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"I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I. Hate. This!" Kiba repeated over and over hitting his head against the side of a tree in time with his complaining.

"What's up with him?" Naruto asked walking up next to Shino who was watching Kiba.

"Kiba's upset because he has to wear a flea collar." Shino murmured not taking his eyes off of the dog ninja.

"A flea collar? Why does he have to wear one of those?"

"Why do ya think genius!" Kiba growled tugging at the collar "But I don't need it!" the dog boy continued tugging and scraping at the collar. "Grah, dammit, where is the latch for this thing!" He snarled turning the collar around looking for the latch to set him free from the flea collar.

"There isn't one." Shino replied frankly

"You've go to be kidding me!" Kiba shouted exasperatedly flopping down onto the ground "This stupid thing makes me look so… so stupid!"

"I don't think it looks stupid at all." Naruto Commented looking at the completely blaze orange collar around the dog ninja's neck.

"See?" Shino said, "Naruto said it looked fine, so stop whining."

"Gah, Naruto doesn't count!" Kiba shouted

"What? Why not?" Naruto asked

"Are you kidding me!" the dog boy shouted exasperatedly "You're favorite color is orange!"

"And just how would you know that!" Naruto shouted back in defense.

Kiba looked at Naruto in disbelief for a moment, after regaining his thoughts Kiba stuck a finger out at Naruto "One word Naruto. One word that sums you all up…Stupid!"

"What!" Naruto gasped "It was a completely logical question!"

"You're just too stupid Naruto." Kiba responded

"No, 'too stupid' is what sums up this argument that the two of you are having." The bug boy mumbled grabbing both Naruto's and Kiba's attention

"Our argument isn't stupid!" Kiba Huffed

"Yes it is. Naruto, you obviously favor the color orange over all of the others. And Kiba, you seriously need that collar, why do you think I went through all the trouble of making it?"

Naruto huffed and accepted defeat remembering that orange is indeed his favorite color.

"You did it to belittle me." the dog ninja murmured.

"Yes, Kiba, I just love to belittle you." the bug boy said in an obviously sarcastic tone.

"I knew it!" Kiba barked crossing his arms over his chest.

Shino sighed and shook his head at Kiba's childish way of not cooperating.

"Well… I'm goin' home." Naruto said turning around and waving, "Hope you guys settle your little problem you guys got goin' on."

"There isn't a problem!" Kiba Growled standing up from the ground.

Naruto turned and looked back at the dog boy with a questioning look, moments later Kiba swiftly reached up and grabbed the flea collar and roughly yanked on it snapping it. After looking at Naruto and Shino with a smirk decorating his face Kiba held the collar out in front of him in his hand and let it drop to the ground with a soft thud.

"There!" Kiba barked. "Problem solved!" Kiba's smirk widened further as he watched the shocked bug master look down at the discarded collar.

Naruto shrugged not especially effected by it and turned and left bidding his friends fair-well.

"See? I don't need your stupid collar Shino." Kiba boasted a smug smile plastered to his face.

Shino was silent for a moment "…Whatever…I still think that you need it though." Shino mumbled turning to the side "Hmph…see if I ever make you something because I care again." Shino thought to himself

"Well, I don't." Kiba countered.

Shino Huffed, "Want to make a bet out of this then?" The bug boy asked turning back towards him.

"Che, Sure, I can prove you wrong and get something out of it, why not."

Shino nodded "Sure, sure. So what do you want to bet?" the bug boy asked"Hmm," the dog boy murmured thinking for a moment. "If I'm right… you have to buy me breakfast lunch and dinner for a whole month!"

The bug boy shrugged, "Ok then, it's a bet." he said turning completely and being to walk away.

"Heeey, what do you get if you win?" Kiba asked.

"Oh, you'll see once I win." Shino said walking off."What? Tch, that Shino makes me soo mad sometimes." Kiba grumbled turning and beginning to walk towards his house. Kiba stopped a moment later and looked over his shoulder in the direction that Shino went. "Hmm… He didn't say how long I have to go without it." he mumbled "… Argh! What am I saying! I don't need a flea collar at all!" Kiba boomed continuing to his house.

~One day latter~

"Wow, it sure is raining out." Kiba mumbled looking out his bedroom window from his bed with Akamaru, absentmindedly petting him. "At least it's not thundering and lightning, right buddy?" the dog boy asked scratching the side of his head with his free hand.

Akamaru nodded and arfed in agreement.

"Hey, Kiba" said boys bedroom door clicked open "It's time for… oh hey… you're not looking so good Kiba." Hana said standing in the doorway.

"Whaddaya mean?" Kiba asked looking over at his sister "Ya know, that's not something you say to your brother." Kiba grumbled scratching his forearm.

"Oh, whatever Kiba," Hana replied watching him "Are you sure you're ok? You seem kinda pale, and you're scratching yourself all over."

"I-I'm fine, really." Kiba said reaching down and scratching his leg.

"Well, you don't seem fine, and you look like a mess. Why don't you Go take a shower and then come down to dinner."

"Yeah, yeah." Kiba grumbled getting up off of his bed scratching his lower back with one hand and his side with his other. "I'll be down there in a little bit." Kiba mumbled walking into the bathroom attached to his bedroom and closing the door behind him.

"Don't spend all day in there masturbating!" Hana called after him.

Kiba blushed a brilliant red "H-Hana!" Kiba shouted mortified.

"Don't act like no one knew! You're so loud when you do it! 'Oohh~! Shino~! Sh-Shino faster!'" Hana mimicked leaning against the door frame.

"K-Keep your nose in your own busyness!" Kiba Shouted blushing darkly.

"Speaking of noses, make sure you use soap and clean yourself up after you finish in there! No one wants to smell cum at the dinner table! Just imagine if Shino could smell it! You'd be a thousand times more thorough now wouldn't you!"

If possible, Kiba's blush darkened more with pure embarrassment "G-Get lost Hana!" Kiba Shouted.

Hana merely laughed and looked over at Akamaru "He's such a weirdo." She said smiling

"I heard that Hana!" Kiba barked from inside the bathroom.

Akamaru arfed in agreement and nodded.

"Y-You better not be agreeing with her Akamaru!" the dog boy shouted.

Hana laughed and shook her head "You have got to help him somehow Akamaru."

"I don't need help with anything!" Kiba Immediately retorted snarling.

"I thought that you were taking a shower Kiba!" Hana shouted back


"Fine! Don't take forever in there Kiba!" Hana moved away from the door frame and into the hall closing the door behind her "He's in denial." Hana said looking down at one of her dogs who had been waiting in the hall. The dog barked and nodded in agreement.

"I don't need help at all." Kiba Grumbled scratching the side of his head and turning on the shower. "No way…" Kiba stepped into the shower and began to scratch the top of his head when a thought forced its way into his head.

"… What was up with that collar?" Kiba wondered aloud stepping under the shower head "It didn't seem like any flea collar you would buy at a store… there wasn't any brand name on it or anything like Flee collar or something like that." the dog boy grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into his hands then began slowly scrubbing it into his hair "Could that collar possibly been… Homemade!" Kiba's scrubbing halted as he let what just came to him sink in "N-no way," he mumbled staring off into space "Shino never would…"

Just then an image pushed it's way into the foreground of the dog ninja's mind. It was Shino, at the moment Kiba had ripped the flea collar from his neck snapping it in two and letting to fall to the ground. Shino didn't have on his glasses and nor was his hood up, he was standing there looking down at the collar and then moments latter looked up at Kiba from the collar. Tears were brimming in his eyes and were threatening to spill over, his tear filled staring at him as his lower lip quivered, a soft whimper escaping his lips.

"B-But… I had made that especially for you K-Kiba-kun." the teary eyed bug boy stuttered out, tears slipping out of his eyes. In the image Kiba was smiling smugly just like he had done the day before.

"I-I Hate you now Kiba!" Shino Sobbed bursting into tears turning around quickly and running off away from the still smirking dog ninja. Kiba ripped himself away from the image as a clump of Shampoo got into his eye.

"Ah! Shino, no!" He howled in pain desperately wiping at his eyes trying to get the shampoo out, "D-dammit, I messed up." Kiba grumbled as he got all of the shampoo out, "B-But Shino hates me now… I'm sure of it… hn… now I've got to try and find a way to make him forgive me… hm…" Kiba began to think of ways that he could win the bug master's forgiveness as he washed the shampoo out.

"Hm… Ah-ha!" the dog boy blurted out whipping a clump of soap bubbles from the side of his forehead.

"I'll win the bet, but then not make Shino do anything for me! And that'll make Shino see what a nice guy I am and He'll forgive me!" the dog boy cheered a proud grin spreading across his face. "It's fool proof!" he cheered turning off the water "It's genius!" Kiba Stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel then walked into his room and grinned at a curious looking Akamaru.

"Heh, I've got this in the bag Akamaru." he said his grin growing even larger as he turned and walked into the closet and pulling out some clean clothes and putting them on before going down to dinner.

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