Bad Men

Raavan. Written for a request on my personal journal. Spoilers.

He doesn't apologize.
He says it, but you know he doesn't really mean it, not with the way he looks at Beera's body, at the way he keeps his victory close to his heart.
You, you're still frozen in your nightmares, screaming for Beera as he reaches for you and is shot again and again and again.

(he didn't say those things to you.)
(he implied it.)
(you twisted it so you could use me.)
(i did it-)
(because you couldn't be happy with just having me back?)

You separate, but you don't divorce. He doesn't call and you don't want him to. If he does, if he talks long enough and begs you enough, you feel that you will break.
Even if Beera still haunts you when you talk too much, even if you can heard the imagined screams and whispers of his sister, you feel weak.

(beera was a bad man.)

He couldn't, wasn't as bad a man as he was thought to be. He didn't deserve that death or such betrayal.
You never forgive Beera but you'll never forgive Dev, either.
Most of all, you won't forgive yourself.