Hello fanfiction world! I am back! Sorry, my computer had a meltdown and I lost all the files on it. Including the next few chapters to The Tale of Maybella Ros and Draco Stallion and the sequel to the Silver Serpent. This was also a file I lost. This was a suggestion from Midnight the Black Fox. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anyway, I was about to rewrite everything, but I had Science Olympiad to worry about. It's a National science competition where you test in different events. There are 24 event and each fall into the three catagories :

building (you build something and test it at the competition, ex: bottle rockets, towers, trebuchet)
test (college level tests on species identification or just facts, ex: Ornithology, Meteorology, Fossils)
lab (a mix of tests and building, you have to create something/do an experiment and answer questions, ex: experimental design, shock value, optics, junkyard challenge)

I had Ornithology, Microbe Mission (test), Ecology (test), Experimental Design, and Bottle Rockets. And at the state competition, where you compete with the best schools in the state, I got first place in Experimental Design! All those hours of work and studying paid off. And now I have a shiny gold medal hanging in my room, along with my other medals from last year and the regional competition this year.

Yeah, I am quite the nerd. And now CSTs are coming up. Anyway, this is the first story I rewrote when my computer crashed, so... I hope you enjoy it!

On with the fic!

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Ring! Ring!

The door bell rang.

Ring! Ring!

It rang again. Bonnie zipped through the hallways of her moderately sized home and finally arrived at the door with a cowboy rag doll in one hand. She hopped up and down, arms outstretched, reaching for the peephole, even though she was around two-thirds the peephole's height.

Once realizing that she could not look through the minute hole, Bonnie darted to the kitchen and began dragging a large wooden chair to the front door. She propped it against the entrance and jumped onto the chair, elevating herself a good one and a half feet with the doll still in hand.

Looking through the hole in the wall, Bonnie found a Japanese man and woman. They were both around their mid to late twenties. The man had short black hair and he wore a suit and tie, while the woman had short brown hair and dressed more casually. The man's face was serious, but kind and the woman's face had an overall aura of warmth to it.

Feeling a bit nervous, as she always does around strangers, Bonnie called for her mother, "Mom..." Her voice trailed off.

Bonnie's mother quickly rushed to the door with her husband close behind. She removed the chair her daughter had placed in front of the door and twisted the door knob to let the visitors in.

"Hi!" she greeted enthusiastically, "You must be Machida and Haru. I'm Barbara," she jabbed her thumb over her shoulder to indicate her husband, "Dan's wife, and this," she lifted Bonnie into her arms into a motherly embrace, "is Bonnie."

Haru bent down to eye level with the toddler. "Hi, I'm Haru. My husband works with your dad."

Bonnie just merely cringed deeper into her mother's arms. Haru frowned at this action. Barbara laughed. "Come on, Bonnie, say 'hi'."

Bonnie smiled and whispered, "Hi," in a petite voice, and then she hugged her little sheriff tightly.

Bonnie's father grinned. "I can't thank you enough, Haru. When I heard that the meeting was the same exact time as my wife's meeting at the daycare, I thought we were doomed. Then, Machida told me that you had experience with children before, so he told me he would ask you if you could babysit Bonnie. I was so relieved when he told me you had said 'yes'."

Haru beamed. "Well, I love kids. I used to work at a daycare when we still lived in Japan."

Machida laughed. "I remember I could never pry you away from those kids."

Haru shook her head. "Too bad we don't have any of our own."

Machida glanced at his watch and put a hand to his hair. "Ugh, it's time to go. Come on Dan, we got to go, or we'll be late. And you know how Mr. Barrett is with tardiness."

Dan shuddered. "Don't remind me."

And with that, each husband kissed their respective wives on the cheek and left out the front door.

Barbara glanced to the digital clock in the living room. "I don't have to go for another few minutes, so we can talk for a bit."

"Sounds good," Haru replied politely.

Barbara let her daughter out of her arms and Bonnie ran to the living room, placing herself next to a mound of toys. The older women sat on two different, yet adjacent couches and faced each other. A coffee table sat in front of them, with a pitcher of fresh lemonade and three glasses.

"Would you like some?" Barbara offered, "I usually keep this out on a hot day like this to make sure Bonnie doesn't get thirsty. The third cup is usually for my husband, but since he isn't here..."

"Of course, I'd love a glass."

"So," Barbara started as she poured the yellow liquid, "how long have you been living in America?"

Haru put a finger to her chin. "I think three, maybe four months? I've known English longer than that though."

"And what brought you here?"

"Well, Machida was working in the Japanese division of the company your husband works at. They needed his skills in America and were willing to triple his salary, so here we are," Haru answered politely.

"And how long have you known him?"

"Well, I've known him since high school. But, we started dating in college. I believe we got married two years ago, about five years after I started dating him."

Several minutes of words passed between the two women's lips while the little girl sat in the corner, playing with her cowboy doll.

"Oh! Look at the time!" Barbara exclaimed, glancing at the clock. "I need to get going, it was fun talking to you. I'm so glad you offered to babysit Bonnie. I hope she won't be too much trouble."

Haru smiled. "No worries, I'll be fine. Bonnie and I will have a great time!"

Barbara leaned down and kissed her daughter on her forehead. "Bye sweetie."

Bonnie giggled, hugged her mother and watched as she walked out the doorway, leaving her alone with a stranger she didn't know. Bonnie incredulously looked at the stranger, wondering what to think of her. Should she be scared? Happy? Worried? Honestly, she had no idea.

Haru knelt down in front of here. "Hey Bonnie," she spoke softly, "I guess it's just us two. So, what do you want to do? Play hide-and-go-seek?" The little girl shook her head.

"Cops and robbers?"

She shook her head.

"Red Rover?"

She shook her head.


She shook her head.


She furiously shook her head.

Haru blew her hair out of her face and contemplated. What did this girl want to do? Judging from her clothing, Haru never would've guessed that this little toddler was this shy. She asked again, "Cowboys and Indians?"

Bonnie nodded her head and held up her toy cowboy. Haru picked him up and smiled at the some-what ragdoll. He was definitely old, possibly older than his current owner. She looked below the boot to see a messy, worn out scribble, which she managed to decipher as the word "ANDY".

"Let me guess: is Andy your cowboy's name?"

Bonnie shook her head.

"Then, what is his name?" she inquired.


Haru smiled and lifted Bonnie into her arms. "I knew I'd make you talk sooner or later!"

The little girl giggled as Haru swung her in circles. Haru stopped and asked, "So do you have any other toys?"

Bonnie nodded excitedly as she ran into the hallway of her home, beckoning Haru to follow. Haru laughed and followed the surprisingly agile girl through the hallways. Somehow, this reminded her of the chase Muta had sent her on through the alleyways, so many years ago. Her heart ached of the memories she had with her friends. Too bad the bureau had broken up years ago.

Finally, Haru and Bonnie arrived at their destination. Haru immediately identified the room they were at as Bonnie's bedroom. The floor was littered with various toys. Her bed's blankets and pillows were propped up against each other, as if they were used for something other than sleeping on, like building a fort.

"Do you want to see my kitty?" Bonnie asked innocently.

Haru nodded, expecting a pet or stuffed animal or... anything! The one thing she didn't expect was what Bonnie brought to show her. He was just like she remembered him! Golden fur, bright green eyes, a light grey suit, a blood red vest, a blue bow tie, topped with a top hat and cane. Tears brimmed her eyes. She thought he was dead, or stolen. She never thought she would see him again.

Bonnie grew worried about her babysitter. "Are you okay?"

Haru sat on the floor, unable to believe what she saw. A single word uttered from her mouth. "Baron..."

"How did you know my kitty's name?"

Haru used her arm to wipe away her tears. "I-I," Haru thought, trying to come up with an explanation, "I was a wooden doll just like him. He was one of my most favorite things in the world. And then someone took him from me."

Bonnie sympathetically put her hand on Haru's lap. Her face instantaneously brightened. "Do you want to play with us?"

"Us?" Haru asked.

Bonnie nodded and pointed to Woody, an astronaut, a cowgirl, a piggy bank, and other toys. "Buzz and Woody are trying to save Jessie from the were cat and Dr. Porkchop. But Baron turns good at the end. Can you help me play?"

Haru beamed. There was nothing she'd rather do.

Bonnie yawned as Haru tucked her into bed. It was still sunny out, but all the fun took all the energy out of the little girl.

She sat on Bonnie's bed and stared at the night stand and the cat figurine on top of it. "Baron? Are you alive?" She hoped he wasn't dead, that his soul wasn't crushed yet.

After moments of waiting, Haru sighed, realizing that this doll was dead. Tears flowed from her eyes. All these years of searching for him, it was disappointing to find that it was all for nothing.

Suddenly, she felt a small, warm hand on her shoulder. "Please, Miss Haru, don't cry."

Haru's eyes widened. She turned around and found Baron standing beside her. Upon impulse, Haru quickly embraced the small cat. "Baron!" she exclaimed.

He smiled and brought a finger to his lips, pointing to the slumbering child. Haru nodded and spoke, "I've been looking for you every since you disappeared! Is this where you've been all this time? What happened?"

"Well," Baron began, "When I was stolen away, I was somehow shipped over here to America. And that's when Bonnie's mother bought me and gave me to Bonnie as a Christmas present. How did you find me?"

"Machida and I had to move in the area because of his work. He works with Bonnie's father." Baron's ears seemed to droop in disappointment. However, Haru had no time to notice, as a tapping sound appeared from behind her.

A cat-sized, jet-black bird perched upon the window pane. His beady eyes gleamed with intelligence. Baron grinned. "Toto!"

Haru got up from the bed and opened the window, allowing her corvid friend inside. "Baron! I thought I had lost you! Is this where you've been all these years?"

Baron walked forward to hold Toto's wing in his hand and shake it. "It's a pleasure to see you once more, my old friend."

"Pleasure? It's far more than that!" Toto exclaimed, "It's-it's-look! I'm so overjoyed I can't even form words upon my beak!"

"How did you even manage to get here?" inquired Baron, "I doubt the airport would allow you to take a ride with Miss Haru."

Toto disappointingly shook his head. "Oh Baron, you underestimate my flying skills." He batted his wings with a flourish. "These wings may be over a century old, but I would go anywhere with Haru. Even if it meant flying thousands of miles, non-stop. She's the only family I have left..."

Haru affectionately scratched Toto's head. "So Baron," she said, "what you been doing these past two years?"

He chuckled. "Well, I've gone to Transylvania to battle an evil pig, I've gone to space to another planet with little, green men, and I've gone to the Old West to stop a bank robbery by two potatoes. I know there are more places, but they have seemed to slip from my mind, at the moment."

Haru and Toto merely stared at him, disbelieving what they had just heard. Baron struggled to contained his mirth, yet failed to do so. He broke out in a deep, tenor laugh. "Of course I really didn't do all those things. Well at least in a practical sense. But in her mind, I have."

"Who is 'her'?" Toto asked.

Baron smiled. "Bonnie."

Haru looked at the slumbering little girl. She seemed so peaceful. At first glance, aside from her audacious clothing, no one would've guessed how imaginative she really was. Her train of thought was broken by a sudden statement.

"So, these guys are the famous Toto and Haru. I think now's a good time to interrupt."

The crow and human swerved their heads back and forth, trying to find the source of the voice. "I swear," Haru said, "I thought I heard a western accent somewhere in here."

Baron smiled once more. "Oh, you did." He stepped aside to reveal the same cowboy Bonnie had been clutching a second ago, except, he was standing...on his own. "Meet Mr. Pride."

"Howdy," Mr. Pride stuck out his hand and tipped his hat, "you can call me Sheriff Woody."

Haru could barely blink as Baron's new array of friends introduced themselves. She had recognized them all from when she and Bonnie played together. The living toys ranged from a space-man, two dinosaur, and two potatoes, among others. The space man strode up to Haru and saluted to her. "A pleasure to finally meet you."

His girlfriend on the other hand was...err...less composed. "YEE-HAW! We finally get to me ya'. After all those times Baron blabbed 'bout ya'll, I was beginning to think ya'll weren't real, but here ya are, in the FLESH!"

Haru giggled. "It's nice to meet you too."

Three little, green aliens approached Toto, who currently sat, perched upon Haru's shoulder. They collectively gasped, "The claw!"

Toto furrowed his eyebrows and raised his feet. "What? These things?"

They squeaked furiously, "The claw has spoken!" "This claw will take us away!"

Mr. and Mrs. Potato both promptly placed a hand on each LGM's mouth. "Sorry," Mr. Potato apologized, "they're delusional."

"It's fine," Toto replied.

After several long conversations, a pea in a pod shyly spoke up, "Miss, now that you found Baron, will you take him away from us?"

Baron and Haru's mouths hung open. They never thought of that. 'Of course, I'd love to take Baron home with me!" she looked at the brunette toddler who somehow slept through all the loud talking. 'But what kind of person would I be to take Baron away from her,' she looked at Woody, Buzz and all the other toys, 'away from them?'

"Well," Haru started, "I'm going to be staying for a while, so I can still visit. In the meantime, no, I will not take Baron with me."

The playroom erupted with cheers. Jessie began to swing Buzz around like a maniac. Totoro tossed the LGMs in the air. Woody square danced with Bullseye. At least, until Bonnie finally stirred within her sleep. A wave of silence spread across the room. After the girl showed no signs of waking up, the toys continued on with their party, though on a much more quiet level.

Baron put on a gentle smile as he looked Haru into the eye. "You did the right thing."

Haru shrugged. "I figured, if you like it here and with us, and more people love you here, I might as well let you stay."

"Toto will be awfully disappointed."

Haru looked at the bird in question and saw him flying around with Jessie and Buzz upon his back. "He can handle it. Bonnie can't. Besides, you've already helped me grow up. Now you need to help Bonnie."

"I hope Bonnie wasn't too much trouble for you."

Haru shrugged. "It was no biggie. I really enjoyed playing games with her."

"Really? They always tired me out." Bonnie's mother laughed loudly. "So, when will you be coming back?"

"When do you need me to come back?"

Barbara tapped her finger on her chin. "How's next Thursday? I have to take an extra shift."

Haru glanced over her shoulder to the bedroom she had just been in minutes ago. "Sounds great."

Barbara shook her hand. "Good, I'll see you then."

Haru walked out to the front yard, stopped, let a crow land on her shoulder, and continued walking. Her house wasn't that far and it was still bright out. Machida was still at work. She decided to take the long route home, smelling all the smells that need to be smelled, seeing all the sights that need to be seen, and remembering all the memories that needed to be remembered.

From the window of the bedroom, stood a wooden doll, still and feline, yet somehow his eyes were intelligent and watching. If one were to stare long enough, they'd swear that the eyes were moving, as if they were watching something, or rather someone, walk away. And on his face, was a foolish grin, the grin only a lovesick fool would have. As Bonnie's mother walked into the room, she looked at the doll.

"I don't remember that smile being on there..." She decided the heat was causing hallucinations and left the doll were it was, on the windowpane, just like his old home, watching, and waiting for a certain girl to come again.

Okay, this is one of my shorter stories, I admit. But hey, I had to rewrite it. The original was much better, but I forgot how to exactly write it. I really hope you guys like the second chapter as much as the first and thanks again to Midnight the Black Fox! You deserve a cookie! Or waffle. Or french toast! Great, now I'm hungry...

I made Machida here nice because I've read too many fanfic where they make him a complete jack ass. And when I watch the movie, I never saw him as mean, I just saw him as the guy every girl had a crush on. They never really said anything about his personality and I figured, one day, Haru will grow up and settle down with him, though her heart will always belong to Baron.

Oh, just out of curiousity, have any of you guys heard of the Gideon Trilogy? I you haven't, read it, now! God, that series is my current obssession. I love reading (no duh, then I wouldn't be here) so I finished all three books in a span of five days. And they are a amazing! Though, the ending made me sad and depressed for a while. It did not turn out like I wanted, but still, AWESOME book series, read it! The Original books names are: Gideon the Cutpurse, The Tar Man, and Lord Luxon. The American names are: The Time Travelers, The Time Thief, The Time Quake.

This book is essentially about two kids, Peter Shock and Kate Dyer, accidentally get sent to the 18th century England. These books are really scientific how they talk about gravity, motion and time and how they are all related and yet it's entertaining at the same time. The third, and last, book is all about the universe falling apart and Kate and Peter try to save it.

Kate and Peter are really sweet together and I really liked the idea of them being together. My favorite is the second book.

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