….we might meet again in another life…."


"….my Nagi…"


At the end of the count down, the bomb exploded and the copper shield was destroyed along with the impact. Slowly after the explosion, the smog began to fade away, revealing the cold dead body of Rokudo Mukuro.

"MUUUUKKUUUROOOO-SAAAMMMAA!" Chrome cried out loudly, ran to his dead body and wrapped it around her arms.

The room began to flood with tears of pain and sorrow. Every one of them was crying over Mukuro's departure, except for the skylark who has just heard his whisper from the wind saying….

"You've won Kyouya-kun! She's all yours!"

end of flashback…

Does this really have to happen? Does he really need to die for me to make happy? Are pain and sadness the prices of love?

"I will use my strength, my power, and everything else I have including my very last breathe just to continue being your savior….. I will hand over everything, including me life just to allow you to live happily ever after"

- Mukuro

But you once said it yourself; life is a gift that needs to be taken care of properly. Why must a life be thrown away to have a perfect ending? Does a "happily ever after" require a death of a person all the time? It doesn't seem right at all! Why would it be called "Happily" if someone died in the story?

"Eight months after Mukuro-otoosan passed away, Kyouya-otoosan asked your hand in marriage. You told us that Mukuro-otoosan would've wanted you to marry him, so you've accepted and he became our legal father." Sukairo-kun added after wiping his tears away from the previous flashback.

So I ended up being with Kyouya-san after that. It's just like how samurais fought: Mukuro-sama surrendered and died, and I ended up marrying the victor.

"Gufufu….how amusing, I'm crying over this story again." Ren-kun laughed.

Ren-kun, acts and looks so much like Mukuro-sama….but…

"Aaahh…speaking of which, how come Ren-kun acts and looks like Mukuro-sama while Sukairo-kun acts and looks like Kyouya-san? And why is it that Alumino-kun has Mukuro-sama's six paths while his manners are quite like Kyouya-san's?"

At a sudden, these four children of mine began giggling softly as the sad presence of the flashback began to vanish in the air. Confused by their sudden laughter, I asked why they were all giggling over it.

Ren-kun answered "It's because okaasan can be really tempting to both of them."

Huh?...I still didn't get that…

"Explain it specifically Ren!" Sukairo-kun says, turning back to me "First of all okaasan, just because you ended up marrying Kyouya-otoosan, doesn't mean he's heretically our father."

"Speaking of which, isn't it that okaasan was 24 years old when Alumino-nii was inside her tummy?" Rhode-chan recalled.

"That's right." Sukairo-kun exclaimed "Okaasan, did you saw any blood stain on your bed when you woke up this morning?"

As their mother….or should I say "soon-to-be-mother"….I can't lie to them. Though I was shocked and embarrassed about this situation with my kids being aware of my menstruation, I nodded my head and admitted that there was indeed a stain on my bed sheet.

"Kawai desu ne!" Rhode-chan rejoiced, approaching so near to me as she faced my stomach while whispering "Alumino-nii, I'm Rhode-chan, and I'm gonna be your litter sister someday!" she says, awkwardly talking to my stomach.

"Rhode, you do realize that I'm right over here." Alumino-kun calls.

"NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Are you kids saying I'm…..PREGNANT?" I questioned, and was answered by a nod from them.

"But….but how is that possible?" I asked again with a panicking tone.

"Well as you may notice it okaasan, Alumino-nii has two fathers." Sukairo-kun replied "Eventually, while Alumino-nii was in the process of reproduction, okaasan was being intimidated by Mukuro-otoosan possessing the body of Kyouya-otoosan. The result of this is a son inheriting the possessor's power with the help of Kyouya-otoosan's male chromosomes." He explained with a white board with some graphs written and drawn on it for visual aid.

Isn't Sukairo-kun too young to know these kinds of adult stuffs?

(Author's note: Genetics + Science Fiction = FRINGE! What could be more crazier than science?...oh yeah….math!)

Wait a minute…. that dream last night….

"This will be a beautiful nightmare for us Nagi…so please do me a favor, close your eyes and enjoy the warmth I'm about to give you."

…does this mean that….that dream….that wasn't a dream? It really happened? We…we did it?

WWHHHAAAATTT? I can't…I can't believe myself!

"Two years after I was born, Kyouya-otoosan gave you another of his son without being possessed by Mukuro-otoosan." Alumino-kun said.

"And that's how Sukairo-nii was born!" Rhode-chan added.

"And another year after my birth, Mukuro-otoosan gave you another of his own, resulting to the birth of Ren." Sukairo-kun continued.

Judging from the stories of their birth, it sounds as if I was a real total bitc…. I guess now I could finally agree with M.M.

I continued with my questions though "And Rhode-chan? Who's her father?"

"We're still working on that" Alumino-kun answered "Cause every time we run some tests on her with the genetic machines it goes completely out of control."

"Those machines hate me! That's why they scare me a lot." Rhode-chan cried.

Ren-kun patted her on her head and handed her the bunny doll to calm her tears away.

Speaking of which….If Ren-kun is Mukuro-sama's son, then…

"Ren-kun, has Kyouya-san been a brutal father to you? I presume that you four are aware of the arguments your fathers have in the past, right?" I asked, worried that there might be some abuse or hatred in the family.

Ren-kun chuckled "Gufufu…on the contrary okaasan. True, we are very much aware of the misunderstandings they both had in the past. However, since the day that Mukuro-otoosan died, Kyouya-otoosan became grateful to him for saving his life and ours. He thought that the only way to repay him is by marrying you, becoming our own legal father, and raising me well even thought we're not blood-related."

"Otoosan is a dad that everyone in school wants to have. Although he's very strict with our examination scores and school grades, he still takes us to the carnival or to the mall every Saturday, and he even takes us to the park for a picnic every Sunday." Rhode-chan said.

"And what made him a good husband is that he always takes you out for dinner every Friday night, thought he also makes you cry in bed at midnight." Alumino-kun added.


Though he became the father of my children, his desires didn't lessen a bit.


Yet…now that they've told me about all of these, a piece of me suddenly pinched at my thoughts; that from the very beginning, there was a part in me that knew that I would eventually end up marrying Kyouya-san.

(Author's Note: Of course, the story's first chapter was 1896, wasn't it?)

But I wanted things to be fair no matter what. I didn't want to turn from Mukuro-sama. Even thought he abandons me, I didn't want to leave his side.

"What's with the noise here?" a sharp yawn suddenly cut my thoughts.

My head tilt at the direction where the voice came from – the stairs and saw….

"Otoosan! How's your sleep?" Rhode-chan ran towards Kyouya-san with a cute smile for him.

Kyouya-san answered "It was relaxing, till I heard noises coming from downstairs."

"My apologies otoosan." Alumino-kun bowed for excuse.

"There's no need to apologize. Now…what do we have here?" Kyouya-san questioned while he approached me.

"Isn't this surprising otoosan? It's okaasan ten years ago." Ren-kun said.

With my eye blinking and my cheeks blushing, Kyouya-san sat beside me, held my chin and took a closer look at me.

He smirked "I see no difference at all. Past, present, future…she has always been the woman I love."

Though I can still feel his cold predator aura, I can see through his eyes that….his heart is warmer than I remembered. I could feel such caring warmth coming from these hands that are continuously creasing my blushing cheeks. I could hear his heart-beat drumming in a rhythm of joy and gladness. Through those steel cold yet warm eyes, I could see the memories, those moments that we had and will have.

"Its sad to say that….you're time is almost up." He suddenly chuckled.

Time? Ah yes! My time here is only at a limit…and I only have….24 seconds?

"Nagi" Kyouya-san called "I know why you came here."

"You…you do?" I uttered, his hand touching the tip of my chin again as my cheeks continue to burn.

He nodded with a smile "I hope now…your heart has already been opened to your eyes."

"My…my heart?"

"Now that all of your questions have been answered, I hope that you have already seen who you wish to be with." He said, giving me a fortune cookie all of the sudden.

"Wha….what's this? What's this for?"

"A gift from Ipin. It's actually for me. But, I wanted you to have it. You need it more than I do…."


"Nagi…do me a favor and choose him first. Please give him your loving arms before he departs."


"You're….you're asking me to marry Mukuro-sama?"


"It's the least I could do….I wanted to thank that herbivore for killing himself…and for….saving our lives…."


"Don't worry Nagi…my love for you can wait."


And the pink fluffy clouds began to burst out as the bazooka began to take me back to the present….while his last words….can't leave my mind.

"Don't worry Nagi…my love for you can wait."

He….didn't he told me that already?

"Chrome-san! You're back!" Lambo-kun welcomed as I saw myself arrive at the time where I belong.

"…myloveforyoucanwait…"… said that already….



You said you wish for me to marry him. Are you asking me to let him win and let you lose? Knowing you, you hate losing.

"Chrome-san, is that a fortune cookie?" Ipin-chan pointed at the snack kept in my hand.

"Y…yes…the future Kyouya-san gave it to me." I replied, recalling its source.

"Well then….open it." Lambo-kun demanded.

"Lambo! For once would you stop being so bossy!" Ipin-chan scolded.

Thought at his voice, I cracked the middle part of the cookie and read the fortune…

Winners aren't always the happiest persons on earth. Some of them feel sorry over the losers, for the losers weren't able to receive what was also meant for them.

You're….you're guilty, aren't you? You wanted me to marry him…because you're guilty. And you're still that kind of person…who doesn't admit that he's guilty over someone's death.

"Chrome-san?" Ipin-chan uttered that snapped my consciousness awake.

"Chrome-san, can I have the cookie?" Lambo-kun favored.

"I need to rush to the shrine." I said, exiting the room as I rush down the stairs while Lambo-kun kept asking me for the cookie.

I called Mitsuru-kun, who was having a coffee break at the kitchen, to drive me to the shrine and take all the necessary shortcuts he knows as much as possible.

I just hope that….I'm not too late.

Time: 10:00 am

Destination: Namimori town market

"What's taking it so long? I thought this was a shortcut?" Lambo-kun complained over the stop.

"Well, it's almost Christmas, isn't it? A lot of people are already out shopping for gifts and ornaments." Mitsuru-kun answered.

Indeed there were crowds of people flooding everywhere in the market streets, and it was very difficult for the car to move through. Well, we don't want to get lives rushed in the hospital and we most definitely have no time to get ourselves arrested.

"How much longer does it take to get to the shrine?" I questioned, panicking.

"I don't know….3 km more maybe?" Mitsuru-kun guessed.

"Does that include the stairs?" Lambo-kun jerked.

Suddenly, I got off the car and ran through the crowd.

"Chrome-san, where are you going?" Ipin-chan shrieked, but I was already too far from the car to answer her and explain what I was going to do.

"Pardon me….excuse me….please give me some way…." I struggled to break free through the crowd.

I was in a hurry to get to the shrine before something terrible happens. I ran and ran and ran as if my life depends on it.

Now I know why Reborn-san allowed me to arrive late at the arena. Now I know which man is worthy of my heart "first", and which man will I choose.

"Excuse me, out of the way please!"

Like I said before… the spaces you two have in my heart are occupied equally.

"…I'm not very good at expressing myself to you, but the only thing I know is that I love you…"

"…chained in complete confusion, yet I am more than certain that loving you is the right crime…"

I know I can never have both of you at the same time, so I'll have to let you wait and do what you ask. And I trust you more than anything that you can wait, for it is what you have told me…


You saved me. You were my most beautiful beginning and my most magical once-upon-a-time. And because of that, I want my "happily-ever-after" with you to be magical as well….

"…From the moment I saw you, saved you, met you, and everyday in our lives at the past when we were together…. saving you, if I must say, has been the greatest accomplishment I've ever done to this mortal world. This world has never doubted me to love you…."

Thank you, both of you, for all the memories you have given me to remember. I promise I will always cherish them, treasure them with all my heart.

"Please let me through!"

Past…Present…Future…everything that happened to us…

"…just know that whatever decision you take; I will always be here with you…"

"…no matter what choice you make; I will never stop loving you…"

…I will…

"….I will love you forever…Hibari Kyouya…"

"…With all my heart, I will love you…Rokudo Mukuro…"

…never forget them!

"STOP!" I shouted as soon as I got at the top of the stairs and in front of the town's majestic shrine.

Everyone paused, including the two fighters in the arena. Silence roamed the four corners of the area.

"Nice timing Chrome." Reborn-san congratulated with a grin on his mouth.

"Please….please stop…stop fighting!" I breathed out, walking my way closer to them "My heart hurts when I see both of you fighting. Both of you are supposed to be brothers of different blood in this family. The clouds are the mists of heaven and the mists are the clouds of the earth!"

"First of all Chrome, since when did this herbivore become my brother? Second as you may have recalled, I've never considered myself a part of this family. I'm just doing what I want. And what I want is to win this duel to get all of this over once and for all! This is how samurais fight: If they desire the same woman, they would give her their last breath!" Kyouya-san answered

Sometimes, Kyouya-san has a lousy sense of words…and that is one of the things I don't like about him.


"Chrome…..have you made up your decision?" boss asked while it caught everyone's attention, especially both of them.

I nodded with a calm smile, my gaze directed at Kyouya-san. I walked my way near towards him.

"I guess this makes me the winner." He smirked with such pride.

I giggled softly as I reached for his sword and took it from his hand. I shook my head and said "No…no yet."

Using his katana I just took from him, I cut my long lavender hair in front of him and the entire Mafia people, revealing my new appearance as a short-haired female. Of course, this scene shocked and confused everyone, especially Kyouya-san

I uttered "I promised you this part of mine during that day of your birth. Ten years further in the future, I am certain that my hair will grow back to its former length. When that time comes, I will be entirely yours. Yet for now, wait for me."


"Because you said it yourself, you can wait for me, and I trust those words of yours…for you are a man of your word even towards your enemies."

"I still don't get you. You know what kind of person I am for the past years you've been working for me, and I know that you know I hate losing!"

"Winners aren't always the happiest persons on earth. Some of them feel sorry over the losers, for the losers weren't able to receive what was also meant for them." I said and gave him the fortune cookie "the time of your triumph is yet to come, samurai. For now…I wish you patience." I bowed.

There was a 50/50 percent chance that he'll either go crazily mad over this…or…

"I understand your highness" he bowed with a, surprisingly, a calm smile on his face.

I stood up straight from bowing, glad that he wasn't angry or displease.

"I am a man of mine word. And as you wish, I'll wait for you. I'll anticipate for your return dear princess." He said, kissing my hand "I wish you happiness."

I'm sorry Kyouya-san, but my heart can only have one person…for a while.

"Nagi." Mukuro-sama called with that usual smile.

I walked closer to him but had a few distance away from his body.

"You knew, didn't you?" I said "You knew the time of your death. You asked me to visit that future so that I would know everything that will or might happen."

"Kufufufu….true, but entirely true." He laughed "I asked you to visit the future because I wanted you to change some small details of it."

"In other words….you wanted to let me know that I should marry you first since you're departure will be soon."

"Kufufufu….what a clever girl you are."

"Mukuro-sama….you don't need to die for me."

"Indeed I don't. However, as a demon who betrayed himself because of loving someone like you, I rather choose to die in front of that woman who became the meaning of my life. Because if it wasn't for her, everything I've done in this word would be meaningless."

"Then…if that is what you wish please try and stay… stay and live more with me! Please try and become a magical ending for me."

"Kufufu…you're becoming a little melodramatic my dear….it makes me want to desire your body." He teased, making me blush all of the sudden "Kufufu…I was joking. I don't want to harm our little Alumino-kun." He said, creasing my tummy.

"He won't be harmed…he has such a gentle father." I replied, smiling so calmly for him as I look at those eyes.

Those eyes, that made my life meaningful, like his. And that smile that caused the beginning of the life I never imagined I'd love and treasure for eternity. Yes, this is the way that life should be handled. It should be taken care of like a very special gift.

Everyday, we survive for the sake of the ones we love who cherish our life. Everyday, we survive to try and stay for the ones we care to give them more memories to treasure and remember. Everyday, we survive with these lives given to us, to search for what everything means. Everyday, we survive, because we were all meant to love.

"THIS JUST IN: CHROME-SAMA IS OFFICIALLY PREGANANT!" Fran-kun announced using a large megaphone.

Of course this shocked everyone. Who wouldn't be? Even I myself was surprised that Fran-kun was able to hear our conversation.

"CONGRUATULATIONS TO THE EXTREME!" Sasagawa-sempai greeted.

Well, I'm guessing that this crazy charade isn't over huh? Though I really can't consider this as a "Happily-ever-after" yet. After all, endings can sometimes turn to beginnings. There are still lots of things that will surely happen. Even though I don't want them to happen to me, I'd still have to consider those moments that will come as a gift that will make me strong.

As everyone understands, being a mother of four children will be challenging and crazier than being a Vongola guardian. I just hope that I can still survive this whole new journey I'm about to take as Mukuro-sama's wife. Oh well, I guess that's all there is to tell.

I wish every single one of you….happiness

Yours truly, Chrome Dokuro