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I panted softly while rounding a corner onto a new street. The fatigue from all that I'd done is hitting me all at once. The adrenaline that I had must have worn off…And this pain! The pain is getting worse and worse by the minute. I'm exhausted. Kiba might as well be a one ton block in his arms. But I can't stop. Not now. I have to make sure that Kiba's safe.

The sun was setting on the leaf village as I got back. It had been about an hour since I rescued Kiba. Thanks to the injuries that I had sustained while rescuing him, my pace has slowed drastically which is why I've only entered the village as the sun is setting.

"Ah…Kiba." I pant shaking my head slightly, "What happened?" I thought a frown spreading across my face.

What if Kiba didn't want to be saved?
Was Kiba trying to commit suicide…?

A pang of worry burst in my chest.

"Is…is this all my fault?" I thought, a look of terror taking over my features.

"Kiba, Shino!?" Came a cry from behind me.

I turned myself around half way to see Naruto, charging towards me. The hyperactive ninja skidded to an abrupt stop luckily before he smashed into me.

"N-Naruto," I began clumsily, but was cut off by the orange clad ninja.

"What happened!-?" He bellowed.

"Shh, Naruto." I urged, not wanting Kiba to be stirred from his apparent sleep.

Naruto did his best to calm down before asking, "What happened? What's wrong with Kiba? Why are you sopping wet?" He asked all at once.

"Calm down Naruto. Everything's fine." I slowly turned his back to him and continued onward. I don't have time for this. I have to get Kiba to a hospital, now.

"Everything's fine?" Naruto asked in disbelief, watching as I stumbled along, "Fine!-?"he shouted, "Are you kidding me? You're tripping all over yourself as you walk!"

I shook his head slowly and continued walking, "Everything is fine." I tried to reassure the hyperactive ninja. But I knew that everything wasn't fine. Nothing was fine. I'm not even sure if anything would ever be 'fine' again.

Naruto was saying something, but by this time I was drowning him out.

"Will Kiba hate me?" I thought depression building up in me.
"…He'll hate me…He'll never want to see me again…"

As I walked down the street, everything seemed to be moving in fast-motion in comparison to me. I wasn't sure if Naruto was still talking to or following him. To the Aburame, the world seemed to be closing in on him.

"He tried to kill himself…It wasn't an accident…was it? He's been avoiding me… He wanted to get away from me…"

There was a loud burst of sound which I could only assume was Naruto, I couldn't tell. I could only tell that it was very loud, but I couldn't understand him.

"Kiba will leave me…"

"And he'll forget me…"

A sheet of darkness seemed to envelop me and everything went black. The last thing I could remember was hearing Naruto yelling again and a hard thug before I sank utterly into the vast darkness.

My eyes fluttered open slowly. I looked around and was surprised to see that I was in a bed.

"W-where is this?" I asked aloud to the space around me, "I-Is this... the hospital?"

"How did I get here?" I wondered and sat up slowly. I held my head in pain, trying to recollect my thoughts. Then suddenly it sparked in my head

"Kiba!" I cried and quickly leapt off of the hospital bed. Pain shot through my ankle and instantly I collapsed to the floor. My ankle throbbed violently as the agonizing pain continued to sear in my ankle. I moaned lowly as the pain rushed to m my head, making me dizzy.

"Hnn...K-...Kiba?" I asked confused, looking around the room, my vision blurring.
I squeezed my eyes shut in a vain attempt to stop my eyes from throbbing.

"Kiba..." I murmured clutching the sides of my head in pain.

I groaned and soon the sound of clattering feet began to echo through my head. Voices were soon calling out, but I couldn't understand them. My head throbbed as the voices became louder and more hysteric.
I groaned, only wanting the voices to shut up for a moment. Horrific images of Kiba writhing in pain began to flash through my mind. Kiba was hurt, crying. They wouldn't stop coming. Kiba was sobbing, reaching out for help.

Kiba was dying.

"Kiiiiiba!" I bellowed and with a sudden burst of energy, I was up to my feet. I couldn't see worth shit and there was still pain in my ankle. But I won't let that stop me. I won't let anything stop me. Kiba needs me.

Just then I felt something grab my arm and I seemed to snap. I shoved whatever was grabbing me away roughly, a loud crashing noise following soon after. I trust my arms out and instructed my insects as clearly I could with the monster of a headache. I sent most of my insects to focus on keeping the source of the voices at bay, while I had the others try to lock on to where Kiba might be.

I charged out into the hospital hall half blind, but I trusted that my insects wouldn't lead me sprinting into any walls.
I instructed my insects to swarm around me and to take down anyone that would get in the way. I heard loud shouts calling out to me, but this only made me run faster.

"Shino Aburame!" a familiar voice howled from behind me. Momentarily stunned I turned to try and see who it was. Almost immediately I slammed into a doorway at full speed. I fell hard backwards to the floor, my head smashing against the tiling of the hallway which, for some reason, granted me my eyesight momentarily. I managed to sit myself up and notice a clipboard hanging from the doorknob of the doorway I crashed into. I quickly read it while my eyes were still agreeing with me.
"Inuzuka, Kiba." the clipboard read in bold print.

my eyes widened. "Kiba!" I shouted in surprise. I sprang to my feet my ankle throbbing in pain as punishment, but I shook it off and went to rush into the room.

"Shino!" The voice that just before was so far away boomed and they gripped my shoulders painfully tightly. "Shino Aburame!"
I cringed as they tightened their grip. Then I felt something boiled over inside me and my eyes narrowed, "Nooo!" I wailed. My insects swarmed out from me and engulfed the owner of the voice under my command. I broke away from them as they started trying to resist the insects.
I swung the door open roughly and bolted into the room.

"Kiba!-?" I shouted into the room, looking around haphazardly as my vision began to fail me once again. "Kiba!-?" I called out worriedly looking around more franticly.
Just then my eyes caught a glimpse of him lying in a bed in the corner of the room.

"Kiba!" I cried. I was at his side in an instant.

"Kiba." I groaned and fall to my knees at his bedside. I reached out longingly and grasped Kiba's hand tightly as everything around me was slowly covered by a cloak of darkness

"Kiba," I whispered almost inaudibly, hot tears welling up in my eyes.

"I'm here...Kiba...Kiba..."

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