Noah cringed as another blow landed sharply onto his head. His hands were tied too tightly for him to try and protect himself and his legs were bound to the chair he was sitting on. Blood trailed down his nose and out of the corner of his mouth in a steady stream that had not ebbed since he'd arrived. He didn't know exactly where he was or how long he had been there, but the last thing he could remember was being awakened in the dead of night in his room to the members of the Pack looking down on him. Before he had a chance to even call for help they knocked him out and Breach took them wherever they were at the moment. He was trapped. Held captive in a place different then the castle he had been to with Rex the first day they met. The room he was in was lit by bright lights and had only him in the very center of it. The whole room was pure white and only his blood stained the floor and the front of his shirt. Van Kleiss stood over him with a blank face and cold uncaring eyes.

"I will ask you one more time. What is Rex's weakness? Our attempts to use Circe to ensnare him have all failed. He has overcome his bouts of anger that disrupt his powers He must have another weakness. Tell me what it is and your death will not be as painful as it could be."

Noah glared up at him in defiance and spit on Van Kleiss's face. The older Evo wiped the saliva off slowly before back handing Noah sharply across the face.

"You seem to misunderstand your current situation boy. You are in an enclosed location that Providence has no idea about. My companions have sent a message to Providence under your email account telling Rex that you have gone on an extended vacation for the next two weeks. Do you really believe that you can survive another two weeks without food and water? It's been 2 days already, feeling a tad parched yet? A little hungry?"

Noah glared at the ground and tried to hide the fact that he was already suffering from the lack of provisions. The spit had been a bad idea and he could already feel the dehydration.

"Rex has no weaknesses. He'll find me and he'll make you pay."

Van Kleiss merely smirked evil as he made his way to the exit.

"You have a great deal of trust for your friend. I hope it is not misplaced."

The older Evo closed the door swiftly behind him and Noah groaned at the sound of the lock activating. The truth was that he didn't truly believe that Rex would make it in time to save him. As far as Providence was concerned he was nothing, just a distraction for Rex. As far as Rex was concerned…..He didn't know. Rex was the best friend he could have ever hoped for, but things had been weird between them lately. Rex never seemed to want to be around him anymore and when he was it was like he didn't want to look at him. Noah had been trying to stay away and give him his space, but he had a feeling the fact that he finally had a friend was wearing off on Rex and he wanted someone better. Someone who hadn't been paid to meet and befriend him, even if Rex said they were cool about that. It hurt him to think of his time with Rex being over, especially now that he knew he might never see Rex again. He had so many things he wanted to tell his best friend, things he didn't even realize he wanted to. The only thing that gave him comfort was the fact that at least he wouldn't betray Rex. No matter what they did to him he wouldn't tell them anything about his best friend. Soon the lack of food and water made his vision haze and before he knew it he was fast asleep and dreaming about the last time he'd seen Rex.

They were at they were at the Providence base of operations and Rex was doing his daily lap around the petting zoo. Noah had just arrived and was watching the young Evo with rapt concentration. He never tired of watching Rex do the amazing things only he could do. The look of pure joy as he raced around the arena was one of the most breath taking sights Noah had ever seen. Dr. Holiday had gladly allowed him watch the session, having grown fond of him over the course of his time with the darker boy. Just as Rex was finishing up the jump over Mel Noah went to the loud speaker to cheer him on.

"Great job Rex! You rule man!"

Rex looked up at the sound of Noah's voice and before Noah could warn him the Evo drove straight into a tree, his legs changing back into his normal ones just before impact. Noah panicked at the sight and followed Dr. Holiday to the nearest entrance to the petting zoo. Rex was still lying on this back in front of the tree when they arrived and was clutching his head with both hands.

"Ouch." He moaned quietly, opening his eyes at the sound of their approach. Noah got there first and helped Rex get into a sitting position.

"You okay?" He asked, his voice full of concern.

Rex caught sight of him and blushed scarlet, flinching away from his touch like it had caused him pain.

"Rex?" He questioned, hurt by his friend's reaction. The darker teen pretended that he hadn't heard his name and turned to look at the approaching doctor.

Dr. Holiday knelt down next to Rex and held a pen sized flashlight to his eye.

"No concussion, but it's not like you to be so careless Rex. What caused your nanites to react like that?"

Her voice held the concern that Rex always seem to want from the older woman and Noah felt a stab of possesive jealousy in the pit of his stomach. It surprised him how strong the feeling was and how much he wanted to push her away from his best friend. He didn't want dwell on the feeling though and instead reached his hand down to help Rex up. Again Rex looked at him for the a long moment before pushing himself up and turning his back to the blonde boy. Noah looked after him in confusion and raced after his friend. Rex hadn't acted so cold to him since the lockdown incident and this change terrified Noah.

"Rex, what's the matter? Why are you acting like this?" Noah called desperatly, not understanding why Rex was being so distant..

Noah finally caught up to the young evo and grabbed his shoulder so he could make Rex turn around and face him.

Rex looked him the eyes for little over a second before shrugging Noah's hand off. His face was flushed red and his mouth was set in a confused scowl.

"I just need some space Noah. I've got a lot on my mind right now."

Noah looked at his best friend pleadingly before touching the back of Rex's hand gentally.

"You can always talk to me Rex. What's wrong?"

Rex snatched his hand back violently before glaring at his best friend..

"Just get out of here Noah! I don't want to talk to you right now!" Rex snapped at him. Noah flinched back at the harshness of the words and stood shocked still as he watched his friend walk away in a huff. Dr. Holiday came to stand behind him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"He's been acting very distant lately, stressed more than usual. Don't blame yourself, he's dealing with a lot right now."

Noah nodded slightly before exitng the room and going back to his home. He felt hurt and cheated of his time with Rex. He seemed to get so little time with his friend recently. It was like Rex was avoiding him on purpose. That night the Pack had taken him and much to his dismay it seemed like his dream was on instant replay of the moment, reshowing Rex walking away from him and replaying his harsh words. It seemed that his dream was spiralling into a nightmare until in an instant the whole setting changed.

Suddenly it was like every moment he'd spent with Rex was flashing before his eyes and with each showing of the Evo's face Noah understood what he'd been feeling lately more and more. His mind lingered on the last one that showed Rex lying on his chest after a wrestling match and smiling down at him smugly. All of a sudden it was like everything came into focus and made sense for one beautiful moment. He was in love with Rex. He'd been in love with him from the start. That was why he felt so possessive over Rex and hated when Dr. Holiday got near him. That was why he was terrified of never seeing Rex again or being hated by him. He was head over heels for the Evo and that was why he couldn't betray him, even if it cost him his life. The picture of Rex smiling remained for a long time until it faded slowly and was replaced by Rex's face with an entirely different expression.

Noah realized he'd finally woken up when he heard Rex's soothing voice calling out to him.

"Noah? It's okay, I've got you buddy."

Rex undid the bindings on Noah's wrists and legs, wincing when he saw that the ropes had rubbed his skin raw. Noah hadn't fully awakened yet and the only thing that had registered in his mind was that Rex was there and that he was saved. The moment that the ropes weren't holding him up Noah fell foreword, unable to support himself, as weak as he was. He landed right onto Rex's chest and smiled at the familiar smell of metal and fresh air.

Rex wrapped his arms around the blonde and cradled him to his chest gently. Noah felt himself drift to sleep as he was carried yet he was afraid to look away from Rex's face in fear it would vanish if he closed his eyes. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and grabbed a handful of Rex's top to get his attention. Rex looked down at him and Noah smiled at the concerned look aimed at him.

"I knew you'd find me." He confessed weakly, the note of pride in his voice not going undetected by his carrier. Then again Noah fell asleep, this time to sweeter dreams.

This is my first Noex! (Faints from nervousness/excitement) I'm totally in love with this pairing! When I first saw the previews for GR I thought it was going to be awful. I saw no potential whatsoever. The opening scene they chose for the previews was pitiful. Than out of boredom I watched the first episode and ta da! I fall in love with Rex and Noah! I've been working on this story ever since and hanging off the works of others that feature them. Reviews make me write quicker and so please tell me what you think!

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