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(Eight months earlier)

Kyuubi had helped him remove the demonic chakra from his mother days after he'd moved into the Namikaze estate but she'd remained asleep. Part of Naruto wanted to pray that she woke up, ask Kami for whatever otherworldly power she could give, but another part of him was reluctant to do so. The path he'd chosen would be unholy and painted with blood. Konoha had kept his life from him and he wanted them all to suffer for it.

His mother held precedent though and he couldn't do anything untill she was capable of defending herself should his actions bring about hostile consequences.

He occupied himself with training. With the shadow clone jutsu and the forbidden scroll from Sarutobi he was able to progress at an unimaginable pace, one no normal human could match. Becoming stronger was what he distracted himself with, even though it was necessary for his goals.


Naruto snapped out of his meditation at the small moan and looked to his mother's bed from his place on the floor. His mother's eyes were open! He noticed instantly and without wasting a moment he was up, next to her, caring for her and helping her move. She'd been in a coma so long that her body was weak from being unused

(Five months earlier)

He'd become stronger than he'd ever imagined with his regimen and while he kept his skills hidden from his sensei and team while he was on missions or training with them, he kept nothing from his mother.

She was still weak, though he really didn't expect anything less. As the weeks passed she slowly regained her ability to move on her own and take care of herself. When she'd first woken and Naruto explained what had happened to her she was, for lack of a better word, shocked. She'd not only been in a coma for thirteen years of her life but she'd missed all that time with her son. He was her child and she didn't even know him.

She'd cried herself to sleep every night because of this knowledge with only Naruto there to comfort her. He hardly ever left her side in the first two months. He'd make his shadow clone army in the morning and leave them to train before going to train with his team for an hour or two. They'd do a mission and he'd be back immediately to care for his mother.

Kushina was reluctant at first but she soon realized that she couldn't do anything without help. Her body felt heavy all the time and she needed Naruto's help to do even the most mundane tasks. Moving, eating, she even needed him to help her bathe. It was embarrassing for both of them but Kushina constantly thanked him for his help. Hearing her voice, helping her, even thought it was often awkward and sometimes embarrassing meant the world to Naruto.

(Four months earlier)

Naruto ran the yellow sponge over his mother's body lightly. He was sure she was capable of washing herself after such a long time but he didn't question her when she called him in to help her.

Something was different though. Naruto couldn't place it but he could feel it as he helped her do the simple tasked he'd seen her do in the past months. He chose to ignore the feeling and focus on washing her as a comfortable silence set into the room.

"Would you like to join me?"

Naruto was a bit startled by the sudden question. He had no doubt that the tub could fit them both. Hell, it could fit two more with him in it as well, but he'd never joined her while he washed her. He always sat beside the tub in his mesh body suit and pants, without the vest.

Kushina was reluctant to admit it, especially to her son, but she loved the attention that he gave her when he helped her with the simple tasks. He took care of every miniscule detail without her needing to point it out or comment. She knew the feeling that had been slowly building up insider as her son took care of her but she wouldn't admit the simple truth to herself. She simply couldn't.

What kind of mother shivered when her son touched her? What kind of mother looked forward to when her son would undress her?

She deluded herself with half-hearted lies when she first realized what was happening. 'He looks just like Minato did.' She told herself. It didn't work and her frustration only grew as time went by.

"Sure." Naruto said. He felt unusually shy when he pulled his clothes off and joined her and he ignored the red tinge on her cheeks but other than that it was just a mother and child taking a bath together. He put himself across from her and slid his legs under hers before resting his feet just beside her hips. They were really close together. Unnecessarily close given the size of the tub but neither really minded.

Kushina smiled as Naruto pulled the sponge in with him and propped her leg up on his thigh. He ran his hand down her leg, feeling the shaved skin, before he did it with the sponge. He'd taken the liberty of shaving her, as weird as it was. He'd left the more… sensitive areas… for her to do but she was appreciative of the action. "How are you feeling, Kaa-san?"

"I'm fine." She answered quietly. She looked her son over for a moment, noting that he wasn't looking at her directly. He was surprisingly filled out for his age and, despite her trying not to pay attention to it, he was quite 'large' as well. It might have been the fact that she was naked with him or maybe it was his still unstable hormones but she could see his hardened member through the ripples of the water.

Naruto ignored the fact that he was unnaturally aroused though. He could ignore his own feelings without much effort and tending to his mother was more important than sating a passing need like lust, even if he didn't know the source. "Naruto-kun…" His mother's voice made him look up to face her. The red tinge was still there though it was more noticeable now. "Can you do Kaa-san a favor?"

"Of course." He answered without a moment's thought.

She smiled lovingly, making his heart swell. He'd gone his entire life without that look and now he had it. He loved it. "Come here." she said simple, motioning for him to come closer to her. Naruto did so slowly, making sure not to do anything too swiftly. There was barely a foot of distance between them when he stopped.

Kushina was five' four and Naruto was an inch taller than her so it was easy for her to pick herself up and close that last bit of distance.

Naruto couldn't suppress the groan as 'little Naruto' became trapped between him and his mother. The sensation swamped his mind immediately, making it impossible for him to think about how his mother had moved so freely without help. "Don't move Naruto-kun." His mother whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms tightly around his body. Naruto moved them back regardless. The strength to sit up straight was leaving him as his mothers small movements sent wave upon wave of pleasure through his body. He needed to lean against the side of the tub.

She made sure that he was stable before she began to rock her hips against him. His member rubbed against her folds with every movement making both shudder with pleasure.

"K-kaa-san?" Naruto questioned in a strained voice.

Kushina recognized the tone, "don't hold back Sochi." She told him. It was most likely his first sexual experience, she knew, and she hadn't expected him to last as long as he had. She felt his member tense against her waist and then her seed against her stomach as it shot into the water. "Did you like that?" she asked after a moment.

When Naruto's mind refocused he realized what had happened and he understood that what his mother did was considered morally wrong. Why had she done it then? A better question, why did he want her to do it again?

"Yes." Was all he could get out?

"I need you to do something else for me now." She told him as she moved back slightly, grabbing his hand as she did. Naruto didn't fight as she brought his hand to her slit. She started his motion, moving his fingers up and down against her, but soon enough she took her hand away and left it to him.

(Three months earlier)

Kushina deliberately refrained from having sex with him simply because she wanted to gauge his reaction before they actually did it. Sadly, he became distant afterward. He still helped her when she asked but she did most things herself, even going as far as to work out in the yard.

Naruto realized, as he watched her go through a Taijutsu kata he'd never seen before, that she was fully capable of doing things herself and apparently had been for quite a while. It didn't really bother him though, neither did her actions. He'd become distant simply because he wasn't sure how to respond to her sudden advance. The social standards were plain for everyone and he was no stranger to everyday rules.

Sexual relations with immediate family equaled bad.

Kushina didn't have the same morals apparently and he was beginning to think he didn't either. The distance between the two lasted a full week before Naruto decided that, if his mother could accept his 'more than family' emotion, he would move their relationship further.

He waited untill she'd gone to bed before he moved to her room. She was awake when he got there and she greeted him with a smile. "I'm sorry for putting you through this, Sochi." She mumbled as he climbed into the bed next to her. Naruto didn't respond as he kissed her. They made love that night and Naruto couldn't have imagined a better outcome.

(Two month earlier)

Naruto spent every day leading up to the Chunin Exam in the bed with Kushina while his clones went over the documents that Sarutobi had sent to the estate. He'd unlocked thirteen years of pent up lust from the older women and he was lucky enough to be the one to sate it.

When he'd returned from the forest of death she seemed distant though. Even when she embraced him it didn't feel like she was all there.

Kushina paced the living room floor franticly. She could hear Naruto and Ibiki talking on the porch and she could tell Ibiki was about to leave. 'Damn it.' she mentally cursed. She'd hopped that the man would have stayed longer, given her more time to think. She really did need time to think and while she'd been at it most of the morning it still hadn't been enough. "Would you like some tea?"

She glanced over to Naruto's clone and, after a moment's thought, nodded. Tea was good for stress and she was definitely stressed.

That was the scene Naruto walked into. Kushina was pacing the floor, hot tea in her hands, sipping from the cup occasionally. "Kaa-san?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow. She tensed up at the sound of his voice. "What's wrong?" Naruto asked as he quickly got behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Naruto…" she didn't know where to begin.

The blond placed his chin on her shoulder and rubbed his cheek lightly against hers. "What is it?" he asked again.

The knot that had been getting tighter and tighter in her gut snapped then and the words rushed out of her mouth immediately. She felt Naruto's grip on her weaken before it got stronger and he kissed her neck. "Do you want to have my child Kaa-san?"

She turned in his arms and pressed her lips to his, giving him all the answer he needed.

(Present Day)

Naruto sat in the living room, Jiraiya's first novel in his hand, as Kushina and Tsunade talked.

He personally loved The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja. It was possibly the best literary work Jiraiya, or any other author for that matter had ever done and he was slightly disappointed that more people didn't know about it. Kushina had told him that his father had loved the book as well and he'd gotten his name from the main character.

In the first days of their more intimate relationship Naruto had questioned her about her feeling for Minato and she openly admitted that she loved him. The declaration didn't bother Naruto in the slightest though. He loved the man as well. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have gotten Kyuubi sealed inside him and he wouldn't have had the same relationship with his mother. His father placed the groundwork for his life and Naruto did, truly, love him.

He questioned his father's blind trust in the village but he quickly understood that Minato didn't have the same situation he did. The village had trusted Minato, looked at him with pride his entire life. He was able to trust them blindly and he'd placed his only son in that trust.

It was all he could do to save the village he loved.

They'd arrived in Konoha only the day before but Tsunade stated that she wouldn't accept the title of Hokage untill she helped the one who'd brought her back, Naruto. She'd come with the nurses the next day and, with advanced Genjutsu made with Kyuubi's Chakra, Naruto was able to fool the nurses like he did every day. Tsunade had allowed herself to be placed under the Genjutsu as well so that the entire operation could look as real as possible.

Tsunade worked for roughly an hour, running her hands over Kushina slowly. She'd requested that the nurses simply observe and let her do the work so that while it appeared that she was working on waking the red head up; she was actually checking her body for any abnormalities with her pregnancy. The Sannin didn't approve, honestly, but when she'd seen the smile that lit Kushina's face the night before she couldn't find it in her to deny their request.

He'd given a show for the nurses as he pretended to take in Kyuubi's chakra, letting his body shake ever so much and putting on a pained face, but he was focused on what would happen next. The official ceremony would take place the next day and the memorial service for those who died in the Suna-Oto invasion would take place the day after that.

Naruto would attend the funeral and he would say goodbye to Sarutobi. The man had remained loyal to his word untill he died and Naruto would honor that.

"I kinda forced myself on him." Kushina stated with a laugh.

He looked up from his stretched out position on the couch to see his mother's darkened face. She was sitting on the same couch with Tsunade on the other side of the coffee table in one of the chairs. He chuckled at the sight of red in her cheeks before returning to his book.

A presence distracted him from his book, yet again. "Jiraiya's at the gate." Naruto said, sitting up. "He'll most likely want to see you."

"She wouldn't be up just yet, her mind wouldn't just go from her comatose state to full conciseness over night" Naruto knew that. It'd taken his mother months to wake up after having Kyuubi's Chakra removed. "Use your Genjutsu and let him in." Tsunade suggested with a shrug. She hadn't felt, nor suspected, anything to be out of place while she'd worked on Kushina. If she hadn't known it was there then she'd never have known about the illusion at all. She was better at Genjutsu than Jiraiya so she knew that he wouldn't sense it, much less break it. "I'll get the door."

Naruto sighed as he pulled himself off the couch and then moved to help Kushina up. She didn't need it but he enjoyed being the gentleman. Naruto brought her to the room and pulled her into the bed after him. He couldn't suppress his grin when she steadied herself on top of him, straddling his waist. She was a rather petite woman, he once again noticed, but the entire situation would have been odd if she was larger than him.

She'd be large with his child in only a few months.

The thought, for some reason, turned him on. Kushina felt him through their clothes and a grin, matching Naruto's, spread across her face. "Someone's horny." She whispered into his ear. She ground herself against him as she did, eliciting a groan from her lover. "Place the Genjutsu."

He fumbled through the hand seals, trying to get it done as quickly as possible, before whispering the name. He felt it set around them before he broke the last hand seal and grabbed Kushina's shoulders, rolling them over so he could take control. He kissed her roughly, mashing their lips together and letting his tongue invade her mouth. Kushina returned the kiss with the same passion. Naruto was larger, his muscles unnaturally developed by Kyuubi's influence, and he was winning their mock battle.

Finally, after Kushina surrendered to Naruto and he'd shredded the clothes from their bodies, did Kushina feel complete. Her son moved slowly, and with each movement a new sensation of pleasure traveled through her body. "How does that feel, Kaa-san?" He taunted lightly. He bent his finger inside her sending a tremor through her body, before he kissed her clit. "How about this." he said, his voice louder, as he forced another finger into her.

Her back arched as she moaned loudly.

"She's right in here."

Kushina stiffened slightly when Tsunade's voice entered the room. The door opened and she and Jiraiya entered.

Naruto smirked as he pulled his fingers out of her and climbed up her. The Genjutsu was unbreakable by human Chakra, being laced with Kyuubi's own, and it showed Kushina lying down on the bed and him in the chair next to it, also sleeping. It didn't matter how much noise they made, or how much they moved, the jutsu would completely distort the two Sannin's senses in order to maintain itself.

"It's almost like they're watching." Naruto said before kissing her, not letting her respond.

She did agree though, it was like they were watching, and it was exciting. As soon as that thought passed through passed through her mind so did the full, intense, feeling of Naruto's member sliding inside her. "Fuuuuck!" She cried out, not at all minding that her son heard her curse. It happened every time. She had a naturally foul mouth and in their fits of passions she lost the ability to control her words.

"Scream for me." He urged as he thrust into her. "Cry my name!"

Kushina squirmed, Naruto's arms being the only thing keeping her in place. "Ahhh, dear Kami-Sama, fuck me Naruto! Fuck your Kaa-san!" She cried out.

"Do you know when she'll be up?" Jiraiya asked.

"Her body's weak. Thirteen years of a stationary existence has degenerated her muscles so, while she should be up shortly, she won't be capable of moving freely for some time." Tsunade responded quietly. "Come on, we shouldn't wake them."

Naruto picked her up, switching their position on the bed so he was on his knees, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Naruto could easily support her weight by gripping her firm ass and letting her wrap her arms around his shoulders. He felt her nails press sharply against his flesh, sending a light pain across his back, but not breaking skin. He did both their parts, jolting his hips back and forth while he used his immense upper body strength to move Kushina's hips in perfect synchronization with his.

It was rough, fast, and utterly satisfying for both of them.

"I'm gonna cum Kaa-san." He growled into her shoulder.

Kushina moaned loudly. "Cum inside me, Naruto-kun!" She yelled, "Give Kaa-san you're cum!" He released inside her, feeling his seed shooting out in a burst of pleasure. His strength was fading but he could tell she hadn't reached her climax. He continued thrusting into her, feeling their mixed fluids inside her. "Mhhhhh!" There it was. The constricting of her inner muscles, the deep moan, the tense body.

They fell into the bed, relaxing into the others body. "Thank you for doing this for him, Tsunade." Jiraiya said as he turned back from the door. "The kid deserves this after the life he's had."

"I know he does." Tsunade said solemnly, looking up at Jiraiya. "We shouldn't have left him."

Naruto looked at the two as they stood in the doorway of the room. His mother was looking as well, completely indulging in their relaxation. "Watch Jiraiya's hand." She whispered, running her hand over Naruto's chest.

Sure enough, Jiraiya's hand twitched when Tsunade smiled at him, as if to jump up to her cheek and pull her into a kiss. Tsunade's smile softened at the small action but she didn't react to it. "Come on." She said, moving out of the room. Jiraiya lingered for a moment, staring after her, before following. "They love each other deeply. Both are too experienced, too lost in their own vices, to truly accept it though. As much as they tease and play at each other they'll always care."

Kushina rolled to face him, "It's one of the reasons Tsunade left the village. She couldn't stand being around him so often when she felt she should be mourning her lost fiancé."

Naruto smiled at his mother's content face. He kissed her nose and wrapped his arms around her thin waist. "You're so small." Naruto whispered, "Petite." Was it a fetish perhaps? He didn't know but he liked her small body. It was an odd contrast to the idea of her body bulging with a baby but it was just as appealing.

"It would feel odd if I couldn't fit into your arms while I slept." She told him. "I'm a hardened Shinobi but I enjoy climbing into a warm pair of arms that can fit around me. Being petite, as you so delicately put it, is a nice treat."

Naruto laughed at the statement before rolling himself on top of her. "I like treats." Naruto murmured, nibbling on her earlobe while he said it.

Kushina put a small smile on her lips before rolling her hips against his, feeling his length rub against her. "I've got one for you."

(One Week Later)

Konoha was one of the world's five super powers. It was the Shinobi village that belonged to The Land of Fire. Almost all the countries held a hidden village, most of them small, and they were all relatively strong. Konoha, Ame, Iwa, Kumo, and Suna were the major players though. Konoha was fabled as the strongest of them simply because they'd yet to lose any of the great wars that they'd taken part in.

Kumo was truly the strongest of the villages simply because the Raikage and the Daimyo had militarized the entire country.

Konoha was powerful, regardless, but one thing set them apart, to Naruto anyway. Tsunade had revolutionized the medical field inside the village and Konoha was, without a doubt, the best village for medical care in the elemental nations.

Kushina was pregnant with his child. It was already inbreeding which Konoha was used to with clans like the Uchiha and the Hyuga. There was a difference though. Neither clan's went as far as direct incest with immediate family. Naruto's Mother was going to have his child, his brother, and it posed a whole mess of possible problems that could occur in birth. The child was still young, only six weeks along at most, and any possible defects were still undetectable.

Really, the child was the only reason that he hadn't left Konoha yet. With all the possibilities for error he couldn't risk leaving the best village for medical treatment. There was Kyuubi, of course, the beast wanted the best for his previous host and his current one and he'd offered himself as a treatment for the child. It would have to be done before the birth, as the child would still be in direct contact with Kushina.

Once it was born it wouldn't be able to stand the demonic chakra alone unless they actually sealed Kyuubi into it.

Neither Naruto nor Kyuubi were sure of how Kushina would react to the concentrated burst of Kyuubi's Chakra entering her system again, though. It was a backup plan, at least, but Konoha was their main plan. Tsunade would need the equipment in the village to take care of both his mother and his child.

Tsunade had heard them out after the memorial and she'd agreed to allow Naruto to be taken from team seven and be publicly brought out as the Namikaze clan head. With Kushina awake, and behind him, -Not to mention the level of strength he controlled- Tsunade was prepared for the backlash from the council. Naruto's heritage was wrapped tighter than the Kyuubi, only a select few were allowed to know, and the council wasn't included in that few so she expected a proverbial shit-storm.

It allowed him to have complete access to the Namikaze-Uzumaki joint funds, though, and that was far better than the weak pay of a Genin. She knew that as soon as their child was born that Naruto and Kushina were going to leave the village and in all honesty she was trying to decide whether or not to go with them. They would have enough money and in the nine month wait Naruto would only grow stronger, more capable of protecting them all.

She had no doubt that she'd be able to protect herself if she should chose to run with him but if they took all of the Namikaze clans scrolls and wealth then the council would have every single ninja capable of fighting after them.

That was nine months away though, nine months to actually decide. Right now she was sitting in a room full of wise village elders that she had to tell that the boy that they'd hated scorned and abused for the past thirteen years was now the head of the village's strongest clan. She was only glad that he'd agreed to go with her.

"Hide yourself until they start to fuss." Tsunade told him, a small grin forming on her face. "Give em' a little scare."

Naruto laughed lightly as he drew a miniature suppression seal onto his forearm. His chakra was beginning to grow uncontrollable again, even with his three seals on, and the miniature seal would be able to make it manageable untill he could place a fourth seal. "Hearing my real name will scare them enough, especially when they realize that I'll be taking up a seat on the council."

"You remember who to watch out for?"

"Danzo, Koharu, Homura," Naruto answered. "And most of the civilian council."

Tsunade nodded. "Good. Let's get this rolling then."

(Council Room)

The council was gathered in full, a rare occasion. It was rare simply because each part was in charge of its own sections of the village. The Shinobi side of the council took care of the military related issues while the Civilian side took care of all the trade and civil matters inside the village. The Hokage and her advisors had final say in all matters and they were the third part of the council.

For them all to meet meant that whatever the reason was it was of great importance to the village as a whole.

There were murmurs going the room as all the members offered their own thoughts on what the meeting was called for. Almost all the individual council meetings and their meetings as a whole, in the last month, had consisted of discussions and arguments about the specifics of one Uzumaki Naruto. Originally they were outraged over their lack of knowledge on his skill level but that quickly gave way to their greed. Danzo had wholly convinced them that the vessel could be used to make Konoha the strongest of the villages.

They had no illusions that Konoha was growing weaker under the Sandaime's reign and those under Danzo's influence were set on regaining the title of strongest in the elemental nations. If that meant using the Kyuubi host they were more than willing to.

"Quiet." Tsunade hushed them as she walked into the room. All the councilmen looked up from their conversations to face the Hokage. "The council's been called to discuss the Namikaze's clan reinstatement into the council."

'Namikaze…' Danzo's mouth twisted into a grin at the thought. Kushina had been awoken, Tsunade had stated that she would be doing that before her coronation, and with her being Minato's wife, she was the only one who could be stated as the new clan head. In her fragile state she would be easy to manipulate and with the Namikaze funding, and not to mention the jutsu library that contained the Hiraishin... If it wasn't for appearances then Danzo would be drooling at the possibilities.

Tsunade sat down in her chair at the head of the room. Homura, Koharu, and Danzo were seated around her, all in their respective places. "Before we begin I'd like to bring up that the council has no say in clan affairs. Clan laws and leadership is decided by the clans and neither council is in any position to argue any choices or decisions that are made by any of the clans."

"I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama," Hiashi said, "but I must question the logic behind Kushina reclaiming the Namikaze place in the council. She'll hardly be in any conditions to handle the stress of every day activity, much less the stress that comes with being on the Shinobi council, as I suspect she will be."

"I agree with Hiashi." Inoichi spoke. "Just today we were faced with the decision of going to war with Suna for their place in the invasion. It's not a job for someone who's just woken from a coma."

Danzo scowled at the ninja. "Hokage-sama, having Kushina on the council would provide her with a stable environment to readjust to the times. It would also allow her to be with some of the most experienced ninja in the village. Her life would be in danger should other villages learn of her being… still alive." He said with minor amusement. "I believe it's a wise choice for her to join the council.

Tsunade suppressed the grin that threatened to appear on her face. "The points made are… suitable but unimportant never the less. Kushina is in no condition to be on the council, as stated, and she will be under constant protection by the strongest Shinobi that is currently in Konoha."

"Could you explain, Tsunade-sama, what you mean? If Kushina is not the one being stated as the Namikaze Clan head then who is." Koharu asked.

"I'd also like to know who is protecting her." Homura added.

The grin did appear this time. There wasn't even an attempt to stop it. "Uzumaki Naruto will be protecting his mother." Tsunade stated, causing many to tense. The name given to the boy never bothered many. The container of the Kyuubi had always been an Uzumaki and they assumed that he was just another survivor from Uzu. Nobody had ever really cared enough to check his ancestry and hearing that that he was Kushina's child meant that he could only have one father.

"Uzumaki Naruto will also be taking up his father's name and place on the council as the Namikaze Clan head with his mother as his personal aid."

"What!" Danzo shot from his seat yelling.

Killing intent flooded the room and a burst of wind forced all the people that, like Danzo, had stood from their seat in outrage back into their chairs. A shadow pulled itself off the wall behind Tsunade. It morphed from a shapeless blob to the form of a person before the darkness pulled itself off the shape and moved back to the wall, revealing Naruto in all his magnificent glory. Unlike his normal black attire he'd decided that a change was necessary if he was to be a clan head. He was mature for his age, in both mind and body, but despite that he was still young and he liked to play the part.

He wore a simply pair of black pants with a matching pair of boots. His shirt was deep crimson that was covered further by a matching trench coat. The sleeves were rolled up to his upper forearm revealing the thin mesh bodysuit that he wore beneath everything. Instead of wearing his blade, as he normally did, he opted to carry it in his hand. "Honorable council." He said with a smirk. "It pleases me greatly to join you in your quest to further Konoha's greatness."



Kyuubi's laugh echoed in Naruto's head as he made his way to his seat.

(Two months later)

They'd completed it!

He was overjoyed by that fact. Things as simple as mastering a new jutsu didn't normally excite him but this was the Hiraishin. Jiraiya and he had figured out the most powerful technique of the Fourth Hokage and they could now claim themselves 'Flashes' of Konoha. Jiraiya would be announcing that he knew it the next day, a deter for anyone that felt that it would be a good idea to attack Konoha in its weakened state.

Naruto had no plans of releasing that information though. He knew, and could complete, the first level of the jutsu. Now he needed to teach himself the second stage. He'd found a note of it in one of his father's journals. There was no details explaining the actual mechanics of it, or the first stage, but it stated that he had mastered it.

Naruto twirled the Kunai around his finger as he sat on his roof. All he carried were the tri-pronged kunai now, though they were all concealed to look like the normal throwing knives. It would be a great advantage to have such an ace in the hole in a battle. He didn't really need it but it gave him a 'just in case' option.

(Two months later)

"Plans are moving faster than anticipated." He murmured from his seat.

"The Ichibi's host is growing stronger daily. With the seal that Jiraiya placed on him he has full control of Shukaku's power without the… problems that were previously there." Zetzu said. "Kisame and Itachi have reported finding the Hachibi, though they request help in the actual capture."

Pain nodded. "Hiden and Kakuzu are free, send them. With the Nibi sealed we only have the Hachibi, Kyuubi, and Ichibi left."

"The Ichibi's host, despite his growing strength, won't be a problem for some time. The Kyuubi host must be dealt with quickly though."

There was also Orochimaru. Pain needed to have him hunted down quickly but he knew that Zetzu was always on the lookout for the Snake Sannin. "Send Deidara and Sasori to attempt to capture the Uzumaki. He mustn't be allowed to become any more of a bother than he already is." Naruto wasn't a problem, nothing was a problem. The Akatsuki could overcome anything because he was their leader.

Nothing could stop a God.

(Naruto two weeks later)

"Arrogance like that will be your downfall." Kyuubi stated as the blond hung above Konoha.

He really wasn't doing a whole lot to be arrogant but sitting in the clouds, seeing the people of Konoha scurry around… he felt like a god. Kyuubi was right though. Believing himself invulnerable would lead to mistakes, something he couldn't afford to make.

With a sigh, he released his hold on his body, letting it fall out of the sky back toward the ground. The rush that immediately assaulted his stomach brought a grin to his face. The council would be meeting again soon. Suna and Konoha were to reform their alliance. Orochimaru had impersonated their Kage and lead them to war. The village followed the Kage and so the fault fell on Orochimaru, not Suna. The civilian council protested the decision, saying that they shouldn't have been stupid enough to even think about attacking but the ninja knew better.

Orochimaru was a Sannin and a master of such deceit. The couldn't willing go to war with Suna for failing to catch the man they'd been after since his defection.

The next meeting would be a formality mostly. Go over the new treaty that the acting Kazekage and his council had signed and be sure that everything was acceptable. He knew it was, so did everyone else, but somebody always had something to say and as such they met regularly.

It was a tad bit annoying and Naruto could hardly wait the last few months till his child was to be born. Kushina had nobody of particular value in her life but she felt that the Uzumaki heritage should be upheld and their child would be named Mito in honor of Kyuubi's first holder, should it be a girl. Kyuu would be the name of their child should it be a boy. Naruto had suggested this. It surprised Kushina but she could clearly remember the fox's influence on her life, and now Naruto's life.

Kyuu was an odd name though. It was a number, not a name, so they moved it up a notch. Kyuubi, Nine-Tails. That would be a fitting name for their son.

His body landed in an air cushion, stopping his fall. Kushina was sitting on the porch with Tsunade. The Kage looked impatient for some reason beyond his understanding and his lover looked content with the glass in her hand. She was large, her stomach protruding from the growth of their child. It made him smile to see the all too ordinary scene in his far too unordinary life.

"We're going to be late, Naruto." Tsunade growled. Kushina Chuckled lightly at her master's tone.

"Yes. Late to the council meeting that begins when the Kage joins." He responded.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes before closing them completely and pinching the bridge of her nose. "Shall we just go?" she asked.

"Yep. Might as well get this over with." He waved his hand past his mother and her stomach shrank to her normal athletic form. She was his personal advisor as an underage clan head and she generally attended all the meetings with him.

There were stares as they walked down the road. Even with the time that'd passed people were still finding it difficult to accept the fact that Naruto was the fourths son and was now the Namikaze clan head. Kushina and Tsunade's presence had deterred the less pleased members of the village but there were always the small stares. "I miss having sex in random places under a poorly constructed Genjutsu." Naruto said suddenly, causing Kushina to choke on her breath.

She turned to Tsunade and found that her sensei was completely oblivious to his words. She hadn't reacted at all. "I can hardly wait till we can go out and do that again." Naruto continued, remembering the fun they'd had seeing if the Konoha ninja noticed them. Nobody ever did and it disappointed him in few ways and pleased him in others.

The village he was serving was mostly awful. He hated that.

It did mean less work when he left though.

"You scared me, Sochi." Kushina muttered as she dropped back into her wheel chair. "Tell me when you're going to do something like that!" she said loudly, knowing that they were under one of his genjutsu.

"It's so much more fun when I surprise you with it though." He laughed out, smiling at the red tinge that claimed her face. It was a common face for her. She had a fiery personality and her face was often flushed. It hadn't been from sex in a while, which disappointed him regularly, but Kushina kept him… sated.

"Please try to surprise me less in the future." She flashed him an innocently fake smile, only earning her a grin.

"You can't threaten me and you know it." He said. She opened her mouth to contradict him before he bent down over her, covering her mouth with his. "You can't cause any lasting damage to me, or even sever damage. You looooove me." He finished, sticking his tongue out at her.

"I'm going to bite you." She told him. He just smirked, keeping his tongue out. Kushina might have asked how he was able to hang over her as if he was suspended in the air while still moving her chair but she remembered that he could hold himself in the air and continue pushing her. "Fine. Don't complain when it hurts though." She leaned forward, opening her mouth to bite the offending piece of anatomy. Naruto smirked behind his tongue as he leaned forward, pushing it her mouth.

Kushina gulped in surprise as she felt his tongue slide over hers, coxing it into his. Their trips into to the towns were often like this. She didn't mind in the least, so long as they were under a genjutsu. She didn't care if the people saw them together but she was sure the more… intimate moments were best left unseen. Even the proud and mighty Hyuga didn't walk around the village boasting their inbreeding.

"You two ready for this?" Tsunade asked when they finally arrived at the Kage tower.

'Naruto' nodded before they entered, pushing Kushina slowly behind Tsunade. "Get off me Sochi." Kushina murmured against Naruto's neck. He sighed before accepting the command.

"As you desire, Kaa-san." He twisted around the chair and put himself where the genjutsu showed him before canceling it. "How long should this take?" He asked as they approached the council chambers. He had no desire to spend four hours going over the treaty with the snobs in the civilian council. Danzo was likely to be the only Shinobi member to make any sort of protest and Koharu and Homura had gone quiet in their disagreement since Naruto started to regularly attend the meetings.

"Not long. An hour at most."

"Still to freakn' long." Kushina voiced. Naruto laughed quietly, slipping into his 'professional mode' as Tsunade and Kushina had dubbed it. They were really the only ones who really saw him smile and laugh. Shizune followed along with Tsunade occasionally but she wasn't a part of the secret so she never really got to see him relax.

Tsunade pushed open the large door with practiced ease as she made her way to the head seat of the council. Naruto simply walked to his seat, in between Hiashi and Tsume. Kushina settled herself just behind him, the back of her chair against the wall. "Council." Tsunade started, greeting everyone. "I'll try to make this as quick a process as possible. I know not many of us want to be here, myself included."

The meeting progressed with minimal strife. The treaty was looked over and, of course, one of the merchants from the civilian council had something to say. It almost annoyed Naruto but the man actually proved himself intelligent, pointing out that the treaty covered nothing having to do with the actual protection of caravans that would be passed between the two villages. It was a relatively quick fix but it now needed to be sent back to suna to be agreed upon by their council as well.

The change simply stated that the village sending the goods would provide the protection. The profit from the actual trade would out way any loss that the ninja spared to guard it might cause. In wouldn't be a problem for either village.

Finally, as Tsunade stood, preparing to end the meeting when Koharu spoke up. "Tsunade-Sama." she said, drawing her attention. "Homura, myself, and several others on the council have come to worry about Naruto Uzumaki's place on this council."

Almost immediately, Tsunade's icy glare fell on her personal aids, the elders on the council. "What do you have to say about Namikaze-san?" she questioned, stressing the name.

Homura swallowed the lump in his throat and pressed forward, picking up where Koharu left off. "Several of us have questioned the legitimacy of the Uzumaki's lineage."

"What!" Kushina yelled immediately.

Naruto caught her before she was able to move out of her chair, but she still forced herself up, placing herself next to him.

"Kushina-san's place as Namikaze heir is undisputed, of course." Homura stated. "We've been silent for some time but it has come to our attention that there has been no tangible evidence supporting the claim that he's the fourths child."

"Of course there isn't." Tsunade responded, restraining the anger that was clear on her face. "A large portion of the children born within the month of Kyuubi's assault on the village have no actual proof that their family is there own. Inoichi!" she turned on the blond sitting with his former team.

He nodded, understanding why he was being singled out. "My daughter was placed in foster care for a month and a half before I was able to claim her due to the damage done to the hospital. Most, if not all, of the documents were destroyed. The paperwork that had yet to be copied and put into the village archive, the information on the newborns, was almost completely destroyed."

"And how did you claim your daughter?" Homura asked.

"A blood test." Inoichi said with a shrug. "It was relatively simple after finding her."

The male elder hummed lightly, thinking for a moment, before shaking his head. "No, that wouldn't quite work. The Yondaime's body was destroyed and testing him against Kushina would be counterproductive she could have easily.

"Whored around." Kushina hissed out.

"Yes…" Homura answered slowly. "The Namikaze line is the one being questioned, regardless. Not the Uzumaki."

"Look at him!" Tsunade yelled, her temper finally snapping. "Tell me he isn't Minato's child!"

Danzo coughed lightly before speaking. "As many of us know, as ninja, appearances are nothing. They can easily be altered to suit a persons needs."

"Fine." Naruto spoke quietly, he pulsed his chakra making his voice reverberate through the large room. "You question my place here yet not one of you can sufficiently prove that I shouldn't be here. Therefore I chose the simplest method of settling this. Who opposes my claim for this title?" He asked.

His voice carried more weight than Tsunade's yell. It had a force behind it that surprised most of them. What he said, however, was understood by most of them.

"I do." Koharu said, standing from her seat.

"Me as well." Homura added.

Naruto placed his hand on his mother's thigh, squeezing it lightly. "Then I demand that you fight for your claim. You've three days. Prepare either yourselves or a substitute. I don't particularly care who you choose. I will prove my claim over the Namikaze name."

He would fight, as the first Hokage did, for his right to be in his position. It was an old law, but not an unused one. Tsume had a husband before he decided to claim that she was unfit to lead the clan and that he should be the clan head. Traditionally it was only used within clans as the council held no rule over clan affairs. Should his genealogy come into question though, as it had, then he had the right to use it.



"They're set to fight on the first of the month. I suggest attacking then, as he would be at his weakest after the fight."

"The Kyuubi's host, un."

"We'll head out immediately."


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