Hello! It's splattermusic and this is my first crossover and I'm sorry if the characters are too O.O.C. this is my first fic that actually uses characters from the movies. I hope you like it so R&R. Oh and this is a one-shot story. I decided to make this after seeing Toy Story and the Cat Returns without enough crossovers and both movies are about something inanimate coming to life and I was bored so I have nothing else to do. I'm surprised that I'm the only one who thought of this. So... on with the fic!

splattermusic does not own the concept or characters of Toy Story and The Cat Returns, they belong to Disney•Pixar and Studio Ghibli, respectively

A little brunette girl hurriedly ripped the wrapping paper off of her present from under the tree. She was adorned in a red pajama dress with a double layered, red and green tutu, to celebrate the current holiday. Once the paper was strewn across the floor, she uncovered a box with a lid which was about the size of an encyclopedia. She flung off the cover to reveal an ornate wooden cat doll. He had the head of a tabby cat, whiskers and all, yet he stood like an English gentleman. He had human hands and feet. Though the fact of how human the appendages actually were was concealed by brown shoes and pure white gloves. He wore a cream white suit and pants with a red velvet vest underneath and a blue neck tie. One arm, the one that was bent across his stomach, held a cane. The other, which was folded across his back, was holding a cream-colored top hat which finished his aroma of being an aristocratic man, or cat. Though his most prominent feature was his green eyes, they were made of a certain gem which seemed to warmly glow from the light of the Christmas tree.

The little girl beamed as she looked up to her mother. Her mother looked down at her, "I found him at an old antique shop. I knew you'd like him. The shopkeeper said his name was Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen."

Her daughter, being obviously confused, stared at her mother, wondering how she would ever be able to say the name, let alone remember it. The older woman laughed full heartedly, "You can call him Baron, honey."

The mini brunette giggled as she streaked to her bedroom with one hand holding her new toy and the other gripping onto her slipping tutu. She leapt onto her bed, landing on her back. To the best of her ability, she hugged the wooden doll and slowly, very slowly shut her eye lids. Until, that is, she realized a crucial missing part of her day. The little girl bolted upright "Oh no!" she exclaimed, "You didn't say hi to everyone yet!"

She inched forth and slid off her bed. Hurriedly, she placed Baron onto the plastic table in her room, right next to the tea set and she dug through her toy chest. She threw out a cowboy, a futuristic astronaut, a cowgirl, a Mrs. and Mr. Potatohead, two dinosaurs, a dog with metal coils, a rag doll, stuffed peas in a pod, a stuffed German porcupine, a grey stuffed monster, a piggybank, a rag doll horse, a velvet white unicorn, and three squeaky toy green aliens.

She was quick to introduce her new toy. She held out Baron with one hand and put her other hand underneath, "This is Baron, guys. He's a were-cat that works for Dr. Pork chop." She picked up and cowboy and cupped her hands around his plastic ear, "But he's really in it to eat him. Baron really likes bacon."

The brunette held the piggybank high into the air, placing Mr. Potatohead's bowler hat onto his head. She spoke in a voice as deep as any six-year-girl could muster, "Muah-ha-ha! Sheriff Woody, you're doomed! Not even Buzz Lightyear can stop my were-cat! Muah-ha-ha!"

"Bonnie!" Her mother yelled, "You have to finish opening your other presents, you know!"

She dropped the piggybank and cat and placed her palms onto her cheeks, "Oh yeah! My other presents, I forgot about them." The merry girl skipped out to the hallway, leaving the inanimate toys on the floor, well, until she was completely out of view.

The piggybank glanced upward, "Is she gone?"

The cowboy leapt to his feet, "Coast is clear everyone."

All the other toys proceeded to do the same as their sheriff and they surrounded the new statuette. The figurine appeared to be an inch taller than Woody and he towered over Buzz. Woody strode up to Baron and greeted him, "Hi," he stuck his hand out, "I'm Woody."

Baron did not answer. Woody shrugged his shoulders, "Well, he ain't a toy, he's a figurine, technically. So maybe he can't come alive."

Rex countered Woody's hypothesis in a rather blunt manner, "But Bo Peep was a lamp, and she came alive."

Woody looked out the window, imagining a certain nursery rhyme lamp. Dolly brought up another idea, "What if he's hard of hearing, huh?"

Hamm shook his head, "That's ridiculous, a cat hard of hearing?"

Apparently, Mr. Potatohead agreed, "Yeah, I mean look at it's ears, they're half the size of his head!"

Jessie grinned broadly, "Well, there's only one t'find out," she sucked in a chest full of air, "YODEL-LAY-HEE-HOO!" and she yodeled into Baron's overly sized ear.

Baron immediately grimaced at the loud, sudden outburst. He twisted his finger in his ear, "I'm sorry I didn't wake up earlier, "he spoke in a British accent, "but was it really necessary to 'yodel' into my ear? Oh well, onto the formalities, I am Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen of Japan, my friends call me Baron. I am the leader of the Cat Bureau of investigation. It is currently disbanded due to my absence, the resignation of one member and the recent death of another." He graciously bowed lowly, "Despite the recent hardships I have experienced, I am glad to meet your acquaintance."

Woody scoffed, "Yeah, My name's Sheriff Woody Pride of Bonnie's room, my friends call me Woody. I am the leader of Bonnie's toys of playtime."

Mr. Potatohead groaned, "Great, it's Buzz all over again."

This caused the spaceman to slap his forehead, "Oh come on guys, I wasn't this delusional!"

Woody placed his hand on his best friend's shoulder, and patted it, "Buzz, you thought you could fly and travel through space."

"Ah-em," Baron cleared his throat, "I am actually well aware that I am supposed to be inanimate. I actually do own a bureau; I was brought to America by mistake."

"Well then," Buttercup placed his soft hoof out for Baron to shake, "welcome to Bonnie's room."

Baron sat at the window pane, wondering whether Toto had missed him, or if Haru even realized that he was gone. He crossed his legs and propped his chin with his arm. He became deeply immersed within his thought, so deep; in fact, he did not even notice that Woody sat next to him.

"Watcha' thinkn' of partner?"

Baron did not divert his attentions from the sky, though he thought it was rude to not reply a simple question, "I am thinking of what my companions are doing right now. Probably Toto will search all of Japan for me. We've been together for as long as I can remember. Haru, she probably won't even notice I'm gone." He finally averted his focus to Jessie and Buzz, who had their arms linked together, apparently in a deep conversation of which is worse, snakes in boots or annoying LGMs, then he averted it to Woody, "Have you ever loved anyone so much, you take them for granted until they actually leave. Then, you're left with an empty hole in your heart?"

Woody nodded, "Yeah, Bo Peep. I loved her so much. Before I came to Bonnie's room, I lived with a boy named Andy, he's in college now. Bo Peep was a lamp that belonged to Andy's little sister, Molly. One day, Molly brought some of her friends over and they made fun of her because of Bo, you know, they thought she was childish for keeping a nursery rhyme lamp, so Molly carried her to the attic. Unfortunately, she tripped on the ladder to the attic and she dropped Bo." Woody choked to say the next words, "Bo's right arm and left leg broke off. Andy's Mom tried to glue her together again, but she was just like Humpty Dumpty, she was never the same, so Andy's mom decided to sell her in a yard sale. That was the last I ever saw of her."

This was followed by an awkward silence which was broken by Woody, "So what about you?"

Baron placed his hat on his head and placed his cane across his lap, and began to transversely stroke his hand the polished wood, "Her name was Haru."

Woody scoffed at Baron's answer, "You mean the one that won't notice that you've been gone? What is she? A doll? A figurine like you? Plastic toy?"

Baron leisurely shook his head, "No, a human."

Woody nearly choked on his own tongue, "Human? Are you kidding me? You loved her? You actually showed yourself to a human?"

Baron nodded his felinistic head, "I had to due to my occupation. I first met her when she was looking for assistance with her problem with cats. We saved her and brought her back home safely. Though she did admit she had a slight crush on me, I regrettably dismissed her affections due to feelings I could not reciprocate. Afterward, we made her an honorary member of our bureau."

Woody raised his right eyebrow, "We?"

Baron nodded once more, "Me, Toto—the stone crow—and Muta—the overweight cat."

Woody continued his questions, "So what happened to everyone?"

Baron gritted his serrated teeth and sucked air through the cracks between each tooth, "Well, Haru grew more distant after she started dating her high school crush Machida," Baron hissed his name in scorn, "years past and my dear friend Muta passed away due to old age." He tried to choke back tears, "afterwards, Haru visited less and less often. One day, she stopped visiting at all. That was the day of her wedding."Baron hung his head low, "And coincidentally, that was the day burglars came to loot whatever they could find. They stole me and went on a plane to America. I feel out through a hole in their backpacks and an old man found me and brought me to the antique shop. He found out my name by looking at the label that was inside my hat."

Woody chuckled, "You've had a pretty hectic life."

Baron grinned, "You have no idea."

He looked to the sky once more, tears seeping from the corners of his eyes. Woody looked on with sympathy, "You really miss them, do you?"

Baron grimly nodded, "It seems that every bad event in your life is etched in wood. You try to sand it away, but it just leaves you more exposed to the harsh elements of the world. And if you wait for the markings to go away, they permanently stay, like a scar."

"Well, I've lost a lot of dear friends over the years: Etch, Wheezy, Lenny, Sarge..." he paused for a moment, "Bo. But, Bonnie's toys are like family now, I hope that'll be the same for you." Woody reassured.

Baron genuinely smiled at the cowboy, "Thank you for your hospitality."

Woody smiled in return, "Don't mention it."

Baron turned his head over his shoulder and glanced at the room behind him and swung hi legs over the pane to get a good look at the area around him. He immediately laid his eyes on Totoro who was currently engaged in a dance around a house plant with the LGMs, which included each of them holding a leaf. Baron snickered at this comedic sight, "Is it just me or does that grey, fluffy monster look familiar?"

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