Just some Puckleberry fluff. I love these two together.

I just wanted to write something cute, but I was reminiscing about my horrible Saturday night with now ex-boyfriend. And my Noah came and hung with me, so I thought this would be cute if it was a Rachel and Puck story :)

Hope you like. Whatevers :)


Rachel rang Puck that night. She was devastated. More so, she was devastated with all the effort she had put in.

Rachel had slaved around the house all day, readying it for that evening when her boyfriend of four months, Finn Hudson, was to come over for dinner. Rachel had tried really hard to have him over during the course of their relationships, but somehow over the time they were dating, Finn was busy with work and football, and he just couldn't make it over. This was the third time she'd tried to get him around, and she was desperately excited with the idea that he would be at her house. Finally.

Rachel had cleaned the house top to toe; she'd dusted, vacuumed, washed all the dishes and polished all the silver. She'd cooked a roast chicken and vegetables, and baked an apple crumble for dessert. Rachel finally thought she was ready.

Finn was due over at 6:00pm, and when 4:30pm came around, Rachel sent him a message saying how excited she was.

His reply was 'sorry, can't make it anymore. Catcha laters.'

Rachel was distraught. She was going to tell Fin that she loved him.

Puck looked at his phone, it flashed 'Berry'. He groaned. Just what he needed. He was in no shape to handle another diva fit.

"Berry," he growled into the phone. "I'm busy."

Puck wasn't prepared for what he heard next. "Oh, I'm sorry Noah. I'll leave you alone." Was she crying?

Rachel was about to hang up when Puck stopped her. "Wait, WAIT! Rachel, what is it? Are you crying?" Puck couldn't decide if he was sympathetic or appalled.

"Well, Noah, I just wanted to know if you wanted to come round for dinner... I've cooked all this food and.. Finn bailed. Again." Rachel's voice cracked before she finished the sentence and she began crying her heart out.

"Oh shit, Rach. Stop crying, you know I can't handle crying girls. Jeez, ah, give me a sec, I'll be there in 10."

Puck hung up the phone, grunted as he climbed off his bed and changed his shirt. He gave himself a slight spraying of cologne, and then grabbed the keys to his truck left his house.

Puck let himself into the Berry House. He headed into the kitchen, he assumed that would be where Rachel would be, if she had been crying about food to him on the phone.

Rachel was sitting on the kitchen bench, covered from head to toe in cooking flour. Puck couldn't help but laugh. She was so cute when she was upset.

"Hey Rach," Puck said, as he dropped his keys onto the counter and slipped out of his jacket.

Rachel jumped off the bench and ran to Puck. She was blabbering again. "I just wanted to cook him dinner, Noah. I wanted him to come round. I was going to tell him I loved him."

Puck held Rachel. It broke his heart to see her like this. Finn didn't deserve Rachel, he was a total jackass and he was taking advantage of Rachel's hospitality. And her kindness. And her loving heart. "It's alright Rach," cooed Puck. "Let's set the table and get some food into you. Look, I even bought over Shutter Island, we can watch that together and take your mind off it. He doesn't deserve you."

Rachel gave Puck another firm hung, and then let go. She gave Puck a smile, and grabbed his hand to pull him over to the draw where the knives and forks lived. "Here Noah, you set the table and I'll bring out the food."

Puck went into the dining room and set up the coasters and put the knives and forks in their placement. He filled up their glasses with some water. Rachel put the dinner on the table.

And they ate.

They chatted and talked about everything.

They curled up on the couch together and watched the movie in the dark. Puck watched the movie with his arm around Rachel Berry. Because really, there was no one else in the world that Puck wanted to protect more.